USNC auto download - About

Hi guys,
Anyone of you facing auto download of an unknown file name "usnc" while surfing XDA?
Note: Using Google Chome

Ya, every damn time I load a page it downloads a new file. Annoying.
Ok, enabled Adblock on XDA again and they're gone. Something is going on with one of their ad hosts.

Yes. Same here!

Thanks guys we'll have a look.

This was caused by a misconfiguration on one of our ad providers. It should be fixed now.


Picture software

Hey folks...
As I'm working for a web agency, I often need to open big picture for approval. Anyone have some suggestion about an Android software for the Note that will handle jpeg of over 1MB ?
Are you looking to EDIT or ONLY OPEN?
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Just open....
Already try it last week! got the same problem! Quickpic give me "Load failed"
What I try to do it's to open the pic from my email (using K-9) and I choose Quickpic! I have no problem for smaller image even with the builtin gallery...
But large file over 1MB give me problem even with Quickpic...
okie guys let me make that application for you tell me all you need I will do it
Just need something to be able to open large image file!
don't need any "edit" function. Just a simple viewer for jpeg/png files and I will be more than happy!
I think my problem is the DPI too, not only the filesize!
I'm dealing with large file over 1 MB but most of the time, 300 dpi!
will start very shortly

[Q] Account manager

Can anyone please share the. apk for the account manager app?
sorry I don't have the .apk but unless you're international you should be able to download it here.
Edit - the cheers should have given it away; you're probably in the UK. hopefully someone can jump in here to help out.
See here: https://!download|66tl|4258512586|Account_Manager-130.apk|506|R~8B82FEFF75BB5ED2C3618FEA290AC7F3|0|0
remove the space between: / r (I don't have 8 post for place a link).
Hi I'm from poland and a have problem witch this application because it is blocked in Poland. Has anyone setup apk version 1.4.2 (latest)?
I would also be very thankful for the latest version
I don't exactly know what the app does. Or if I even pulled it off my Tab right. I backed it up with Titanium, then extracted it from the file. Then to upload it, I put it in *.7z format.
It works. Exactly the point. Thank you
Thanks, worked for me too. Now the stupid Music Unlimited app is nagging me about updating my app.
If someone is kind enough...
(the latest as per Google Play is version 1.2.3)
Video Unlimited
Music Unlimited
Thank You very much!


Added Shortcut for XDA-Developers. (Separate Addon)
Firefox available here.
I have been working on a Chrome Application that you can access the XDA-Developers website without any hassle!
You want check to see XDA-Developers news easy and fast?
Want to check XDA without leaving the current page your on?
This is what my app comes to play.
Here are screenshots to show you what I mean.
The extension is free and anyone can edit!
Known Bugs.:
Below font text is wonky Fixed
The extension loads up a little slow depending on your internet connection.
Right Clicking and selecting XDA-Developers text takes you to a Pac-man website. Partially Fixed
Opera crashes on macs prior 2012 Fixed!,
To Do:
Notification Counter
New Messages Pop-up
Good idea! Checking periodically for news on subscribed forums/threads would be cool
Is it just me or is the screenshot incredibly small to make out?
Should be fixed.
Do we install both zip files or flash? Thanks
both are the same but the .crx file is more convenient. Open the extensions tab and drag&drop the unzipped .crx file there.
the first zip is left by the author for the developers.
Thanks so much for getting this post on XDA!
Awesome, all my support. But aren't you considering some Firefox love, by any chance?
Thanks, yes, I'm working it on right now!
cool, thx
Cool stuff.

Flappy Bird APK Download file

Hi there everyone!
After the game got taken down - I thought to extract it and provide it free for download via my devhost account
This was the latest v1.3 version
-> Tested on SGS3 and Note2 - should run on ALL Android devices 2.2 and above.
Feel free to download it and play it.
I'm not breaking any TOS, as the game still runs on ads, was free to download and was just pulled from the dev for unknown reasons.
I see no reason in sharing the love !
Here's my video review of it:
Only judging your Thanks score and Post count, I'll trust you are a good source for this.
I've seen a few other threads on XDA where people with 3 posts are putting up links for this game.
I don't trust those at all!
Problem parsing the package when installing
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Yeah I'm trustworthy don't worry!
Just as an FYI:
Full network access
view network connections
Prevent phone from sleeping
When trying to install the apk, it fails and gives the error message "there was a problem parsing the package"
Also tried pushing it to system\app and changing permissions, but still no joy.
Never mind, seems for some reason my browser wasn't downloading it properly and the downloaded file was only about 23kb!
Re-downloaded using Firefox and its fine. Nice work man!
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I was JUST about to say - re-download it, could be some sort of "corruption" in the file.
Nothing wrong when I downloaded it and put it on my mum's Note2!
No worries, glad it worked
Don't forget to hit that thumbs up !
Its on the front page today .
Hahaha that's brilliant! I knew someone would have done it
thanks for the upload
no worries
Me to. Same problem
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[solved] citi bank mobile app

hi, guys
dose anyone use citi bank mobile app on your SGS? my phone is captivate and the unknonw source option is disabled by damn AT&T, so i can not download from citi bank, even though i have enabled side loading. i would really appreciate if you can share the .apk file, so i can install it from SD card.
thanks in advance
Give me the specific name of the app you want, theres a few
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Well the apk can be had from the download now button here:
and through the magic of dropbox:
(I'll leave it up about a week)
called citibank mobile app support, to download the app i have to use browser from my phone and go to, should be download link for android there, per customer rep
i have tried many times, but neither the default browser nor opera mini have showed up download link.
thanks a lot for the help, but i couldn't download from the link, would you please upload it here as attachment?
There you go, hope this helps
thank you heres anothe rlink just in case
Could you please download and post the updated version? There's an update that android market won't let me download I have a british phone / google account, but I need to access my US citibank account.
there is a new beta feature of check deposit with an updated android app. can someone upload an apk file of this updated beta app by citibank.
thanks in advance