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Hi All!
I get "429 Rate Limited" very often without any action except reading the Galaxy S6 area.
The back-key does not help - after one second "429 Rate Limited" appears again.
The onlyest way is to disable the scripts from xda-developers.com.
It appears not all the time, but sometimes.


Initial impression - good potential, poor execution

I may have a lemon S2 Classic. 24 hours in and there are 3 relatively bad issues:
- Pedometer step counter does not work AT ALL. Wore watch all day and it shows I took *zero* steps.
- Heartbeat measuring is a major fail. Click the icon, and the resulting curve is erratic & all over the place. Never even locks on a heart rate and eventually gets to a "try again" button every single time.
- I have display set to always on. After a few seconds, it reverts to a plain black display with clock hands only. No other features. I can live with that, but wait a few minutes more and the screen goes completely black until I touch it or shake it to wake it back up.
I'm hoping someone can point out tips that mean some of this stuff is just user error, but I've spent a ton of time combing the settings both inside the watch as well as inside the phone app. HTC One M9, by the way, and the BT paired without a problem. Thinking Best Buy is about to get a watch returned! Thoughts on what I'm missing?
Sounds like you have a bad unit. My steps have been as accurate as any other wearable I've used. The heart rate monitor is excellent (you need to wear it snug though)... I can't comment on the ambient display as I don't use it
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I think You should return it - the problems You mentioned don't occur on my S2c.
The pedometer is not perfect, at least not before You make more than ~10 steps. If less, the smartwatch is not recording it (as far as I read, it suppose to work like that, cause devs implemented it to be 'eco-energy' and not start recording with every move). But in daily use it works fine for me.
Heartbeat sensor should record fine, maybe the grip on the belt is to loose? Try to make some activity with sHealth and observe if the sensor records anything.
About display - if You choose from settings 'always on' it WILL show only plain black display with clock hands. That's how it suppose to work If You are interested in having the face always turned on then look in the Store for 'I am Alive' app.

How to speed up trackball pulse?

I relied heavily on the flashing LED on my G1 to notify me of messages. The Nexus trackball pulses, but so infrequently you have to stare at the thing for 15 seconds to see if its lighting up or not. Which pretty much defeats the entire purpose. Any way to speed up the rate it flashes, or any app that does this?

Slow motion - multiple start stops

As the title indicates is there a way to add multiple start and stop sections. I.e video starts off normal then goes to slow motion then back to normal then to slow motion again. At the moment I can only see one start and stop frame for the slow motion.

LG G4 (VS986) - Accelerometer stuck

Hey all -
My G4's screen no longer rotates with position changes. I can do it manually (by rotating images with my fingers) in the QuickPic app, and some apps will do it with certain commands (e.g. selecting full-screen mode in the YouTube app). I just noticed this yesterday. Web searches on this issue point to a "stuck" accelerometer, which apparently happens fairly frequently on these phones (??)
If I try to calibrate it using the tool under Settings, it keeps telling me that the phone is not on a flat surface (which it actually is).
Downloaded Advanced Tools and found that the x- and z- axis values on the accelerometer test (but not the gyroscope one) are indeed "stuck" on a fixed value, but the y-axis value does change with position.
Several sites mention doing a hard/factory reset as the fix for this. However, some forum posts say that it didn't work, and I'd rather avoid it if possible. Anyone here have this problem, and a fix? I'm rooted, FWIW.
Thanks very much in advance!
P.S. I have tried the "other" proposed fix (a few taps on a desk in an attempt to "unstick" it) - no joy.

[Q] Help / Bug - Moto Display approach action sometimes not working

Hi everyone, I've had my Moto Z for a couple of days now and am pretty happy with the device - even with the battery life I have one small problem, however.
Sometimes, when the screen is turned off, the Moto Display approach action won't work. In these cases, I also notice that the bottom right IR sensor isn't lit up - which it usually is when the display is turned off. The approach action only starts working again when I pick the phone up. This is very inconvenient and not how it's meant to be.
Is anyone else experiencing this bug?
At first I thought it might be an issue with Doze putting the process responsible for the Moto Actions to sleep, but after whitelisting all Moto apps the issue still sometimes occurs. I have not yet found out under which circumstances this happens.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
EDIT: It seems this issue only occurs immediately after turning off the screen, after which there is a slight delay (a couple of seconds) before the IR sensor is activated. I will observe if this is really the case, which of course would render it a non-issue.