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please read it

Plz hit me.

Hi! I see you already know where roms for your device are found, and have asked for help in that area too, so I'm not sure why you're posting in "About Xda?"
A master list of all roms for every device does not exist to my knowledge, but you are welcome to start one? Everything on Xda is created by its members.
I'll close this thread then. Good luck!



Im procrastinating please help me!
Suits your username
Try reading this There are a lot of helpful tips on that page.
I doubt anyone here will provide anything more helpful than that so I'll close this.

MIUI for GT-I9505

hi guys can anyone help me out ive just installed this rom and I cant seem to get the google play store on it any ideas?
its the latest one that's installed
Installed gApps?
how do you do that mate ?
I've given you the answer, now go and read the ROM thread or search please!
i've given you the answer, now go and read the ROM thread or search please! [/QUOTE]
I can see you need to flash it but I don't know what to flash it under on odin ???
The OP for [ROM][PORT]MIUI for GT-I9505[05/07] tells you.
I must say mate from a new member that you have been the most helpful - NOT , im only asking for some help im new to this no need for the barriers and the lack of support cheers anyway ill know not to ask you aain
The first rule of XDA is
The answer is in the OP for your ROM. If you are incapable of searching and finding that then you should leave your phone alone before you break it. XDA is NOT a tech-support site for lazy people, it is a Development forum. I pointed you in the right direction, then I told you where to look for the answer - if that isn't enough help then there is no hope for you.
I could simply have ignored you and left you alone, but if you bothered to use the information I gave you then you would have the Google applications, including the Play Store, running on your phone by now.
I do but through no help of yours cheers anyways lol
You seem to have a real attitude of entitlement. To quote from the signature of #Fallen Spartan;-
I pointed you in the direction you needed to look, twice! That is twice more than I should have needed to, and twice more than you have the 'right' to expect.

[Q] [Help] Choosing Rom

hello everyone,
I need help choosing a ROM for my i9500 device .
can someone recommend me on one of the options in "developer Forum" Cuz i can't decide which one is better between all of them ?
thank you .
I can help you choosing the right thread next time. Q&A next time please.
they told me to go General .
never mine , i'll try again there ..
Nobody told you that. Have seen your 4 posts. Never mind. Bad start
Best rom threads are discouraged on XDA
Thread Closed

help please

Hi im new to this site and i was hoping somebody can help me identify the name of this set and where i would find it.many thanks for your help
Welcome to forums
Unfortunately we are not able to see your icon, after 10 posts you will be able to have all XDA features unlocked.
Keep up the good posting

[Q]Help Me!

Hi All..I want to ask about phone..what is processor?ram?chipset? does this thing working in phone..plz tell me..i want to i can buy a good phone.. thx in advance..
Ummm lets make it simple
Processor tells u how fast is ur mobile
Ram Sumwat helps u in multi-tasking
Every thing is good if u have more
If u can tell wats ur budget maybe i can tell u which phone to buy
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I have a Clone Phone I9300i Build
I can't get some apps to open like netflix. Please Help
You can start by reading this:
Then you can start by solving this issue your self:
What am I looking for in a phone?
What are my needs?
Do I care about looks?
Do I care about size?
Etc etc.
The best thing you can do is start by reading all the stickies and especially the ones that say:
good luck and thread reported.
Edit: check this out :
You have received the advice, so get the information in the the links provided. Please also have a read to the forum rules here: search before post; post questions in the right section; use a proper title thread. Also you can use this thread to get advice about what the next device to buy. Kind regards,