Help Your Threads Get More Search Hits with Better Titles and Thread Tags! - About

Nobody likes being told "Why didn't you search before posting?" only to have to explain that they did in fact search
but couldn't find anything relevant. I am not going to say search on XDA is the greatest thing ever but it is not nearly
as bad as some posters here think. It could get a lot better over time if everyone did a couple of simple things that are free.
The first thing is to use good thread titles.
Using good thread titles is a last attempt at searching before you post a new thread. Thread titles such as "[Q]" or "Need Help!"
will actually keep people from opening your thread! This shows members that you didn't search for an answer to your problem.
Members here will assume that you have put the same amount of work into your title as you have put into documenting and
solving your problem and they will simply move on to the next thread.
Here are 3 Thread Title suggestions that can help get you better results and solutions.
1. Make it Descriptive!!
When you type in a thread title and then click in the post section, a search shows you threads with similar titles to what you
just typed in. How many threads do you think there are with titles like "[Q]" or "Need Help!" ? Type in a good title and see
what threads are suggested. Type slightly different thread titles and check the searched thread results. The best result here
is to not have to open a new thread at all, but if you do not find a thread which is similar to your problem or recent enough
that you can post in it and get a good answer, then please use a good title for your thread.
2. Include [TAGS] so people can identify it more easily. h/t AllGamer for a more complete list
[Q] or [QUESTION] - All Questions
[REQ] - Requests topics for ROM ports, INFO, THEME, MOD, etc.
[GUIDE] or [HOWTO] - How to do instructions or Guides for newbies
[SOLVED] - for issues that have been fixed or [Q] that have been answered
3. Remember that your target audience is worldwide.
XDA members live around the world in every country. English is probably not their first language. I find it best to use
common words if I have a choice of wording, especially if they are using Google Translate.
The second thing we can all do is more use of thread tags.
I have noticed that many threads do not have thread tags so I think most users don't know about them. This only works with
the XDA website, not the XDA app. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page of most threads, you will most likely see this:
If you were to click on the Edit Tags button, you would find that you could add 5 tags as an OP or Original Poster of the thread.
Threads can have up to 25 tags of 50 characters each, but most threads have none at all, so they don't get
indexed optimally by the search engine.
IMPORTANT UPDATE: The admins have changed the tagging policy so that the OP can add 5 tags, or RC's can add 2 tags.
Mods can of course edit/add any tags as needed. I am asking all RC's to please join in this effort and add tags for anyone that requests it.
Tags should be keywords or phrases that people search for. If those keywords or phrases are linked to your threads then
your threads will be higher in the listed search results. This is really important for guide threads.
This is a little better, but since it is a new user guide there are more tags that could be added there, such as "new user guide",
"where to get started", "starting on xda", "how to get 10 posts".
When people search for those terms, I want them to find that guide, so I need to get those phrases added as thread tags.
If there is a guide in your forums that new users need to find, please some tags to it to help the new people find them,
such as "new user guide for sgs3", "how to flash firmware on a sensation", "all onex users start here", "root guide for droid2".
When users search for those terms we want them to find the guides instead of opening new threads. Good thread tags will help do this.
You can add tags to any thread. Please add good ones.
Anyone that would like additional thread tags added can post requests in their threads with any requested tag terms,
members here can easily help with that, or ask one of the Recognized Contributors and they can help you out with that.
Thank you for helping with this effort. Every time you do these things the search index will be updated and improve the results
for everyone on XDA. This is a valuable contribution to the community every time you do it..

All current requests for tags will be added here, so if you see a request listed here, please take a minute and go to the linked thread and add as many of the requested tags as you can. Thanks!! Check the guides in your favorite device forum and add some good tags there too!
Example of a request that you can make here:Hey fellow Xda'ians,
I could use some tags on my thread:
Its a comprehensive guide on rooting and different ways to do stuff on Samsung Galaxy Fit aka I could use some general-android related tags...
There's also some specific stuff in it, so have a look at the index that is present in the beginning, and please help me by adding suitable tags...
Tags related (but not limited to): Root with Superoneclick/, Custom recovery, Custom rom, Beni, GT-S5670, CWM, Amon-ra, Overclock, Swollen Battery, Bricked, Motherboard dead, Rom Manager, Titanium Backup
And a heads up, the thread is pretty long, so use the side bar to scroll...unless you wish some finger exercise
Thanks a lot friends!
I also promise to stay around this thread, and offer my help when other need it!
Thanks again!This us just an example, you can make similar posts in this thread, and tags shall be added by me or other fellow Rc's.
Also, do give us suitable examples of tags that could be added to the thread.
Requests (in order of date of request):
*[HOW TO]Make The Most Of The XDA App - by KidCarter93
Requested tags: how to, guide, xda app, new user
*[GUIDE/HOW-TO] Beginner's "Getting Started" Guide :: Root, Recovery, Roms etc - by a.cid
Requested tag: Root with Superoneclick/, Custom recovery, Custom rom, CWM, Amon-ra, Overclock, Swollen Battery, Bricked, Motherboard dead, Rom Manager, Titanium Backup

Oh so idea is on!
Mind checking threads in my sig?
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Wow, you are fast.
OK, I added several tags to your threads.

Wow.. just love the thread is written. Even the threads in my sig have not been tagged properly mf212 you should make a post reserved where guides and other linka can be updated so that users can tag them easily..
Sent from Hell!!

If you could list out the links with any thread tags you would like added then I and hopefully others can get them added. MikeChannon was kind enough to slip a post 2 in there for me so I will put current requests there.
If you have any preferred tags it is best to state them so that they get added that way, otherwise no guarantees on what members add there.

Hey fellow Xda'ians,
I could use some tags on my thread:
Its a comprehensive guide on rooting and different ways to do stuff on Samsung Galaxy Fit aka I could use some general-android related tags...
There's also some specific stuff in it, so have a look at the index that is present in the beginning, and please help me by adding suitable tags...
Tags related (but not limited to): Root with Superoneclick/, Custom recovery, Custom rom, Beni, GT-S5670, CWM, Amon-ra, Overclock, Swollen Battery, Bricked, Motherboard dead, Rom Manager, Titanium Backup
And a heads up, the thread is pretty long, so use the side bar to scroll...unless you wish some finger exercise
Thanks a lot friends!
I also promise to stay around this thread, and offer my help when other need it!
Thanks again!

Why I see no Edit Tags?
It hiding. Why?
Looks like only OPs can do so now.

I just checked another thread in this forum that I am not the OP of and I can edit the tags.

Maybe because ur an RC?
I can't see it, not sure why!

I have never heard of that being a limitation before, maybe one of the mods or admins will chime in here but I would be very surprised if that was changed. Nothing was said to RC's about it. I would bet it is an issue with the browser or NoScript or something. You tried Chrome and Firefox?


[Possible Solution] To Newbie RTFMs

Have a look at the form here:
1. Submit the first page with any option (doesn't matter).
2. Type a few words like "email settings".
3. Notice the suggestions which pop up at the bottom, allowing to you find the solution without even having to actually submit your query, thus cutting down on questions which could easily be answered by the questioner themselves with a little research.
I'm not saying it will be easy, and it may very well reduce the site to a crawl, but you could have a pre-fetch on the articles held in the Wiki which would provide common solutions to a lot of threads which pop up with simple questions.
What might this require?
1. An up-to-date, correct, and well-referenced Wiki
2. Presumably a lot of server horsepower!
What will this prevent?
1. Easily answered questions like "Where can I find links to all the WM6 ROMs?
What will this not prevent?
1. Idiots who don't even read suggestions as they type their question
2. Recently solved problems in threads that get swamped by meaningless posts
3. Posts like "Thanks <insert name>, downloading now..."
Looks good, but if you can't get a noob to search the forum using the provided search tools or to even correctly (correctly, being the operative word) google the site, we won't be able to get them to use this form...
Now, I do believe that you are on to something... IMHO, the search function should also include a link to google with the advanced search part already populated for searching in xda-devs... I know that there have been threads with the google links already posted, but they aren't stickies anywhere...
You are on the right track... Maybe all of the more knowledgeable members that are bother by this noob thing (like myself, since I am still a noob...) can simply add a link to the google search function in their sig, it will make it easier for newcomers to the site to locate the information they require...
Sorry, I didn't make myself clear -
The Create a thread, or Reply to thread, message box would have this feature implemented - so even as the person was typing in their mundane question, it would provide a link to the answer right in front of them which they would hopefully click before actually posting their question.
I think the search function on this forum is partly to blame, as any search under about 5 letters simply doesn't work. To make it better there are a few options:
1. Make it search Google by default
2. Make it default to replying with Posts rather than Threads (as some threads are hundreds of posts long)
3. Make it search both the Wiki and the Forum (solved with Google)
There is a google sticky alread. It just so happens to be 3 threads above this one
I think you have a valid point Oli. I haev seen many posts with ppl voicing concerns about the search function, and I would tend to agree that it would help if it could be re-structured. Especially with the rate that this site is growing, some search function upgrading would be a good suggestion. However, just like finding any other type of info on the net, its all about your search skills. After spending enough time using the search tools, you find tricks and techniques to narrow your results. Im happy to see this thread, and hopfully the mods will combine their powers to find a way to simplify finding info here.
I am glad that there are ppl here that realize there is an issue with the search function... I also agree that there should not be a lot of stickies, but the BEST place for it, would be in the Search FAQ.... Have any of your read it... It is not that good and as a noob, doesn't show me the best way to implement it... It just says to use the search function... If I were top dog, I might change it a little, just to alleviate some of the darn stupid posts... maybe have it come up as a precursor to registering... Not that everyone will read it, but they will see it...
Just my .02 again... I'm gonna have to get some credit around here... these two pennies are gonna start to add up...

[All XDA Members] Requests to Moderators and Admins

Rather than sending a PM to an individual Moderator, please feel free to ask questions in need of Moderator or Admin assistance. We will all be monitoring this thread, and someone will reply without much delay. In order to hopefully address some of the possible questions, please review the following points which frequently come up:
Username Change - Send a PM to either MikeChannon or the_scotsman in the first instance. As a backup egzthunder1, pulser_g2 or NotATreoFan. Be sure to include what you would like your name changed to, and also why you want it changed. Providing that information in the initial PM will save us a reply asking for it. There is no official limit on name changes, but keep it reasonable or you'll be stuck.
New Forum Requests
Operator or Country Flag Incorrect/Missing
Tapatalk XDA App Issues
Unable to thank anyone in the Off Topic forum - The Thanks button has been disabled in OT.
Large Signatures - Come across a member with an exceptionally large signature? Use the RP system and select "Other - Non-urgent" from the dropdown.
I saw this thread. Did a (search url edited out cause all threads were deleted off xda) for the app to read about it. Third hit is this thread on xda. Which lead to (his site edited out also) Which contains dl links that lead to ads or sign ups on other forums. And also this other thread on xda.
There's just so many rule violations in that trail, it's mind boggling.
It's all hacks to get free content from in game credits that take away from the developer's pocket. Can someone take care of this?
On it. Thanks.
I edited the google search out of my post. Since you deleted the threads, might want to edit that part of my quote also.
edit, and his site also
My request. Such a thread to be created in every forum Q&A section and to have people redirecting questions there.
Keeps forums cleaner
People learn quicker
People that are helping get kudos
People that are helping learn a lot along the way
Common thread for many people so it helps to promote fiendly atmosphere as people get to know each other
None really, as long as noobs are not spoon fed.
I have a weird Bug.. Subscribed Threads widget..
Its happening only from around 24 hours / so.. The problem is when i click and open a thread which is shown at widget in "threads" middle tab. The thread is still being shown and it has not got any new/unread posts..
Say i have 4 new/unread thread. I open 3 at the same time. After reading them, i open 4th one. The 4th one will still show the same 4 threads as unread. Even though no new posts were made there.. If i open a new xda page from my bookmarked link, the widget doesnt show those 4 threads and it is properly updated, as it should.
Tried clearing cache etc. usual troubleshooting methods done.
Chrome latest build .. Ubuntu 11.10 32 bit OS..
Also a Request/Suggestion.. Is it possible to add button under more info/ inside more info button for "MY WORKS DOWNLOADS" kind of feature..
It should contain download links to their works/ download links for github/ any other repo sites.. Or it can contain links to their threads whicg will be more value to all? Only some sites can be made available to add so that spamming will be avoided?
And thank widget is very useful.. I wish it was online again.. may be its under improvements / maintenance as its in beta stage.. I will ask in the thread made for that..
#Admins.. When same user posts in same thread after his/her own post regardless of time of posts.. Is it possible to get an option like add it to older post / as a new post option? it could be added as a check box option as show your signature / quote message in reply.. It would help a lot of users as sometimes this way helps to bump the thread and also keep it clean by not posting by same user again.. It will also help users who wanted to post it as a seperate post..
As i had a really bad time one time.. I was trying to release a new kernel version in seperate post with title on that post.. But it kept joining to my previous post which was a reply to another person for his bug report.. I fell this option will help many users..
Also, I wrote a guide [GUIDE]DONT KNOW SOMETHING? Check here first! in SGY forum.. And i have given links to this thread and some other useful threads of about xda section in 2nd page first post in that thread of mine.. Is that OK? i hope its not a problem! I have given one line description there to avoid problems..
EDIT: There is another bug.. 10-Post Warning Thread by vanessaem is not possible to see in app. It gives blank screen.. All other threads are fine. Only this thread. This is a sticky thread. So it should be more helpful if it is visible in app also. i know app bugs should be reported in XDA app thread.. But it happens in tapatalk too.. I'm not sure its only me or others have this bug..
EDIT 2: Is there a possibility to make subscribed thread/forum widget to show more than one sub/forum under 3rd tab "forum" section? Currently it shows only 1 sub section and i have 3 sub-section subscribed. Also forums as a whole can be made subscribe-able instead of just sub-forums? as in app it is possible to do?
^^^In regards to the 10 post warning thread, click on the writing and it will show up. It's just because the writing is darker black so it won't show up on that theme of the app. Mine's the same.
I've been approved by Snowflake. Jealous?
Yes, you are right.. I forgot to check in light theme as I always switch to dark as soon as I install the app. He has just set it to color=black.. So i couldnt see.. I checked editing my own post like this and it had same behavior..
Sent from the MUST have app!
I wanted to attach parts Official Firmware files in one of my posts. The firmware is Stock Android 4.0.4 for my rk2918 tab and vendor is Rockchip. I'm planning to attach boot, kernel, recovery, misc, bootloader, etc(all files except system.img which is 480MB in size). All of them less than 8mb in size and hence within attachment size limits. Is it okay to post it here at XDA. I've seen people post mods and unofficial firmwares here, but i'm not sure about the Official ones. One of my fellow XDAian and modder told that all Android firmware is GPL licensed and so okay to post. If not which parts can i post?
We prefer these files to be posted offsite, at a site like Mediafire, or DevHost. If for no reason other than stressing our download server.
So , it's legal if i post it here, right? So,there won't be any copyright issues and the post will be in compliance with XDA terms?
As per your suggestion i'll link to the uploaded files in some File Sharing site. But, when small files are posted, i may upload it in XDA itself.

[Q] Viewing new posts in which you have participated

Hello, this is the only vBulletin forum that I browse(I'm more of a SMF guy, I use it and develop for it) and I can't find the place where I can see new topics in which I have participated(Tapatalk does this for this forum). Is there a link where I can see the new topics?
A couple of things you can do:
Subscribe to threads you are interested in and receive email notification of new posts being added.
Bookmark your profile page and in there go to the statistics tab>Find all posts by. Then by clicking on your posts you can see if there have been any replies.
Not sure if these links might work also:
Find all posts by Dragooon123
Find all threads started by Dragooon123
im using subscription witout email, means i can go to my user cp and i see all threads i subscripted that have new posts
so i dont get too many emails but see all new replys..
The question is,
why does the XDA app offer this feature,
but the full version of the board does not?
I could theoretically run an emulator, run the XDA android app, and use this forum MORE efficiently than actually turning on a laptop. I use the 'participated' area every single day.
That seems backward. There has to be a way to pull this data to a web browser, if it can be pulled to an Android phone.
You should set your usercp so that it will automatically subscribe to threads you reply to (without notification)
Then go to to view them.
Sorry to dredge up an old topic, but I haven't found an answer to the same question, and this is the only time I have seen it have replies. Finding threads posted by a user will not do the same thing, the participated thread button in the tapatalk or xda app does. One should not have to subscribe to every thread either, that would be pointless considering that is for threads you REALLY want to follow.
The information is accessible to the app, which means ultimately it would be easy to implement on the website, and it is counter productive you can only find it in app. The best answer I have is find the posts in the app, but if I have to post something longer, or with links, I have to find the thread on the website.
As popular as this site is, this feature would improve quite a bit.. people(maybe more noobs) would actually follow threads they've posted questions on, so the replies aren't a waste of time. How many threads have multiple people asked for more details and the OP never replies.. Subscribing to threads would only work on any new posts, and some of my oldest ones I would still want to know activity for. This all seems obvious.

READ BEFORE STARTING NEW THREAD! This is DEVELOPMENT section not Q&A/General!!!! <<<<

Did you post and now you can't find it?
1. Try looking at your previous posts by using the link below (replace *userid* with your userid)
or go to your profile and it is under statistics.
2. If you can't find it, it was probably deleted.
3. If you think it was deleted DO NOT POST about it. PM neoobs (me) and I will try to find it. If it was deleted by mistake I will recover it for you.
If you start a thread asking where your post/thread went, I will delete it. If you start too many of these threads, I will ban you for a week.
I am locking Tutorials to try and keep them clean, Please try to add a page to the wiki or add to another page (all hero tweaks under the page for their specific rom) with what you posted.
If you need a support question answered PM me and I will reopen it.
It appears a reminder may be in order, about the purpose of the development fora on XDA.
If you have developed a ROM, or are working with others to do so, the development forum is somewhere to discuss and share ideas, post useful feedback and logs or crash dumps, and to discuss a common goal developers are trying to achieve.
It is NOT the place to post your question because it gets higher traffic, or because more experienced users frequent it. Doing this just annoys those who are working on the device, and drives them away. Developers don't want to wade through 20 threads of "Help me urgently" to find their threads for porting and fixing camera issues etc. Similarly, if a thread is designated as discussion for developers say, porting a camera fix, please do not post in there asking "When will it be ready?", "Can I flash this yet?" etc. This is both completely disrespectful to those working on the project (you evidently haven't read the important posts in the thread), and also is making it harder for developers to find comments from other developers or testers when required.
Similarly, don't make loads of "Thanks for your work here" posts in an active development thread. It's just as annoying to developers as asking when something will be ready. If a ROM is complete, then go ahead and thank the developer if you wish, but don't go into threads for devs only, and interrupt it to post "thanks". It's basically spamming, and is treated as such.
If you are posting in development, you should have read every sticky and notice there, and should be actively developing or helping in the development of something. Developing isn't installing a ROM, or using a tweak, it's creating a ROM or other hack or tweak. If you haven't read for several days before starting out on XDA, you are likely about to ask something already solved. I registered on XDA when I first wanted to post, and that was to join in a discussion on something. Sure, join up and ask a question, but read the information available in General and Q&A first, as your question will have been asked before. Search is your friend here, become familiar with it.
Regarding when to post in development if you are not actually developing something, there is one occasion where it's acceptable. If you find a leak of a new ROM, which isn't already posted, and you verify it's legitimacy via either running it, or based on the source you obtained it from, then this is assisting in development, and should be posted in development. If you want to ask when a leak will be available use search first, then if not already in discussion, open a thread in general or Q&A.
If you have a problem flashing a ROM, this is NOT related to development. It's up to you to determine if it is specific to a particular ROM, and post useful information in that developer's existing thread for the ROM. If it happens on more than one ROM, and isn't a known issue (remember you should read several times more words than you post), then find out what you are doing wrong. Check guides written by others, try to repeat the problem and see if it happens every time. Something needs to be reproducible to be fixed effectively.
Once you have identified what you need help with go to the device Q&A forum (general if device lacks one), and make a clear, informative thread that explains the issue, and what you have tried doing to fix it. Did you re-download the ROM? Did you ask a friend to flash it for you, to reduce chance of user error? What steps (exactly) did you follow? What errors did you see (exact wording)? Did you double check all the steps? Did you do a wipe or hard reset?
If you make a clear, concise, yet detailed post, you will find help forthcoming, and should get the problem sorted very quickly. If someone suggests you try something, report back on what happened, did it work etc. Then, next time someone has this issue and searches, they will find this and have a verified and tested solution.
So remember... before you start a thread in development, ask yourself what you are developing. If you can't answer, then stop, step away from the post button, and think about where you are posting. Would it be better in General or Q&A, or is some more time with your best friend, search, required?

New Here

Hi guys,
I am new here.
Here is some advice to help you get along on the forum:
Most important: read the forum rules (if you haven't already). Although we have a forum named 'Development and hacking' this board doest not allow posting or discussion of warez software cracks and similar stuff.
The 'hacking part' refers to tweaking our devices.
Before asking anything search first to see if it has been answered recently. But do not use the built in search engine. Use google with the so you can cover the WiKi as well.
(Some people on this forum tend to flame 'n00b questions' particularly when they are repeated many times)
And finally it is highly recommended you use your signature to specify your device and ROM version. Also set this info in your profile (if available). This will save you the trouble of listing all this info every time you have a question (for many problems it is important to know exact information of the device to offer a proper solution).
And although I do not speak for the site administration I think it is not a good idea to use commercial links in you signature. If you want to advertise on this site pay like everyone else and help support it.
enjoy ur stay in burj-al-arab