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Devoloping mods for Android is quite time consuming.
I just had the idea that xda could implement or cooperate with crowdfunding platforms (e.g. patreon) to give devlopers the option and actively support them to make their hobby into a bit more like that so they could spend more time on their projects and there creating content of higher quality.
I'm thinking of something like this: A Developer creates a project thread with information on what he wants to develop and stes a specific amount of money which he would need to develop just the mod for a specific amount of time
Users liking the project could spend some money to the dev
If the dev reaches the goal he has the possibility to work only on this project /
If he doesn't reach the goal users could get their money back or could still spend it to the dev and the dev can still work this project but with less time dedicated for it.
Maybe this idea doesn't go along with the principles of xda but IMO it wouldn't change the community spirit and it's worth thought.

Just no. Talk of money in exchange for promises of work is not allowed on xda. See rule 8 here,
Any type of fundraising is not allowed on xda actually.
Promoting a paid app or theme is one thing on xda, but even then, a free version must be available to xda members too. And selling Roms or kernels is a hard no.
So no Sir, your idea won't be happening on xda. Sorry.
And thread closed.


[Q] What happened to threads like WP7 for Android?

Hey I am a longtime fan of XDA, it has been a cornerstone of the phone hacking and app development scene for years. I was looking through the threads and noticed an app development program that had been picking up steam and even released a private beta was closed. This thread if anyone was wonder is the WP7 Android suite by TheRedDrake. It seems as though there was some strife with the mods and they have moved off site to "". I was wondering what caused this and why an app development cycle that was making headway towards a market release got banned? I hope someone can explain this to me because I think if there is some policy against projects like this why does this forum exist if not to mod and release apps that we can all enjoy? I don’t want to incite any anger, I am just genuinely curious about what happened and why.
The answer to your question can be found in the last post of the thread:
The developers have no intention of providing the passwords or removing them, so the project has moved off of XDA and is now entirely maintained on their website, From what I know, the thread had been closed and re-opened at least once before as well.
Its simple, they were violating forum rules. Its unfortunately, but the expectations for developer threads have been very clearly hashed out by the Admins of this site, and TheRedDrake didn't abide by them, and instead tried to use a loophole. Fortunately they managed to get a different site, because project is a cool one, but they should have just opened their own site in the first place since they knew they had no intentions of abiding the rules.
Seems cool but it was definitely the right move. If they p/w protect rar's guess they wanna charge? Not sure how many Android heads are going to pay for win7 to replace a better OS (IMO) with more programs, especially when there's a great launcher that's customizable and spot on to 7. Maybe a dual boot but not for this guy. I can't remember what that launcher is called but it looked nice if I didn't love Android so I'd have dl'ed it ^_^ goog " window phone 7 Android launcher " I'm sure it was here on xda (free-donate if u like it), if it sounds like something you'd like. Cheers
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To be fair, their project was a hell of a lot more than a launcher. They basically built an Android equivalent to WP7 from scratch, including the Zune player.
WP7Android project is one of the best projects. As it is aiming to change the whole UI of android to WP7, not just the UI. They are also working on apps for the gallery, mail, dialer, camera, browser.. and more than i can't remember right now. It's going to be a big project!
The project has been moved from XDA to the WP7Android forum. You can check out their website where they have all the details about this project, you can also donate if you want to get access to all the beta apps.
I donated to TheRedDrake at the start of this project, and i have no comments on all the apps they provide, they are really great (Considering they are still in Beta stage..) also, donating helps the devs and keeps the project alive, and keeps the process of it going along the way.!/TheRedDrake
Donations that were made for this project made it possible and made it exist. Not free apps or lite versions. There are already versions of other WP7 styled apps not part of this project that have as much features as a lite version. I understand the devs not wanting to waste their time on making lite versions.
As i have read, the three apps that TheRedDrake wanted to make them free, will not be free anymore, and this is because the mods of XDA closed the thread of this project..
Nice to see someone is supporting me. People like him bring my project to life
Well since the original topic was closed I have to explain here somethings:
Q: Why do you password protect the rar files?
A: I said that only contributors are allowed. If you help this project in some useful way I will grant access. This means everybody could enter if they helped.
Q:Why don't you post free apps? .....or lite versions?
A:For first question go to previous Q&A, for second it goes like this: we won't spend time making any sort of lite versions. There are already apps in the market by other developers not involved in the project that have the same amount of features as a lite version.
Q:Why don't you obey the XDA forums rules like all devs do?
A:I do obey them but putting the apps for free just because of that ain't going to do. As I already said if you help you can get them for free.
Q:You know people get frustrated by your policy. Many devs offer apps for free. What do you say about that?
A: True they do. But many devs don't offer their work for free. Not all in this world is for free and most quality software is paid. You should realize that.
Q:Are you still going to release 3 apps for free for XDA users?
A:No, maybe for our forum users 1-2 apps.
Q:Have you any intention of trying to reopen the thread?
A:No, it has been moved to the official site forum at
Q:Are you in any way upset at the moderators for closing the original thread?
A:Nope, not at all. I understand why they did this. It is their job to make sure XDA forum rules are followed by everybody even if sometimes those rules are nonsense.
Q:There have been similar devs who got kicked from XDA from the same reason. Are you aware of them?
A: Yes Ultralinx is such case. Banned from trying to sell his work. Well he is sympathetic to our cause and offered free advertising on his site. I'm certain he is angry at the XDA mods.
Q:Finaly what do you think of the XDA policy of free apps?
A:Here is one example: SPB Shell beta apk was available here even if it was a closed beta and SPB didn't permit the apk to be freely distributed.The moderators didn't do anythin about it. I will let you judge by yourself this one.
Everyone should definitely join the new forum we just launched . We also started a Facebook fan page the other day .
There is some absolutely fantastic work being done by everyone . As stated above , this isnt just a launcher . This is going to be the whole enchilada . If you're a fan of the UI , then this project is for you .
We are all very excited to be doing this , and this is NOT something that will be dropped and no longer supported ( like most of the other wp7-like apps ).
We are in it for the long haul . Join us for the ride . We are going to start having prize giveaways , developer blog spots , etc.
One of our devs will be presenting our project at the Happy Go Techy Expo in Seattle.
We still have much work to do , but this is one of the few UI overhauls here at XDA where progress is actually being made and YOU can be a part of it . Thanks to everyone that has already helped and has joined our rapidly growing community .
Don't forget,
Join the forums and let us know YOUR thoughts . Thank you .
put you ads somewhere else... hope you get banned from xda for that.
#dubyajaysmith agreed!
As someone who was critical initially, I want to say that I've donated to the project. TheRedDrake has returned personal PMs to him, and I think my concerns have been put at ease.
The last thing I think anyone wants to do is lose good devs in the Android community. After learning some more about the work behind the scenes, I'm definitely supporting this project.
I partially agree with the decision to close the old thread. Yes, it is a bit against the rules, but some other devs are putting non-free non-lite apps here too, and their thread won't get closed. The WP7 team was working hard on the whole stuff, I've been able to take a look at their source, and help them here and there, and I have to say, what they did, is pretty impressive.
The Zune Player is almost ready, the Launcher looks good as it is, functional, works as it should. Everything else is in order, and the whole pack will definitely worth the money they ask for it.
The whole UI is being replaced, and hopefully it will extend to some other applications too (currently the Contacts app is finished, the Zune Player, Messaging, Launcher has work on it AFAIK, and the others are being written too, I have no further info on it though).

(request) Mixed post/read privilege posts/forums

After the amount of cleaning required of the recent WP7 ROM dump post, it came to me to recommend that invent or implement a way for a group of developers to hold their conversation in public view (to further learning and openness) while not simultaneously giving everyone the right to post to that topic.
This seems preferable to having completely private developer groups form where discussions no longer provide learning opportunities for less experienced users.
Invite-only reply, but all can read.
I'm not sure if this is possible with vBulletin, but there are a number of chefs / developers in the Chef Central forum who have moderator rights in that forum, which should allow them to post in closed threads, if required.
It's often a problem with anything new like this, everyone gets excited and wants to talk about it, XDA has 5000+ members online most of the time. I don't think preventing people from posting is the best way forward though, who's to say one members opinion is less than any others. In my experience, soon things will be old news and those in the know will have all the facts and share them in a many more accessible ways.

XDA needs a Facelift to stay future-proof. Any suggestions and ideas are very welcome

Hi All Dear XDA Members,
As most of you will know, I'm XDA addict and active member who started a lot of threads in order to try to keep XDA as organized as possible (see: the Q&A/T thread template:, which also contains the links to the Index project and the Ask Away help thread). Yet, I noticed that XDA has become so huge that it's grown out of it's "jacket". It became a forum which looks like a "forest which can not been seen because of all the trees". Newcomers can hardly find their way in this forest, ( They still keep registering to our forum but hardly post anything, let alone that they will start a thread) even more experienced users have difficulties or stop develeloping new ROM's and/or Threads. The layout of XDA is, speaking in modern terms, old fashioned at this very moment and if there will be no facelift within a short while, XDA is IMHO doomed to follow certain social media, who are loosing a lot of followers at this very moment. If you are familiar with social media, you know exactly which media I'm referring too. So, that's the reason I started this thread: How can we resuscitate XDA, cause that's what's needed, to be and stay future proof? IMHO, XDA is one of the, if not the, most important Smartphone forum and it should stay that forever, but changes are needed to achieve this. One of the changes could be a chat function, but most of all there needs to become a new a structure of how XDA is build up untill now. I'm convinced that the XDA staff is aware of this and working very hard to keep XDA future-proof. As it is now, it will be very hard to compete with the modern social media applications. I'm a diehard fan of XDA and that's why I started this thread. Making XDA future proof will be a hell of a job and therefore the staff of XDA can use IMO input from members, like you and me. Just plain and simple: I ask you all to come with information, suggestions and ideas how to make XDA future proof. Help the staff of XDA in this huge project of keeping it alive , kicking and well. Vbulletin is not the most ideal platform anymore, we need something else (see Reddit, etc).
kindest reards, kuzibri
BTW1: I do not suggest that XDA should use the Reddit platform or something the like
BTW2: A more social media approach would and could benefit XDA in the near future.
BTW3: I'm a great fan of the XDA Labs app for Android. Maybe an idea as a starting point?
Can you give some ideas on what can be done in terms of the layout?
This forum has grown MASSIVELY since it was first started back in 2002. I think we now have over 6.6 million members. The vbulletin forum platform was never really intended to handle such a large amount of content or userbase.
We've been on the vbulletin forum platform for a long time now. We've made a large amount of custom modifications, plugins, and tweaks, in order to add a lot of what you see in the forums today. A lot of it is the things you don't see behind the scenes. The massive amounts of custom coding that has been done, that cannot be easily transferred to other systems.
Of course we are aware that the forums are at breaking point in terms of capacity of both content and users. And of course other platform configurations are becoming more popular, with sites such as Reddit. But making a switch to another platform would be a massive massive undertaking. It's not like we can just copy and paste the database.
We are aware that this type of platform is aging, and needs to be kept a little more up to date. And I know the owners are well aware of all of this. It's not that they don't care. They do, more than anything. XDA is their baby, they are heavily invested in it, and they want it to keep growing and to remain the world's premier Smartphone development forums.
I don't know much personally, but I do know there are long term plans to look at updating or switching platforms, to better accommodate the sheer amount of users, and the large amount of valuable content. it will come, but due to the sheer scale of the task, it's going to be a very long term project for the owners I'd say.
I have some ideas which are not ready yet to be posted/published, that's why I started this thread, hoping to get some usefull information and ideas.
BTW, it's not only the layout that needs an update, but the entire structure of XDA in order to stay future proof.
kindest regards, kuzibri
We already have a design for the 2018 template completed. We begun the implementation earlier this year but had to pause because we had to work on other things, such as XDA Feed and yes a new chat product we're working on. We're trying to hire a new full-time developer to help us on the 2018 template, which we expect to take about six months (it's pretty involved).
yes a chat product is needed
The messaging part is very complicted for me till now
Search could be better. It's hard to find stuff. The way forums are arranged is a mess too; one for questions, and one with a sticky marked "no questions" right above all the questions! Note: nobody reads stickies, and policing of questions is poor so they stick around long enough to make it look like perhaps questions are welcome after all! On a thread the navigation choices are bizarre to say the least: a button for page 1,2,3,11,> (whatever that is) and last.'s going to be last every time, isn't it? So you can get to the latest posts on a thread you're interested in. Really, this is a pre-Stack Exchange site; possibly learn from them in terms of allowing users to vote threads/comments up/down to give moderators less work (ie they can just skim the worst offenders).
(Apologies if you were just talking about tweaking a css file to change hover colours or something)
We welcome reports about anything violating rules, but also threads out of place. You don't even need to report every question in a general thread, if there's a lot, you can report one and make a note in the report that the whole subsection needs some cleaning. Or, report them all, up to you.
We really rely on members to point stuff out to us, cause we do have a limited sized volunteer mod staff, so we can't see everything out there.
Hi my dear friend,
You're absolutely right. There is a lot of mess going around on XDA and I can understand that you cannot see everything due to limited mod staff. A suggestion might be to make the process to become a Mod easier than it is now. Active and good RC's can become a Mod, IMHO, without the process they have to go through now, which in a lot of cases leads to RC's not appointing for the Mod's status. Instead of going to the Mod's process, I would suggest that you give and explain to RC's what they have to do what a Mod needs to do to become a Mod, just my 2 cents. Of course there is a limitation in this suggestion: the minimum time for an RC to become a Mod more or less automatically should be, IMO, at least two years in which he/she proved his/hers additional value to XDA judged by the Mod's staff. In this way, you will get far more Mod's and XDA will be cleaner than ever.
kindest regards, kuzibri
BTW, It's obvious IMO that the Mod's staff decides which RC is fit to become a Mod without going to the whole process or not, let that be clear.
BTW2, I'm personally do not have the intention to become a Mod in this way (unless your Mod's staff decides so), but I have two suggestions/recommandation regarding two persons of whom I think they are very capable of doing this: #Robbie P and #sd_shadow. They are both very critical and XDA adepts.
as always you are too kind
a couple of years ago I would have liked to have been a moderator, but right now I don't know I have time right now
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Hi my dearest friend,
I realy think that you are perfectly fit to be a moderator, but it's of course up to you. I just suggested a new way of appointing Mod's and recommended you and Robbie'for the job. I really think that good and active RC's can become a Mod without going to the whole XDA process that's needed to become one. They are very short of Mod's, so make the process easier for active RC's.
BTW, I have all the time in the world since I retired a few months ago!!
kindest regards, kuzibri

[Q] XDA rules the rest?

What makes XDA the forum that you want to participate in? There are plenty of other forums out there, and if you are like me you are subscribed to many of them, but I always come back to XDA.
With that in mind, I was hoping to get some feedback from everyone telling me why XDA is their go-to site for their devices...
*Is it available development?
*Number of people who reply to your thread/post?
*Sheer number of available site options?
Take a minute and let me know why you are an XDA-dian.
The sheer Work Force is the amount of talented minds brought together over a quality forum medium is insane. who could ask for more? every day developers and thinkers put together idea's to bring users high quality end product and ask very little in return.
The Off Topic section provides allot of controversial topics, as well as allot of not so controversial topics. XDA's own /b/ so to say
"we have enforcement however that close any incendiary or malignant threads"
XDA has grown to be a large scale online behemoth of it's own, it's not just about the phones or apps.
Think about it.

Token of appreciation ☺

I know, this thread may feel unnecessary to many of you, and I know this may spark some issues. But I'm going ahead and doing this. I'm not writing this up because of attention, its because of all the support and effort provided by all the developers, contributors, themers, moderators, technical members, pretty much everyone. That I need to show a way to thank them all at once.
On behalf of every user like me and many other's, I would like to thank every single person that pushed their limit and work tirelessly to produce and achieve something that they enjoy doing. Not because of money but because of simply enjoying the fact that people like us get to use what they've created.
If xda-developers wasn't here, many people that contribute here would have never achieved what they could have to this point. Why do I say that? Because xda is well known for inspiration and achievement. When a person sees one creating an astonishing project, they wonder and think to themselves if they could ever achieve something like this. And that's when you realize you want to get into development, contributing or simply helping people that are experiencing problems.
Over the years I've seen many projects, and I can damn tell you, people here are smart enough to be CEO's at companies. Heck smart enough to own companies and create new things. The projects are simply amazing, and sometimes hitting the thanks button and giving a donation doesn't really fill your need of appreciation. I honestly can't thank every individual here at xda that provide, help or simply ask questions. Without that xda wouldn't be xda. I decided to create this thread to show my appreciation for all that have provided people with solutions, projects and the love for technology.
If I had the time to fill this thread up with each and every individual that makes xda what it really is. The thread would be endless. I really hope that this thread isn't a concern and if you're a developer or simply someone that's exploring the vast world of Android. I would like to thank you for making xda what it really is.