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Hey Now XDA Brainiacs,
I am very interested in learning about Android Development, Networking and/or Cyber Security as possible new career paths. I've been in I.T. for over 30 years doing mainly Field Service Tech/Analyst support and some Network support. I noticed some "too good to be true" prices on the XDA Depot website (via emails from XDA Developers site) for several courses - The Ultimate DevOps Mastery Bundle, The Complete Android N Developer Course - Build 17 Apps, The Python Power Coder BONUS Bundle, etc. Now, I have no idea which courses would be the best to start with, but I just wanted to know if anybody could let me know why they are so inexpensive? Many of them seem to have Lifetime Access (I'm 55, so it shouldn't be too long...) or 1-2 year access to the course, so I assume they will be updated with the newer technologies and programming languages in the future - or is that an incorrect assumption? Again, is this too good to be true? Thanks for your time and keep up the GREAT work.
John Story
I contacted XDA Depot Support and only got the following answer which didn't help much:
Veronica Munroe (Support)
Mar 23, 2:33 PM PDT
Hi John,
Thanks for writing in!
We're an online marketplace through which vendors sell their products at a great price. We are working really hard with our vendors to get all these prices for you.
Let me know if you need anything else; otherwise, have a great day
Your support hero,


Teads Video Advertising SDK

Hi everyone,
My company Teads ( has just launched a new mobile SDK. A little background about us, Teads, provides publishers, a technology layer to unlock premium video budgets. Here’s a quick one-pager ( - couldn't link as this is my first post) to learn more about our out-stream unit, inRead.
As mentioned above we've recently launched our new mobile SDK and are looking for beta testers to work with our technology.
So whats in it for you? We understand that dev works takes time, hence we are willing to compensate $500 USD guaranteed (aside from advertising revenue) upon integration of our SDK. As long as your app is listed on the app store, you will be eligible to participate.
If this would be of interest to you, don't hesitate to PM me or e-mail me at and we can take it from there. Unfortunately we only require a handful of testers so it will be based on a best fit / first come first serve basis. Hope to hear from you all!
Bumping this. Any early adopters out there?

Urban App Competition: 5k prize + int'l press coverage

Hi everyone!
I am (co)running an international app competition called AppMyCity!
(just search it for website - prevented from posting it here as a new user)
Would anyone here like to apply/know anyone they think should apply/inform me where I could best find more great app developers?
Here is a quick outline of the competition:
The 10 best apps will be passed on to a panel of 10 international judges (incl venture capitalists, angel investors, tech journalists etc) and are likely to be covered by our media partner Guardian Cities.
The 3 selected apps will be invited to do a presentation at the New Cities Summit in Dallas, Texas June 17-19. This event brings together over 800 world leading urban decision makers (including CEO's, mayors, venture capitalists, and academics) as well as over 100 journalists, meaning you will get a LOT of visibility. We pay for your flights and hotel.
Audience at the summit does a live vote, and the winner gets a $5000 cash prize.
Who can apply?
Any app that fulfils the following three requirements:
Be Urban - With a broad focus on improving cities an/or life in cities.
Be Mobile - Available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, or Web-based mobile apps
Be New - Launched AFTER January 1st 2013, and available to the public BEFORE May 5th 2014 (Apps with heavy updates and/or major changes after the January 1st are also eligible)
You can apply via our website , applications close April 18 - the submission form is really short and easy to fill in.
It would be great to have as many people applying, and I honestly think it is a really awesome opportunity for budding app developers.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me (here or via the website). We've also created an FAQ page.
I have an app to suggest. I'm not its developer but I know who they are and would like to recommend this. A few questions:
- Does the organization need to be based in the US or do we you need to be an American citizen?
- Can an app in languages other than English apply if it can clearly show the benefits with regard to the prize?
- If someone based outside the US wins, does he/she need to travel to the location in order to claim the prize?
Thank you
The app does not need to be based in the US, nor the developer an American citizen.
We welcome apps in any language.
If the app is selected as a finalist, then the developer(s) will need to travel to Dallas. We will cover the costs of travel and provide the relevant documents for visa applications.
Hope this answers your questions, and please do encourage them to apply!
Thanks for all the positive answers! I just forwarded this to them. It's an interesting prize and I hope they apply.
Hi everyone,
Just a quick reminder that the deadline for applications is this Friday, April 18.
We have released both the AppMyCity! judge panel, and the list of this year's speakers, both which you can find on our website! (Search for AppMyCity judges and New Cities Summit 2014 speaker)
Last chance to apply/let your friends know!

New Video Ad Network - Compensated Beta Testing

Hi XDA community. I wanted to write this to introduce myself, I'm Melvin from Teads. A little about us, we are a 4 year old company with 26 offices world wide, penetrating 18 different markets, and employing over 450 employees globally. We have award winning technology and quite a presence on the web. Currently in the US we are working with such advertisers like Playstation, Tomorrowworld, Gillette, and Honda, to name a few. And now looking to penetrate the mobile app industry.
With the announcement of our mobile SDK we are looking to offer multiple units, including our award winning format inRead We are offering great CPM's, quality advertisers, and fill. For a demonstration, you can head over to the app store to download our app Teads SDK Showcase.
As mentioned in the title, we are looking for a handful of beta testers to implement our SDK. During this phase, integrations will be compensated upon full integration aside from advertising revenue. If you would be interested in working together, please don't hesitate to reach me directly at
Happy Friday everyone! Wanted to remind you that our compensated integration is still in effect! Don't hesitate to reach out to learn more about Teads or to discuss the opportunity to working together. Thanks!
What is your payment policies? I am using Adsota - they pay me every 30 days no matter how much I earn.

Recommended Android Development Classroom Led Courses

Am part of a team of Java Developers who are being asked to skill themselves up into Android Development.
I have been asked to sort out either some classroom led courses or for an instructor to come to our site to give a tailored course.
Does anyone have any paid courses that they would recommend? There are alot of courses out there but am very aware you don't always get what you pay for hence wanting to get a recommendation of a training provider. In the past we would look for courses where the instructor has been in the field so is doing more than just reading the course off the slides, someone whose own experiences you can tap into.
The developers here are all Java Developers with between 1 to 15 years experience, all using eclipse IDE so should be more than capable of getting up to speed on the course quickly. The course needs to be native dev, not phonegap etc.
Many thanks,

Which ad network is the best for the Indian subcontinent?

We are developing yet another messaging app with localized design, that is- support for local languages, convenient design for not-so-tech-savvy yet interested-in-internet people and so on. Our target market is mainly people from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and people from this region living around the globe. We are looking for the top ad networks providing consistent ad and money flow for this region. Please share your experience and monetization success (or failure with causes) in the Indian subcontinent.
Is there any other monetization model more successful than ad-network in this region?
Thanks in advance.
My friend in India tell me about AdiQuity – RTB platform focusing on the Asian market and India in particular. Offers banners and text ads and a choice of CPC and CPM campaigns. Hope it help
I can relate to the phase your team is going through. Been there once before, those initial stages really suck up all your time and resources but then its all worth it. I have tried a few Ad platforms like Bidderplace, Clickky, Admob etc but my experience has been the best with Affle. I have seen brand building and monetization going hand in hand and with my personal experience I can assure you, this is what your app needs to get that success you are talking about. Visit www{dot}affle{dot}com and drop them your query or leave a message here, I might be able to connect them to you.
You can try the RTB platform of Bluagile to promote your app.
They are a DSP connected to different add exchanges. The Best thing about them is they have a self serve platform, which means you can adjust and optimized your campaign to what ever you desire.
bluagile . com
we've been working with and hopped in the "native ads" train in early 2015. CPMs have been great and they helped us with localizations in Europe, S America and arab countries. I bet they can do this trick for india too. Plus we always post great content on their blog
I'm using ad network seeing good result with from last 4 months. i will suggest you to try this network
We are an Indian advertising platform, as long as your apk access our sdk, each additional 1000 users, we give you $ 40 of earnings, and we settled once a week. Which would also facilitate fast you recently received, if interested can contact me skype: s40319882
Full Disclosure: I work at Appodeal, a programmatic mediation tool for mobile apps and games.
What ad formats are you hoping to use? I'm guessing mainly banner and Native, maybe some Interstitials? If you let me know, I can pass along some data on our performance. Feel free to connect via email,, or Skype, christopher_jam.
Looking forward to hearing from you!