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Hello, have you issues with the Tapatalk plug in? I was being notifications but when I click it says thread deleted.
So after a few days of that I decided to remove XDA from Tapatalk but when I try to log back in it says about a connection error.
I can access all other sites fine with tapatalk
Thank you

It's not only you - I have the same problem.

Me too. Same error. Any solutions?
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Same problem for me. Any solutions?

No one have a solution?

I was getting this error on xda premium. (legacy now)
I just uninstalled it, reinstalled it and was all good after.
Maybe it'll work for you guys too?

I tried to delete App data and cache from Tapatalk and login again but nothing happens. Is it possibile because I am a "Junior" member?

Your xda status wouldn't have anything to do with it.

Then it must be a problem with XDA, with other forums I have no problem but when I enter my credentials on Tapatalk for XDA appears "Network error, try later"

Well I definitely had the same issue on xda legacy, which is based on Tapatalk, and uninstall and reinstall solved it. For Tapatalk I guess that's not doing it.
Keep in mind that xda has nothing to do with Tapatalk, so if the issue is on their end, there's not much we can do. (though Tapatalk itself is working for me as well. You did manage to clear its data? That might be the cure.)
Which is why xda has put their effort and resources into our own app here, https://forum.xda-developers.com/and.../labs-t3241866
But, maybe #bitpushr has an idea about this?

Problem solved: Uninstalled and reinstalled Tapatalk, changed password on XDA with another shorter than last, then logging in to XDA with no problem
Inviato dal mio FRD-L19 utilizzando Tapatalk

But without notifications the app is not fit for purpose for me.
I'd love to ditch Tapatalk but I don't like xda web browser and xda app doesn't give out notifications for the forum.
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Unable to upload a DP.

I wanna change my picture!!! I always fail to upload no matter what i do. Clear data(Broswer) use my xda app from my phone, different browser from both phone and computer. HELP!!
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Does it give you an error message? Could you post a screenshot? TY
Here ya go.
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I've isolated the issue. I don't have a fix for the mobile app as of yet, but for now you can visit http://forum.xda-developers.com/prof...?do=editavatar in your browser and update from there.
I had this issue a few weeks back and couldn't change it from the desktop site either but then I tried it through the Tapatalk app and it worked perfectly.
I would've reported the problem at the time but I solved it and didn't see any others having the same problem.
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Join my threads here and here.
Check out this [GUIDE] How to be a New User (and not a noob)

Random ads / popups

What is with these ads / pop-ups? I have had this G5 for literally 27 hours and haven't had time to do anything stupid with it. Can anyone he'll me with this? Is it something built into the phone or the websites I visit? It happened on my G3 as well. Its happened at (kotdb.com) and (xdaforums)
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It's the websites you visit. Download a browser with built in ad-blocking, I use Tuga Browser.
Ill try that, I got those popups while using IE and Chrome. Ill check out tuga though, thx
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I got Tuga from the XDA app if you were wondering
Yea, wasn't in the play store.. Where am I looking?
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Does Tuga require my phone to be rooted?
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The XDA Labs app has an Apps section, look there. And no it does not have to be rooted
The link to it on XDA Labs https://labs.xda-developers.com/stor...aurora.browser or
You can download it from here
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IE ??? Does MS have an app for IE for android?
I just meant the stock internet browser
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I had this same problem on my S7 edge-except it was worse.Same thing,but it took me to a page that said i had a virus etc etc.Than every time I woke up phone it sent me to the play store.
Only thing that helped was a factory reset.Problem solved.

XDA Entirely in Plain Text

Is it me or XDA is broken.
I though it was the school's internet web filter without the proper certificates but it's also affected on my home computer. Anyone also having this issue?
Me! It started yesterday, but was temporarily solved when I was at my uni... Now it is back
Edit: Try changing to XDA 2013 Beta - 1024 style.
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Yeah, it works now. Thanks.
Thanks, guys. I thought I was going crazy.

A lot of issues with the XDA App

Hey folks. Maybe there is a place where this thread would belong I'm not sure as honestly the XDA has always worked for me. Lately that is not the case. I'm having all manner of issues with the app both on my phone and tablet. Every time I try to quote someone the app force closes. Also my "participated" list doesn't seem to update properly.. A few other weird quirks... Anyone having issues lately with he XDA app?
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I had the xda premium app. It was running really slow for the past day or so. Pages not loading, really slow to post responses etc. Then I tried tapatalk, realized it was the same look as the premium app and I still had issues. But today it was working fine, back to normal. I read somewhere that there were some issues but they should be fixed now
I could be wrong but I think the XDA app is a paid tapatalk application. They let you buy and unbrand it for use for a price.
This also keeps happening even when I am in a thread just randomly pops up. I hate that my participated list won't update. I have to go to each thread and find my posts individually.. Very annoying.
I don't remember when this started happening. I don't remember an update that caused it..
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Try using tapatalk, its free now, only the tablet version is paid. The free xda app hasn't been updated in aaaaaaaaages. I find tapatalk much better than the xda apps
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Had to post this here just to click your post and click the thanks button. 22sl22 because sometimes I can't click on a post I have to click the one underneath it... Crazy.
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This is actually not completely app related
We have been moving to new servers lately, which caused quite some issues (search for example still has problems).
But be assured that the admins are working on it
Thanks! I have to post this thanks so I can click your message to say thanks... Lol. Because if I click your post it highlights the one above it... Weird...
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Hi, you've done a great work with the app. But it still force closes when loading long threads.
I will send you a bug report so you will be able to fix it.
Anyway, good job guys! Keep it up D:
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It seems like your device is disconnected, it happens for me I don't know if it's my WiFi or the XDA app is causing it to disconnect
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[Q] error receiving information from server (play store)

Hey everyone,
My phone fails to update apps and download some.
I get this error message,
I have tried clearing cache, clearing data and relogging in with my gmail. Still doesnt work.
Thanks in advance,
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remove your Google account completly under settings, not just clearing, then re-add the Google account
I have also tried that,doesnt seem to work
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read this thread if you have time http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=2211444
Thanks for the link,
Seems like its a common problem with no solution, this is horrible
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I have the same issue and I have tried everything suggested in addition to anything I can think of. Still no fix. However, it usually works if I retry the request a few times.
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