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Hey everyone,
so many ISPs are offering IPv6 connectivity now, so do some mobile networks. Wouldn't it be nice to also be able to access xda-developers homepage via IPv6? Any reasons why it's not implemented yet?
Thanks for answering!

Probably because it's not really needed. It's not going to be a "requirement" for a long time yet I'd say.
But the server admin #bitpushr would be more likely to provide an accurate answer

Really a chicken-or-egg situation.
Also, especially here at XDA, "needed" doesn't really seem to be a valid point.

There are really 2 reasons we haven't moved to IPv6
1. The primary one is vBulletin isn't designed to handle IPv6 addresses in several core areas, and it would take a good amount of dev time to implement those changes.
2. There doesn't seem like a great push, demand or benefit from this.
Hope that answers your questions. We are of course interested in doing this as a technology site, but it's mainly a question of how much of a benefit it would be vs how much time and effort to make it happen.


Suggestion: Split forum due to server overload?

Im beginning to think that xda-developers.com server(s) is going on their knees. The forum is responding bad and lags sometimes.
I wondering why, and looked further down. A big block of usernames taking up my whole screen seems to be the answer. With about ~6000 users online, I think both the connection, database server and the forum server(s) hardware are going on their maxs, I can just imagine that the server are receiving like 3000-4000 HTTP hits/second in total... And thats pretty high load.
I have a suggestion: Why not split the forum into 2 forums, and the split is done in a way so both forums is about "equally" popular. This means the forum can be split on 2 servers too with separate databases. (Like forum1.xda-developers.com and forum2.xda-developers.com)
So the first forum could have the most popular forums, and the second forum could have the rest.
This to make performance at xda-developers.com better.
Welcome to forums
Why donĀ“t you better do a donation!!
That way owners can manage any overload
We have more than 1 server you know .
Well it seems bad. Is it because I'm from Kansas and the server is overseas? It can take up to like five or ten seconds for a page to even begin to load.
I think that a forum split wouldn't benefit the xda site as a whole. There are a lot of benefits from working together, and you never know how many rom, stack, or radio problems have been solved from developers looking into issues mentions on other phones and collaborating with other developers. There could be a invaluable amount of networking loss and communication loss between xda-users and providers in splitting the forum into 2 databases.
yeah, well. something must be done though, because the site is responding very slow, and sometimes not at all..
Well, there's some work planned

Hardware advice

OK due to an accident I have not been developing anything. However that has changed and in the next 30 days I will be setting up a development network. Here is my question.
What type of laptops should I purchase and what servers should I go with? I want this to be a real work place environment although its something that will be in a spare room.
My thought is I will be purchasing 3 laptops and from the server side a file server, back up file server, development server, and developed app server to run the applications that i have developed.
Any suggestions and links would rock thanks.
This is a tricky question in regards to where it fits on XDA. It's only relevant to Android as (I assume) that will be the platform you will be developing for.
I would suggest the device suggestion thread but even that seems weird since the motive there is mobile device.
Feels like the best spot on the site to ask right now would be off topic. I remember seeing a PC hardware article in XDA News a while back, so makes me wonder if there will be PC forums in the future (but I don't see any when I just looked).
Hope this helps, closing the thread now to avoid any confusion from others. Thanks.

[Q] Tech support community???

Hey guys.
I just started a tech support job at a major domain hosting company. I was wondering if anyone knew of an online community/forum for the tech support industry. I can't seem to come across one . This is my first job in this industry and want/need all of the resources I can get to be a well knowledgeable professional who can do nothing but grow. Any and all help would be much appreciated.
Thanks !
I'd highly recommend looking for a site that's part of Stack Exchange. I often use Stack Overflow and it's pretty much invaluable to me as a software developer. I tend to answer more than ask, but it's still nice to know there are people around that know more than me and can help out, especially when it's a new area that I'm working in.
Have a root around and see what sites they have available. I don't know exactly what area you're looking for, but a 30 second browse found me this...
It's a network server forum, so not specific to your needs, but there would certainly be some overlap.
Have a root through. I'm sure you'll find some good sites on there

[Q] Information about the nitty gritty of XDA

hey, i recently joined this page on facebook (i've withheld the name of the page as to not seem like i'm here to promote it or such, not that it requires promotion with its 2 million members) and a many of us including the owner of the page there are a free-thinking bunch. The problem is that whenever some user finds something we say offensive, we get reported and are blocked from posting for 10-12 hours, sometimes entire days...
The gracious admin there took it upon himself to finance an entirely new site as a refuge for us. But most of lack the technical know-how of getting a site up and running. We have a few volunteers ready to devote their time and skills to help in the site's construction.
The owner suggested a forum-esque feel to the site rather than something like facebook itself and when anyone mentions forum the only thing my mind thinks is XDA!! This site is the epitome of what a forum should be about!!
So i was hoping if anyone could give me some sort of information as to what the site is based on (HTML, PHP, etc)? what type security measures should we be looking at? we read something about a using social networking engines to enable features like instant messaging...
i was hoping if someone could point me (and by relation, us) in the right direction.
Any help would be much appreciated.
This site is running on vBulletin 3.8.6 which is commercial software. There are free bulletin boards out there. As for security, this is a massive topic that I don't think anyone can summarise. Obvious things like good password policies (long and random, never re-used, etc) and keeping all software patched up to date are key. Other than that it all depends on the implementation. Also, there are penetration testing tools that you can find off the internet to test your site.
thanks a million Dave. i'll look into it and pass the message on to our group.
What Dave said, but beware that your site is only as secure as the system it runs on.
Your system can be the most secure in the world, with lovely nice PHP code, the latest patched vBulletin install, and I might still get into it...
If you are using shared web hosting, and some peon is using an out of date wordpress install, they can likely wreak a fair bit of havock on a poorly setup server.
Unfortunately most shared hosting is poorly setup. If you have 2 million members, you WILL need dedicated server space. I would also suggest you need to seriously consider the undertaking here - 2 million people is A LOT, and I don't know how many simultaneous users you are talking about, but it sounds a big target...
You will need a fairly powerful server from the sounds of it. I would suggest looking at the available forum systems, installing them (free ones), or trying out the demos.
I assist in the running of a number of sites, from single figure numbers of visitors per day, through to hundreds of thousands/millions per day... The requirements for these differ HUGELY. While something free like SMF might be good for a site with 200 folk, it's not likely a good idea on a site with 100,000 visitors per day posting...
Consider backup strategies too, for WHEN the worst happens - not if... Where will you store backups? How will you secure them?
Finally, remember to look to the future. phpBB is pretty poor, I suggest avoiding it. But what will you move to next? Make sure you pick a system that ain't gonna die tomorrow... If it does, you are stuck without security updates, and you might find it hard to migrate to another one... Be sure to go with a system that has good support to migrate further if/when the time comes...
woah!! ok, this was a big help...although we have close to 2 million people signed on, only about 30 - 40% of those are regularly active and perhaps 100 or so who're almost always there...
i saw BBCode implementation at linux mint forums and found it a total fail compared to XDA...i had completely forgotten about the back-up portion...
knew i could count on XDA for a lil' help...God i love this site!!
Haha no worries.
From those figures I would size the site based on coping with 5000 simultaneous users minimum. I doubt you will get as much tbh, as many people hit the homepage and look at the latest, then go to the next site they visit.
If you can afford, aim to cope with 10k+ simultaneous, to cover you for if you get a bout of publicity...
I'd reckon on a well-run server you would be OK with 8 to 16 GB of RAM, and a few hundred gigabytes of hdd. Bandwidth is hard to gauge without info on the site and content...
But I think it could be run for under $400 per month, and that is a very high estimate to cover things like multiple backup locations.
You will instantly ruin your site reputation if you need to use backups and they don't work...
If nobody is experienced in server management, hire someone to do it. These things are often best left to the experts where you are unsure... It will likely pay for itself in their expertise at least 3 times a month (or at least that's how often some of my clients proclaim I saved their "lives" )

SDHC Card Stolen - but when?

This pains me every time I see it ... and I'll explain why:
Forums for NON HTC Devices
The idea of a WinMo Forum place for non HTC devices is great. But for the life of me I would never ever be able to remember that URL.... It's really, sorry to say, terrible for branding, terrible for memory, and by the very use of .cc it looks amateurish. And the only reason why I point this out -- to be helpful actually -- is that I just did a quick domain search and all 3 of these are available -- as dotcoms -- the universal easy-to-remember address -- since you more or less drop the .com and only have to remember the first part.
To reach the same audience you wish to reach more of, I believe you'd do much better with one of these.... and that was just my first-pass thinking in 2 minutes... please don't take offense. Branding is important... it's also not something everyone is naturally good at. best regards, /qs
the idea was to have a simialr forum for nonhtc devices
the issue is my forum is a new forum
it has yet to recieve any finacial donations and it uses a forumer.com forum so i cant pick up the software like vbulletin and input it inot a server or whatnot just yet
also since there is no money being donated and im not making any due to unemployment then im having trouble finding the money to buy a domain
so until i get a job or i get any donations then itll have to be a free domain till then
also it cant all be that bad, a goolge search for winmodevelopers brings up every ite i have.
i find it hard to take offence here after the first few flames i got when i started
I gotcha.. i didn't know it was a free domain. I also understand well re economic times, amigo, and I wish you well. I totally see the value of this additional WM niche not served nearly as well at HTC owners. I want to talk to you about that. And secondly I would like to buy a domain for you-- it's 10$ /year... and I can offer you hosting, perhaps w vB. I do have it installed. You may have zero time right now, and perhaps zero motivation/interest at moment due to much higher prioroties, but I think there are opportunities there and for you to play a bridge role between sites would be great. When you are READY to chat please send me an email. (see my profile). Thanks, and glad you weren't offended. It hadn't occurred to me that the name was formatted that way due to beung free.
best regards/ quicksite.