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The forum for the Verizon Droid Turbo 2 seems to not appear in any of the searches or in any of the main forum views. This does not impact Tapatalk where it can be searched and added to your list with no issues. This also does not prevent subscribing, or the threads showing up in the Participated forum view.
I can locate it in the "All" view, but it seems to be missing from the Type to Find Device, and other views such as Compact.
I am using the XDA 2015 theme, but I did spot check the 2013 theme with the same results. A few others have also reported similar issues.
Tested on Google Chrome from 2 separate computers.

This will be my one bump. Is there any chance of getting the Turbo 2 added to the compact view, or at the very least the "Type to find device" search window?

We'll look into it. Should be a simple fix.


[Q] Question re forum vs. subforum, subscribed vs. participated

I am not sure if the android app (I am using the premium app) is taking a different path than the XDA website... but there are things that are different between them and it is making it very difficult and confusing to seamlessly move from the app to the website, or back.
On the app, there is a sidebar with, among other items, a line that says "Subscriptions" followed by number in parentheses. Above that line there is a line/option for "Participated" .
If you select "Subscriptions", and you will get a list of Forums and Subforums you have subscribed to. It is easy to "Subscribe" to a forum (or subforum), as the dropdown menu has an option to Subscribe.
Before continuing, this is how I see the logical breakdown of forums, subforums and threads:
Forum (example HTC ONE (or VERIZON HTC ONE if it exists)) ==> Subforum(example: HTC ONE Q&A, Help & Troubleshooting) ==>Thread(example: Help! I bricked my phone!!!).
In the app, when you select "Participated" you are presented with every thread in which you have added a comment.
However, on the website, when I navigate to the forum (not a subforum) and I want to "Subscribe" to it, I cannot find any way to do so on that page (the main forum page). I notice however, that if you go to one a subforums (see example above), you have the option there to subscribe to that subforum. However, like the app, I would like to have quick access to all subforums for a particular device.
I have "subscribed" to them from the mobile app, but they are not showing up once I am at my laptop... the only subscriptions that appear anywhere (without having to go to a dedicated page with subscibed threads, etc.) is in the right sidebar under the three tabs entitled "MESSAGES THREADS FORUMS." Here (for me) it shows I am subscribed to one subforum that I accidentally subscribed to 3 years ago (from the app I believe). The app too, correctly shows I am subscribed to this subforum. But there is no where on the website that shows the Forums I am subscribed—which the app does (as described above).
With the number of forums for devices growing to several hundred why is there not just a way to create a bookmark to go directly to the forum that you have already added as a subscribed forum/a favorite??? I swear I think every time I have come to this webpage I have to navigate down past 90 devices to find the forum I want (google XDA XYZ Device works, but there should be a way on the forum landing page). A way to find "bookmarked' forums. I use the work bookmark" because using the word "subscribe" with "forum" is actually confusing. You already have an option to subscribe to a thread on the website (and the app). And further, a subscription to a thread will send you email updates when there have been new comments to that thread. However, you do not need email notifications to a forum, nor even a subforum... you just need a quick way to navigate to them.
Further confusing the "thread subscription" component of "subscribing" is that now the app has "Participated" (as mentioned above) which I find helpful as no action is required; it automatically allows you to quickly find a thread where you have contributed or asked a question. But this is not available (or easily locatable) on the website....
Can we get the ability to create a favorite or a bookmark to a Forum or Subforum?
I understand that subscribing to threads still makes sense as people may want to be notified or have quick access to a thread which is being updated, but in which they have not made a comment. I think we just need to add a new category to "favorite" or "bookmark" a forum or subforum, and then have threads subscribed to, and threads in which we have participated.
I think in the past few years (and you guys would know!) more people use the app than before... So I think by modifying things as set forth above, it will allow increased usability of XDA overall. XDA has always had to manage and structure/organize a huge amount of information... and I have always found it quite difficult.. Only recently with the options have I noticed more productivity (although I cannot say for certain how "recent" these changes are....
Either way, I hope you can make the app and the site consistent... and preferably let the app's above-mentioned features lead the way.
Thank you...
Wow, that's a lot of questions!
I definitely won't be able to answer them all at once, so I will just answer the ones I can.
1. In answer to the question "Where are the Participated threads on the website?", just do [your_username's_profile] > Statistics > See all posts by [your_username]. It does essentially the same thing as Participated does in the app.
EDIT- More answers to come... when and if I have time!

Navigating forum

It has been a couple months since I've been on the site and quite often I am directed to what I want to find via a google search.
However when trying to access the forums today from the top banner bar, the options seem extremely limited.
It lists things like "Top Phones" "New Phones" "Root Tools" "Top Apps", etc. and each of these has a small sub menu of choices.
However I can't find a way to just access the General discussion forum...the one I'm posting in now.
In order to get here I needed to google "XDA general discussion" and then clumsily navigate to this "About XDA" sub section.
Am I missing something with how this site has been updated and how one is supposed to navigate it?
Thanks, that does give me a little bit more control.
However (to anyone listening who cares) - this still has problems. In order to search for a forum to jump to, I must first know its name to search.
In my case, since I've been here a while I know/knew there were general forums, so I typed "general" and I was able to pull some of them up.
But for new users, or anyone unsure of where to post a topic that doesn't have to do with a specific device it still obscures the entire forum structure from them.
Also, unless I was referred to the link above, there is really no way for me to know that typing in that box is how I find a forum, since it says "Type device...& more"....that "more" is pretty broad.
Wouldn't/couldn't it be a good idea to both write somewhere up there that the box is how you are meant to navigate to a specific forum rather than just search? Also couldn't there be a link within the list of results that always shows that allows one to view an entire structured list of the forums?
Part of the issue as I see it is that while many thinks are device based, there are certain issues that have the same solutions across a wide array of devices. For instance I just had an issue with APN settings being grayed out (non editable) on my wife's Galaxy S5, but I saw similar posts and partial solutions scattered throughout device forums for dozens of devices. I know that there will never be full consolidation into one "general" topic for these, but I think having a "general" forum (or forums) as the first landing page for these types of questions is more beneficial than forcing users (simply by the current design) to post in their specific device.
Anyway, I might be late to the party and these discussions may have already beat the horse dead, I still love the site for the wealth of information it provides but IMHO the redesign in this aspect borked functionality/ease of use when it comes to "finding" the right place to go to post a new thread.
Did you try the Search Plus feature?
I've looked at it, but it doesn't really remediate the issues I mention above.
While it can help you "find" answers to questions, google is just as capable in most cases of directing you to the relevant threads on XDA.
The problem is not really where to go to find answers, as much as it is to ask a question.
It seems the way the site is now structured as far as indexing/lookup is concerned is more of a "knowledgebase" then a forum.
I'm not sure if that is necessarily a bad thing - but it is different from how things used to be and for long time users it makes things a bit more difficult to adapt.

List of all topics I contributed to?

I'm not a forum noob by any stretch but all others I've been on over the years have some way to display all the threads I posted in, and mark them bold if they have an update I haven't seen yet.
I have yet to find this on xda and it's getting old, even after only a few days, to go from forum to forum and check for updates to any threads I contributed to. What am I missing?
ETA: I'm looking for something like "display all subscribed topics" in a shortcut form somewhere. I really don't want to have to do this through advanced searches. It kills the entire intent of getting a quick overview of updates.
I found the issue. Apparently contributing to a thread doesn't add that thread to your subscribed threads list. This is a (pita, very unfortunate) manual step you have to do per thread if you want to keep up with the thread. I'm very surprised it has to be this way, but so be it.
If anyone knows of a way to change this on a per-user level please let me know.
Change your settings to auto-subscribe to every thread you post in. That way if you post in one that you don't want to track you can just choose to unsubscribe from it.
Go to your User Control Panel. Under 'Settings & Options' select 'Edit Options'. Then look for the "Default Thread Subscription Mode" setting - I recommend you set it to "No email notification"
Above post is solution.. or if you want this in app.. you have latest tab in left most icon on top bar.. there select participated tab which is third one.. you can see all the threads you have posted and bold will appear on threads having unread posts for you.
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Right. I noticed the app has it but it's harder to do in the forum lol
I got it folks. Thanks. The only thing I would wish for is a one-click shortcut to my subscribed threads. But I have bookmarks for that
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one-click shortcut is also available on the website.. well i use 2013 theme.. in that click on the "Quick links" which is 5th tab.. then click on "Subscribed threads" under miscellaneous options menu..
If you want to view your subscribed threads and forums using the app then click the "Favorites" tab and you'll be able to view them.
Apologies if I misunderstood your problem.
"My badboy megazord whip's got more features than iOS5"
i think you missed it mate.. he wanted to see threads in which he has posted and without subscribed.. he is searching for participated otion under latest tab of app... that feature in website version he was searching i think..
Ah right. I seen your post about subscribed threads under quick links and got confused
"My badboy megazord whip's got more features than iOS5"
ya.. that was his second doubt as you can see in my quote..
and on the side note.. i am waiting for your reply on your xda app guide thread.. which is good guide for new users..
I've not seen any reply
EDIT - For some reason I wasn't subscribed to my thread. I'll reply right away
"My badboy megazord whip's got more features than iOS5"

[Q] Search Issue?

All day today I have had an issue with Searches. I keep getting told it is temp unavailable.
Yet, when I go to Samsung S3 forums and click the links (such as General or Q&A sections they work just fine - my understanding of how forums work is those links are just Pre-set Searches.
I've changed nothing on my PC in weeks, but nobody else seems to be complaining about a problem and I noticed it this morning and it is now 6:30PM.
Is there an issue or is it me in some way?
Your understanding is incorrect. When you click a link, that takes you to a pre-defined place within the forum - as you can see from the forumdisplay.php?f= info.
The search feature goes up and down like a whore's drawers. Not really a problem - you can just use Google to carry out a site specific search if you need something. That's what I do most of the time anyway as I find it to be more accurate (not just for XDA, for for most web forums out there)
I have the same problem on my tapatalk so dont know if it is connected- i keep getting temporary unavailable for sewrch and for my previous oosts where im participating? What is up with that?
Simon i really dont understand ur answer to this question?
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The search feature often goes down - that is just life. When it does it affects other features as well, such as the "Participated threads" and "User's posts".
It affects the web-site, TapaTalk and XDA App at the same time and usually comes back up after a day or so - no big deal.
You can use Google if you need to search the XDA forums. Simply put "site:forum.xda-developers.com" before the text you want to search for and it will search XDA only.
Thanks for the explanation Simon. My thinking was that, when you click on (say) S3 Q&A link, the Search had to run to find and sort the threads into presentation order. To be able to take one to that forum without running a Search would seem to me to require every forum to be in its own database - that would seem remarkably inefficient in terms of server use. I just presumed all posts would be in a single DB (or maybe one for each sub-forum choice at top level, and indexed for efficiency.
Maybe I should set up a forum so I can learn how they work...
At any rate, it is working again now...
Different forum software works differently, but most of them keep the forum number in the database in the post's record, so a SELECT on that forum number returns a recordset of all posts in that forum. (The LIMIT clause limits the dataset to the posts you see - the first 10, 26-50, whatever.)
An efficient database can search a recordset of a few million records, with the database equivalent of a Search (a WHERE clause), in a second. The efficiency is determined by the code (which is usually pretty good these days) and the database (and MySQL, the one most commonly used on the web, is pretty efficient).
Search, OTOH, has additional code to "front end" the database with whatever random search criteria you set, so it's actually less efficient.

[Q] Viewing a parent forum on web-site

I have searched and can't find a reference to this. Previously I subscribed to each of the forums within a particular device's area, e.g.
HTC Desire S
Question & Answer
Themes & Apps
The problem is that when you are following three devices as well as the 'General' forums it means a lot of scrolling up and down on my mobile device. I have noticed that using the XDA Premium app I can actually subscribe to the parent forum (e.g. HTC Desire S) and this then appears in the app, with the ability for me to tap on it and see all the sub-forums. This is really useful. The problem is that the web-site version seems to then lose those forum subscriptions entirely.
Is there a solution for this, or is it just a 'feature' that I will have to live with?
I tried finding a solution to this a while back but there's no way to do it, unfortunately.
Hopefully the admins would think about implementing it if you make a request for it. It's definitely a good idea though.
Thanks for that. Request made - let's hope it is something they can implement fairly simply.
Hopefully yeah. I wouldn't think it would be too difficult for them to do.