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Would it be possible to add an option for 100 posts per page?
It might also be advantageous to set the default to more than 10, especially for super-long development threads.

Increasing Posts per Page adds more load onto the servers as there's more data to read and return in a single query from the database.
50 is probably a good max, and setting everyone to 10 will help keep the load down for new users who are happy with the default (also the Google bot has it's settings at 10ppp - makes my life hard I'm on 20ppp ).
It's up to the server admins at the end of the day, but I'm not sure they'll spring for it.

+1 agreed too much posting will lag for those who dont own a new gen system

Hi...I've been trying to find the thread settings page to change the ppp and it has eluded me. Can someone please walk me through to get to it? Appreciate the help.

Click "USER CP" at the top.
Then "Edit Options" on the left side.
Lastly, find the "Thread Display Options", as in the picture in the first post of this thread.

Thanks a lot. Made my forum reading a lot easier

You're welcome! Yeah for sure. I wish there was 75 or 100!

I would like the ability to have more posts per page. It definitely makes searching for things easier.
What I normally have to do if I'm searching for something specific in a thread:
The more pages there are, the longer this takes.


Most recent posts/threads...

This has to be one of the busiest forums i it makes it hard to find your posts. Im a member of other forums which have al
5 recent posts
5 recent threads makes things a whole lot easier...i hope the admins would consider installing something like this!
All you have to do is click on your name on any post and there is an option to view all your posts in date order.
Or you can also go to your profile > click on statistics and there you are - an option to view your posts in date order.
You might want to bookmark your profile page for quick access to your posts.

request: add breadcrumb trail to bottom of thread page

Would it be at all possible and easy to add the breadcrumb trail (xda-developers > General discussion > About for example) to the bottom area of the page when an individual thread is viewed? This would provide an easily clicked link to get back to the main page. I've been on a few boards that do this and I find it really quick to click through and only read the threads that I'm interested in reading. Thanks!
Whats wrong with the one near the top of the page
Well, lol, it's at the top of the page! I'm a bit of a power-reader when I'm running through the latest topics in the forums and it takes that extra action to scroll back up. It's not nearly as bad on xda since there's only ten posts per page, as opposed to some sites with 50, but it's still an extra half second per thread. No biggie if you'd rather not clutter up the bottom of the page any further, of course.
I agree it would be a nice feature. Not mandatory of course.
ill mention it to admin

How do you automatically subscribe to a thread

Like the topic says, how is it done? Is there a way to set it by default in my control panel?
I would like this forum to mirror the functionality I get in other forums, where any post you make will show up in your "subscribed" threads list. As is stands now, I have made a few posts (which had replies) and they never appear in that list. How as I supposed to follow threads that way?
Moved to About XDA section.
Click here, and change the Default Thread Subscription Mode to something other than "Do Not Subscribe".
Thank you so much for that. God, I don't know why I didn't try that a LONG time ago, that will make using this site SOO MUCH easier. No longer do I need to do searches all the time just to see what I posted (because I forget easy)... This may even make me a more productive member of (xda) society
I say, this option should be default behavior, but again maybe it is and not knowing I changed it for some reason.... alas.

[Q] Off topic but don't want to have another lost thread in some other forum...

I always thought the foums here at XDA were little counter-intuitive at times as far as navigation, but it never really mattered that much.... However, now I am stuck and cannot seem to do something rather simple... I dunno maybe I am tired.... but I thought I would ask so this doesn't become an obstacle.
I am trying to find all of my posts in this forum (HTC One-S). I didn't see an option, so I went to one of the sub-forums (like this one: One S General). Under advanced search, I entered my username in the correct place ("Find posts by..."). The result is 40 or so threads...but each thread has anywhere from 8 to 95 pages. I appreciate the helpful information to the left of each thread stating "you have X posts in this thread".... but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to bring up those posts.
[Also, I now see the widget icon next to Search All Forums on the Main Forum page... maybe I can search individual forums though that.]
But can someone tell me how to do a search which results in a page of only my posts????
Thanks in advance...!
On the advanced search page there is an option that lets you "show results as posts". It will show individual posts instead of threads.
Edit: nevermind they seem to have drastically simplified the advanced search and removed a lot of options. Try going to your profile page and the "Statistics" tab, then click "find all posts by syntropic".
Scroll to the top of the XDA Website where it says Welcome, "_______" <------ your name. Click on your name. Your profile should come up in the "About me" part of your profile. Scroll down toward the middle park of your profile and click on "Statistics". There should be a list that comes up. Click on "Find all posts by ______" (Your name)..

questions about the forum

I don't know if this thread is in the right section; if necessary plz move it. I have some questions about the forum; is there a link to quickly access all new replies to my posts/threads?(this exists in several forums) or access all my posts in general. Maybe there's already one but can't find it.. maybe put it at top right, right to "private messages"
In your usercp is an option for subscriptions. Subscribe to threads when you reply (option is in settings to auto subscribe)
Choose no email subscription unless you want email notifications, and then go to usercp to see the subscribed threads.
i already done that but a quick link to all new replies to my posts would have been better imo
Go into your profile, then statistics. There will be "find all posts by *username*" and "find all threads started by *username*". That should give you an easy way to navigate around what you've posted.
lol yeah i know too.. i just wanted to know if there were quicker shortcuts. Anyway thx for all ur help.