What is the oldest WORKING smartphones you still own? Share your YT demonstration. - About xda-developers.com

Nowadays we all have relatively new devices. Lets see what still lives among us.
At the start of this thread, September 2015, what is the oldest WORKING device you still own.
~Your device age must be a minimum of 4 years +
~Take a video (use that new device), showing the device working.
*In the video, include the software version installed*
~Please offer some history on your device.
~Please post only one device per post
We are not here to simply discuss what you have owned, we're here to see these old guys that are still alive
Please keep this thread clean and friendly.


Love the idea of this thread, especially with the video and I hope others take part in it
Anyways, my oldest *working* device is the EVO 3D.
The device came out in early 2011 so is about 4 years exactly and to me is a special device. Is the device that I started compiling Android from source and is what started #DirtyUnicorns for me.
At the time I was winzipping/porting ROMs on the EVO 4G and had felt that I've done everything I could possibly do on it and was looking for a newer device. A friend and now fellow dev #NYCHitman1 offered to donate his EVO 3D since he was moving on to the GNEX (I think) and I took him on that and loved it!
Started compiling unofficial AOKP builds and digging into source to see how things actually work. Started cherry picking features as users requested on my thread and sooner or later, it got to the point that it was no longer AOKP. Well, at least the AOKP that you compiled from stock. It had a ton of features on top of what AOKP offered and so I renamed it and it took off after that.
People started contributing to my little project and compiling for their devices and fast forward to today and is grown to it's own thing! I love it and is all because of this little device, the EVO 3D
Currently it has KitKat 4.4.4 and it runs fairly well. Only thing that's broke is the 3D camera but that's every AOSP rom for the EVO 3D since lack of source and blobs.

Thanks Alex, that's the ticket

Awesome thread and very unique unfortunately I don't have any old devices anymore. But my oldest and first android was of course G1 from Tmo but the oldest of all was a palm pda. And of course an old...... Motorola with a laptop near it to get activated at the scene. Lol
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/me cracks knuckles....
I give you the device that gave birth to this here site.... HTC Wallaby aka O2 XDA
* I purchased my HTC Wallaby in 2003, which makes it 12 years old (I guess it qualifies );
* While I forgot to shoot the build version of the ROM, it is on PocketPC 2002 (can be seen at the beginning of the video);
This phone is a marvel of the golden age of mobility, well before Apple was what we know today as crApple. I bought it while I was studying Engineering. I had owned a few other WinCE mobile devices before that (my first being a HP Jornada 520), but I wanted to have phone and PDA all in one (I had a Toshiba e740 at the time I bought this). Found a good deal on eBay and have had it ever since. That thing has been through thick and thin yet still has a battery that can hold a charge, even if only for a short while and it works flawlessly. Equipped with 32 MB of shared RAM and ROM, an Intel Xscale processor clocked at 200 MHz, BT and a SD card, this was ahead of its time in every sense of the word. It has a lot of our modern, Samsung "innovations" like the stylus and the new clip-on keyboard. It had no on board Wifi and was only GPRS capable, but to this day, it has lasted longer than any phone I have ever had. The device has seen loads of development in here and is the true bed of Linux on a mobile device (look for XANADUX)... A bad OEM update to PPC2003 was what brought me to this site back in '05... 10 years later, and I am still around (have gone up slightly in the hierarchy ever since )
Suddenly, I have the urge of trying to find the cab for Age of Empires 2 for PPC... This thing ran it flawlessly....
Good enough #TonyStark?
I could do another one with my Blue Angel but I guess you cannot really go too further back than this.

Excellent and thank you. It will take a major undertaking to find something much older If you do not see any other user post the Blue Angel, please do not hesitate.

I still have my original droid 2 and its honestly the worst system I have ever owned and know 7 other people who equally shared the same hate .... You would seriously die before making a call for help...

smartphone?? its my galaxy 5.. its with my dad right now...

Please read the OP

hahaha. i forgot to include. i still use it for calls. my dad just have it for now


Back in the old days...

Things were much more peaceful around here before we got so gosh-darned popular. Becoming the go-to place for mobile hacking, I suppose, has that effect on forums. We've gone from a rag-tag bunch of legacy Windows Mobile enthusiasts to a lean, mean, and sometimes green group of Android hackers. While our members, moderators, administrators, developers, and posting styles have certainly changed; we have remained focused on only one thing--mobile hacking and development.
But for now, let's take a step back and remember what XDA was like back in 2003, when Windows Mobile was still cutting edge and the O2 XDA was only a few months old. Back then, fights never broke out and people generally respected their fellow forum members. At the time, we weren't just a place for users to come and get a "Kewl bit of kit." Rather we were focused on the joys of development instead of solely caring about the end product. We specialized in development, not troubleshooting. For better or for worse, however, the explosion of Android brought a sea of new people to XDA, many coming from more diverse walks of life than we could have ever imagined. This has lead to some inevitable butting of heads. Who could have imagined how things would change in the 7 years and three months from this posting date to when I became a registered member on these forums. This isn't to say that we won't try our hardest to help you out if you're having a hard time installing a ROM, kernel, mod or theme. However, we need to make sure that this in no way hinders development.
Luckily, there's nothing saying that we can't (and won't) bring back the same ethos we had in the early development days. As our master-in-chief Svetius recently stated, there will be some changes in the coming months meant to bring us back to a more development-focused environment. I think this is exactly what we need. For better or for worse, XDA has changed quite significantly throughout the ages. However, one thing remains true: We are all here in the pursuit of mobile hackery. XDA for life! Actually, no. XDA IS life!
Now, all of you disrespectful newbies, get off my lawn before I get angry.
PS. Lawn joke kanged (without permission) from Jimmy.
I agree. I wonder if many of the people who are demanding that we be a technical support forum realize what our address is. We are xda-DEVELOPERS.com not xda-troubleshooters.com. So our main focus is Development for our phones. If someone shows effort, respect and we have time we may answer a troubleshooting question. However, please note that typing such a request in all Caps, poorly constructed sentences, or repeatedly will only serve to make you look like a fool. Then, instead of getting help, you will get ridiculed. So please realize that we owe you nothing. Unless you have developed something and shared it with the community, then we owe you our gratitude and respect. I know that if you treat me with respect I will give you mine.
Ahh, the days of the Qtek9100 were good. Faria, Bepe, pof...man what a crew! I'll write more later, but wow, what a time to reflect!
Many, many moons ago a group of individuals got together to see about developing fun stuff for their phones and come up with was of hacking them just for the fun of it…..great times, those were (in Yoda’s voice).
There were only a handful of devices that were actually worth a crap when it came to productivity and reliability.
One of them was my Sony Ericsson T610 which offered an array of features only seen on SiFi novels (I know I’m exaggerating but anywho..). Just imagine…Bluetooth and IR receiver in one device It was unheard of!!
Back then there were no kanging fights between developers. The biggest problem we had was to Hard SPL the Wallaby
I also remember having to rig a cable in order to download my first ROM in to my HP iPAQ 500 and Android was something that I had only seen in black and white movies where invaders would try and destroy humanity! Those were the days!
Those were the days and sadly they seem to be gone. Now days is more about who kangs who, trying to destroy noobs and attempting to make XDA into some kind of satiric, disgusting and unruly place when in all reality this was is and needs to remain a place where great minds get together to exchange ideas and create apps, mods and hacks that make our devices more powerful and efficient than any manufacturer cold ever do.
As we go back in time lets try and imagine a website where solidarity and comradery exist, where one can feel free to ask a simple question with out someone else popping out a meme mocking them while trying to flame them in ways that only the Spanish inquisition could do!!
Mates and fellow Mods….this is not the XDA that was envision back in those days….but is not too late…It’s “NEVER” to late to correct our ways and make XDA the best forum in the world!!
A great man once said, and I quote: “all I wanna do is a zoom zoom and a boom boom” and you know what….he was right!! I just want to zoom, zoom and a boom, boom also.
Cheers and may the force be with you……..
Wooooo Hooo i got space, just what i needed
Many moons ago purchased an Orange SPV C500 and on searching how to make the device better "PIMPED" XDA a place for people with common interests, many friends met along the way, mind you that was the days of WM where people appreciated what they where provided........... Now every minor with a gun got a smartphone welcome to the present a place where people seem to think they have a view they can shout out and be verbal against many outstanding members of the community!!! Think i preferred just dealing with SPAM.
To be edited # sometime brain logs on!
M_T_M just noticed u start same
You, my good friend, win at XDA and teh internatz.
Post good memories you have about your beginnings on this site...we want to hear them
I first came to XDA after getting my first PDA as a gift. It was a (HTC made) HP iPAQ 1945. It was my first time using a WM device ever. I was wowed by the ability to take any of my documents with me and to be able to beam them wirelessly via infrared or BT. It wasn't long before the interface left me waning more, however. I searched around and found some decent themes on XDA. This was around late 2004 or early 2005 as I recall.
I began reading up on all the cool mods and tweaks that this site had to offer for the platform. I came in every now and then for a while until I finally registered for an account in March of 2005. About a year after that, I ended up replacing my old bar phone with another iPAQ, this time, the cellular service-enabled HP iPAQ hw6945.
It had everything I wanted. It had a decent processor, a small amount of user upgradable RAM (if you have decent soldering skills), an amazing keyboard, and several other wireless services like cellular, WiFi, BT, and GPS. The downsides to the phone were it's enormous girth and its relatively crappy screen. It was a rather large, square 3" screen sporting a terrible 240x240 resolution. Even now, I still play with it every now and then and wish HTC/HP had gone with a nicer 480x480 screen.
I kept this device for several years, since, back then, you didn't HAVE to upgrade your phone every year to keep up with the times. WM devices were good for the consumer in that they were long lasting. It wasn't until 2010, almost four years later, that I finally got a Rhodium to replace my iPAQ. I simply fell in love with the keyboard, as nearly all Rhodium owners will tell you. I then came back to XDA to learn more about it. I decided to change my username for the third time and make it something less specific to the device I had at the time. That's how I came about with this name.
My Rhodium was plagued by problems of software that was not properly designed to run on such a low powered device. It ended up being pretty slow after a while, and HTC Messaging client didn't help much either. I went from my iPAQ, which booted completely in just under 15 seconds, to my Rhodium, which took a whopping 150 seconds (2.5 minutes) to boot into a usable state. I know there were several mitigating factors to attribute this with, but it was still a PITA.
I finally decided to flash my first custom ROM after reading about it for a couple of weeks. I picked NRGZ28's Energy ROM in the regular Energy flavor. I did that a few times, and soon realized that I was developing ORD. I played around with all of his different themes. I learned how to properly backup my device, and restore it. I learned how much I had fallen in love with the GTX theme. I even found the perfect radio for me in my area. It was a wonderful time for me.
The best part was that now I could actually assist users here on this site. Before then, I didn't have the knowledge to assist in much. Now, I had my business and education to propel me into this service along with the valuable information I gained from this site. I continued showing others "the light" for a while, and finally decided to give the Leo a try after having to replace my Rhodium so often do to sliding keyboard issues.
I use my Leo almost everyday now. The horse power is plenty enough to keep it moving in this increasingly hardware driven market. It runs nearly a dozen different operating systems. It blazes through most of the computing tasks I give it, and doesn't even blink at any program or app I throw its way. However, it isn't without flaws. The sound quality is severely lacking, as is the call quality. A lack of keyboard hurts, but Swype is a decent compromise. The battery life is nowhere near the two days I used to get from my Rhodium, but it gets me through the day, at least. I've just learned to always have a spare battery on hand, just in case.
That's my story here. What's yours?
I first came to XDA trying to root my Epic. Since then I have abused the firmware in any way I can trying to learn how things are done. I've had my epic since January and since then I have rooted, installed custom ROMs/Kernels and even Linux Ubuntu/Backtrack on my phone. This may very well be the best website ever.
I came to XDA about a year ago to root my incredible and put some custom roms on my phone.
It is a shame that the devs I that were in the Inc a year ago have left. Ihtfp, heyitslou, RMK...
While operation iron fist is a good 1st step, the Inc section has turned into the wild west with little mod intervention.
The reason I am posting this... the OP came in and modded some threads while on point, I felt was disrespectful to the spirit and users emotions over a percieved injustice to one of OUR devs. While this post may be greeted with disdain and hate, the fact remains XDAs problems are greater than the users.
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XDA gives confidence in Android

I am new to xda-developers.com. I found this place because I wanted to try out android before getting an android phone. You see I am a IPhone user for 4 years. Don't get me wrong the integration of IPhone is sweet and even now do not see such amazing integration in Android. But I'm not a brand bigot.
So recently I purchased a Nook Color. I did this because I saw it as the least expensive choice for a capacitive touch screen tablet other than IPad. Keep in mind IPS screen is important to me, I'm a pro photographer and developer.
The reason I could make this step is xda-developers. I brought my Nook home and rooted it to phiremod v6 in the first 30 minutes. Added some things I like (angry birds, miren browser, flash 10, bible and some others).
So far the experience has been acceptable and I am learning each day. But what gives me confidence is the xda-developer network. It give me a good feeling that I will not be abandoned by hardware vendors as I have in the past (apple updates for years before finally reducing features to old phones).
All you guys rock. Keep up the good work. Soon I hope to get up and running on a development system (as soon as I can run the dev env in a virtualbox).
I am now carefully looking at the dell streak 5 (don't laugh I like the large screen).
Nice comments. XDA is a great site lots of committed techies sharing their knowledge......awesome........ I got the color nook as well cause I wanted for my 4 yr old . Now I love that thing so much fun to mod.
I like the 5" screen as well fits my hands and easier to see on it. Just wish it had a better op system..............still waiting for the S2
I notice that there is a lot of streaks on ebay for a good price. Is there a new version coming out? Just haven't seen any news/rumors about that.
XDA converted me from blackberry's to droids
I loved my streak try it out i dont figure a new one will be out for awhile! I now have a galaxy tab even bigger lol!
I was thinking the same thing (as the originator of this thread).
I got my first Android phone maybe 3 weeks ago, and since then I've used maybe 8 ROMs, each of which has its own strengths, and I was having a hard time deciding which to settle on...until...I tried Royal Ginger.
It looks and acts pretty much 100% like Cyanogen, but it doesn't have the 3G/4G connectivity problem of Cyanogen. In other words, it's freakin' bad-ass, and works 100%.
Anyway, like everyone else said, I would like my phone MUCH less without you people.
So, thanks.
On what phone

Ideapad K1 Source Code Released!

As per the title says, just so happen to check the Lenovo forums today after reading here they released TPT source yesterday and sure enough the K1 source was released this morning!
Direct Link
Link to the Thread
Hopefully our humble and dedicated developers can tear this apart and start on some custom ROMS, maybe even kernels?? (I have high hopes clearly!)
On a side note, might not be worth mentioning, but I did notice that the source for the K1 was roughly 72mb in size while the TPT source was in upwards of 202mb?? Same compression for both, food for thought...
Great news ....the building blocks have arrived
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Now hoping for some love, the stock android is pretty slow and painful.....
Will be nice once the custom kernels come.. hopefully they will..
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Thats awesome news, man!!!!!!! I didnt think lenovo would do it but wow, its a start.
Hopefully we can get some sweet roms and kernels on this bad boy (k1).
Just based on this news alone, I have ordered for one..
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Bad choice, hardly any support and current android 3.2.1 on it is buggy for the two that we own, stutters a lot.
I agree even with the latest update, there are still bugs in the OS Lenovo loads on this tablet but this should not be a driving force with not buying one. Every tablet I've owned (K1 and the GTablet) or had the chance to tinker with (Xoom, Prime, etc...) have had their flaws, but I also feel this is also based on the user and their personal preferences with using their tablet. Not to mention, what that user would be using the device for (as a toy, or daily driver) has a huge amount to do with it.
What's important here is that they are all running on some form of an Android OS, and if you are willing to tinker and sometimes even experiment with your tablet, you will be able to get to some middle ground (depending on the device, its release date, the community following it has, and when/if the source code is released) based on what you are trying to get out of that particular device to where there are little to no issues.
For me, I'm currently running the Alpha 3 CWM rom from rootzwiki (link above) and besides I think 1-2 FC's (ONLY happened upon uninstalling pre-loaded apps) it's ran smooth as silk! Granted, I use my K1 as mainly a 'toy' for experimenting with Android SDK, flashing ROM's and general tinkering but still...
Now, you could just drop the $400-$600 on an iPad and not have to worry about FC's and other bugs but then you're left with not only an extremely restricted device but a restricted device that you paid way more for when compared to the K1 for example. Don't get me wrong, after getting my first tablet (GTablet) I quickly realized the quality of the products Apple releases to the consumer public, and if you are a member of that 90%+ percentile of the public that just wants a device to work and doesn't plan on doing anything else to it (and possibly not being as computer savvy as that 5-10% percentile) Apple is the way to go. However atleast from my experiences with the iPad/iPhone, if you plan on doing any modifications remotely resembling base mod's that can be done on an Android device, you're either threatening your warranty or simply SOL.
In short, when I buy an Android phone/tablet I will never expect it to run flawlessly out of the box because A. I'm personally anal/picky/OCD with my hardware and B. I bought it for that initial time investment in order to have a device strictly tuned to my lifestyle and means of use. For this reason alone, an Apple product will never satisfy me (again nothing against anyone who does use Apple, just my 0.02).
I'd rather have a device that is cheaper to buy with arguably the same hardware specs or comparable and is finicky (to say the least at times), but has the potential to run whatever I can throw at it smoothly and most importantly to personalize it on levels that Apple would never allow on their products simply for fear of creating instabilities.
For the K1 however, Lenovo releasing the source is the 1st step towards achieving your own perfectly tuned and personalized device however long it might take. Afterall, one crucial characteristic of an Android user that majority of the members on this forum share is patience! It's what separates us from the rest!
Sorry for the long post, I just felt like expressing my opinion and I was in the typing mood.
great read excellent points
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Dueces99 I shall check out that rom, will see if its possible for me since I am on the latest official version....
I did have a Blackberry Playbook with the original OS in December and that was much better for web browsing etc. Just hoping that Android 4 will have less issues on the tablet since I will be keeping the Lenovo....
Oh and I have been with Android for over 2 years since Android 1.5 and about 5 android phones..... So yeh I am patient
Will definitely pay attention to the next iteration of Windows Mobile though when I upgrade at the end of the year since I like the responsiveness of Windows Mobile 7/7.5.....
this is great news.. really think of selling mine for 300 or so.... if it still worth that ( 32 gb model) .. i might hold on to it now that the source is release and ( cross fingers) someone ports CM9 to it...
we can only wish...

Farewell windows mobile

As all of you, I've been with pocket pc since my hp 1945. Back then ppc was the most advance mobile os out there. I dreamed of a time they would converge this device with a phone to make the worlds greatest all in one. Then it came , the device that started my addiction with windows mobile phone, the imate jAm. From then on it was an exciting journey as I bought new phones when they cAme out. Each one better than the last and more stable. This journey climaxed when I bought my best pocket pc phone ever.. The htc advAntage. I loved that thing. Huge screen graphic processor, fast CPU , 8 gb HD . But alas my advantage was dropped one too mAny times so it was sold. Not wNting to get the same phone twice I purchased the AT&T tilt, then the xperia. Now for the point of my post. Since the begining to about when the first iPhone 3g came out I'd sAy ppc was very much better than the rest. Now after playing with the 3gs iPhone I can see with this device ppc is now in the dust. It does most things our ppc can do , but most of all more and more developers r writing awesome apps for this device. And because it's made by one company and also very popular there are tons of accessories for it. I mean there were times like with my advantage that I couldn't even get a proper case for it. As for os iPhone is wAaY more stAble, windowS is taking too long. They started this race but R finishing up last with their shotty work and programming. I meaN the only reSon I buy htc products is becUse of this awesome site. That's pretty sad when ur only selling point is a site that has no affilation with u but make ur buggy product useable. So with this post I sAy farewell ppc thank you all the chiefs that made All those custome Roms I've used over the past ten years. I've jumped ship and have bought a 3gs.
Ps xperia was the straw that broke the camels back. Worst ppc phone ever. From case problem to shotty os
Thanks for the thread
Seriously why do people make these thread all they offer to the rest of us is reading your "painful" sob story.
hahaha yeah. to iphone so go. bye, you wont be missed.
You could summarise the OP into one sentence.
"The iPhone has a swish GUI and is better supported for apps than the Xperia, so I'm getting one."
My response would be,
"I prefer my device to have a keyboard, and while the Xperia isn't perfect, it has a spreadsheet app out of the box... for free."
It is not our fault that you cannot configure your device properly. Feel free to buy a featurephone like the iPhail. It is simple, not functional and has crappy hardware and software.
WinMo is for tech savvy people who understand modern tech. iCrap is for the ones who want everything configured and controlled for them. The latter will fall behind modern society, because of lack of understanding how things work.
Read this and pay special attention to the links haha:
If someone wants to leave WinMo let them go. Maybe when they try iPhone OS they'll realize what they are missing. Perhaps, though, they would be happier with it.
Just because WinMo might be best for us doesn't mean it's best for everyone.
I do have to say, though, that I am confused by the now several threads in the Xperia forum saying that they are leaving for the iPhone. I never saw any in the Kaiser or in the Dev or Q&A forums. I am beginning to think that many of these are simply viral marketing.
EDIT: Perhaps not viral marketing, just users that don't understand customizing/flashing very well. Reviewed some old posts by the originators of these threads.
Have fun with your iPhone 3GS - seriously :) No bad feelings here (why shouldn't there be any lol ).
However, I think you made 2 mistakes here. The first one, was getting an Xperia in the first place. If you now can live without the full qwerty keyboard, you should have gotten a Touch HD. Thats more of a competitor to the iPhone than the Xperia.
The second mistake: You switched when the WM platform finally has come to a point, where almost all new devices feature a WVGA screen, which means, that developers will have less problems to build apps AND WM 6.5 with its marketplace is standing right on the doorstep. The other thing here is, that Microsoft won't be that fussy when it comes to authorising apps to the marketplace.
I personally am not going to jump ship to the iPhone. I'm satisfied with the Xperia, but am really pissed with the problems of the WM ecosystem. No one stop shopping for apps. No music or app downloads straight to the phone (that Handango InHand app was crap!). And, come on guys, customizing a phone and voiding the warranty IS NOT A FEATURE!
I am not even interested in the X2. Hardware alone isn't going to convince me to buy a new phone. It has to have a great ecosystem and UI...period. I'm guessing X3 with WM7 would be my next phone, but if it's crap, then I'm jumping ship to something better (even iPhone 4). My next phone is going to have a really well-designed and clever OS on top of superior hardware. Features should not be half-assed but properly integrated into the whole phone. Good example is Copy and Paste. Many complaints the iPhone didn't have it, but now it's got it and it is very well implemented. Apple didn't just throw some bullshit into their phone to make the feature list longer. My next mobile OS will have to be designed with that same mentality and attention to user-experience.
I'll stick with my X1 for another generation, but next generation, the company with the best designed OS and ecosystem will get my business.
Besides the question if the iPhone is the better phone (Everyone has to decide for themselves, for me, the iPhone is definetely lacking some things) i really have to say that somehow i get the impression, that WinMO got stuck.
A few years back, it was the ultimate OS for powerful PPC and later PPCPhones, but that was because it was the only real one. Microsoft just sat back and sold and sold without improving. I mean even the devices 5 years back already had 400 MhZ and were as fast as todays devices and if you take a look at Windows Mobile 2003 SE and Windows Mobile 6.1 you can't see significant changes at first glance. I've had many WinMo Phones throughout the years and i will stick with it for now, because I love Windwos Mobile and all the functionality that comes along with it and appart from a keyboard i am still missing some other things with other phones like the iPhone, but i guess, if Microsoft does not realize that the Phone OS Market is now an open and very competitive one and does not improve their OS within the next year (Speed is a great factor, other OS are way faster) more and more people will come to the point where WinMo is no longer the OS of choice. As for myself, more and more things that "disgusted" me with the first iphone, get lost more and more, as apple improves the whole package. Alright, an iPhone with Keyboard is way off for now, but who knows
Just my two cents =)
If they released an iPhone with a keyboard, it would be game over for the rest of the smartphone industry. Not that I'm an Apple or iPhone fan, but more likely than not, they would completely dominate the smartphone market with a keyboard device and a touch-only device.
The X1 is good, but apps pale in comparison aesthetics wise

Is STEVE BALLMER literally RETARDED? MS to charge carriers for WM7. Yet Android=Free?

Sometimes 2 pictures can tell a story better than 1000 words. What is wrong with one of these 2 pictures?
ON-A-ROLL / Link
Is the MS strategy so secret and mind boggling that I am simply not smart enough to comprehend its brilliance? Or is there a wattage problem in MS's Board Room?
I can live with it adding $20 to the cost of a device. There are also things like TCO or similar that apply to a manufacturer and in turn to a customer.
The answer is yes. He is most definitely retarded.
Fact is that wimo could NEVER have been considered successful. Mostly because it is a piece of trash. Charging more [than nothing] for it is suicide -- especially when you compare it to the in-every-conceivable-way superior ANDROID, which is free.
I actually quite like their strategy of shooting themselves in the head. It means that they will die off faster.
Alright, let's do a recap:
-Android is 100% free, WinMo is not
-They are about to charge CARRIERS, so say goodbye to unlocked phones
-It's Windows Mobile, so say goodbye to Google services. If you like Bing, Windows Live and the rest, good for you, but most of us don't.
He is to Microsoft what Bush was to the US. He is arrogant, generally misoriented and strengthen the opinion the public has about Microsoft.
Wow, this is quite apt, and yet I have never made the connection before. Now that you've made it for me, there are thousands of 1:1 analogies that flow like a rain-flooded river out of my head.
His "Mission Accomplished" was his laughing off the iphone. That was the beginning of the end of staying relevant. Now, 3-4 years later, he's introducing his own iphone, but with one very clever and extremely significant difference:
He's calling his Windows Phone.
Ballmer has been blowing it for years! That's why XDA thrives fixing his OS and why Adroid is on the fast track.
I had 3 WinMo phones before my Hero and I thought it was amazing, I was really reluctant to switch to Android, and after using Android for 1 day I'm pretty sure I'll never use WinMo again. If someone paid me $100 to use WinMo instead of Android, I wouldn't; so asking people to pay THEM to use WinMo is just stupid.
This is my exact experience. It isn't a punitive view. It has nothing to do with loyalty/disloyalty, or "they're late to delivering their new OS, so I will punish them by not using it". This has everything to do with how good the combination of HTC + Android is. There is not one thing I long for, there is nothing at all that I am missing using my HTC Hero running Android. HTC's SenseUI on top of Android (which i had never run before, nor even tried before, deciding I wanted to buy the Hero) works so beautifully right out of the box, and the Android market is filled with apps & utilities that make the device's functionality even greater.
I spent over 3 years here, a whole year before even registering, just to help make my T-Mobile MDA device useful to me.
I am saying this: Before my first touchscreen device, I had a very reliable Samsung clamshell device... Being very careful, while in the car I could hit a speed dial and get someone on the phone, activate speakerphone etc., and when the call was done, bullet-proof step to end the cal;. I could feel it in my fingers.
Entering the world of touchscreens, of which I am such a huge champion I have created an awards series in support of, I quickly discovered, to my immediate dismay, "I can't even make a phone call without having this screen up to my face"... But worse, put it in my pocket and for a year my friends are all angry "why do you keep calling me?". Try to get the phone OUT of my pocket to answer a call before it goes to voicemail, 9 times out of ten a touchscreen area gets pushed and call is lost.
Then the tiny tiny keyboard you use reading glasses to see so you can poke that stylus precisely... I was wondering, "what have I traded away for a screen that can browse the web?"
Again, 4 years ago, thankfully one T-mobile store salesperson in San Francisco told me about this site, kind of in hushed tones while inside the store as employee. When I first came here, like with many folks, it was an intimidating jungle, with caution signs everywhere: "READ THIS FIRST" "DON'T POST WITHOUT SEARCHING". I would finally come to what I thought would be straight-forward set of instructions: "A Newbie's Guide to Upgrading your T-Mobile MDA", only to encounter in the very first sentence "Make sure your phone ist HARD-SPL'd or you'll brick it"... "HARD SPL? What does THAT mean?" It took me well over 6 months, back then, to stop-and-go, stop-and-go-back, just then searching for "what is HARD SPL?" only to come to yet another thread saying stuff like "To make sure your device is capable of HARD SPL, it must be all ROMS after 63i850db247, not before or you'll brick your phone"... Read 100's of pages of thread and not one post saying "Yes, your MDA is fine for Hard-SPL". On and on it went til finally, after being slapped down a few times for asking questions (they would link me back to the very threads I already had plowed through), I got some help to get me started.
And THAT day began the pursuit toward USEFULNESS OF USING MY PHONE.
Admit it, more than 3/4 of this site has always been about compensating for what may have been a very fine underlying OS, but a terrible, terrible unfriendly user experience. I upgraded to the T-Mobile Wing before the iPhone came out and was finally at the spot where XDA-devs had created 1000 workarounds for those tiny menus you have to hold up to your face to see... They stripped out the inefficiencies of various WM software, and suddenly I could multi-task keeping Google Maps aways open, with contacts open, notes, music player, ans various utilities. Finally, for me, after 3 years I had a USEABLE PHONE that matched the promise of the ads and marketing.
In almost all cases, XDA-devs were generally NOT exploiting some fabulously smart feature of WindowsMobile, and making it better. They were taking poorly-thought out functionality and terrible UI, and adapting it to become useful. And when the iphone hit, then the paradigm of finger-based navigation changed everything, and XDA-devs created UIs that replicated the easier to "hit" target zones of the iphone interface. Lots of 3rd party shells, etc... But almost ALL of this was to correct deficiencies due to handicaps of what was core Windows Mobile. Still, to this day, people like Supbro, developer of iDialer, and his branch of iContact, have been correcting the stupidity of tiny text for adding a new contact.
I'm just saying: Here I am 4 years later, having had amazing functionality delivered to me thanks to great chefs here, great app & utility developers, and, let's all face it, GREAT ROMS from HTC which were broken apart to extract and enable yet MORE compensating UI fixes (like TouchFlo), all to FIX and mask over the terrible user experience of Windows Mobile.
THUS, when I got my Hero, and began to use it, and from DAY 1, it just works, and it's easy and intuitive, and with all these great widgets and real-time display updates, I realized even more: JEEZ! Finally an OS that is smarter out the gate. Yet Windows STILL had a year to come in and show the marketplace it had learned a thing or two, after the G1 introduced the world to Android. And all they could burp out, with all their resources and skilled engineers, was windows 6.5? And they had to even quickly abandon their explicit HONEYCOMB Ui after it was immediately, and rightfully ridiculed as
So Ballmer 6-9 months ago "gets religion" and admits (in that infamous private meeting widely reported throughout cellphone land) his whole company should have focused on WM7, and not gone down the 6.5 path, because they were already so behind their new-found competitors... And there was a HOPE, a spark, an ember left, that said, OKAY, MS has HUGE resources and money... so if they tackle this well, they could well turn everything around. But that delivery date for WM 7 was FEBRUARY 2010. Meanwhile many companies moved forward: Google, Motorola, HTC and we saw October, November, December just POUND the marketplace with success after success of Android products, coupled with HTC and Motorola keeping the competitive spirit alive which drives innovation.
JANUARY 2010, and Google comes out with NEXUS ONE --- full of problems, including Google's total fumble with the whole concept of "dealing with customers"... and HTC has had their Snapdragon-processor phone lines well in development as well... And now they've got phones in the marketplace right now much better than the Nexus One, with a new optical trackball, and other usability advances.
And so here we are in February 2010, the very time at which WM 7 was set to be IN THE MARKETPLACE wowing us with what we all hoped would be something re-invented, reviving their tattered brand. And now it's September 2010? Who here believes they'll make THAT date? But great, a little tease at a Mobile World Congress revives some hope that it will all be worth it.
That's 7 months from now! We will surely see in that time a whole new iteration of iPhone OS software. And who knows what from Android?
So I come not to bash Ballmer, but to question his brain-function. With all these deficits working against MS's comeback, he has the audacity to play chess with the marketplace and proclaim there will be add-on carrier fees for his company's new WM7 OS phones? I really meant it literally. Does this man have a screw loose?
Sorry for the BOOK length post, but for anyone reading it, tell me where I'm wrong?
XDA-devs SAVED THEIR ASSES for the past 3 years -- by enabling their crippled OS to do tricks that satisfied customer demand. And now that I bought the Hero -- because I liked what I saw -- and have used it for 4 months, I just don't see the point in wondering "what will WM 7 really be like?" -- because once I made that leap, I'm no longer dealing with 3/4 of the efforts of this great site devoted to COMPENSATION for what WM lacked. Maybe there are people with great sentimental ties to WM -- because naturally after working one's asses off to build off of it, and create great useful software products, features and utilities, there would be a lot of cognitive dissonance at play when contemplating where to continue your development efforts going forward.
And there IS sentimentalism that drives quite a bit of WM enthusiasm. ANd that's fine. But here I am 4 months into using my HERO, and I have yet to even feel the need to come here and root my phone and make it EVEN BETTER. I will, for sure... But I haven't needed to. It's all frosting or gravy for something that inherently works AS SHIPPED.
So that's my rationale. rpimps' prior post just flushed this essay out of me... yet what he's said in 2 sentences summarizes everything I just typed.
Choice is good. And for everyone who wants to stick with WM, I am sure there will be plenty of fruits to bare. But meanwhile I *use* my phone and depend on it right now, not 7 months from now. I'm not looking back.
And that really is the summary statement about the genesis of and incredible growth of this great site.
If they want to sell WM they need to make it exactly the same as Android, and make a long press on the Home button bring up the usual WM task list to switch between running apps. I'd buy that.
I'm starting to get pretty sick of all this love for Android and how anything Android will blow WP7 out of the water. All this love for a dumbed-down smartphone. None of us have seen WP7, except for a few screenshots here and there and in my opinion it looks great. MS had to make some changes if they wanted to stay relevant, because what we forget is that the "power-users" make up a very small percentage of the buyers market. However, I really do hope that MS does not forget about us all together. All I know is that come December, I'll be rocking the new WP7 and not an Android. Theres my 2 cents.