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#bendgate Bend to those who are worthy

It seems the whole Bendgate affair isn’t over as everyone is keen to strike the iPhone 6 Plus where it hurts yet again. A clever ad of the Galaxy Note 3 has popped up, showing the bent iPhone 6 Plus bowing to the Android phablet.
That's actually a Note 4. This is a spoof ad. Regardless it is still funny.
I am greatly enjoying this whole Bendgate affair.

if you could design a phone....

Okay so i was thinking today, if Htc or nokia asked you to design a phone
what would it look like, feel like, what operating system would you use?
Personally I'd have the iphone 4's display
android os
the droid 2 keyboard
8Mp camera
all in a nexus one body
Think it will work?
they should design a phone that makes your coffee for you in the morning hahahaha that would be classic

iPhone 5C = Samsung size + lumia colors

Recently Apple introduced its iPhone 5c which they said is a cheaper version. Cheaper by $100 dollars. But I don't think there ids any wow factor after steve jobs passed away. The broke traditions like the 3.5 inch screen they used to maintain. Now they have screen size and lost its exclusive colors by introducing colors like lumia. Do you still think iPhone stands a chance???
I think that 4" was a good point to go - 3,4 inch too small to see espacially in today world. But iPhone 5C is a mistake, it must be at least 200-250$ cheaper to sell.

iPhone 5s vs Nexus 5 camera

what do you guys think? Do you think the nexus 5 can hold its place against the iphone 5s? and I do knw I can get a nexus 5 and 10 for the cost of the 5s, but pls share your opinions.
You should look around in the camera thread, plenty of comparisons, iPhone 5S included. And yes, the Nexus 5 does well in the comparison, the iPhone does a slightly better job during daylight, but it's all Nexus during night, as long as it gets the focus right.

Discussion: do you believe iPhone 6s is waterproof?

The other day I take my friend’s iPhone 6s to play and accidently sprinkled the water on the phone! A cup of water! Wow I am scare to death at that time! Fortunately the iPhone 6 work as usual after drying off. And it can work as usual for these days. Later, I hear some word online that iPhone 6s has certain waterproof function.
So do you believe iPhone 6s is waterproof?