[Q] Possible to change forum timeout value? - About xda-developers.com

Is it possible to change the timeout value for auto-logout from the XDA forums?
I looked through the Control Panel, but did not see it.

That's not an option I've heard of. Sorry!

Thanks... I thought maybe I was just not seeing it.
Is there a systemwide option you can set? The timeout I experience seems extremely short... I think under 30 minutes.

do you mean timeout before you get logged out ??
correct me if im wrong ok??
but as what i know and this is also what im doing. it says when i log in to remember me and i clicked on that box and it never logs me out ..

That is true!
I took it as appearing to be online on the site to others. But the server will log you out after a certain amount of inactive time.

Thank you for the request to clarify. I am referring to the amount of time before the forums log you out, not the duration that you appear to be online on the site to others.
I would like it to keep me logged in for at least an hour, but not permanently logged in.


Confused on time stamps in XDA forum postings

When I am in a forum and I see a message that indicates that it was posted Today at 3:30pm and it is only1:00pm in my time zone I am confused as to how that could be, My profile is using the proper time zone. Can anybody enlighten me? Thanks!
If I'm not mistaken, XDA-Developers uses a standardized time stamp, something of that like a mmo video game. Like, a server time, that all people can relate to.
Turns out you can choose your time zone in your user control panel.
Sent from my dictionary.
So your time zones settings are set correctly here? http://forum.xda-developers.com/prof...do=editoptions
it may be a DST setting, so try changing that.

[Q] Customize personal message in lock screen widget

Is there a way to add more characters or change font SIZE for the personal message? I want mine to say more letters than they currently allow. I couldnt find any way to do it. Thanks in advance!
No, not going to happen, at least stock. maybe a dev can figure that out, I looked everywhere also.
Good luck.
I know there's no setting to change. This is a dev community, I was kimd of asking them. Thanks though.
Sorry to bump an old thread, But I was wondering if you found an answer to this? I am also looking to increase the character count. Seems very limited. I want a message that will inform potential thieves that may find my phone that their fingerprint has been captured and so has their face from front facing camera and has been uploaded to a server already and provide them with a contact number for return with a reward.
I mean if I picked up a phone and that was the first thing I read on a locked screen boy would I return it quick smart. I would return it anyway, as I know how valuable someones phone data can be to people.
I just want some of the less "legit" people around to follow the same protocol as I would...and what better way to do this than with a subtle message that is "more encouraging"

Recent Visitors

Why can I not view recent visitors in my own profile? Setting is set to everyone.
And why is the frown smilie the first on the list?
Forget about frown smilie being first i normally do quick reply
Really, no one has any idea about this?
Moved to About XDA.
I think it's because you haven't had many profile views yet, because I'm able to view your recent visitors fine.
At the moment, it's showing that you have 20 page views and my username is the only one showing at the moment.
I am still unable to see any names including yours. I can however see them in other profiles.
Is it definitely set to "Everyone"?
If so, try switching to a different option, saving the changes and then change back again.
Switched all options to friends only then back to everyone. Even logged out an cleared cache, still dont work for me.
I think there's a bug in NomadSpin's profile. There are no other sections visible underneath "Mini Statistics", not even empty ones, which I don't see on anyone else's profile. I would try the "I want to report a technical problem with XDA Forums or Portal" form to be found here. Hope this helps.
Dont know if this might have anything at all to do with it but when I originally created this account I entered my email as #google.com rather than #gmail.com (was a long day). Kinda forget how I fixed that, couldnt validate obviously so came back and changed it somehow. (its been another long day)
That shouldn't affect it... I don't see anything untoward on your profile though, so I'm not sure what's wrong...
I don't leave a trail on profiles I visit though - has anyone other than kid visited the profile?
When I visited it yesterday the section "Recent Visitors" wasn't there at all, but now it is and I see myself as the "last 1 visitor" and "This page has had 26 visits".

[Q] Cannot view event reminder in User CP

When I go on the User Control Panel and I click on Event Reminder on the left side of the page, I get a message saying that I might not have the privilege to view it, and it says it's some kind of developer page. I have no idea what it is, but why am I being restricted to view to the Event Reminder? Very weird, has anyone else got this problem?
164 views yet no posts.
I believe we switched it off some time ago to better use the servers for other tasks.
Oh OK. By the way, if we ask one of the mods to change our username and they do then if anyone searches for our posts will we still get the results for the posts that we made before the username change?
Also if we change our username then will there be some kind of notice on our posts about the username change?
You would need to get mike to do the change. And yes it is possible to find old posts, but not hugely easy
I like your sig.

Time in 24 Hour Mode?

Hi all im new to the site and have just seen that The times on Threads and at the bottom of the home page is showing 06.00pm when it should be 18.00pm so am i doing anything wrong in my settings?
Can someone please let me know how to re do it so its in 24 hour mode please.
What HTC model do you have?
If it´s WM, go to settings-system-local configuration
Over there you can change to 24hr format
I think he meant the way the forum displays time.
I hate the am/pm-stuff, and it would be nice if we could have the possibility to choose which time format to use.
In my case, I'd like to have 23:24 instead of 11:24 pm.
Yep thats what i did mean!!!
I take it theres no way of changing it then?
Sorry I did not get that
This is part of the forum itself and would need to be changed by admin and not something you can do with your settings. Personally I don't mind it, but if we receive enough requests for it to be changed the admin may look at it
There seems to be an add-on for this:
I find it strange that this kind of functionality isn't standard in the forum software. As an example, in phpBB the time format is fully user-customizable.