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Whenever I change the forum theme, it shows the theme for a brief moment, and then goes back to the default theme. Are the forum themes broken?
Also, I tried viewing one post that said it was not compatible with the default theme, but when I tried to view the post in a different theme, it just quickly flashed it on the screen and then returned to a page saying the post was not compatible.

The themes should be working. Are you using some kind of popup/ad blocker? Try logging out, delete cache/cookies etc?

Yes to the ad blocker, but tested without blocking anything from, and still does not work. Does require interactions with third-party servers (besides the ajax libraries) to work correctly? Logging out, deleting cache/cookies/etc did not correct the issue.
Do you get working themes if you only allow and nothing else?

I tried turning off javascript, and that allows the themes to work. As an added bonus, is about 10 times faster! I'm not sure what, if any, functionality is lost.
I'm still willing to help with the javascript version of the site if you like. Note that in the javascript version, it always refreshes and then appends styleid=18 to the URL (regardless of the style chosen). HTH.

A followup: tested again, and the themes still do not work. XDA always reloads itself and appends style=18 to the URL.


Old xda portal look/subscribed threads on new forum look

How about the possibility of changing theme to the old one on the XDA portal? I'd like to change it to the old theme and layout, but there is no way to do that. I'd be fine with the new look if there would be a dark skin, but we're forced to use the default white theme. It would be nice if we could change that.
Another thing I don't like is that when u switch to the new xda forum look the quick links tab is gone, so there's no way to QUICKLY view all subscribed threads like it was possible before. That's pretty annoying...
I also found out that on the latest up-to-date chrome you can't press multi-quote. Well, you can, but it doesn't get selected like if you wouldn't press it. Thanks button works fine though. I'm talking about the new design.
Regarding the Chrome / multi-quote issue, it works fine for me using the latest Chrome.
If that's not planned, I might actually make a userstyle for it.
You can view subscribed, unread threads by clicking on "Settings" (which I think should be renamed to something better). If you want all subscriptions (even unread ones), then you're correct.
I'd love to see your userstyle. Especially for the old design as the lack of userstyle for the new xda portal is something that made me switch from your forum black version to the XDA 2015 theme.
Well, yeah, before you could view both read and unread subscribed threads, now you can't.
Does the portal not have a way to submit news tips now ?
I have an issue that I think needs to become known by all who support independent developers on Google Play.
Basically, Google's way to dealing with the EU VAT changes mean my income is dropping about 20%. (It isn't a great income to start with, despite my long hours of work.)
20% ! This sucks !
I explain in further detail in a post on General section:

[Collection] - Find free icons by app, style, and more is a community-driven collection of free icons. You can search by name, set, artist, style, or app, making it easy to find exactly what you're looking for. Any registered user can add icons and help maintain the site, so it should stay fresh and up to date as the community grows.
Current Features
Artist database
Icon set database
Icon database
App database
See similar icons for the same app
Filter icons by name, app, artist, set, color , or license
Registered users can add content
Donation system to help give back to artists
Under heavy construction
I'm just getting started on this project (only a week in so far), but the goal is to grow it into the best and easiest place to find icons. Let me know if anything's broken, doesn't make sense, is missing, or anything else for that matter. I want to get as much feedback as soon as possible so I can make sure the site's useful for both artists and users alike.
Planned features
Discussion boards
Rating system
Favorites/bookmarking system
.. much more ...
Community Building and Management
Aside from being able to upload new content, registered users can comment on just about anything. I'll also be adding discussion boards soon(ish). All of this means there's great potential for community discussion, interaction, and collaboration. It also means there may be a lot to monitor to make sure people aren't abusing the site. I'll be looking for moderators to help keep an eye on things. Please let me know if this is something you might be interested in doing.
Adding Icon Sets
I'm in the process of adding as many icon sets as possible. I've written an automated system to upload icon sets in bulk, so let me know if you have an icon set you would like me to add. Please include a preview picture, URL of the set's home page, and a link to download the icons.
Many icon sets have threads here on XDA, and people often contribute icons not made by the original set's author. It's harder for me to upload those since I can't do them mass like the full set. I could use help adding individual user-contributed icons. Just be sure to create an artist page for the poster if one doesn't exist already.
Adding Artists
Artists work hard on their icons, so it is very important to give them credit and link back to their profiles. In order to do this, please help create artist pages (must be registered on the site) as you add icons to the site. Be sure to include the URL of their main profile page. Each artist page will display a little about the artist, as well as their latest icon sets and individual icons.
If you are an artist, be sure to create a page for yourself (must be registered on the site) so that you can manage your page's content. If there is already a page for you on the site for your work, let me know so I can set you as its author and give you access to change it.
Adding Apps
One of the great things about is that you can easily see and filter all of the available icons for specific apps. Part of setting this up is specifying what app(s) each icon belongs to. I'm doing my best to figure out a decent automated system to handle this, but in the meantime, I could use help with editing icons and adding the app(s) they belong to. If you do not see an app listed on the site, feel free to add it (must be registered on the site.) Just be sure to use the "add an icon" link once the page is created to add the official icon.
In conclusion ...
Let me know if you have any questions or requests. The site is definitely in its early stages, and I will be adding features and info pages based on your feedback.
Sorry for the double post, but I figure it's time for a bit of an update.
Since my initial post, I've figured out how to automate a lot of things, which has allowed me to start populating a lot of the content (i.e. upload sh--tons on icons!). As of this post, lists 43 different sets, for a total of 16,000+ icons! I'm adding more each day.
You can now follow the latest icon sets added to the site via RSS.
I'm also starting to dive into Android development, and will look at building an app to easily select icons from a launcher for quick theming.
Looking forward to getting people's thoughts.
Another quick progress report...
I've added basic discussion boards to the site. That's by no means the most important feature, but I figured I'd get a little community interaction going, or at least the potential for it.
You can also subscribe to pages now to receive emails when they are updated or a new comment is posted. This should be especially useful for artists that want to be instantly notified of comments posted to their page or icon sets.
I may add a "request an icon" to the site soon(ish), whereby you could directly request icons for a specific app in an icon set and the artist could review the most requested apps to know what to work on next. I could also use this to generate a global "most requested apps" page so artists know what to start with for new sets.
Hello world? Y u no replies?
Thanks for making something like this and working so hard on it. As a designer I really appreciate it.
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Nice job hopefully ur not the one who linked all of bbb 's drop box links to this site and crashed his box again locking us all out but other than that great find
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Thanks for the posts guys. I was beginning to worry only zombies were visiting the site. Glad to know people are finding it useful. That's why I work on this kind of thing.
If anyone has any feature requests or suggestions, now's the time, so let me know.
Good to know it's appreciated by designers. I've created an artist page for you here, and features your sets here, here, and here. If you care to register on the site, I'll make you the owner of those pages so you can make any changes. You can also subscribe to any of them to get email notifications when they are modified or comments are added.
Nah, everything's linked to BBB's Tumblr blog. The icons I have on the site are also mirrored, so there won't be additional bandwidth on his Dropbox account. That reminds me ... I need to add the rest of his sets.
Well thank you I appreciate that. I joined. My username is sammyycakes
Great site I must say.
I appreciate your efforts on this. Very handy indeed. Easy to navigate, and mobile friendly.
Everybody needs to see this!
Cheers again OP, and I wish you luck and hope that you receive more backing from further Artists in the future.
I set you as the owner of your artist page. Would you see if you can edit it for me? Feel free to add any info there.
Yeah, if it's not mobile friendly, then it would kind of defeat the purpose. It should be even more friendly within the next few months as I learn my Android programming and develop the companion app. Then all you'll have to do is select the app and browse to the icon you want when editing launcher icons.
New Ideas (need feedback)
I'm playing around with a new new ideas, and would like to know how people feel about them, and which features you would like to see implemented first.
I'll probably be adding a 1-5 star rating system for artists, icon sets, and icons. This should be pretty easy. You'll also be able to sort things by rating.
My Apps
I'm thinking of letting people flag apps that they use. This way you could see a quick list of all your favorite apps.
Personal Custom Sets
Say you like the Gmail icon from one set, but you like the Shazam icon from another. Personal Custom Sets would let you combine icons into a single set.
Download Launcher Icon Packs
This would let you download auto-generated launcher packs and apks for easy installation on your phone. You could do this for official icon sets, or for personal custom sets (described above.)
Yes I can edit it. Thanks :]
In order:
1) Download Launcher Icon Packs (If you need code for Apex & Nova I have that)
2) Ratings
3) Personal Custom Sets
4) My Apps
Please make the site design & logo better.. Will be even better if it's Holo Inspired. Let me know if you need any HTML/CSS help.

[Q] Still a couple questions about Themer app

Its been like 6 months I last used Themer app, I loved it. I seriously did. But trouble with me is, I don't have internet connection over wifi provision rather a strongly proxified secure local network at my workplace (Military institute). So,
Question No. 1:
Does this app still require internet connectivity on every reboot and if not, comes up with empty white screen instead of downloaded/applied theme?
Question No. 2:
Connected to Question 1, Is there a way to keep themes offline?
I searched the forum before posting these questions and haven't found em yet. IF THEY EXIST, please kindly point me in the right direction than coming up with another "Use search button".
You'll have my heartily thanks.
For Question 1: Themer requires internet connectivity for:
Connecting 'Logging In' for the first time
Downloading official themes
Downloading official themes
Updating weather and RSS feeds on certain themes
Displaying unread email notifications
Once you have a theme applied, you can reboot your phone without internet. If you are experiencing problems, try downloading another theme and let us know if the problem persists. We'd also need to know your phone type/Android version/ROM status.
For Question 2: Yes and no.
Themes can be saved/exported in the form of a .zip file. So if you download one of these .zip files and place them into /sdcard/MyColorScreen/Themer/Exported/zip, you can simply apply this theme from the Exported section in the My Themes in the Themer main menu. This also applies if you've downloaded a theme, made changes (or not), then saved/exported this theme (via the Advanced menu - Export Theme). What you can't do is reapply a theme you've already downloaded (by hitting Apply when selecting a theme). For this we recommend saving the theme as mentioned earlier.
Hope this helps!
Thanks for a quick, on the fly reply. I am using LG Optimus G (Intl.) with Cyanogenmod 10.2.
I'll definitely give it a try once I reach home and test the offline feature to my relief.

XDA Gallery - Chrome Extension - Now on Chrome Store

What is it:
This is a quick extension I coded up to turn XDA threads into an image gallery. The extension button will enable when you're on a topic that it is able to translate, clicking it will open a new tab that dynamically fetches images as your scroll down. Keep in mind this is an Alpha, did it in one day, so it may ( read "most likely" ) will have problems. Its great on those "Post your screenshots" ( wallpapers, cases, whatever ) type threads.
- "Access your data on" - This is to fetch images from the forum, I haven't messed around with removing it since I was just using this personally but decided to release to you. Promise I don't care, nor gather, anything about what you do on XDA.
- "Access your tabs and browsing activity" - This is to detect when you switch between tabs and enable/disable the extension button. Also I do have this hooked into Google Analytics now, but I only gather extension page views to see what's being used. In the future I'll be hooking it into events as I add features( if it's popular enough ) to decide where to put my efforts. No personal information is collected.
- "Storage": Allow extension to save Extension Settings.
How to Install:
New: Added to official Chrome store now just add via
Reporting Bugs:
If you'd like to report bugs then please give me the thread you had an issue with, and if you can narrow it down to an image then link to the post containing that image ( if it's working, there is a link under each image to bring you to the post. ).
What's Next: Currently the extension will start showing images from the forum page you launched it from. Going to implement a way to jump to the beginning or specific page.
Implement scrolling upwards to load the previous pages images, this is needed for the next item.
Lots more ideas for "community" type features But gotta get the basics hammered down first!
Change Log:
3/15/2013 Added an "Advanced" options section allowing you to override the number of images and fetch all of them. ( If it doesn't work correctly on some thread blame mon5trum, he requested it )
Some bug fixes
3/9/2013 Now when viewing images in the popup you can click to view prev and next, or just use the arrow keys to navigate!
New Extension Settings page, styled to blend in and match chromes style for settings.
Setting to adjust the minimum number of images to fetch( Careful here as it wont render any images until it finds at least this number, could take awhile if you try and use on a thread that doesn't have many images ).
Setting to turn on debug mode ( Will show logging in the Chrome console. NOTE: I'd leave this disabled unless you need to troubleshoot an issue as it could slow down logic a bit )
3/7/2013 Lots of fixes and enhancements in this one.
First off, thanks to Pooley! He is an awesome guy, and very talented. Thanks to him with have a great, professional looking icon!
Aspect ratio is now respected
Added image zoom capability
Now identify images with broken links and shows in small window( as to not break scrolling functionality for now )
Images should also layout nicely in a column format
Fixed quite a few bugs( hopefully without creating new ones )
Hmmm... seems like there should be more, but I'm too lazy to look at my commit log, so just check it out
3/2/2013 NEW: Now on the official Chrome Web Store
Starting to work on the look a bit, its still pretty ugly lol... What can I say, graphic design isn't my thing, but it'll get better
1/27/2013 Pretty much a complete rewrite
Fixed loading duplicate issues
Better error handling( Will tell you when it's reached the end of the thread )
Asynchronous loading should now be working correctly
Great idea mate, thanks
Thanks great idea.. For me attached thumbnails never used to show from a month or so.. thats y i felt relieved when i saw your thread here..
but, unfortunately.. its not showing anything to me yet.. when it opens in new tab.. all it shows is these.. on all threads page which has images .. same result for me yet..
as its still first build/alpha.. i know it will get fixed when you get time.. so, waiting for that.. thanks for this nice initiative..
Like I stated in the OP, it's really hard for me to help you unless you give me the forum topic URL that you tried to open with the extension. Get me that and I can take a look at what's going on.
I got it man.. it didn't work with any off topic section threads...
Does it by any chance only supposed to work with windows chrome version?
I use Ubuntu 11.10 with latest chrome version...
★Nothing is True.. Everything is Permitted©★
Have you seen a Muffin..?
Didn't use anything that would exclude Linux, I'll have to look into that.
Been awhile since I updated this, but did a complete rewrite of the extension, should now be working much better. Replaced attachment with new extension and added changelog in the OP.
Now in the official Chrome Web Store Click here to install
That's an awesome feature mate !
If you want I can made an active/inactive icon suggestions for your extension
Definetly Cool!
The first thing you should fix is to show the pictures in the correct ratio cause at the moment it looks like this:
Hope I voted correct in the poll
Greets Alex
Glad you like it... New icons would be great, I just don't have much time to work on icon stuff, unfortunately because I'd like to get better at it PM me if you need any info from me. Thanks!

Looking for a DEV who would like to create a forum App

The forum in question is A honda enthusiast forum (the largest of its kind). Lots and lots of users on there who would love to access the site through an app and benefit from not having to go through their mobile browsers. A large diversity of iOS and Android users as well.
The topic of an app has been discussed on the forum plenty of times but no one has taken the initiative to actually look into getting one made. I though I would post on the dev site(s) to see if anyone would like to create an app. I am somewhat adept at the Android OS but not so much as far as app dev goes. I have no clue as to how hard this task would be, however if anyone is interested in creating something like this please let me know and maybe we can get this ball rolling.
Also, tapatalk has been discussed but an app is preferred.
Thanks guys.
problem solved
I'm planning on attempting to make a forum app for once done shouldn't be hard to adapt to other forums.
Won't be as fast as tapatalk bc I assume they use a custom spy, y they need form support. Could be wrong. Tapatalk is a nice app.
I made a site a while ago that basically works the same way as tapatalk, but with more functionality so it would function like an app you launched through your browser. You can filter out images, specific people, set the OP to be in a separate column, and more. Since it was a website it used cURL so the initial load was rather slow but it also caches all of the pages locally and on the server so load times were pretty minimal after the first grab. It doesn't require any modification on the forum's end but it only reads vBulletin as of now (it could probably be adapted though). I haven't checked, but it should work for any mobile device with a decent browser (Android, iOS, Opera Mobile 10+) and it could possibly be made into an app. This was part of a large project I was working on but got burnt out on so I am not sure what all needs to be finished. PM me if that is interesting.
I would love to see an example of this, it doesnt have to be made into an app, if it functions in browser would be good enough. Porting over to an app would require alot of work, tho the logic would be helpful.
+1 for honda tech app...
Make one for also..
Would love to see a forum app for also, so would a lot of other people: