Contacting XDA - About

I'm trying to contact XDA but the contact form send button just repeatedly shows two revolving arrows when clicked.
Can anybody verify this/ give me a way to contact XDA?

Yes #bitpushr


Anyone looking for Google+ invites? I have some.

Hey all,
I'm getting lots of requests from various sources. So, I made a simple solution.
If you want an invite, go to above page and enter your email address and submit.
Remember to hit Thanks.
Someone messaged me saying they will click Thanks when they get back from work. You do not need to go that far. Just hit Thanks button if I was of any help and you could do it. It's not a must.
Such a smart idea can u make me one of those pages.. I had 15 pm's when i logged on today nd sent out like 100 invites yesterday lmao
I can't. :P You have to.
Go to and select Create New -> Form and create a form with only an email field.
The submissions will be stored in a spreadsheet with the same name as the form. Open the spreadsheet and select the whole column with email addresses. Paste it directly into the field for email addresses in share.
blah 10char
Please send invite
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Submitted my email! Many thanks, pal!
Please refrain from posting email addresses here.
It's not safe and it's hard for me to invite one by one.
I was sleeping. Woke up only now. I sent an invite to all new submissions in the form.
Nice! Form filled & submitted!
Thanks for your hard work
Please post here:
One thread is enough. Thanks

Invite a friend request

Are we allowed to ask if anyone who got an "add a friend" email that's going out if we can get one? If so, I'd love for the opportunity to get one Mods please forgive me if this type of thread isn't allowed but seeing this news I figured I'd try at least
Android Police
Google Sending 'Invite A Friend' Emails To Some Glass Explorers
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What is this "add a friend" email of which you speak?

[Q] linked Contact

hey everybody, please can you tell me how can i linked my facebook contact to my contact am coming from my touch 4g.
thank you
Download the facebook app and go into the settings.
or if you want to link the contact individually you go to the contact, hit menu then edit. hit menu again and then hit join. choose the contact you want to join.
yeah it works thank you guys.
Or you can go into the market and get syncmypic
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XDA Email alert

Is there any way for me to set up an email alert from XDA when people reply to me, quote me, or PM me?
I can't seem to find any options...
go under settings>notification and select PM
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yes, but that's only for PM...
how would i know if someone has quoted me, or replied directly to me in a thread?
When you subscribe to a thread, you have a choice of whether you receive email notification or not.
So, in userCP and click on list subscribed threads. You will see what threads you are subscribed to and whether email notification is on or off. You can then tick the box and change notification on or off (or remove subs) at the bottom of the list.

Google+ users list

For those who ALREADY have Google+ accounts and would like to have other XDAers in their circles.
That I know of, there are no group circles that you can join. You make your own circles, so other XDAers with XDA circles won't see your posts automatically. You have to add them each to your own XDA circle.
This is NOT a post to ask for invites. There are other threads offering invites (and most of us are on there, too). This is just so we can all be friends.
Please leave a link to your profile, or if it's already in your signature (like mine) just say Hello! Hopefully that will cut down on spam.
I have a XDA circle already and have about 11 members. Great idea, keep in touch with the android community
my XDA Circle has 66 users... add me
I still have less than 10! Can you imagine doing a "hang out" or "huddle" with 60+ people?
cool an XDA EVO user circle!?
add me!
ford reynaldo at gmail dot com
no spaces and 2 sign obviously, just being cautious someone is bound to make a bot that'll spam us since so many people are posting there gmails.
I tried, but i couldn't find a user with that email.
I couldn't find you either. Try adding me and I'll add you back.
Or do you not have an account yet?
Nice! Evo circle...sign me up.
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Added you to my XDA circle!
Okay, maybe i'm doing it wrong. I click on Circles, search for the email addy and add the result. Each time, it asks for a name for that email address. It doesn't seem to automatically find the profile associated with that email. Am i doing something wrong?
Add me
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