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I'm leaving xda because of slow load time and excessive adds even when logged in. My latest tablet a tab s 8.4 still takes a long time to load xda in chrome. To the point where when I find what I am looking for on the page and click it directs to somewhere else because the page is still loading and a different link ends up in that spot. I could use ad blocking software and a different app but I bet then it would load slower. It's like I'm on dial up again. I'm not much of a contributor and not rooting my gear anymore because I am finding android working very well these days on newer hardware. Maybe after my tab is 3-4 years old I may root but by then the non replaceable battery will be toast and I will buy new again.

Ps I just noticed I am an xda premium member and remember I left it over a year ago because it would not let me create shortcuts to threads involving my gear

Lol. I I just tried the app again and every time it tells me can't connect to forum. I hit refresh and it connects.

This server error comes me also in xda free app as well as in premium also.


WTF with the XDA Flash advert!!

Just opened up my FF to read XDA and was confronted with a big box Flash ad that covered the forum (the forum underneath was greyed out and ad said it was an XDA advert) . No way to get rid of it, no little box and Adblock didn't give an option so I was forced to either follow the advert or close the browser. Guess what I did. And I will continue to close the browser on XDA permanently if this is the kind of money making garbage that I am confronted with.
Didn't know there were ads running on here... paused AdBlock quickly and what do you know, 30 second page render delay due to some crappy ad!
*turns Adblock extension back on*
buy the premium XDA IF you don't want add's! $1
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I run forums myself so I know the importance of adds. The problem with this one was it locked you in. You either had to click and follow or shut the browser altogether there was no other choice, no way just to close the add. It was like the iffy web sites of a few years ago where everytime you tried to close it would mean you opened another window. Not good practice at all.
I've heard of these before. I've never actually seen one though. Either way, this is in the wrong forum, so I'm moving it.
ive never seen this either
Well I know they exist... I've seen screenies
I started using adblock because greedy forum owners starting using the most annoying adverts ever.
Now you all suffer. Adblock plus ftw
The admins are aware of these and are looking to remove them.
Thank you. I really should have taken a screen shot but at the time I was so annoyed I just closed the browser. If it helps in tracking the ad was for a laptop but unfortunately I cannot remember the make.
Whenever this happens, take a screenshot and send me a PM with the image. We hate pop up ads and want to kill them when they appear.

What is this popup - malware?

I've been getting this popup randomly. Its not Reddit News as far as I know, but its only happened twice so far tonight and its been in that app. If you do a search you'll find that this has started occurring less than 24 hours ago and seems to mostly affect iPhones. I don't have any traditionally sketchy apps installed. Ideas?
Edit: Candy Crush developers also claim they have nothing to do with it.
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If it has only happened within that app then it stands to reason that it has something to do with that app. It could be that they are trying to implement some sort of new advertising system (looking at the url), it could also be that their app has been compromised. If you go into other apps and this starts happening, then it could that your phone has become compromised.

S Note crash

S note just crashed and lost my 2 hours assignment. Did I make a mistake in trusting Sammy? Is auto-save that hard to implement? And is it really hard to implement a auto document recovery system?
if it is really important.. y dont you press the "save" button time to time? it's just located at top of the screen
I have had many crashes similar to this using Snotes, Tapatalk, and Polaris office. The screen went blank and about 5-6 seconds later it returned to the lock screen with the app closed without any warning?
It sadly takes 5 seconds to save every time I press it
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I was using shape recognition last time it crashed. What about you?
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that's weird.. i havent have any force close experience with this device until now
Hi all,
I had also a few crashes while taking notes in study lessons. It is really frustrating and I hope there will be more improvement specially on stability.
Best regards
I just got on here to look for this very subject. I use s note for work. I heavily use the shape recognition and handwriting to text function. Ever since the recent software update, s note has been "crashing" just a minute or two into using the handwriting to text function. It starts by not converting text I have just written, then after I wait 20 seconds or so, everything I have written by hand all of a sudden gets converted to text and then it freezes. It won't let me erase, close, or anything. Sometimes I can't even get it to force close by going into the application settings and I have to restart the tablet. This is very frustrating seeing as how I use this at work constantly and this was a huge part of what drew me to the tablet
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I also have this problem.
When I try to write something with handwriting to text it works until I have around 20 words written. Then the whole application hangs up and ends in the startscreen...
Does Samsung know the problem?
Could it be that this is caused by rooting the device?!?
I got also a lot of crashes in the s note app and my device isn't rooted. For everyday use at university I prefer lecture Notes to S-notes a lot more and on top there was not a single crash since I make use of it. I got my crashes when I wanted to make use of the 'Handwrite-to text'-function.
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After the latest update, my s-note crashes everytime I try to use the write recognition to text. My device is not rooted and it worked perfectly before the update.

[Q] Facebook app (any) 59min behind when posting?

Since there was no official facebook app for Gtab i was using FrendMe or Friend Caster Tab
Every time I've been commenting anything on other people walls or left something on my own wall every post was sent "59min a go", although on my PC everything was fine.
I though that this was a fault with the custom facebook apps but since official has been released problem reocurres.
Does anyone have the same problem?
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I don't have this issue, but I have many issues with the FB App, as follows: 1) I get a Force Close error when selecting Friends; 2) I get a Force Close error when pressing back from Picture comments screen (pressing back elsewhere works fine); and others. Any ideas?
I am also getting both the issues mentioned by you. Hope they will update it soon with the fixes.
I just don't see the point of an app for things like FB when the web browser gives you everything you need and usually quicker with no bugs. I gave up with the app for android that was available last week...
I can understand the need for a FB app on a phone with smaller screen, but when you have a 10.1 seems a little pointless.

Browser Issues on 4.3?

Here's the issue and it's the same on both my N7 2013 and N10. Ever since upgrading to 4.3, the AOSP browser becomes unresponsive while surfing the xda site and some other sites too, but mostly xda. It happens on stock rom and kernel as well as custom roms with stock kernels and custom kernels. Some roms will have a pop up telling me the site has become unresponsive. Some roms the browser simply stops registering touches as in I can no longer click on link and etc. It's not instant but only after like 5 to 10 mins of being on this site. I'm not trashing this site or the tab or anything. Just reporting my experience. Otherwise the tab has been fabulous!
I'm having the same problem with Dolphin and Chrome with the XDA site. I haven't noticed any particular problems with other sites.
I find that the XDA site is completely unusable on the Nexus 7 2013. The higher resolution screen cannot refresh quickly enough to keep up with the continual flashing block ads. Trying to select a sub-forum is an exercise in futility as pointing ones finger toward a link, only results in the page moving elsewhere.
I surf XDA with my Nexus 7 2012, also running 4.3. XDA's excessive flashing block ads are incompatible with the Nexus 7 2013.
Have you tried changing the theme at the bottom left?
I'm having the same problem with Chrome on my N7. I think it's a browser issue unrelated to JB 4.3 because through the browsing XDA on my desktop does not hang or freeze (much) the browser is prone to freezes and crashes in general. It started a few months ago as I recall and has gotten worse.
Interesting so we've beta testing their website. Well at least we narrowed down the issue. Will see how things are.
I'm having this issue too. It loads way too slow.
Thanks for the useful suggestion. The default, XDA 2013 Beta 1024 refreshes several times a minute, completely useless. XDA 2013 refreshes once a minute, still too often. XDA 2010 seems to work best, though still subject to freezing and crashing. Once you set the option, XDA seems to remember your preference. At least I can use my Nexus 7 2013 to view XDA now, albeit still with difficulty.
I know that XDA has to pay for all the bandwidth but the hardware of mobile devices can't keep up with the over-the-top machine gun like flashing block ads. Are we supposed to only view the forum on pc and laptops with advanced graphics cards? There has to be some middle ground. Come on XDA, it shouldn't be no ads or ads that prevent users from viewing the site.
Try chrome beta from the play store - I'm using it and have no issues on xda
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i'm still finding scrolling on dolphin browser laggy and not smooth compared other versions, tried lots of different 4.3 ROMS, all seem to have the same issue, anyone else?
I started using the site app for this reason. It allows me to read the posts with no problems.
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