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XDA-Premier App Not Connecting . when i install and try to connect says contact the administrator. i try installing Xda-Premier app and tap talk app as well please help. i tried from tap talk. and all its not connecting at all.
The message i am getting is
"Failed to connect to forum.please check with the forum administrator.if this problem persists."
Please Help

I can't connect either through premium app........

Where are you all located? Is it both an issue on wifi and cell connections? Please give me any details you have about it!

yes with wifi and mobile network after installing if you restart the phone then it works and then after viewing the treat if you close you cant view again. i am from UK.

Was there ever a solution for this? The app has done this to me on 4 dofferent phones now, wifi or mobile network (sprint for all), on touchwiz, aosp, kitkat lollipop etc etc. Its still happening on my brand new g4. I can hit the refresh button a few times and eventually connect, but its kinda annoying and i did pay for the app...

I have a xperia z3 D6603 and I'm with the same problem

Better to post here:



Sorry if this has been asked, tried search but it's unusable on the xda app...
Anyways, does this work for everyone? I keep getting a login is temporarily unavailable for this device error.
Has it always been like this? (New to the phone) or is this a new error?
Hmm... Apparently it's only a problem with AT&T Uverse... Please disregard
I've had that problem before. I just force close and re-log in and it works every time...not on att, t-mo data connection
That didn't do anything. It's not my uverse internet that is the problem. I have uverse cable. If i select that provider i get the error message. I can sign in with a different provider like Comcast with no issues.

One Plus 5 APPS issues

Hello out there, I want to know if anybody any of this issues with the OP5:
1. Viber APP not working
2. VPN connection only works over WIFI, if you are on LTE it tells you there is no network access.
3. GSM Battery, not able to show App usage detail or install root companion.
My phone is rooted already using TWRP and Superuser. Let me know if anybody out there is having the same issues before I look for another ROM.
Viber is working fine. Stock no root
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What other ROM will you go to, the other two are based on OOS as well.
I have not checked that yet, I just saw a couple listed in some threads. I updated oxygen today to 4.5.3 and Viber is working now. What it doesn't work and it doesn't matter if it is rooted or not is the VPN connection over Cell DATA. I have looked for settings to make it work but I cannot find anything, it doesn't even try to connect.
The other APP I have problems with now is Venmo, the Device authentication screen doesn't show anything on it.
Another update, looks to me that VPN issue I have is related with network access to the Cellphone DATA network, I have now CSIP for VOIP calls not working only on WIFI, I will try to get help from OP support.
Not sure if this was related to your issue but i use TMobile and running stock rooted. I was having an issue with a few apps saying there was no network and i went in and created a whole new T-Mobile apn and my issue has been fixed
my facebook app freezes when i scroll through a photo album with a lot of pictures in it. had the same on the OP3 (both OOS and LinOS).
I have the same issue with my OP3. Not yet tried my OP5 to see it this still happens, as i'm yet to set it up.
Yes, it was related. I did exactly what you said and it works. The problem is the the APN automatically assigned has APN protocol on IPV6. I checked another T-Mobile SIM on a OP2 and it has many more APN options than my OP5. And the one my OP5 uses with IPV6 the OP2 has it IPV4/IPV6. Thank you so much for the info.
when i try to scroll on a song in the Google music app, it starts from the beginning
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this will solve your problem

[Q] XDA Not Connecting

when i try to connect to xda using chrome i get this message and
XDA-Premier App Not Connecting . when i install and try to connect says contact the administrator. i try installing Xda-Premier app and tap talk app as well please help. i tried from tap talk. and all its not connecting at all.
The message i am getting is
"Failed to connect to forum.please check with the forum administrator.if this problem persists."
Please Help
Looks like a problem with your network.
i have tried in other network as well. its the same.Please help
Thank you very much.
AFIK It is a problem of XDA server. Just saying because i run a website too
Works for me. Does it only happen for XDA?
The error is far too vague to jump to that conclusion. It's a possibility though, which is why I said 'probably' in my previous post.
Yes yes and these errors sometimes come and disappear automatically sometimes

Showbox error please help!!

Hello all,
I am currently having issues with my showbox on my Verizon Note 3. For some reason the app refuses to update and I am forced to uninstall and reinstall in order to get the most recent movie/show listings. On top of that, when I reinstall, I ALWAYS get an error msg when the app initially tries to download the movie/show list. It says "network error check Internet connection." I do not understand what the problem is because at the time my Internet always works fine on 4g. Finally, I am only able to download the most recent movie/show listings 1 time after initial install and that is when I am at home on wifi. After the initial update it goes back to not updating. My phone is not rooted, although my friend went through all the steps and then found out that bc of my baseband version, the phone could not be rooted. Is there any chance that attempting to root messed up some settings that are causing me to have this problem? I am running android 4.4.2. Any advice or help is greatly greatly appreciated. Also, I've been trying to find a way to contact the developer but haven't had any luck? Anyone have any ideas? Thanks again for all the help!!
When u try to update do u be on WiFi because that the only way mines update
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Uninstall it and then get it from their website. That's the only way it works for me when that happens.
Note 3 Pimp Slapped
Today it updated when I was on my home wifi. What is the website to download the app?
Mine only updates on WiFi. ..also I get it to update by clicking into some of the movies
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Here you go.
ViperOne Biotch!
Verizon has this application's host server blocked in their firewall. I hear t-mobile, and AT&T aren't far behind...
I use shoebox daily on my note 3 and it's not blocked at all... I'm rooted and I just hit the back button everytime the update dialog pops up. Causing the pool up to go away... Back to showbox viewing then... Mine updates the movie or shows on either wifi or data... I did update a few months back when app broke though... I searched it on Google
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What version is it?
Tried Uninstaller and reinstalling new app from website. Still getting "server error check Internet connection" while I'm at home on WiFi . Believe it or not it only has updated when I'm at work. Very strange. Any ideas?
So i just downloaded the app and you're right it does have the connection error.
I decided to run some tests on my work ATT wifi it wasn't loading but when i turned off wifi and used my Verizon 4g it loaded.
So i went back to wifi because i am not on an unlimited verizon plan to be downloading all these files, and it works.
I was able to recreate it on a tablet so i believe only the inital sync of the app is needed on a network not on ATT after that you can use the app normally.
Give it a try and see how it does work.
1st open the app on a non ATT network then switch over to the ATT wifi you're using.
Good Luck.

please hel meASAP

hey,developers!i bought the oneplus one a month ago and i'm still having problems with my phone that i cannot use it upto it's capability. the problem here is, right from the start,i cannot connect my accounts in google playstore via mobile data, which leads to problems such as unable to connect other apps (i dont know how to insert an image) The problem here being is everything works perfectly fine with/via wifi. And i really wish you could help me here,been searching solution for it for a month here. I'm almost giving up here , please help
Does you mobile data work? or just not work with google?
Maybe you have no APNs?
Maybe your mobile data runs too slow. Try to run it on 3G or 4G.