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Dear admins,
I received this email from paypal this morning.
- Email was registered with xda using yahoo address guard since 2010.
- Emails are forwarded to gmail account
- I am not an active contributor but i do frequent this site a lot to find info.
- My xda account details are not set to public
- Other services which have this email address is tapatalk
I believe the email is legit, as it has been signed by paypal and verified by gmail.


Thanks for the heads up - I think the concern here is that your email address has been discovered via XDA. There was another thread where people were getting spams to XDA-only email accounts, where the accounts were all created before 2012. It would appear that at some point email addresses were recoverable from XDA, however we are not sure if it is via a privacy exploit on a web page, a 3rd party service (like tapatalk) or database dump. We don't have any evidence of anything besides people with XDA-only email addresses getting emails. What we would recommend is changing your password on XDA (and all sites!) occasionally just in case there was a database dump, and we have looked into any privacy exploits on our servers and are not aware of any now (or in the past).
Hope that helps.


E-mail client issues

There are a few issues I have found inherently wrong with the e-mail client. I'd like see some support on these issues. Please feel free to add to this and comment on it as you see fit. I am aware of Touchdown and I'm not satisfied with it as a solution.
1 - The ability to move messages to specific Outlook folders.
2 - E-mail forwarding: Forwarded e-mails are attached as .eml files instead of in-line forwarding. This is not only awkward but can cause problems if your are forwarding an e-mail to someone who can't view attachments.
3 - Lack of Corporate global address look-up.
4 - Integration with Outlook invitations. The ability to accept or decline invites is not available.
5 - Signatures.
6 - Push inbox does not refresh without having to manually refresh or new data is received. If a new message is marked as read in outlook, it will not be marked as read in your mail client via push. This a problem because if you read an e-mail on your PC, your phone won't know and still notify you as having a new message.
I'm with you on all 6 of these issues. They are major problems and severely limit the usefulness of this phone in an enterprise environment.
#2 is just absolutely absurd and probably the biggest reason why I paid for TouchDown. The fact that I had to pay for basic corporate email functionality on this phone is pretty upsetting.
Touchdown fixes many if not all of those issues plus it adds calendar and tasks.
Yea, see the above quote.
I'm actually tired of people telling me that Touchdown is the solution. I HAVE touchdown, but it doesn't fix issue #6 nor am I really happy with the UI/GUI in Touchdown. It's a bit "cartoonish" looking if that makes any sense.
The point is, these are all features that the native client should have.
Exactly, thank you.
I actually have more issues:
1. Not able to sync emails over a month old
2. Mail Client does not work correctly with Mail2web account (client reads Trash folder as inbox and notifies me of new emails)
Thanks. Keep them coming.
I refuse to believe that Google cripples its mail client because they want people to adapt gmail in a corporate structure. That would be very Steve Jobs like.
Now that I think about it, I have some more to add as well:
1. "Reply to all" includes your email address in the "to" (i.e. if I get an email that was sent to me and 5 other people, my reply to all will also be sent to me - I have to manually delete my e-mail address). This is an issue in Touch Down as well.
2. Attachments. I had a ton of attachment issues with the native client. I couldn't open a lot of them (would just fail) or couldn't even click to download.

Email address cut off issu with Xperia Z3 Email app

Dear team,
This is regarding the email app in the Xperia Z3 duos phone.
Suppose, i am getting an email from someone with multiple people in "CC" and "To".
If i do a "reply all" or "reply only to the sender", in my reply, all the other addresses other than the sender's name gets cut off from the email to which i am replying.. This behavior seriously deforms the email chain and make us lose track of who all where there in the earlier email. This is especially bad when using for corporate official emails.
If i use my Samsung email app, the addresses will not get cut off. I have attached screen shots of the original email with replies done using Xperia and samsung email app.
Appreciate if you can help resolve this.
Thanks you.
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Personally? I uninstalled the built-in email program and installed k-9 through f-droid. I don't use my email heavily but k-9 works well enough for a phone.
In your example, you're using the same email address multiple times. I think when you do the "reply all," the app recognizes it is the same address and removes the duplicates. You would find this same behavior if you were using Outlook, which resolves all the addresses right before dispatch, and only sends the email to the recipient once.
If you have, say, four or five unique email addresses in the CC and select "reply all," does the app still remove some of them? I assume yes and that is what prompted this forum thread, but I'll ask just to be sure.
just disable the sony email app and install Gmail from google play.
Hi, thanks for the suggestion. I tried K9, but unfortunately, my company email is not working with K9, i think they are not allowing access to any 3rd party emails. It is being managed using the Airwatch
Hi, yes.. if i use different email addresses also, it will still remove all of them. And as you can see from the screen shot, when i used the Samsung email client, it did not remove any of the email addresses, even though it was the same. So the problem is with the Sony email client it seems.
Hi, i want to use this client for my official company email and they dont allow Gmail unfortunately... so thats why i am stuck....

Accounts available now!

Fellow XDA Users!
I have set up a mail system hosted by Google with the domain name ''.
You can have an account there if you'd like one - it's based on Googlemail, so you get all the features ofGmail - large disk capacity, full web access, forwarding, spam filtering etc, and of course, you can access it via POP3 or preferably IMAP on your XDA.
There is a limit of 500 user aco****s available beyond which it is not financially viable... if you'd like an account, I'm asking for a one-off donation for setup of £10 (20 USD)... some of the funds generated will be donated to this site and to contribute towards running costs. PrivateMessage me or email with the username you require and a secondary email address where the login information etc can be sent, and I'll get back to you with more details. Usernames are, of course, first come, first served.

[Q] Spam to an XDA developers address

Has anyone else received a spam e-mail to a dedicated xda-developers account?
I got the mail below to an account which was created in 2004 and not used since (except to a XDA member's gmail address a few months ago, so it could be on his end)
Here's the slightly obfuscated mail:
<blah blah blah the usual copypasta from WoW spam>
Nah, never seen any spam originating from XDA's use of my email, afaik...
I know that I get some spam, but I use this email more recently on lots of sites, and most probably isn't strictly spam...
I have seen addresses get spam randomly though... One I have never even used, let alone given out, received a spam message Either magic, or an auto guesser...
I have an xda e-mail address the I only use for xda, and it's never had any spam.
There have been a couple of reports of this and we are looking at it. However, although the email addresses are on our database, they will also be stored on Users PCs and mobile devices. Pinning the leak down to a particular place may be difficult.
I got one of these yesterday. The only place this email address might be stored would be in Tapatalk on my phone or tablet...
Hmmm... Do you use the email anywhere else? You could try "plussing" the email address if you use gmail. If you then get spam to the address with +xdasite or whatever, then let us know.
I have little spam to my email address. OK I get some automated stuff, but gmail spam filter catches it, and I never even see it. But I give out the address and I know I've had contacts who got viruses... So their address books are probably public domain for spammers
Edit: I also have a catchall on a popular and active domain name, including the no-reply address. So any bot registering will get an address that reaches me... I don't look at the spam, but it's one or 2 per day maximum, and not from related to XDA that I know of
I have a catch-all address on my domain, so gets sent to my primary inbox. Therefore, I have a unique email address for every site I visit. The only site that gets xdadevelopers# is this one.

Android security app

I'll not bore you with the details, but a friend of mine thinks her accounts have been compromised (Gmail, skype etc..)
Is there any such thing as an app that will alert you when someone logs into your accounts ?
I've done a quick search and I'm not so sure !!
Google itself will alert you if your account is being accessed at the same time from an unusual IP and you can also check while you're logged into your Google account to see what IP addresses your account has been visited from.
You can simply lock your applications on your phone if you suspect somebody accessing them via your phone.. Few apps |
Yeah that's true. That happened to me a few days ago when I was setting up a new email and I was schocked when I saw that email with all that red color