[Request] Add subscribed forums to the notification menu - About xda-developers.com

Please redirect if a thread already exists on this question. Did a quick search of the About XDA subforum, and didn't notice anything that directly addressed this question.
So I know that on the main User CP page http://forum.xda-developers.com/usercp.php it shows "New Subscribed Threads", a listing of subscribed threads with new posts.
And of course, you can also view these on the Subscribed Threads folder listing, too: http://forum.xda-developers.com/subs...n&folderid=all
Could this be added to the "notifications" dropdown at the topright of the screen? As in, the notification dropdown beside the logout button on the header. Show the # of new subscribed threads there, and link to the subscribed threads folder when clicked.
I often miss posts in my subscribed threads because it's not one of the things you get notified on in the notifications dropdown. I also don't want to have my inbox spammed, so I disabled all email notifications for subscribed forums.

If you post your recommendations in this thread dedicated to the subject, then more often than not, your ideas will be seen by the mods and admins, considered, and then possibly implemented the way you would like.
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Ah, thanks for pointing that out. I generally stick to my own subforum so don;t know the way around the other places as much. I'll copy over my post to there.


subscribed forums sorting

Terrific app!
Suggestions :
When in a subscribed forum, it would be nice if the unread threads were grouped at the top.
I know that I could use "participated threads" view but that view is not useful to look for other *unread* items of possible interest.
Also, in the list of subscribed forums view, it would be nice if the user could long press a forum name to move it higher or lower in the list.

[Q] Forum Email Replies

How do I get replies to my posts emailed to me?
At the bottom of the reply page there is a drop down box that says:
Thread Subscription
Notification Type:
Pick the option that suits your needs, I would assume this option is there while creating a new thread?

How to view Fav and posts?

This forum is realy anoying!!! How to i view my subs? How do i view Fav? How do i view threads i have posted on? Why are there no help files?
At the top of the page is a button for "USER CP". In there you will find all topics you may have subscribed too. As well as adjust your settings for subscriptions, i.e. if you post within a topic it automatically subscribes you to that thread with email notifications. You can also view your own statistics and find all your posts. Just look at all options on the left side of the screen in your user cp.
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show threads i've replied to

With every other forum I go to, when browsing each subforum, the Icon next to each thread is different for threads I have replied to. This makes it much easier to keep track of which ones I should look at again after I reply to them.
I searched around on the CP here, but could not find any setting for this. So is there a way to show which threads I have replied to? Without getting emails for every single thread...
Yep, enable subscriptions in usercp, but without email.
Then you can see them in usercp.
The icon should change too iirc
There are thread indicators that you've posted, I believe they're blue arrows - well, we'll see after I post this, I'll edit and add....
ETA Yup, there's a blue checkmark at the end of the thread title that shows I've posted in the thread. I also subscribe without e-mail notifications, and check them in my User CP.
click your name in forum,then click statistics ,you can find you post in related section.
The envelop image is different for threads you've replied to.
For replied threads, it has a down arrow:
Good old fashioned search.
When in any forum click on "Search this Forum" then on "Advanced Search". Enter your UserID in the "User Name" box.
By default the same forum is shown highlighted in the "Search in Forums" box. Change it if you need to, to a higher level forum, or "Search all Open Forums" and hit the "Search Now" button.
I tend to use this method, instead of subscribing to threads. Just personal preference.
A short username comes in handy.

How to view the posts

It will be helpful if a tab is add when we open the account to view the post/Thread and activities we done so we can browse it so fast and easy, otherwise whats the use of our personal account
You can easily view all your posts and threads in your profile.
Click your username up the top right of the forum. Then go to the Statistics tab. Here you can see all your posts and all your threads
Or if you click on User CP up the top of the forum, this shows you all the threads you are subscribed to
You have to enable subscription by default in "Options" or on a thread by Thread basis.
These will then show in the User CP.
Also if the mods don't mind, i would like to chip in. the use of having a personal account on XDA is to combat spam, therefore more valuable post are available to view, otherwise there would have been a lot of spam