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I know, this thread may feel unnecessary to many of you, and I know this may spark some issues. But I'm going ahead and doing this. I'm not writing this up because of attention, its because of all the support and effort provided by all the developers, contributors, themers, moderators, technical members, pretty much everyone. That I need to show a way to thank them all at once.
On behalf of every user like me and many other's, I would like to thank every single person that pushed their limit and work tirelessly to produce and achieve something that they enjoy doing. Not because of money but because of simply enjoying the fact that people like us get to use what they've created.
If xda-developers wasn't here, many people that contribute here would have never achieved what they could have to this point. Why do I say that? Because xda is well known for inspiration and achievement. When a person sees one creating an astonishing project, they wonder and think to themselves if they could ever achieve something like this. And that's when you realize you want to get into development, contributing or simply helping people that are experiencing problems.
Over the years I've seen many projects, and I can damn tell you, people here are smart enough to be CEO's at companies. Heck smart enough to own companies and create new things. The projects are simply amazing, and sometimes hitting the thanks button and giving a donation doesn't really fill your need of appreciation. I honestly can't thank every individual here at xda that provide, help or simply ask questions. Without that xda wouldn't be xda. I decided to create this thread to show my appreciation for all that have provided people with solutions, projects and the love for technology.
If I had the time to fill this thread up with each and every individual that makes xda what it really is. The thread would be endless. I really hope that this thread isn't a concern and if you're a developer or simply someone that's exploring the vast world of Android. I would like to thank you for making xda what it really is.


So much disrespect going on!!!

I just really don't understand.. I have been reading though many different threads for a long time now (lurking cuz I dont have any issues to report on) but thats not the point of my post right now...
most people are helpful and respectful and thats what we fellow android lovers should be about, BUT then there are some people that are just straight up A-holes... and people in the android community wonder what is happening to XDA as a whole... just read through pretty much any thread and you can see it...
we are all here to HELP not FLAME!!! we are NO better than others cuz we know more or have more posts, big deal, we all started out at post count 1... alot of times I wonder how old the people on here really are? cuz they act like high schoolers... again, the majority is a good group of people but alot of people need to check themselves... i hate to say it(not really) but everyone is going to rootzwiki and android central for this reason alone... DISRESPECT... think about it.... seriously, just think about it.
If we, or anyone who honestly gives a sh** wants to restore this site to its former glory, then first start showing respect!!!
This thread is for voicing opinions/issues ONLY!!! Rumors will not be allowed and NO flaming tolerated!!! thanks
THIS. Over in Fascinate land, we're losing our best developers as well as some VERY helpful "average users" due to an apparent surge in all-around immaturity and stupidity. Thing is, in my 27 years, I have yet to find a community (online or not) bereft of the "our community's dying!" mentality.
Wherever you have people, you have politics; wherever you have politics, you have conflict. While it's frustrating to see highly valued contributors moving on, we can still follow (and learn from) their continuing efforts while remaining part of XDA ourselves. The Internet's handy like that, but it's a double-edged sword: the masses always follow the content they desire and migrate as needed. The devs are our content providers, but donations and "Thank You" buttons can only go so far to outweigh general Internet shenanigans / douchebaggery.
Basically, I am confident that the greater XDA community will continue to thrive as long as the vast majority of users continue to conduct themselves appropriately and remain intersted in the subject matter. There'll always be petty squabbling and "shocking" departures, but it takes more than that to truly ruin a community.
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I agree with Jazz. In the many years I've been online I have seen forums go through stuff like this. It's part of our nature as human beings. And eventually the voice of reason prevails.
I agree with you both... my point is respecting others... I have been a part of this forum and AndroidCentral for years and have never seen such disrespect at android cent...
I just don't get why some(not all) people (mainly the ones with high post counts) think they have the right to flame new people, or people that are asking for help. yes, this help may be obvious to some and not so obvious to others. but isn't the point of an tech forum to get help in a respectful manner? the other day I asked a question (and yes I did use the search tool first to no avail), and I was majorly flamed by two different people for something that was obvious to them but not to others...
the point: I hope this place comes back around
and thank you both for your input, hopefully others will read this and think about it. and I am sure I will probably get flamed for posting this
I wouldn't worry about it. Just as soon as someone shows the slightest anti-social attitude, put their user ID in your ignore list and you will never be troubled by them again. You won't be able to see anything they say. The thread will be populated only with constructive and helpful posts.
Since I started doing this myself, XDA has been a wonderful site for me.
Thanks, But what if that 'someone' does have some very helpful info but is just an A-hole. is there a way to filter. or just block them and deal with the loss of their info?
PS. I really like your tiny signature at the bottom... awesome
Marty, you make a good point. The sad part about it is that when / if those people grow up, any worthwhile posts they make will go unseen by many; in a way, they really end up cheating themselves.
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That's very true. But there are some who are not children who are just as disrespectful as some of the younger ones.
Though it is possible such disrespectful people could have valuable info, I would rather not use it anyway. I'm funny that way. If someone disrespects me, nothing they do is liked. And I personally don't consider anything from them of use.
Thanks for the compliment. It was an addition when I started using the ignore list.
Indeed we have millions of members who love and respect what XDA stands for: Development!
And with a site of almost 4 million of course problems are in millions, we will be making some changes soon that will lead into a better XDA, of course with the help of all good members out there!
As a recommendation when you detect some problem, instead of reacting yourself and possibly starting a bigger issue please report to us and we will take care.
Thanks for your cooperation.
I agree. I definitely wish XDA was brought back to the way it was a few years ago, however back then it was mostly devs and power users. It's really hard today with the influx of newbs making threads like "I CAN HAZ CM7 ON MY EVO 3D YET?"

The current state of XDA

I've been a fan of this site for a long time. I don't post too much, but I have gained much information here. This site has been an invaluable part of my Android hobby. I own 5 Android phones and a Motorola Xoom tablet, and thanks to XDA they are all rooted with custom roms and I use each one confidently. This site is full of great information and helpful people.
However, as of late, XDA seems to be putting out a bad vibe to many of its users. I personally see this stemming from the fact that users are expecting far too much. Everyone feels entitled to everything, on their own terms. They make demands of developers that will benefit only themselves. Instead of helping new members find the info they are seeking, they'd rather berate and belittle them publicly. The act superior to anyone asking a question. And on and on(trying not to write a book here). I am watching as developers that have contributed so much be treated with little or no respect until they don't even want to be a part of XDA anymore. I am seeing new members being scared off by elitist, rude "veteran" members. Overall, more and more people are wanting to distance themselves from XDA.
We cannot blame the site admin or mods, though i do hope to see them push the site in a different direction soon. It is on our back, the users of XDA. We are XDA. We need to remember that the devs are doing what they do for free, and for Android as a whole, not us as individuals. What happened to the great sense of community with Android. IMO, that was one of the best aspects of being involved with Android. There is much more I could say, but I think the main points are made and you can fill in the blanks. I hope to see Android become a community again, where users help one another, don't expect everything to be tailored to them specifically, and share a bit of both gratitude and empathy.
I agree with you, but sadly I do not see Xda changing for the better anytime soon. Maybe not at all. The majority of the blame does lie with us, the users. But, the admin and mods must also take some of that blame, as they have allowed the current trend to continue as long as it has
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Dude we get it, we understand your not happy, we are working on this so give us some time to work through the issues and quit berating us and maybe try helping us by offering solutions to the problems you see.
Ehh, what do you expect with family plans and children with phones? The smart phone demographic over the last 4 years has changed so dramatically. It's no longer just seen as a business tool, but rather the hip new gadget to have. So when you widen the scope and age of users the arrogance and lack of respect is increased and certainly magnified.
good day.
Are you a mod or admin? I'm assuming so by the wording in your post. Noone was berating anyone, especially the mod/admins. I said they weren't to blame, and the poster below me said users are most responsible. This was a post to call attention to an issue, and try to get forum members back into a more community oriented manner, and to NOT react like you did by sounding angry, snide, and pointing fingers.
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Good point indeed.
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No Sir I appreciate your Post. abn has been complaining about our inaction for a while and we ARE looking to improve and it just gets a little old hearing the same complaint over and over when you are working to make this a Quality Forum everyone, including us, wants it to be. I do apologize for my perhaps over-reaction, but it is hard to be constantly beat up on. Yes, us Mods/Admins do deserve some blame. But we have recognized it and we are trying to resolve the issue.
We all just do our best.
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you need to consider that back in its earlier days, XDA was all about this lil' group of people with WinMo devices learning to rip their mobile OSes apart. as the site grew in size and popularity, more devs came in along with more end-users who feed upon the products of their kitchen. once the android explosion began, there was no other way around the fact that a multitude of users would flood in where as the number of devs coming in would be far smaller.
i still remember just over a year back when i got to cooking my own WinMo ROM the community was growing but there were still devs around where ever you looked ready to guide and help around but now that the site's more popular than ever people flock here expecting miracles and are not disappointed either. it's so addictive that you have to stick around for more. but sadly the number of devs don't grows as fast as their end-user counterparts. that's why you see this problem today. we need the newer member to be willing to learn on their own, being patient with the progress of other devs and most importantly...READING.
just my two cents.
Open tech forums are always ripe for attrition due to many reasons.
The question here is, do we cater to the users or do we cater to the developers? It's pretty obvious that without developers, XDA wouldn't be much of anything.
It's my opinion that the 'elitist' attitude which you speak of from the senior members is something that SHOULD be done, as their point is to protect the developers from being inundated with trivial questions and not detailed bug reports.
Kyphur, another XDA Moderator, had this to say back in 2008 (in a similar thread) when we were a bit smaller, and it still holds true:
I think that there are problems here at XDA that are there partially because of the rather loose rules we have set in place.
Sure, the internet, like most places in our society, is one that is supposed to promote freedom of speech. But there is a monumental difference between debating and being immature. A large proportion of the members here grown adults, but it really, really doesn't seem anything remotely close to that quite a lot of the time. Quite a lot of "you ****ing prick"s and the like being thrown about between members. Quite frankly, it's ridiculous, like a bunch of rather scummy 13 year olds.
Part of that does seem to come from the allowance of swearing on the forums; not saying don't swear, because believe me, I'm the last person who'd say that...but I don't on here, merely because it's not the swearing or inappropriate language itself that causes the problem, but the behaviour that naturally comes with it. Many forums are banning the discussion of provocative topics such as Mac vs. PC, iOS vs Android etc. Obviously, this being a mobile device forum, that can't be done here, but there needs to be some moderator control over that. All because people can't help but be immature about it...
That's the worst bit of it.
As for developer vs. end-user, just look at the market now, as well as what the developers here are doing. Smartphones are now more accesible, and the variety between the OSs at their core is much smaller than it used to be. The developers are working hard to make the process of rooting, jailbreaking, any kind of software modification easier for the more technically inept user.
Developers can't expect this forum to stay a developer community if they are going to make their creations so easy to use So experienced users need to accept that XDA has now moved away from being what it's used to be. They need to try and be accomodating to less technical users.
However, the biggest problem here now are probably newer users. They simply don't read or search. Answers are having to be repeated over and over again, even when everything is in the OP...many users need to spend time reading, and they'll realise that a lot of the answers aren't even technical; just a bit of common sense and logical thinking and you'll get the answers you'll need.
In a way, a simple way of post once, sticky once, force end users to read it, and we'll get somewhere.

Community Engagement

Community Engagement on xda developers
Where has the spirit gone of developers, making something better for all.
We like to make our devices better then what "stock" brings us.
But some people seem to forget what we are doing here: Create & Share
Why do people think that the "Open Source" software we are modifying or hacking is theirs to claim or Copyright.
Why are we not sharing and making better what others create...
Has the spirit here really gone?
And do we just want FAME ! !
If I was to create an app and hack Android, HTC or Samsung software by re-writing and adding code to it.
If this took me hours to do, this is still "Open Source" and people can copy my code in to their work.
The devs here are all working in a "Grey" area, and it's really hard not to see your work else where.
Consider it as a compliment if it is that way.
It took Google, HTC & Samsung hours to create what they made, do we care, and not touch it...
I don't think so ! !
HTC encrypts the Sense software because they don't want people to modify it... Do we care?
I don't think so...
So why do people/devs here on xda think that they can claim it for themselves?
Why do other devs get banned, or threads get closed if something similar is published?
We all Kang from Google, HTC & Samsung, but if we use some code from our fellow devs on xda, are we doing something wrong?
I don't get this!
I would really like this to be an open discussion, and try to clear this up for all of us.
My intention is not to start a fight, so please reply in a civilized way.
This also not directed to anybody in person
I hope the XDA staff can put themselves in my/our position, and try to understand it from this point of view.
My thoughts 1 day later # post 141
Back when I was a Senior Moderator, I was asked to put into words what the mythical Ethos of XDA-Developers was. This was then debated by the moderators, Administrators and owners, it was never formally adopted but it was accepted by most as the closest anyone had come to defining what XDA is (was).
It pains me greatly to see how XDA has degraded over the years to become a playground of egos and pissing contests between little boys who think they own what they stole from someone else.
I have been a strong supporter of XDA for many, many years but, I find my desire to support XDA is waning as the climate of sharing and camaraderie shift toward a climate of ownership and entitlement.
agreed so many phones left behind due to ego and epeen ppl always bailing on phones just because its not popular it takes work to get publicity ...
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it was the same issues on the galaxy s2. people kanging others and people getting annoyed and ending up releasing stuff with the exclusivity and banning others from using it.
android is an open source at the end of the day. if someone wants to kang someone as long as credits are given and links to the originator's thread what is wrong with that? at the end of the day it should be a compliment to the originator that someone wants to kang your work and share it with the masses.
now i can understand if someone passes something over as their own and did not give credits. that is wrong and the culprits should be banned. but as stated above if proper credits are given then i do not see the harm in things.
but again on the flip side though if i was to spend hours and hours on something then the person who asks me for permission they should respect that i do not want to kinda goes both ways really so it is hard to judge...but there are devs and themers included who act like real divas and most of the time now they do things for fame as Danny mentioned.
at the end of the day we are xda and we are here as a community and here to make our phones better and that is why the devs on this awesome site come in...devs should be sharing ideas together..not competing against each other
Not sure we are talking about the same thing here my friend, its a much more important subject, sharing, the main reason XDA exists (or so I thought)
btw, thanked u when i was trying to quote ya, oh well, Ill share some love
There is really no better way to say it as both Danny and Russ summarized it very well. We are all here for one reason and one reason only, to SHARE. Isnt this what the "community" is about? I just hope the admins take a moment and reevaluate some of the people with powers around.
Ah before I forget, if you are gonna patent your "ideas" I really think its time for you to get a hold of apple, you already qualified with this mentality and in MY opinion, you do NOT belong here.
OK done venting... Thank u for listening.
oh trust me it happens in other forums as well. sometimes xda favors those who they want to favor and do not pay any attention to the other party and they side with those who they want to side looks like politics sometimes and whoever is the topdog here should re-valuate the way the mods run the show here.
But the other thing though is devs who do not want to share there work, the dev who asked for permission and got knocked back should respect the other dev's decision. like i said at my post above it goes both ways. we can share but we can also not share as is a difficult scenario really...but kanging and not getting permission is wrong
Thats an other part of the discussion...
Who has the best friends here at XDA will win...
And those discussions are behind close doors.. As it would be better to show the "community" how they come to a decision.
And my post did not come out off the blue, but got me thinking on thinks that happend somewhere this week...
and made me a bit mad and disappointed # xda
And I see a lot of people pushing the "thanks" button.. but I would like them to reply even more (hint xda staff )
ahh mate that is so true. but not going to get into that. things should stay private specially between devs and mods. but sometimes us normal members like me would like to know what goes on though cause at the end of the day all this pickering effects the users of the roms cause we are the ones who miss out on class sometimes acting like kids is not always the best way to go about.
I would not wanna see the whole discussion, but they could publish the outcome in the thread(s) involved. So the community knows what happend and why.
And if all devs did share, the users would have even more choice to pick from.
And if all devs did share, the hack/tweak would only get better/bigger.
Here is my view on it.... we all agree that the spirit of XDA is about sharing. So if a certain person has spent many hours on programming/creating something and refuses to share it... why post it on XDA in the first place. I just don't get it, because in my eyes that's something small children do when one has something better than the others and refuses to share.
If you want to go 'look at what I've done, isn't it good, aren't I good?' And then go 'but you can't use it, because if you do I'm going to throw a tantrum...' Don't post it on XDA... somewhere, where the main rule is about sharing what you've done.
Just my opinion
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One of the main reason why I choose android is because of the openess of it. The reason why I'm in XDA is because of some great devs/hackers who spend time creating something wonderful and share it with the community without expecting anything in return. I really hope it stays that way.

Just a quick "Hello" and "Thanks"

Hi - I've been a frequent visitor to this site for a couple years, and created an account about a year ago, but never posted anything until today.
The first thing I want to say is a big, fat, THANK YOU to the site owners, the developers who provide these incredible apps, and my fellow members, whose knowledge & information has been invaluable.
Thanks to all of you, I learned about SERO, which, of course, makes my phone bill quite manageable at $30/month. You've also shown me how to make my phones work the way I want them to work, and look the way I want them to look; as someone who "needs" to customize everything, I'm eternally grateful for that!
I'm a Technology Specialist by trade, and a part of my job is to help people use the technology available to them (computers, software, peripherals, phones, etc.), and to provide customizations & solutions that help them do their jobs more efficiently, but I'm not a programmer.
Since I'm not a programmer, I really don't have much to offer here on xda-developers (which explains why my first post was 2 years in the making!), but I felt a little guilty about not expressing my gratitude for all I've taken from this site without giving anything back... So I hope my recent small donation is helpful, and I want you all to know I'm very appreciative of your efforts.
Thanks again,
Thanks. See my sig!
Cool Happy Flashing on XDA

Donations to developers

Let's get this thread going by listing donations we've made and to which developers. No need to post amounts as no matter how large or small your donation is, I'm sure the awesome devs will still appreciate it. The OP will be updated to list member names please be honest, we don't want a thread with fake donations. The devs for this phone deserve better than that! Thanks community.
Ah the vanity....
Well intended, I know, but...
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I think many would like to keep this private and see this as bragging. To me, it becomes about ego and false pride if you have to tell others about your charity.
But to each his own I guess.
I've given support to many in many devs in many different device forums, over the years because I appreciate the skill, time and work they put into it. Not large sums by any means but at least something [I]when I can/I]. But I believe most devs do it for the fun of learning and tinkering. And then just getting some well deserved thanks is a huge thing (or is/was in my case) I know the donations are certainly appreciated and help give some motivation and cover expenses but some people just can't give all the time.
That's just my two cents - from an older guy who's been a tinkering with systems since when we actually had to write code on a punch card machine.
my bad than people, it just seems to me that the majority of our devs are leaving so I thought this might help a few stay, or at least feel appreciated even though they are leaving. Lots of immaturity on these forums made a few leave, plus the s3...
I donated but next time I will think it twice. (I have my reasons)
Why do you regret donating? Did something bad happen?
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If a dev is in it for the Donations, Then why would you want there work any way. You do not get the best work from people that do it for money. Oh and just to let you know they are not getting very much and that is not the reason we dev. We dev because it is fun.
Though I've seen a lot of people post their confirmation of donation in an open thread, I choose to donate privately when I am able to give at all. Though I'm not able to give as much as I would like for the amazing work we are given, I hope my fawning adoration makes up for it.
Stupid thanks limit
Word to the wise. Never donate to any "developer" asking for donations before any rom/kernel is released. Ive kept my eye on the whole swamp goblin donation scam. That seems to happen alot around different sites. I would think a user who pulls a scam like that would be banned? Its gotta be against xda rules?
Edit: Just checked Swamp Goblins Profile, He hasnt posted anything anywhere sense June 21, 2012.
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The Dev performed the disappearing act...
Swamp Goblin doesn't believe he actually asked for donations, I think it's a perception issue.
I understand Devs have real lives and don't get paid for what they do (aside from occasional donations) therefore they are beholden to no one for ETAs, however when you request help to get a specific phone and promise a product for it then you do have an obligation to at least stay present in the situation. That doesn't mean you have to have it complete but you do need to be active in letting people know what's going on.
Also I agree with a post made in another thread regarding this, if you know you are too busy to put full effort towards a project on which you asked for a donated phone, then you shouldn't have ever started the process until such time when you were unencumbered by so much other stuff. I have to say that people were incredibly tolerant with his lack of output for quite some time and should be acknowledged for that, it has only been recently that people have grown wary of his actual intentions and started to question his motives directly.
My only real issue with the guy (other than his lengthy absences from posting any sort of information) is that he once commented that he was struggling with the sense build so he was going to spend time working on another ROM for another phone and then return to the E4GT. I don't recall exactly where it was and it may have even been edited by now but at the time I felt something was off.
Initially many of us were excited at the prospect of sense and may have allowed that excitement to color our normal judgement, I was in on the initial push to help him find a phone but I was looking at ebay and places where he might pick one up with his own money. Nevertheless, bygones I suppose.
Now, with all that said, I would hope these few instances of possible scams don't discourage people from donating. My only advice would be to pay attention to the Developer's work, reputation, support for existing products and interaction here on the forums. When we donate we do so in good faith and I'm happy to say that with the vast majority of the Devs here, we are well paid in return.