ROOT 6.0.1 - Android One (Second-Generation) General

Hello, are there any method on how to root our device running 6.0.1?

#kaankulahli is working on it

Yes. I work it root progress
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Thanks. Im glad someone work on it. More power sir

I just wonder if chainfire's systemless root version would be working on our devices.
I just bought my i-mobile IQ 2 yesterday and the system is nagging me to upgrade to 6.0.1. Actually I want to do it, but rather wait for a solution to root it.


[Q] i9295 Official 4.4.2 Update

Hi. I have a i9295 and I m living in Turkey. I don't want to wait release of this update in my country. But the released update comes from Netherlands. So, if I install this update from Sammobile with Odin, will I lose my warranty?
Thank you.
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turn off your phone then reboot it into download Mod, look at the left corner of the screen, if it shows:
then yes i probably imagine the warranty is void due to the installation of a custom system.
i hope this answers your question,
I looked that screen and everything seems official. Thanks for helping me.
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Hi all,
I would like to know if it is a problem if as me I live in Mauritius and flash the 4.4.2 update for Netherlands or Nordic Countries? Mainly for the modem or anything else?

OxygenOS 3.2.6 rolling out for OnePlus 3

A new OxygenOS update is rolling out for the OnePlus 3
OTA Zip 3.2.4->3.2.6
Rooted users need to flash 3.2.4 full zip followed by 3.2.6 OTA zip in TWRP.
OxygenOS 3.2.6 Full Zip
The latest SuperSU BETA works perfectly with the 3.2.6 build.
XDA Assist
Damn they are listening to users i think they fixed brightness issue and other things
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Hope someone shares the ota
Edit: How do we get the ota if rooted and with twrp? Do we have to go completely stock? With stock recovery? Do we also need to relock bootloader? New op3 user (rooted and twrp oos 3.2.5)
Adaptive brightness is fixed in CB 3.5.2 so I guess applying this to 3.2 was an easy fix.
Mamma mia, I do love OnePlus 3!
Just updated, lets see how it goes!
Can anyone please catch the OTA zip for us. Thanks in advance.
Yep guys please anyone can make flashable ota zip
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In 3.5.2 adaptive brightness is not fixed.
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Got from reddit
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Does Android pay work again?
They broke safety net on 3.2.4

Bring faceunlock back to note 2014

Flash the given zip with recovery and that's it
4.3 te çıkarılan yüz tanıma kilidini verdiğim dosyayı recovery den flashlayarak geri getirebilirsiniz
Does it work on 4.4.2 SM-P600 ?
Yes works on kitkat 4.4.2
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says face unlock could not start
Get the same error message as fyahman1

G900FDXU1BNL3 Android 5.0 lollipop Official firmware Update

G900FDXU1BNL3 Android 5.0 Official firmware Update and download for Galaxy S5 (Snapdragon) SM-G900F. G900FDXU1BNL3 Android 5.0 released for XME Malaysia
Thanks, now games are running fine: Modern Combat 5. Thumbs up
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you are wellcome. but first tell me that its was not running on 4.4.2?
Weird stuff on my S5 its not running at all :/
It was running, but yesterday build something happened I don't know. But today's build it is working fine.
I did cache and dalvik clean and then I update it to the newer version.
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Can someone please make a mirror to androidfilehost or mega?
Thanx in advance
mc5 works well with this rom? I have the g900f
Mexico just got today the update too for the g900m
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How can we root this Malaysian version?
By the way tried this firmware, and can't install asphalt 8. toing haven't tried mc5 though.
Can u please give me link? I want to restore my data using TItanium backup.

G2 root app for lollipop ?

Can`t root my g2 without pc.
Hey, please visit this LINK i am also in lollipop and just rooted by following the instructions given on this page..
Thanks man but i need app.
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