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It has any app for huawei mediapad to turn on-off screen widget , thank you

Do you want a widget that can turn off the screen? If so, then you can download widgetsoid. For a simple app that can turn off the screen, lock screen app should be enough. For me, I use notification toggle and lock screen app and put the app on the notification panel so I can have quick access to turn off the screen.

Thank you, turn -off its OK, but how about turn-on withou Power button?

I would also like to be able to turn on the screen without power button. It would be good if there was an app that could turn on the screen based on orientation, ie. face down screen off, face up screen on. However, from what I've read, the gyroscope turns off when the screen is off.
In my current setup (carputer) I'm using the fact that the screen turns on when the device is plugged into the charger to wake the tablet up.

you must be looking for this one
the app is called "Screen Off and Lock"

Only turn off, but how to turn on without power button

on what device are you trying to do this?

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Thank you

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Is there a problem with your power button? Why do you want something like this?
If you have problem with your power button, maybe you can remap your buttons, so any colume button can be power on/off your device (I don't know how to do, just an idea. I'm a newbie )


Screen lock

when i press the right side button to turn off the screen, it also locks it forcing me to key in the PIN even if i need to use the phone after a minute
Any app to help with that? Basically turn off the screen but don't lock the phone?
Turn off security in settings, either slide or off is what your looking for
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It depends on exactly what you are looking for but you can change the amount of time the screen has to be off before requiring a pin. I believe if you go into security settings you can put the screen off time at 30 min before requiring a pin or any other security for that matter.
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If I'm not mistaken, that only affects the time out sleep state. If you manually press the side button to turn the screen off it locks immediately. It'd be nice for this not to happen.
I use widgetsoid. It allows you to toggle the lock screen on and off as you need it.
If you look you have the option 'Power button instantly locks' as well as a sleep lock timeout setting.
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True, so I believe if the op didn't want his phone to lock instantly he would have to remove the checkmark on "Power button instantly locks" and then increase the sleep timeout for the pin lock.
I don't have 'Power Button Instantly Locks' ??

Wake up with trackball or touching screen?

Is there any way, an app or a mod, to allow for the waking up of the phone from the pressing the trackball or touchscreen?
It's kind of annoying to have to move my hand up to press the sleep/power button to wake it up, and then slide to unlock.
Thats how mine works. It pops up on the screen for me to snooze or sleep w/o having to unlock screen first. But I turn the clock app on, than turn off at the top of the phone.
Cool, I didn't know you could do that. It sucks you have to open the clock app every time but at least it's a start.
Now to have this option without having to turn on the clock app

Flashlight app

Had a rooted Moto X set up to turn the flashlight on when I pressed and held the volume down button while the screen was off. Since the Turbo has no root, can anyone suggest an app that can do something similar without the need for root access?
I don't know of an application that will add access with the screen off, but I use Tesla LED( With Nova Launcher, I have it set to turn on my torch via that app if I double tap my home screen.
Get power toggles and you can either put a torch button on your home screen or notification panel
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Get commandr
Then you can do it with your voice... You pick the verbal command

Turn OFF the screen without lock the device. Help!

I am looking for an app to turn off the screen without lock the phone. There are a millons of app tu turn off & lock, i need simply no lock.
There are any app to do that?
All the ways I know of require root. I'll spew out the ways I know of in case you have root: I am using a double tap Nova launcher gesture to turn off screen without locking. Greenify has an option. Pure Nexus has a double tap on navbar feature. Resurrection Remix I programmed long press of home button to turn off screen. I believe double tapping the statusbar might turn the screen off even stock? Not sure about that one.
I feel the power button soft, i allways had problems with nexus' power buttons. But i dont want to root the 6p...
Does double tapping the statusbar turn off the screen when stock? Maybe that's an option under settings>display? I wasn't on stock for long, so can't remember. That's my only non-root idea.
If no solution is found, why not just turn the turn off display to 30 seconds?
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Turning screen off with an app

I came to Samsung from HTC and one of the inconveniences I am having with the s9+ is turning the screen off. Of course I can turn screen off with the power button, but I prefer to turn off by a double press or a long press. Since I could not find a way of doing those I tried to use an app to turn screen off. The app works well in turning off screen, but the problem is after turning screen off, I cannot unlock the phone with the fingerprint scanner or any of the other unlocking sensors. I can only unlock with PIN if I turn off screen with the app. This is the app that I have been using.
Appreciate if anyone can help me find a way around for this problem of fingerprint and other sensors not working after screen off with an app.
It's a security measure.. I suggest using this:
There's a lock button that won't disable the finger print and stuff. Hope this helps
I use an app named screen off. It puts a button on your home screen to shut it off. Then just double tap the home button to turn it back on.
Thanks. I tried that and it works without disabling the fingerprint and other sensors. Only thing is it takes two touches to turn off the screen.
Take a look at Lock Screen Pro, it has an option in its settings that will allow fingerprint and iris scanner to work after locking with an app symbol you added to your homescreen. If you use bxActions you can also lock your device with the bixby button!
Use Nova Launcher, better than Touchwiz and has a setting built in for double tap screen off, no problems here with finger print sensor. No need for secondary app.