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Hello all,
Can somebody help me FIND which video player with possibility play VIDEO with HW decoder on MEDIAPAD?
I try MX Player but somehow i can play only in SW mode.
Thanks for all your help.

DicePlayer is OK for me (AVC videos, including 720p).

I am using the mx player with the codec for neon on the mediapad.
When playing a video file I can choose among h/w, h/w+ and s/w decoding.
You may want to give it another try.



Does the Moto Z support 10 bit HEVC HW playback?

Could any owners please test hardware playback for the following files and post their findings? I think MX Player and maybe VLC should support HW playback.
Thank you
Works after installing the ARMv7 codec for MX Player using HW+ decoder/VLC with HW decoder. The last 3 links didn't work, so I just chose other 10bit videos (jellyfish-10-mbps-hd-hevc-10bit.mkv,jellyfish-60-mbps-hd-hevc-10bit.mkv)
Nice, are you in stock firmware? android 6 or 7?
P.S : I fixed the links, thank you.
I can play it on stock 6.0.1 but the 10 bit video is colored like a rainbow in both VLC and MX player in comparison to the normal colors in the second video. I'm using the custom codec for DTS and AC3 support
First link play fine in MX player and MM only with SW decoding. With HW & HW+ colours are wrong.
Second link play always fine.

[Bug]Video fast

The video is not playing properly in mx player.The video is playing fast.The same file is working perfectly in vlc.Select hindi audio.Sample file is attached
In the sample video, the video track (hi) itself has problems.
We have checked with VLC too, there is no audio at all (in both PC & Android) when Hindi audio track is selected.
HW decoder is basically a wrapper around Android's in-built mediaplayer. Looks like android mediaplayer couldn't handle such videos.
HW+ & SW are MX's Own implementation. You can check that when the Korean language is selected or audio track is disabled MX Player's HW+ & SW works well.
I'm making a video chat app and need information on how to play videos depending on the device. Does MX Player work? Thank you!

Which rom got HW video working?

I noticed in MX player that you cannot play videos trough HW decoding, I am on Classicnerd 4.0.4 v5.
all ROMs support hw acceleration
Try this add on for MX PLAYER.
I have nightly it works perfectly on that .
Hope that helps.
mx player does support hw decoding, sometimes i have to stop the video close mx player then restart the video then hw decoding option will become available. i dont know why this is but it always works. i dont use any addons just straight mx player install.
what ROM are you on?

No sound while playing a 1080p mkv

I have a 3.25gb 1080p mkv and I have problem playing using mx player pro.
I have tried to switch to different mode - HW, HW+ or SW, video is fine but I got no sound at all.
If I use a different player like BS Player it works perfectly.
Note: I'm using Nexus 5 w/4.4.2 kitkat + Mx player pro 1.7.28 Armv7 Neon
Can you post the mediainfo of the file?
If it has dts audio track then you have to use custom codec.
thanks, it's dts.
I have downloaded the custom codec and now it's fine.
However, may I ask why this codec didn't include in mx player in the first place?
Also the one from the google play doesn't work. I had to use this:
The detailed answer is in the first post of the custom codec thread...!!!
In short DTS people is not ready to negotiate with SW players. So, to avoid copyright issues it's dropped from the official version.

video mkv

Hello. I have a question what program is best plays MKV files (480p 720p) with subtitles because I used already many and none reproducibility not fluently. I'll add that I use htc our original system. I will be grateful for advice.
try mobo player.... its free in the market.. plays anything....
I tried, unfortunately does not play smoothly. I tried a rock player and vplayer. maybe some other suggestions
I am quite satisfied with QQPlayer, played MKVs extremely smoothly.
Try diceplayer
you can play 720p H.264 High#3.1 +AC3/DTS/Flac MKV files
for me the best player for mkv(and not only) is MX Video Player.
With mx video player you can play 720p with h/w or s/w ?