Perfectly working XBMC with HW Decoding - T-Mobile MediaPad, SpringBoard Themes and Apps

Good news for XBMC lovers! Now there is an version for Android with experimental HW video decoding and it works on the Mediapad 7" like charm!!!!
Here is a link to it: libstagefright - Experimental hardware video decoding builds
I am currently using the CleanICE v1.5 Rom

Thank you for the tip, it works great! Maybe it is time for me to invest in a HDMI cable and let the Mediapad be the living room media center?!


[Q] hardware accelerated video

Hi there running vegacomb 3.2 just wondering how to enable hw video playback,can't play 720p videos at all without it being choppy as hell.
I did search first but it was mostly old info and didn't work heh.
Thanks for any help you can offer.
Also if anyone knows how to get setcpu working on this build that be great.
Tried using custom text file which it can read but it does not actually apply any settings.
I use dice player to play videos. Give that a try, there's a free trial available on the market
Brilliant thanks for that everything is super smooth now.
Shame none of the free ones had compatible hw playback.
Worth the pennies though got portable HD playback now
Did you try MoboPlayer or MX Video Player, those are free and should also support Tegra 2 HW thru their respective plugins?
Plugins for your specific device should auto download thru the market when you first start the player.
Give those two a try and report back.
Of course if you already paid for the full version of DicePlayer then there is no point to test any other player because this should be the best there is (if it's working for you).
I tested the trial on a 720p MOV file and there was no video, only audio.
I tried those before coming here.
No joy : [
Any other suggestions? Got a few days til trial of dice player is up anyways.
Have you tried BSPlayer lite with BSPlayer ARMv7 VFP CPU support?
Look up in the market.
I've been using it and it looks ok.
Thanks will need to get some hd files to test though.
Unfortunately doesn;t read .mov files : [
All of free media player on market
use Tegra2 optimized SW video decoder.
(except HW mode that use stock player)
but diceplayer use hw video decoder ( not VFP otimized sw decoder ) in Tegra2
at all combinations of containers(avi,mkv,mov...) and audio codecs(aac,ac3,dts,flac,mp3....)
So at the moment dice player is my only option?
Just making sure as I don't want to buy something if don't need to
Downloaded an MX video player better which improved SW decoding performance ( things play at 15-20 fps) HW still doesn't work though : [
But the dev is looking into how dice player done it so with luck MX player will have HW acceleration with the vega soon.

[GUIDE] Playing HEVC x265 movies/videos fluently on the Moto G 2014 (Second Gen.)

Hi, here is a guide to play HEVC H.265 movies/videos fluently on the Moto G 2014. (HEVC on Wikipedia:
As you might know, the new HEVC H.265 video encoding standard is a quite CPU intensive codec and the Moto G 2014 doesn't support hardware HEVC H.265 decoding, resulting in choppy video playback with frequent frame drops, freezes, and so on. All software implementations with all optimizations enabled I've tried so far are not even able to play fluently 720p videos.
But I found out that there is a configuration which enables fluent HEVC H.265 playback (At at least 720p#8bit colors).
By using MX Player ( + a custom optimized codec from XDA (, I got 720p movies working fluently (And MX Player says that the video is being Hardware decoded??).
It has even better artifact filtering than switching it to SW decoding.
I was surprised how well this is working, and I really don't know how they achieve Hardware decoding (must be some kind of partial acceleration I guess).
Stuff to note:
- 10 bit color videos won't work and are just viewable using SW decoding which is too slow. If I'm not wrong not even 10 bit H.264 videos are supported natively.
- I only tried 720p videos with 8 bit color. Not sure how well it works with 1080p videos with 8 bit color.
1. Install MX Player from the Google Play store:
2. Download this optimized codec from XDA:
3. Extract the codec to you phone SD.
4. In MX Player, go to Settings > Decoder > Custom Codec. Click on it and find the custom codec on your SD.
5. Enjoy.
Hope this guide will be useful to somebody. I took me some time to figure this out, and I found this basically out by surprise.
I don't know if its right but maybe HW support is already there
I did everything like you said but I'm still getting SW decoder with HEVC videos
[G 2014 • XT1068 • 6.0]
I guess you are on stock ROM change ROM .
HW works for me on cm13 with x265 files.
Coincidentally just a few days back, I saw another post from you saying that it works on CM13 and I already made the switch. It works great! Thx
Meaning with the above MX Player + Custom Codec
or generally with video player/s on cm13?
P.S.: I would like to merge as much as possible to h265/opus/mkv video files.
I did not try stock video player. it was working on mx player.
The link isn't working!
Here is the XDA thread of the codec:
But since MX Player has been sold, everyone wants to try the alternatives VLC or mpv-android.

[Q] HW decoding video player on ICS? (AOKP)

I have just flashed AOKP build 23 beta 2.02.
While the ROM is really great, I have one problem:
No matter what player I try, I can't manage to get HW decoding to work.
I searched around and seen mentions of this here and there but nothing conclusive.
Is it an ICS problem?
Has anyone encountered a player that works with HW decoding?
I tried dice-player, MX player , moboplayer and BSplayer with no luck.
Thanks a lot.
Hi !
I'm using Daroon Player, and there are options to set to HW decode each type ! It's free and works perfectly for me !
I will try it and report back how it went.
By the way, I'm using AOSP ROM (ICSSGS RC4.2), but I think it should work on your rom too !
I checked and it didn't work.
Are you sure you are using HW decoding?
Maybe it's a problem with the rom then...
So I checked some more into this problem.
It turns out that dice-player does support HW decoding but only if I don't use the seek.
If I try to move forward, it immediately switches to SW decoding.
Anyone else encounter this?
MX Video Player works very well with HW decoding SW(fast) is used only for rmvb movies.
#CM9 b16 (no matter which kernel).

[Q] H/W+ on RK3288 devices

Hello. There are many TV boxes based on new and fast RK3288 SoC (like Beelink R89 / Tronsmart Orion R28). H/W+ mode works very well on RK3288. But there is one problem. Rewind/Fast Forward does not work - it will switch to S/W. But Pause/Play works without any problems and Play from saved position also works without problem.
May it be fixed for RK3288?
We are working on improving HW+ decoder. This may be supported on with new HW+ decoder.
It will come on v1.8
Thank you. 1.7.34 HW+ now works perfectly on RK3288.

Diceplayer supports Galaxy nexus - plays MKV/AVI with Full HW acceleration

Diceplayer v 1.7.4 supports Galaxy Nexus.
It take advantage of OMAP4's video decoder.
720p H.264 High profile + DTS/AC3/Flac audio MKV with embedded subtitles works perfectly.
I'll post some test video on next Monday.
YES. YES. YES. That is awesome. My only reservation about the phone was codec support. Thanks for sharing Juami!
Awesome try some 1080p stuff. Also try mxplayer if you have the time
mx : not supported version popup
bs and mobo : couldn't play at all
I think devs could not get Galaxy Nexus yet.
I got unreleased Galaxy Nexus for testing. so I could release diceplayer update for Galaxy Nexus.
Thanks for the update, been using Diceplayer on my tab 10.1 for a while now and it's been awesome. On the nexus however it seems it's missing some frame rates. Will try it with a few more vids and see how it goes.
Edit: Tried a 720p mkv and it was flawless. Avi's of TV shows are playing back at a low frame rate, and are noticeably choppy.
I can play 10gb 1080p rips without problem, Can't try anything larger as Diceplayer crashes when I try to play over my network so have only been able to play local files.
Plays local files fine but doesn't go fullscreen - leaves the onscreen buttons.
VPlayer seems to work nicely
The UI for Vplayer is defo not perfect.. the folders glitch, and the soft buttons stay lit, however the playback is smooth and in sync, so very usable for now.
vPlayer have a good sw video decoder(ffmpeg) but
vPlayer can't use HW video decoder except native supported format(mp4).
SW video decoder use higher CPU power than HW decoder and drains battery too fast. and loose a color detail.
Great news. Loved the Dice player on my Asus Transformer. Sold my tablet though so I'm looking forward to using it on the GN