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Ive tested tested XBMC, but it seems it stops responding to input over a long period of time. This is both from the touch screen or BT keyboard, anyone else have this?

I tried the app for the first time yesterday and I had the same problem you described. I hope this van be fixed soon

Good news,
with http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1792713 mod
and the build xbmcapp-armeabi-v7a-debug-20120726.apk its working ok (besides the hw accelerated 1080p known issue)
Don't know of the touch screen mod is necessary but did that before upgrading xbmc build.


[Q] Bluetooth a2dp distortion

I am running into an issue with streaming my media over a2dp bluetooth. There is a lot of distortion, pops, and sped up audio. This started happening when I installed nightlies that upgraded to 10.1, along with the new gapps.
I have spent the last four hours trying to fix this device. I am now at the point of putting it back to stock, which I really hate to do bc I love CM10.
Any advice? Is this a known issue? The audio will play fine via a2dp for about 15-30 seconds, and then the distortion occurs.
Thanks so much,
I'm having this same exact problem. It happened when I updated to the 12/27 nightly I believe. I just rolled back to 12/26 but haven't had a chance to check it. It's really bad because data doesn't work well on 12/26 so I have to choose between streaming music bluetooth or data...
Yikes! Well, I'm glad it isn't just me, but am sorry you are experiencing this too. I hope it is fixed soon! I kept trying other nightly builds and then tried to go back to 10.0, but kept getting errors with 10.0 builds. I went back to stock this afternoon as a result of this. I do prefer CM10 to stock Touchwiz JB, though.
I'm wondering if anyone else is having this problem or if they fixed it in one of the recent builds?
Yep, it's there on the 1/1/2013 build Everything else seems silky smooth, but the BT problem is still there. I wonder if the "dial a number and then hang up" fix wirks for this like it did with the previous BT audio bug from CM10
doubtful, but might be worth a try. I really hope they fix this soon.
bump. wondering if anyone else is experiencing this?
A2dp distortion is a well known issue relating to problems with the audio driver. Builds up to 12/26 do not have this issue. The newer 10.1 builds have no audio issues (except over BT) so if you cannot live without BT I would suggest a clean flash back to 12/26.
Yes, I went back to 12/26 and the only issue i have now is connecting to mobile data. it takes a couple times toggling the airplane mode before it connects but id rather do that than not have streaming bluetooth which I use daily. any idea when they will fix it?
anyone know if this has been fixed yet? i haven't seen anything in the dev logs
Is there a way to track this issue other than the changelogs ? Are the devs aware of the issue ?

bug touchscreen

I wanted to know if there have been some bug fixes to the touch?
because it begins to give me a bit of discomfort in games
That's my video :) and no, no fixes yet unfortunately. I spoke to Samsung last week and they were still looking into it. I plan to call them again this week.
keep me informed ...... thank you!
do you think is a software problem? or a hardware problem?
I am nearly certain that it is a software problem, a bug in the touch controller driver. Famous android Dev supercurio agreed with me, and said tha the touchscreen controller gets recalibrated every time you turn on the screen, which would make sense why the problem goes away when you turn the screen off/on again - yet it affects all apps until you do. It seems like the touchscreen driver is getting a response it can't interpret when playing landscape multitouch games, and it breaks the calibration - and this broken calibration affects everything once it happens. Then you turn the screen off/on again, it recalibrates, and it's fine. For these reasons I believe it's only a software bug, and one they can fix with an OTA update.
If I thought it was a hardware problem, I would have returned the phone. I love the phone otherwise, and I assume they will fix this.
I do not know if you develop .... but you could create a fix that recalibrates the driver every tap on the screen!
is an idea =)

Gravity sensor suddenly stopped working

Hi, it appears that recently the gravity sensor in my Nexus 5 stopped working.
At least it is what it seems by using sensor testing apps. And this makes it impossible for the phone to get its orientation (compass is not working).
Screen rotation is still working fine though.
Here is what happened exactly: not long ago I was using Google Maps, but the phone was a bit sluggish so I decided to reboot it.
After rebooting I opened Google Maps again and immediately noticed that the orientation indicator was missing (the blue "beam"), while it was present before the reboot. But I didn't care about it, and just thought that the compass needed re-calibration.
After a few days the orientation indicator was still missing, and the phone never asked me to re-calibrate, as it used to do before instead.
Then one day I launched Google Sky Map, and noticed that the view does not rotate automatically.
So I fired up a sensor test app I had installed (asd.vector.sensor), and no data is displayed for the Gravity sensor. Also orientation is not displayed and the info says that the gravity sensor is used to compute orientation, too.
Other sensors are ok, and as I already wrote screen rotation still works great.
Any clues about this issue? Did anyone ever experience this?
I'm afraid a system restore would not help...
I'm using Resurrection Remix ROM, Android 6.0.1.
If the problem exists on a stock ROM, it could be a hardware fault.
Ok yes, but I still do not know if it exists on a stock ROM.
Taking it the other way around... Do you think there is real possibility that it is a software fault?
I mean: did it ever occur to anyone? Is there really any hope that resetting my phone to stock will fix this?
I HATE having to reset my phone...
Thank you.
I stopped using custom roms a while ago because of minor problems that would suddenly appear.
I don't think there is a way to really tell if it is software or hardware unless you reset or use a stock ROM.
Well, that's a little hope at least.
I will need to find some time to re-stock my Nexus and try.
Thanks .
Ok, I restored the phone to stock and all sensors work again now!
Thanks audit13 for pushing me in that direction .
That's great that it was a software bug in the custom ROM.
Now you get to hunt for a custom ROM that works with a minimal or zero number of issues

[FIX] Android Lollipop audio stutter

On some ROMs there is a very prevalent stuttering when playing audio, especially through Bluetooth connected speakers. This is a potential but not definitive fix that worked for me.
Enable developer options if you haven't already and scroll down to the media section. The first listed item there is "Use NuPlayer", normally, it would be checked. Uncheck it and reboot your device. That's all.
Let me know how it works out for you and please do include relevant information like your current ROM and its version and which kernel you're on.
Tested and working for BlissPop 1.5 with default cyngn kernel.
There's posts around that say doing this will break Facebook videos. Maybe even Instagram videos. But if it works for u then it's all good
Sent From Lollipopified Bacon Goodness!
Bless you. I don't own this phone, I have a Nexus 4, but I've been having this problem lately and it was driving me nuts. I mainly use Bluetooth speakers / headphones, but today it kept happening at work on my wired earbuds and it drives me nuts. I made this setting change, so hopefully it works for my phone / rom.. (Nexus 4 - Terminus ROM - Hellscore Kernel - Android 5.0.2). Cheers
Thank you!
This was driving me crazy. GT I9505G for anyone in my boat.
Fixed it!
Add this line to you build.prop and watch the skips disappear.
If anyone wants to research on the issue, this is the page that helped me.
It appears that Bluetooth stack completely changed which may have been the cause of the issue. The user that started the thread above solved his issues BEFORE the Bluetooth change by adding a bunch of stuff to his audio.conf file
If anyone knows how to do these things in KitKat/Lollipop this could fix the problem for everyone... That is, if the master setting itself doesn't fix it for everyone.
Thanks. This fixed my bluetooth problem. I've been researching for months. Glad to finally put an end to the continual audio skipping.
Xperia Z on 5.02 stutters after 2 min into BT playback. Also crashes UI and renders the phone barely responsive - also crashes all sound output for the next 2-3 mins or so. I have no clue on how to fix this. NU player fix didn't work, and buildprop line was already enabled.
I have two workarounds for the issue. I will look for a permanent fix on kernel parameters (hotplug) next week.
Well, I had to use the "use awesome player" instead of "nuplayer" in developer settings to turn the BT audio usable on Asus me301t running lollipop (omnirom 5.1) . So far, no issues but I'll report back if it starts to act crazy again. I thought this was a general lollipop compatibility issue on my tab but I see the issue replicates on several different devices as well! Thanks for the fix!
Seems to have fixed it for me on my OnePlus 2 resurrection remix nougat 5.8.3, thanks a lot ☺️
So i add this "ro.bluetooth.request.master=true" only at the end of build.prop?, or the whole script?
like this?
# ro.bluetooth.request.master=true
is that correct?

Pinch to Zoom/Zoom out?

Hey all,
I know there is some scrolling issues and other touch problems (Exterior of screen). But I'm wondering if anybody else is having multi-touch problems.
I can barely pinch to zoom, zoom out..etc. I tried using a multitouch test app and it only picks up the second touch about 60% of the time. Before returning, I wanted to see if anybody else was having similar problems?
Where were you testing the pinch to zoom besides the test app? I tried it on chrome with no issues.
Mostly Google Maps. I use it often and this phone has been driving me bonkers. Sometimes it works, others it doesn't. My wife confirmed it is inconsistent for her on my device as well so I'm not crazy.
I am having the same issue on 8.1 beta. It is driving me insane and am wondering if it's worth exchanging.
You are not the only one who has this problem,I have the same issue.
Especially when I am using wechat.There seems to be a grudging acceptance of the situation for me.
After I upgrade 8.0 to 8.1,it gets a little better,but still have some problems with multitouch.