How to make QR READER in android using C# using the IDE of VISUAL STUDIO 2010 - C, C++, C# and Other Windows Phone Development

Hi guys im using VS10 for planning for developing an apps that SCAN QR CODES of products.. Can somebody give me some tutorial how to implement that in ANDROID.

You cannot. Google has developer tools to download and setup.
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[Q] i need macro program for excel

hi all,
as i searched before there's no such office program that supports macro,etc on excel. Does anyone know if there's any progress about this?
Excell macros are writren in basic, and afaik there is no existing basic inerpreter for android
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thank you

Need help on an HTML beginner website idea

I've just started learning html and I have to create a website based on it for my college. Can you people generate me a simple idea for my website? I'm from lithuania(my teacher said it has to be unique or if theres a website based on it, I have to find which things are wrong and I should create my own without them) . Some things I like :
Android OS (mobiles based on it)
Computer fixing
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Create a site for yourself. A personal profile page.
Thanks. Any more ideas?
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Make like a game page, with old games from Internet Archive

Silverlight for android?

Anybody knows if there is a version of silverlight for android?There are a lot of rumors but i am not sure and i need silverlight for a video streaming..i will be pleased with answers..thanx in advance..
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Unbelievable..So long time still no answer..No body has any clue???Maybe a trick just to make silverlight work on android also will be appreciated..Thnx..
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Maybe because no-one knows or "kissass" no-is bothered lol
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actually that's a good question. There's gotta be a way to bring Silverlight to android. Any Devs volunteer for the job?
I dont think it would be a big of a problem for any developer since android is fully capable with flash already..Any ideas??
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silverlight is a microsoft product, if microsoft doesnt choose to make a version for android then you are out of luck. what i would suggest is to vnc into a desktop and then watch the jerky unwatchable video through that =)
Funny, I'm still waiting for silverlight with full drm support for linux. Android was based off of linux. So all I can tell you is keep waiting for microsoft to port it over. BTW, no dev I know is going to touch a microsoft branded software.
How can i vnc in to a desktop??Sorry i am very new to android
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Search on the market, there are lots of client + an official one from the VNC team. You install a server on your computer, configure the connection, and that s ok.
Really easy !
And how about porting moonlight?
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Or sunlight along with project bluebeam
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What software do I use to make a custom ROM or tweak one? Like android studio or intellij idra ?
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refer to this site

Running blue j programs on android

Hellow i want to learn java programming but i am not having pc(seriously damaged) . I was trying to use aide but i cant get output of .java (not compiled) apps which i have made. Is there any app which can compile it and can run it. In india java programming is cumpulsary in class 10 and my examination are near so plese help me fast
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Sorry bro .. i know its late and you must have passed your tenth.. still better late than never here is the app link. You know how i found your thread? Because i am in the same situation. Class tenth, ICSE Board, Pre-Boards and Boards very near... Just an exception... I am expert in programming plus my pc is in good condition. Anyways-
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Thanks and i had got my pc too :P
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