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only for Elephone S8
This is a Root Method without a custom recovery .
works to 100%
thanks to topjohnwu for his Magisk Root
important partitions
system : mmcblk0p27
userdata: mmcblk0p29
boot: mmcblk0p22
i Patched the Boot.img from the 20170927 base of the Elephone S8
1. Flash Boot.img (attached) with latest Flashtools ( i used SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1728_Win )
2. Reboot and install the magisk Manager apk
3. Done.
Guide: How to set up Mtk Drivers and Flashtools
Newest SP Flash Tool
Magisk Manager

I will definitely have to try this out when I receive mine in a cpl days.
I was wondering if anyone knows if its possible to manually change the GSM band frequencies to match a U.S. based carrier? I'm going to be using the Elephone S8 and iron Metro PCS carrier. I'd really like to have more than a 2G-3G speed capability on such a nice budget phone.

here i am with my S8, ready to go trying your root solution and waiting for a twrp one too.
Do you have guys a lot of crashes on Google Play Services ?

No. Google playstore works.
Look your Google version. And go to apkmirror.com
Downloads the newest ..maybe it fix that
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just tried to download from apkmirror last google play services and framework but i always have crashes around all apps coming from Play Store.
How is possible that only me have this crashes ? Bah

Sorry I don't know.
For me it works . No crashes etc..
Use aptoide for now...
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which are all system apps you have uninstalled ?

My room is ready in 2 hours.
Wait a bit and you will have a clean aosp rom
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Leave stock FM Radio app inside your rom
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for the moment just rooted Elephone S8 and it works like a charm
Hope you can add all the new Google framework and apps inside your rom so i ca n see if i ca solve my crashes problems. I doubt could be HW problems

If you will follow my installing guide in 2hours.
You will not have a problem
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how can be installed your rom without twrp ?


[ROM][AOSP](Galaxy s6)(unofficial) Cyranogenmod 13(zerofltexx)

I've tried it by my self and the rom works.
-Outgoing calls working perfectly
-Incoming calls not always( Sometimes you won't recieve calls and sometimes the person who called you can't hear you)
But for me now it works perfectly
-Camera also not Working
-playing youtube videos don't work, for whatsapp or gallery videos you have to play witch VLC Media Player.
But be patient guys i'm working on it
Installing Instructions:
1.Boot into Custom Recovery (TWRP or PhilZ)
2. Do a Factory Reset and wipe Cache and Dalvik
3. Now Flash the Rom and wait until the progress will get finished
-Flashing Gapps is recommended
4. Now Reboot and Enjoy
Updating Instructions:
1.Boot into Custom Recovery (TWRP or philZ)
2.Select the build(Rom) and flash
3. Reboot and Enjoy
Update Instructions from older Build:
1. Boot into Custom Recovery (TWRP or PhilZ)
2. Wipe Dalvik and Cache
3. flash the ROM
4. Wipe Dalvik and Cache again
5. reboot
/Credits/ #Astrubale #arter97#Brandon #TCDfpp #BMc08GT
If you have questions than please ask. Im new in here and just 15 YEARS OLD.
Sorry for my english :/
If it have worked or i could help you than please hit the like button or donate
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link dont works
EDIT : works now ok thanks
Thank you.. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒI'll feadback later...
Thanks you bro <3
Hi, thanks for your work and time, all is appreciated.
I would like to know what works and what not, it would be helpful to declare that in first post. Second, kindly let me know how this ROM relates to the work in this thread like whether your ROM is built using their work (with some enhancements for example) or is it completely new.
Thanks again,
-Outgoing calls working perfectly
-Incoming calls not always( Sometimes you won't recieve calls and sometimes the person who called you can't hear you
-Camera also not Working
But be patient i'm working on it
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What gapps version are recommended?
Sent from my SM-G925F using XDA-Developers mobile app
It was only tested with pico gapps
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A couple of days ago, a junior member posted a version of Paranoid Android in the unified section. Turned out to be some script that ****ed up your phone. Not sure if that's the case here, but I'm gonna sit this one out untill a senior member/developer/mod has taken a look at this.
Edit: His only other post is asking for help on how to install CM on his S6.... So I 100% do not trust this :S
I can understand you but i'm running this build and it's working fine. I could solve the problem that i've posted by my self. I'm just 15 and new in this but i've done to make an AOSP for galaxy s6 and it's working.
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Already some people installed this rom and it is real not fake..you can take a look in the group of aosp developers on telegram

[Q] porting CWM to Huawei MediaPad X1

i followed the cwm porting guide on xda-university and http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=2077608
but the device reboots to normal shortly after entering the flashed recovery
parsed the dumped recovery.img of my device, you find it here: http://mir.cr/XNQ7TACT
that's my BoardConfig.mk:
and unmodified recovery.fstab:
here some reference: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...2&postcount=41
using 10.1 branch of CM and builing on Ubuntu 13.10 on a DigitalOcean pay-per-hour Server
I have read that we shouldn't expect custom ROMs on a proprietary Huawei CPU. Therefore I am waiting before buying as I don't want to be locked to Huawei UI and Android version.
Hopefully someone finds a way to get custom ROMs on the mediapad x1.
that would be bad,
but i think with rising popularity, their will be hacks
anyway, cwm would be useful for stock rom too
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From this website, it looks like it's already possible to install custom ROMs on the x1:
it's fake, Download links too small and force you to complete surveys or such first - just scam
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yeaaa...cant we have another link....anybody?
there is no newer rom than b009 yet
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I'm interested in the progress of your application, but if I can help you do not hesitate.
I have a small problem with syncing my contacts with Google contacts application of Huawei.
I installed the Google Play Services and the Google Play Store with AppCenter but the contacts sync doesn't work. Is this what does it work with you?
β€œmanualβ€œ flash GApps 20130812 (not 20130813 !)
by unziping and moving to /system
dont forget permissions
Before, i have installed the last Gapps but i will try GApps 20130812, thanks
Hello...can anyone send me a cwm for Mediapad X1.. and how to install it? i used to install the recovery with mobileuncle n my other chinese phones..thanks for any help..


this is my first public rom because someone asked me to make and share
it is just a stock rom with root and busybox and knox free
rom features
1- based on P905XXUABOK3 Australian
2- SuperSU 2.67 and busybox 1.24.1
3- knox free
4-emoji font from ios 9.1 (thanks to #caiosilva96, his thread http://goo.gl/urkOlU)
5-custom kernel with permissive selinux (in V2)
more features will be added in next release if I am able to port them
1- reboot to TWRP recovery
2- wipe cache & dalvik cache
3-wipe data (optional)
4-install the rom zip file
V1: initial release
md5 checksum:
link to the rom
google drive
V2: 05/02/2016
new base from official rom P905XXUABOL2
custom kernel with permissive selinux
remove some unused apps to make the rom lighter
link to the rom
google drive
MD5 checksum: C5B22C5121A32C886EAEA2A6D585A363
fix for build.prob
flash this file to fix the problem with wifi loosing the password after reboot
thanks to all developers for their threads and work which made making a rom easier for us
great thx
what is meant with emoji font from ios and how to get this stock again
Many thx man.
Downloaded ans installed without problems so far. Top
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if you google it you will know it
and even by checking the link I included you will know what is emoji font
thanks for your feedback
I am making a lite version with some of the unnecessary apps removed from system
gonna try to build a permissive kernel for our device and see if I can make it work properly with the rom since there is no custom kernel for the stock LL 5.0.2
any help with building a kernel is appreciated
First off all your rom works great.
Ok... i can read. maybe my last post was a bit confusing...
But you just ignored my question how to get stock fonts back again.
And the Magazine Launcher from your rom has an "pen" button on the left of menu button when you on homescreen wich allow you to edit home screens. I haven t see something like that on ony other build before. Why is this enabled? And how to disable that?
Best regards and thx for the last build deodexed
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Sorry if i was a bit rude
The emoji font only affect the emoji icons which replace the samsung icons with the ios icons which is the same as whatsapp icons
If you still want the samsung icons i will upload a flashable zip
just let me know if you want it
Regarding the "pen" on home screen
I don'tknow how it is enabled and why
i thought it might be a stock feature on Australian rom
i am going to flash the stock rom and see if it is there or not
I am going to check other files also to see if i can disable it
The icon.zip would be great
the pen is not so dramatic.
At least I have what I want a deodexed build. Now I will try to add missing theme center code to framework.
Big thanks
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I will make the zip file later
I tested flashing the official Australian rom and the pen appeared too
Then i flashed the official saudi rom and the pen did not appear
So i think it is a feature in the Australian rom
I will try to change some values here and there and see if it can be disabled
Would love to test your work after you are done with it
So please share it so that all can enjoy it
Sure I will it could take some time...
Anyway to remove the "pen" we need to edit others.xml in system/csc.
There is a line <CscFeature_Launcher_ReplaceHotseatAreaInEditMod e>
We need to change the value from TRUE to FALSE.
Save and Reboot
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Great find
removing the whole line does the same thing
Sorry for not preparing the font.zip yet as my wife delivered and mostly in the hospital
Gonna make it once i get some free time with the modified others.xml to remove the pen
Relax.. take care about your wife .
If you find some time then dont waste it with making font.zip please update
Your thread with the latest build. Just pm me when you're done and now bring your wife some soup so she will get well soon.
Best regards and sorry for bad English
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Xposed for nougat

Hello, probably like any of you, I was excited about exposed. Finally thanks to all developers a version work to nougat version. I don't know if works with other variants of ROM, I have g920f and I am using Odexlite ROM.(i am also rooted my phone with SU,)
Follow those steps :
1-enter recovery and flash xposed framework, reboot...
2-install Xposed installer
3-download any module working with nougat (i use gravity for nougat, intelli3g...) . Thanks developers that Xposed is working on nougat.(dvdandroid, devs-lab.com)
Yes, Xposed for Nougat is avaiable from longer time HERE: https://forum.xda-developers.com/xpo...arm64-t3639221
Here is some list with working modules etc: https://forum.xda-developers.com/xpo...posed-t3639615
And the best nice and easy way to install Xposed on Nougat it's just install latest Xposed Installer from dvdandroid, open Xposed app and use "install zip in recovery" choosed "unofficial-sdk24.zip" version, NOT MAGISK VERSION (even you using Magisk)! And Xposed isn't compatible with SafetyNet
You are right. I don't want to take credit for other work. I uploaded Xposed framework and installer that work for me. I tried many other versions of framework that work with magisk but from all versions I choose those that I uploaded. None of you is forced to choose what I uploaded. I have done this to help others like me that missed Xposed.
Ok, understand. I also showed way which also worked for me fine
Hello folks. I have a problem with my Galaxy s8+ while using the modul ifont from xposed. It change the font very well, but alone when i'm in the menue selection. In apps like firefox whatsapp or facebook the font wouldn't change. Also the font under the app icons isn't changing. Root is given thats not the problem. Can anyone help my out?
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I personally don't use Ifont and to be honest I don't know much about that but you can try to make Ifont a system application and see what happened.
Have to give that a try, but it didn't change anything. Anyone else? πŸ˜€
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Try for example SamsungOne Font from my singature and check do is it working. If yes, use another version iFont.
Get the apk but can't instal. It ask for a update from a installed version. When i tick install i get error the package is brocken
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With that APK what I gave you (SamsungOne)? Delete all fonts and iFont data first.
I gave trend font a chance,and this app work perfect

Mods for AOSP-based roms

Let's collect any kind of mods that are working on aosp- based roms.
Therefore I need you to tell me what mods you tried, which rom you are running and of course what your results have been.
Even better if you could give some directions on how to make something work.
I'll try to get some kind of list for testing, make a compatibility list for different ROMs and maintain this thread.
These pieces of information are given as is. There is no guaranty that any of these modifications do really work on any of your roms. Neither I, nor the developer of your rom, nor anybody who is providing information and giving advices is responsible for what you do with your devices. Furthermore make sure not to report any bug regarding your rom without making sure it's not caused by any mod you might have installed.
To start off:
ACID Audio Engine V7.0 by TEAM AC!D:
(confirmed working on AOKP 4.2.2)
How To: [spoiler]
1)First as always make a backup
2)Download and flash [AOSP3]AC!D_Audio_Engine_v7build_2802.zip then [AOSP3]AC!D_Audio_Engine_v7build_2805.zip and then ClearAudio+TEAM AC!D.zip
3)Wipe dalvik cache and cache
4)Fix permissions in recovery and reboot to system
5)In terminal emulator type:
7)Reboot and if after 2 mins your system might crash in bootloop force reboot
8)Uninstall MusicFX using an root uninstaller or titanium backup or delete MusicFX.apk from /system/app
10)Install SRSPanel
New MegaBass [audio booster] [upd. 19th March 2013]
Credits go out to:
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And this one too( just in case)
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im sure i speak for Maxwen as well as myself here, but if people flash these then they are responsible for "issues" that may arise and not myself or max
Sure will of course add this
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You should put the title and then the link not the link and then the title cause its kinda confuseing and also the qcae one is not working on one x+ on aokp (or was not in an older aokp release) and i think it wont work on non xperia phones, also you put raccoon audio and that is not really much of a sound mod, and also you should have put the great ones like the xperia walkmans and megabass: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=2074977 will test all things i can as long as i dont need to test sound mods cause acid v7 is working good enought for me.
EDIT: Also as far as I can tell that is not the latest BRAVIA ENGINE 2 zip out there, and also that one is specificall to the galaxy mini as far as I can tell so it won't work on the hox+
EDIT2: The lockscreen thing is not AOSP but for the xperia z only stock rom
I must admit right now it's just a result of some skimming I did. Will surely take a closer look at the links and tidy everything up a good bit as soon as I have time for that
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Yah, I just want to be helpfull, and so I'l post lots of links here to all the things I use on my rom (my allmostly 1gb of mods, lol)
Surely appreciated
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Here are cool things i use:
http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1574401 Xposed Framework
http://www.villainrom.co.uk/forum/fo...ramework_mods/ Xposed Modules (i use lots of them, and i love the per app settings)
http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=2240180 Xposed theme engine (may not seem usefull on roms with theme choser, but as multiuser theme choser is not working in aokp is usefull to set a theme to work on second user without force close also
http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1629653 Xposed Tweackbox
EDIT: Acid v7 steps are totally wrong....
Here are the right ones:
1)First as always make a backup
2)Download and flash [AOSP3]AC!D_Audio_Engine_v7build_2802.zip then [AOSP3]AC!D_Audio_Engine_v7build_2805.zip and then ClearAudio+TEAM AC!D.zip
3)Wipe dalvik cache and cache
4)Fix permissions in recovery and reboot to system
5)In terminal emulator type:
If this worked skip to step 7 If it gave an error continue:
6)Exit terminal and rerun it and write in it:
7)Reboot and if after 2 mins your system crashes in bootloop force reboot
8)Uninstall MusicFX using an root uninstaller or titanium backup or delete MusicFX.apk from /system/app
10)Install SRSPanel
OK I forgot read/write access but that's it. No need for the first run of aaenging on a read only system partition so why not directly remount rw and do it right?
And as you said the bootloop and freezes might be special to your setup, I didn't get them.
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