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So here's a quick solution to mount NTFS & exFAT via OTG or microSD without paid Paragon software.
Works without any app and with any file explorer that has otg support hassle-free .
head over to this - thread.
download the attached file there, named "exfat-ntfs-patch-mtk.zip " and flash it via TWRP, you now have native NTFS & exFAT support.
I tested with 128GB exFAT USB drive and 1TB NTFS external HDD, works flawlessly.
Important : You have to enable init.d support on your rom(I enabled it using Kernel Adiutor app) .


[Q] USB OTG works on Nexus 5?

What app can I use to read/write pendrive via USB OTG?
I reply me: OTG works on Nexus % but is needed a third party app like OTG Disk Explorer (read only, no root) or StickMount (read and write but need root).
So I am trying OTG and found this thread. Can't get it to work. Used stickroot to mount my flash drive. Says its mounted at sdcard/usbstorage/sda1 but when I use gallery or even root explorer, nothing is in there. Dam
Had the same problem... The phone doesn't have native exfat support so if your flash drive is formatted exfat it'll silently fail. It's vfat or nothing right now.
There are exfat nexus 5 kernels
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For StickMount on the Google Play page there are instructions for adding exFAT and NTFS drivers. Basically, download a file to the internal emulated sdcard partition....
----- Filesystem support -----
The filesystems supported depends on your device firmware. On most devices, at least vfat/fat/fat32 and ext2/3/4 are supported. On the latest Android versions, ntfs is also supported in read-only mode. Some devices also support exfat out the box, but most do not.
StickMount can utilize the "ntfs-3g" and "mount.exfat-fuse" binaries to add support for ntfs (untested) and exfat, but these are not included. If you place the "ntfs-3g" or "mount.exfat-fuse" files in the root of your internal storage ( /sdcard ), StickMount will automatically use them.
You can find the needed files here:
ntfs-3g: http://forum.xda-developers.com/atta...1&d=1340293802
mount.exfat-fuse: http://forum.xda-developers.com/atta...0&d=1323109372
Thanks david i got it to work!
mount.exfat-fuse seems to be read-only. Is there any better solution than this? Like a custom kernal?
SELinux is preventing the writes. You can either find a custom kernel that has SELinux set to permissive or disabled instead of enforcing or from a root command line do a "setenforce 0".
Great, tried the second method, it works like a charm.
Recently bought a Nexus 5 and 7 to replace my previous phone and tablet, and the lack of a USB-OTG mount option in the GUI had me stumped for a while. I googled and found your post. I installed StickMount and it's working perfectly on both devices. Both are running stock 4.4.2 (KOT49H) rooted with Superuser Just wanted to say thanks, and say it works great with these versions.

[Q] Rooted with NTFS support?

Hi, haven't had a need to root yet, but am considering doing so to use an external NTFS-formatted drive over OTG. I was wondering if anyone has tested this with the One yet. The Paragon exFAT, NTFS & HFS+ app needs root, so if anyone is rooted and wouldn't mind testing this app with an NTFS-formated drive on the One, that would be a lot of help.
NTFS support has to be enabled via a custom kernel as far as I'm aware. There are kernels available for the One that do so. Note that Sense will not detect the drive even with NTFS support enabled, so you'll have to use a drive mounting app on the Play store.
Thanks for the info, much appreciated.

[Q] With USB OTG can see external key formatted HFS + but can not see files

USB OTG way my OPO recognizes external key formatted HFS + but can not see files in side!
I tried Paragon exFAT, NTFS & HFS + but no work!
Maby requires a kernel with ums enabled and modules for ntfs/hfs/hfs+ etc. but what does it mean?
I'm italian...sorry for my broken english...Please help
16G OnePlus One - CyanogenMod 11S - rooted

NTFS support on S4

I tried Paragon NTFS mounter and that seems to work. I tried NTFS mounter before and that didn't work. My question is that is there a way to more natively enable ntfs support on my device without installing the additional app? like any sort of copying over some library files trick like stickmount in a nexus device?

[Q] internel memory

i couldnt paste a large file to the internel memory like a .mkv video
is there is a way to convert it to ntfs or another way ????
Android 2.3.7 does not support NTFS file format, which means you are "forced" to use FAT32, which means up to 4GB per single file. Split mkv file to 2 (or more) files if need be.
Partially right.
The kernel itself does support NTFS - stock. That's how you can mount NTFS drives in USB-OTG mode. However, the OS itself isn't set to be able to format the partition as NTFS (with extra options and extended testing, i did actually, see DoomLord's MSD thread). Unless there is a third-party app or tweak that modifies how android boots and mounts internal SDCard, and by using non-MTP mode, chances are you are stuck at the moment.
You cannot mount NTFS drives with the stock kernel.
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