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I am interested in learning how to program for android. I have designed websites, but no experience in programming. I now that this is not a quick thing, but I am able and willing to spend 4-5 hours a day in learning. However, I have no idea where to start, searching the internet overwhelms me with information.
I have a kindle where I could read any books you recommend and obviously I have a computer.
My question is, if anybody could help me to design a pathway to programming Android applications, from basics in programming languages to the usage of the SDK, consisting of book, tutorials, videos etc.
I know it is a crazy intention, but I would be really thankful for any help.

I'm still learning myself but if your totally new to java and all I would start by watching and following the first 15 videos of this playlist here . When you do that then go here.
The first videos help you with setup and give you some java basics that will help you out later. The second starts you off on the fourth video in a playlist that will teach you programing in java.

I would start with plain Java since the foundational knowledge should translate over to Android development. Get familiar with the language syntax and so forth first, then focus on Android APIs later on once you have the basics down.

If your talking about HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) then you couldn't of picked something better to start with, HTML is easy to learn and a great introduction to how lots of things work. So if your looking to learn more languages you should Google some tutorials and find one that suits your style best (I would not recommend video tutorials, its much better to see all the examples and move at your own pace with regular tutorials):thumbup:
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HTML is a great start for understanding code in general. After that start looking into java. If you feel confident look into other languages.


where do i start app development?

Basically I'm looking to.start making some apps, mainly for fun but depends how I get on.
I've had a go with the app inventor which has given me an idea of how the apps work but it seems slightly limited. I have made some of the tutorial apps and had a look around here for advice but can't find a thread.
What is the best software to use?
where is the best place to learn the code for the software or possibly a forum/thread with some tutorials?
I see a lot of people using eclipse to I'm thinking about trying this but most advice seems to be on how to set the program up.
Can anyone point me in the right direction? Sorry if there is a thread but I couldn't find it!
I would use eclipse with android plugin, I would also start as an adw themer. You can search online to get the eclipse development software on their site. The plugin can be found on the site.
If you have any question during setup, I may be able to help! Feel free to send me a message!
Hope this helps!
Also you will need the sdk.
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I find it easier to set up tadp (Tegra Android Development Platform) It includes Eclipse(Preconfigured with android adt plugin), SDK, NDK, cygwyn tegra profiler (for tegra devices) and lots of other tools. A sign up will be required though.
For Code syntax I would say basic C/C++/Java and go to
I also want to get into making apps but i guess you have to have a formal background in some sort of programming or the like?
If you are a former VB programmer or C#, then you can develop with C# and .Net
Well, if you are talking about developing for android, go to androids home website. That's a start. You will need to have some basic programming skills. Learning programming and android at the same time will be difficult. I use eclipse. I was more use to netbeans and even though they had a plugin for netbeans, there was no reason for me to stay with netbeans. It was an easy transition from netbeans to eclipse though. Anyway, it'll take time before things start making sense. There will be moments where you want to put your fist through your screen and moments of excitement when you've made your first penny. Take your time and develop high quality apps cause you know why? High quality apps dont fail, they always get the downloads even if there's a thousand similar apps, your app will be part of the thousand apps that get downloaded, unlike the 100 thousand apps that are similar but are of low quality.
I use java, by the way...
I dont know much you know about programming but this is what im following right now it is a little bit complicated and he doesent explain very well the base java stuff but other than thats its a great tutorial series. started watching it about 10 days ago right now im on the 100th tutorial and i dont feel like giving up yet, give it a try and see how it works out.
Yes, its a great series. But he tries to explain Java little bit on the go, but it maybe difficult or confusing for people who haven't seen Java at all, or haven't done some simple basic programs on Java. But even though, he explains it shortly as he could.
So what should be done is, follow the Oracle Java Tutorials on the side as you go through those Android tutorials. Oracle has a great documentation on Java, and its a great deal breaker to make you understand Java. Anyways a great devotion of time should be arranged for all these.
Hello All,
I am a newbie and amature android learner. It all started copule of months back. I work in healthcare industry and I see lot of potential of mobile usage in coming years and hence started to give app development a try. I am not with backgroung of computer science or having programming knowledge ut I could find this thread very interesting to start with. kudos to XDA
Hey guys, sorry to hijack this thread, but I have a quick question.
I'm currently in university studying psychology, but have the opportunity to take an introduction computer programming course that would count towards the degree and fill a requirement.
Anyways, one of the languages covered is C++. I'm just curious if this would be a first step to learn to develop android apps.
Thanks for taking the time to read.. It's greatly appreciated
once you learn a language, the others can be different for their syntax, but the logic behind is almost the same. So learn the basic of programming and you will be able to program android. C++ is similar to Java, if you want to code in Java (the best way to code for android imho)

Where to start in Android application development?

Hello everybody, long time lurker, first time poster. I'm posting to ask about where to get started in developing Android applications? I have half a degree in computer science, am familiar with coding, and work in Android software QA, but I'm trying to get my skillset up to the next level and actually start developing applications on Android. Is there any specific books or literature I should read to get me started on my journey? I'm also a long time IT guy on both Windows and Unix-based systems, so I'm by no means computer illiterate. I'm also a long time phone modder as I've been tweaking Android phones since the original G1 running 1.0. Thanks in advance!
Take a look at the Android Developer guide. It has samples and tutorials. If you google, there are also several free PDFs on the subject.
A good Java book will also help a lot. Just start to write a few trial apps and you will get there quickly!
The best place to learn for me, is android web page:
Here you have everything to start:
And to set up the environment for developing:
If you want to learn from the scratch, the links I posted are your point. You can also take a look to the tutorials:
You can also start with java, if you want.. I reccomend you take a look to this:
and start from Java SE 6 (
I don't know what your college classes are like for CS, but you should have the basics of programming, why not start writing some Android apps?
Start with the basic "Hello World". Get used to working with main.xml and TextViews, EditViews, ListViews, Buttons and Listeners. Android is mostly JAVA, some Android-specific operations and your xml files.
Take some of your CS 101 type programs and try to write them on Android. The more programs you write, the more you learn.
Try to learn something new everyday and in no time at all you'll be impressed with how far you have come.
Yes this is really a good advice
Just start writting little programs and you will go up soon
You could use the sample code that comes with the sdk, and start with different things: First, layout, xml and the like. You could then start with some othe things, like services, broadcast receivers, content providers, to get the feel of them. And finally, work with the hardware: Internet (wifi or 3g), bluetooth..
Hey guys, Sorry to get off Track but I've been trying to Complete my ROM for Everyone that's Currently using it. Anyways... Reading All the Posts in this Thread it seems to me that there Definitely are some Well-Seasoned Veteran Developers here, so Forgive Me but I have to ask, Is there Anyone that can maybe Help assist me with getting FlashLite Working on my Rom.... Please?
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At Barnes and Noble there is a book called Android App Development in 24 Hours. It is a freaking great book. Helped me a lot when I started. It breaks down the chapters in to hours with exercises and explanations. Being familiar with Java fundamentals would be good, but not necessary. The first couple hours(chapters) explains the a general overview of the history of the OS and helps you build your first app. My favorite part of the book is how it teaches you to build and app piece by piece over the rest of the chapters adding new features each hour. So, by the end you have and app with quite a bit of features that work and you actually understand how and why. At the end, you have an app that has a lot of Android features as well as knowledge of how they work and can be used. It doesn't go into the more advanced features, but it is well worth the money for beginners. I still use it as a reference because of the easy to understand instructions. Sometimes, the Internet guides assume you have been using Java for 10 years and skip how and why they are doing something. And even then I doubt every veteran Java programmer remembers everything. I am half asleep so forgive any grammar errors.
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Really good tutorial for the first basic steps. In terms of installing eclipse/java and hello world. He continues with his tutorial in part 2, part 3 and so on.
If there is anyone who has knowledge on building apps for Android, I would be extremely interested to share with them an idea for an app. I'd hope this app would be able to work on that other fruIt based dumbphone, too.
Well, there is planty of developers out here I'm one of them (thought not the smartest :P) so, if you want to share the knowledge, feel free to PM me

[Q] !!! What's the Best Book to learn Android Development for beginners!!!

The subject says most of it really. I'm looking for a book that will teach me to develop for the Android market. A book for beginners. The kind of book with lessons, tasks, examples etc..
I'm a complete novice when it comes to Android Development, I've no understanding of the Java programming language at all and only minimal xml knowledge. However I am very good with computers and learn quick, I've got the time the patience and the motivation + (a Samsung Nexus S & a HTC Desire S).
I know it takes time and practise but its something I really want to learn and have plenty of time on my hands at the moment.
I've done webdesign so understand html, css, online shopping carts etc.. not that that's going to help me a lot.
Maybe I'll need a couple of books one for Java and another for Android please provide your thoughts on this.
Any suggestions maybe with links (if allowed) would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks in advance.
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Android applications are written in Java (J2SE, not a pared-down Java Mobile/Micro (Java ME) as found on many low-end phones) using an open-source J2SE implementation based on Apache Harmony along with tons of Android-specific libraries for things like UI and handy third-party libraries for things like HTTP requests and JSON parsing. That Java code is compiled and then transformed into Android-specific files in a format called .dex, and runs on the phone in a highly optimized VM runtime called Dalvik. Luckily, you’ll almost never have to think about any of those pieces in between writing your code and running it on the phone, since the tools take care of them for you.
You’ll want a recent version (3.4 or 3.5) of the Eclipse IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for J2SE, the Android SDK, and the Eclipse ADT plugin to interface with those tools and provide project templates. Be sure to check out Google’s complete installation instructions for details.
Here are some other links to get you started;
Android Developers website
Have fun programming,
I just started out and the android developer site is really awesome. I come here for regular roaming looking for answers.
They have a bunch of "real" tutorials that is a step by step building apps like a picture that you touch and it makes a noise, to this pic call app and etc.
I just started my first CS class and we are using "Java: How To Program" 8th. But I have researched these forums looking for the same question.
The most up to date forums that had recommended books:
Beginning Android, Head First and The Dummies Android Book. Although most of the stuff i read said the android site has pretty much everything you need to know and that books will help with getting to know the basics!
im going through a similar phase in my life with wanting to learn about Android and im downloading the ebooks to my rooted nook color now.. What would be the first few steps in just building a rom... im not interested as much in building programs... but i am a flashaholic.
The best book to learn about android development hasnt been published yet. I geuss thats just because you cant publish XDA Forums xD
Hopefully you're a pro by now, but if not, I picked up "Hello Android" today from Amazon, and it has received a lot of positive reviews.
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From my perspective I knew nothing about Java/Android, but I had a couple other programming languages under my belt. Just jumping into tutorials really helped me more than any reading material. Also there are a ton of helpful stackoverflow posts related to android, so if you get stuck a quick google search will usually help you out
Books help, but i like tutorials because they are direct information with real cases
That's the way i took :).
I knew C, SystemC, some bash and C++.
Started with the hello world tutorial and then i just dove in with an idea.
API documentation, StackOverflow and Google eventually got me where i wanted to be.
Then just repeat this process often enough with other ideas and will get comfortable with writing android apps.
But the android sdk is vast and i still find something cool and new everyday.
Also try #android-dev on freenode irc.
I took a couple of courses on C++, Java, and one in C. However, I really get lost when I look at how Android apps are developed. Also has anyone tried mobile development tools?

[Q] app dev question

hi guys.. im new here and all.. but, where do i start with app development? up to what part of java should i learn?
Depending on how much knowledge you have of programming in general, you may be able to pick up Android development fairly quickly by simply googling for simple Android tutorials such as "how to create a button in Android", "how to play a sound in Android app", etc. If you do already have some programming experience, I would strongly suggest checking out a youtube channel by the name of 'TheNewBoston', which has a wide-range of video tutorials for Android & Java development alike.
If you have absolutely no programming experience, I would suggest at least playing around with Java for a month or two. Get yourself comfortable with variables, methods, and the different basic data-types. I believe that as long as you have a loose grasp on those aspects of Java development, then you shouldn't have *too* much trouble learning Java and Android synchronously.
Hope this helps a little bit.
thanks for the info..
actually, i have programming background in c++ and c#.. im just starting to learn java... should i "master" java first before i indulge to android?
Well, if you have a background in C++ and C# then you will be comfortable with Java, as theoretically its all same as all these comes under the OOP concept. So you don't need to 'master' Java by reading another 1000 pages Book. I guess C# and Java has many similarities when it comes to syntax and minor differences such as C# uses the keyword 'using' and Java uses 'import' to import or use those pre-defined classes that you can work on with.
I guess you can go directly into Android app development if you have any Tutorials with you, and I bet you will understand the code. But, if you insist yourself you can do some Java examples just in case to get an idea about the language though, as its always good.
One difference: In Java we use getters and setters to access variables of other objects. Not difficult though.
If you already have a decent grasp of C++ and C#, then Java should come quickly. You'll need to be fairly proficient with Java to build any non-trivial app, but you can definitely learn it while also learning how to use the Android SDK. The two are not mutually exclusive.

Help with learning to program

Hey all, figure this is one of the forums with lots of developers so who better to ask.
I have been fruitlessly trying to learn c++ for a long time now. I have read lots of books and tutorials and watched several videos, where all of these seem to be lacking is making the jump from console programming to apps that actually create a gui and interact with controls.
I understand all the basic concepts and how to use them with respect to programming on the console. Can anyone point me to a tutorial or information on building something useful that starts from scratch and helps you through to the end product, such as a simple mp3 player or a database for collecting items of some sort anyhting that teaches you how to program outside of the console and have user interaction would be helpful thanks.
mini mfc is prob what you are looking for