Learning to make Android Apps - first steps - Online Courses, Schools, and Other External Resources

Hi All!
I want to learn to code Android Apps. I have no experience (aside from some BASIC coding back in school), but I have plenty of motivation.
I've found thenewboston website and the video tutorials looks really good, but they assume some coding knowledge which I need to get before proceding.
So, should I learn some C or JAVA first?
Or feel free to tell me otherwise.
I'd really like a plan of attack for the process of learning all this, as it's rather over whelming for a noob when presented with so much information and slightly differing opinions on what to learn first.
Thanks in advance.

If you're focusing on Android 100% for now then pick up Java first. Also grab Android Studio as it's an excellent development tool that's replacing eclipse (Google is phasing out support for it later this year)
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recommend the book "head first java"


Hey Devs, what's the best way to learn Android development?

I've been playing around with the App Inventor for the last few days. I like it, it's fast, it's pretty easy, and I find it fun. The problem is though, right now you can't publish apps to the market.
Throw in the fact that you can't make very robust or professional apps with the App Inventor and I've been thinking of trying the more traditional route.
But where do I begin? I've got the Android SDK, Java JRE, and Eclipse all installed and ready to go, but that's where I'm stalled.
I've got zero programming experience. Should I pick up a book for Android development? Should I start just developing for Java and move onto Android later? I've got a few ideas for applications, some for businesses, some for users, some paid and some ad-driven. I've got the ideas, but lack the knowledge to implement them.
Even the official Google Android tutorials seem a little over my head, like they were made for people that are already knowledgeable in programming.
There is so much information out there, it's hard to find a good "Starting from zero" point / tutorial.
Thanks for the suggestions!
You're going to want to become experienced with Java and then move into Android.
There is some good information on the web. I learned some of the basics from this guys videos:
I also picked up a book thats called Head First Java that is supposed to be really good and noob friendly, with easy to remember examples and challenges. I am nowhere near experienced, but I have been doing research on it for a while.
Beginning Android Development
I'd probably try Beginning Android 2 This edition covers Android 2.0+.
Those both require some experience with Java. You have to start with Java first.
+1 on Head First Java. Several people have suggested it. Also, there was a thread where someone had posted information, but I have searched and can't find it. I will try again later.
Thanks for all the input! I'll pick up a copy of heads first java.
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Android Apps Development Course

I would like to learn how to develop Android Apps. But it seems like there's not so many schools offering such course.I tried to search and found out about Viope Online Android course. I wonder if anyone of you has tried that out. I didn't see any review on that course. So, if you have any idea/comment, please share with me. Thanks!!
Have you ever done any programming before?
From what I understand...if you know java you can pretty much code android apps...
So take a class in java (I'm taking one next semester) and see where that leads you, from there take classes in other encodings that may also be requires...but for the most part its a lot of java
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I would reccommed you to read several books about android programming. There are plenty of books available, e.g. books on O'Reilly website. Take easy ones, such as "Introducing .." or "Beginning ..", not something like "Cookbook"
Some of the books include quick overview of java. Of course you must know the basics of programming
But if you insist on cources, I'd recommend Stanford Computer Science (easy to find in Itunes)
Advice from my experience: do as many practice as you can, don't stuck in reading and learning. This will motivate you to move forward!
Check out thenewboston's guides on youtube. I'd highly suggest watching their java videos first. The android series is 200 parts, and its really good. I'm on the 117th.
Check out these tutorials for android apps.
Vogella-Android App tutorial
Marakana Tech TV(tutorials)
Google Dev Training
I'm teaching myself how to write apps, and custom ROM's and I had absoloutely no programming experience beforehand. I've been self teaching myself for about 7-8 weeks now. I've got a fairly good understanding of .XML files now and find them easy to make and edit. I've got a basic understanding of Java, and can write and understand some code. (I still need a lot more practice with it though)
Just stay dedicated and you can learn if you really want to. I'm proof!
Thread might be a little old, but thought I'd post this for future searchers, since it will be a good response to the question. I've started a project to create a full training course on writing Android apps, geared toward complete beginners (whether they have prior programming experience or not). It's currently only in the planning stages, but I'll post updates on the thread I started HERE on xda-developers as the project progresses.

[Q] Coding Android Game - Where to Start?

I would like to get into Android game development, mainly as a hobby, but given how obsessed I can get about hobbies I will not rule anything out! I have limited programming background (a bit of C, VBA, JavaScript...just the basics: variables, If/Else, For/While Loops, Arrays, functions, sub-routines etc..) but I tend to pick these things up fairly quickly....however I expect this to be a real long term project for me.
I have attempted to determine a sensible starting location and direction for a beginner to get started, but with so much information it really is a little overwhelming and I can't figure out what would be the most productive way to spend my time right now.
I gather that Android development requires Java knowledge, right? If yes, can anyone recommend any good websites/books with tutorials and code samples that can be used by someone who doesn't have an coding background already? To what sort level should I try to attain in Java before it's worth considering the Android specific side of development (I'm aware 'level' might be very hard to define!), or should I be thinking about these things in tandem from fairly early on?
If anyone has gone through a similar process, can you share your experiences? Pitfalls to avoid? Things not to overlook?
I have a couple of hours a night to dedicate to this for the foreseeable future, so any help filling that time efficiently would be much appreciated!
p.s. If there is a forum that is more suited to my question that I'm not aware of then please let me know!
I once wanted to become a droid developer too bro! I didn't get far though as I needed to focus on my day job more.
Anyway, what I did was learn about SDKs first. Just google it up, there are actually a lot of tutorials on the web. You'll need to be prepared to spend some money though for the SDKs.
you might get an idea here
good luck
Thanks for the advice, I noticed that google has it's own SDK, is it still worth investing in one of the other options?
Thanks for that. I've watched the first three so far, and have Eclipse & the SDK manager set up now. It was interesting to see that Android code is actually compiled twice, and given that the second stage doesn't have to be Java, it means that you can write the apps/games in something else, e.g. C.
Do you have any advice regarding which language would be the most sensible to code with? Apparently C is much faster for some things, so maybe it would make sense to dedicate myself to learning that rather than Java?
I don't know which would be best. All I can say is that I am learning java at the moment and hope to move on to android soon!!
Interesting to note Oracle are in court with Google at the moment in regards to copyright infringement. Android really is not a programming language , it's a mix of other languages....
I recommend this book...
You can obviously get it at other places, and cheaper than that too, but it's a great book. It covers setting up Eclipse and the Android SDK and gets you going with lots of the major elements of both Java and Android together.
I rate it, but I rate Sams books in general. They've always been good.

Starting to develop

Hello, xdaDevelopers (Is it like that? Or XDADevelopers, or XdaDevelopers, well, doesn't matter, you can leave your opinion about that here, too.)!
I can see this is kinda a common thing around here, but, I really need the basics for programming, with a final goal of being able to make code for Android (from APKs to ROMs and such).
I just need people to point out good sources of learning, with a learning curve, please, that would be a great bonus in understanding what the heck I'm learning, from the basic of basic, to the goal here intended.
Maybe this is a bit too ambitious, but I pretend to be a professional programmer in the future, but I still have a kinda long way to college (3 years), and I wish I could start sooner that, it could even make my college life even simpler.
Well, I hope you leave your enlightenment in this thread. Thank you very much for any opinion given here.
*bump* Sorry. It was already in the second page. I just didn't want it to fall into oblivion.
Well your going to have to stsrt learnibg java if you want to make apps. Read some books. Also take a look at thenewboston channel on youtube.
Im learning myself. You just need to start and don't give up
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I'm also posting (lazy way of subscribing to this post). I knew java, although it was long ago. I'd need a refresh on everything. And then, knowing java is not the only thing you need, as you also need to know how to develop for android itself. Up to date, which book would you guys consider the most easy to follow to learn easily to program?
Thank you!
Yes. I'm asking for links or books (preferably e-books) that could have all that information. I just hope I can become a great XDA developer.
+1 to this. i would also like to get into learning how to develop for android.
google has a lot of info on their developers page, it's probably one of the better places to start.
i don't know many other good websites or books though. anyone have suggestions?
If you want to develop Application on Android. You will need...
1.JDK (Java Development Kit), which includes the JRE. ( I use Java SE 7 )
2.Eclipse with the Android Development ( I use Eclipse Classic 3.7.1 )
3.Android Development tools ADT Plugin for Eclipse
( I use android-sdk_r13-windows.zip )
more detail http://androidcontrol.blogspot.com/2...velopment.html
java for the user interface "pretty" part of the apps, but the real heavy-lifting guts of the app (where the real magic happens) will normally be written in c
I'm watching these. These are great. Starting with Java Development.

[Q] Java for Android

Ok, been using these forums for quite awhile to mod my various devices. However I've never had to post, so you'll have to forgive that this is in the wrong board as it wont let me post in the right one due to lack of posts.
I want to get into actually developing Android apps, and then eventually get into developing ROMs and such. From what I've seen apps would be programed in Java, and I've seen links to a few web resources to learn Java. But none on them answer what I am really looking to find out. I need to know what "flavor" of Java is best to use. Java 1? 2? 6? Java++? Visual Java? Etc etc etc.
I don't want to waste my time learning Java 6, if Android is only compatible with Java 4, for example. And vise versa. Like-wise I don't want to learn a version of Sun Java, if Java++ or Visual would be be better/give better functionality.
In closing, I just need to know what flavor of Java would be best to learn. Thanks.
It's not really java, it's android.
Here you have everything to start:
And to set up the environment for developing:
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knowing java is a good start, think of android like an advanced java applet programming.
Yeah, exactly. And that's what I am looking for. Somehing to get my base knowledge started on. But their are allot of diffrent versions of Java and I don't really know which would be the best to use as a jumping off point.
I have also looked at the Android dev site, but it isn't really going to "teach" me from scrach.
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Again, if you plan to develop for android, it's better to focus on android, and not learn first java.. It's like learning first to ride a motocycle, and then go for the car.... It has some common ground, but..
If you want to learn from the scratch, the links I posted are your point. You can also take a look to the tutorials:
If you still want to go through Java.. I reccomend you take a look to this:
and start from Java SE 6 (http://download.oracle.com/javase/6/docs/)
Oh ok, I get it now, thank you for breaking it down like that. I thought it was the exact opposite, I thought you needed Java to lead into Android. I'd looked at several books to learn Android, but all the reviews said that you should know Java before getting the books. (Hence where I got the idea) I actually read this post earlier, and I have given the Developer section of the Android site a LOT deeper look, and it looks like you were very much correct. Upon first glance I didn't think it was actually be what I needed. Thank you for your assistance and I am sorry for the missunderstanding.
No need to ask for sorry we all have to start sometimes from zero it's true that knowing java helps, but I think that if you have some notion on OOP (object-oriented programming) will be enought
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