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Hey folks,
I think this is a good article for app developers. If you're planning on promoting your app, there are some things you need to know. Check it out and let's discuss it!
I can't post a link to it right now, but just find #DecisiveAds on Twitter to read it.


Where can I promote my FREE app?

There is a forum named as Paid Software Announcement and Discussion. I want to know whether there is a similar forum for me to promote my FREE app so that more people know it. Thanks.
Here you go. The Android Apps and Games forum.
You could always advertise it through social network sites aswell. That way a lot more people will be able to see it.
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Join my threads here and here.
Check out this [GUIDE] How to be a New User (and not a noob)
You can also search other forums and android sites
Posting new threads with your app won't guarantee it will be popular, but at least you can say, that you did all what can.
If you need some www adresses pm me, I'll send you what I got. ("new" [2 years -.-] users can't post links until 10 posts).

where is the correct section to sell my app ?

hello, where is the correct section in xda to post my new hacking application to sell it ?
many thanks in advance.
Rule 7 generally does not allow you to sell it here.
But you might be able to start a thread in the Paid Software Announcement and Discussion forum to advertise it and discuss it. Read the stickies in that thread, and look at a few threads that are already in there to get an idea of how to approach it. Often, people who create a new app with the intention to sell it will offer a free version in their thread here for fellow members.
From my quick look, it seems you need to have some contribution history here at XDA to post in the Paid Software Announcement and Discussion forum, which it seems you do not (yet).
Hope this helps! Good luck!

Some great apps you may not have heard of.....

Best Android Apps You May Not of Heard Of.....
Many of these need root and a lot of these are not found on google playstore.
Links removed for XDA Rules violations
I have tried to find relevant links to the apps to save people time from searching. Hopefully the links I posted are the right ones. Please share what apps you feel are great and worthy of mentioning. Provide links when you can. Looking forward to see what other great apps are out there!
Please read the rules!!!
Why in the hell would you post warez and apps that provide warez?
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Share your apps here....

We created a dedicated Facebook page to post apps with short description or with short review. If anyone interested we can post your apps too. This is the Facebook page for app reviewer.
Also please like us to make a good community!!! Thanks a lot for your support!!!
Please drop us a message if you're really interesting on this
Thread closed. XDA already has a thread for apps and sharing here...

[Q] Creating an App

I want to create an app for a forum that I visit a lot, problem is I don't know where to start. I want it to kinda do what the app for this site does, Pulls new threads, news topics so on... Thanks in advance for the directions.
There is an app called Tapatalk for that. Just check whether the forum is supported or not. If not just ask the forum's owner to apply the plugin. You don't need to go all the way to app dev for that.