[Q] Good book to learn Android Development - Online Courses, Schools, and Other External Resources

Hi All
I am looking into starting Android Development, and due to the huge number of books out there to learn Android, I would like some recommendations.
I will be reading this also https://developer.android.com/training/index.html

Not exactly the answer you're looking for, but any book is good if you want a "wax on, wax off" method... I'm learning by doing and consulting with YouTube... thenewboston user in YouTube is actually a good resource... You can check my learning code in GitHub: https://github.com/dbarrerap/CardManager
The main screen is CardMenu...
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Also interested in a paper guide or book as like to have a few hours away from screens each day.
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This books are can help you
Professional Android 2 Application Development
Sams Teach Yourself Android Application Development in 24 Hours


The best/fastest way to start/learn developing on Android?

Hi I'm new to developing with android. I have created programs for windows using vb and know a lot about websites. I don't know if that will help any but any advice would help. I already have the sdk and avd along with eclipse for both windows and Linux. Also does anyone have any source codes I could benifit looking at?
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If you are looking to develop apps there are several good books you can buy from Amazon such as Hello android and SAMS teach yourself android just to get you started and introduce you to the way that Android apps are written (although some bad habits creep in from reading these books too)
Otherwise a good free place to start is the Android pages themselves - developer.android.com/resources/tutorials/hello-world.html
This will get you in to the basics and show you how to set up eclipse (sounds like you have done this bit though)
Otherwise just google and you find lots of links, and possibly check out Replica Island -replicaisland.net/ - which is an open source game that you can also download for free in the android market
If you already know vb maybe try basic4android, a lot of people on the forums there are used to vb and say its easy to transpose skills learnt on vb to b4a.
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developer.android.com should be a good start for it.
The SAMS one is very good. Covers a lot of important ground.
check out these links its the best place for you to start
Thanks guys. I'm going to check it out.
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Come Learn ANDROID Game Development! Beginners are welcome.

Hi! I am the Lead Developer at Kilobolt Studios and I just wanted to let you know that I have just started my series of tutorials that will cover everything from basic Java to Advanced Android Game Development.
If you are willing to put in the time and dedication, please join us!
Beginners are welcome.
I hope to see you in the comments section!
Cool, will take a look, currently very new to Android and programming in general , first app launching soon.
Could you give us more information about yourself, like how long it took you to learn Android game programming, any prior programming experiences, etc.
Not doubting your ability, but just to get a sense of things, like how long will a person need to get to that skill level
Well I started programming just about a year ago. I've had no formal training, but I've been reading a lot of books, watching a lot of tutorial videos, and practicing a lot to get to where I am now.
I've always been pretty good with computers, so I picked up programming pretty quickly.
I'd say if an absolute beginner followed my tutorials for a couple of weeks (provided he knows computer basics already), he will be quite capable of game programming.
Very nice! I will definitely be apart of this. I have zero knowledge of Android programming but would love to learn. Thank you so much this.
That's how everyone starts. Welcome aboard!
i am interested too!
Though all i know are basics of C, i would love to learn!!
Let's see how it goes. Gonna study hard :)
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Thanks, this will help me when I decide to develop a couple of my android game ideas.
In past I did some minor programming in Delphi but i would love to start with this learning project :) thank you for pointing it out, there will be more of us who will gladly join your ranks ;)
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I'd be very happy to see something like this. Game developing for PC became too complex to grasp single-handedly (2D is no more a real option) but Android would open many possibilities here.
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I really appreciate your work.
So far I followed all your steps from the guide and I cannot wait for your next instructions...I really like your way of writing, it's really easy to understand, keep it up.
PS: You even made me register here. ;D

Want to learn to program android apps and games.

Hi everyone, I have been using the Android OS for a few years now, and I love it. I have just decided today that I am no longer going to just watch from the sidelines as apps get released. I want to get my greasy little mitts in on the action.
I would really appreciate some advice on what I should start with. I would like to learn Java, and or Python. I just need to know what direction I should go in. I really want to create games. Any advice would be amazing
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For app Development Learn to make android apps
For Game we have one here
[GUIDE] Android Game Development Tutorial! (Beginners welcome)
May find More...
You shouldn't have started a new thread,search!
XDA Rules
Hit Thanx if you see help coming your way
I just browsed, when I should have been searching lol... I will use those links. Thank you soo much
Go here codeacademy.com you can learn Java and Python
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I really would advise learning java. A really good tutorial sight is thenewboston.com. It has a multitude of programming tutorials as well as android tutorials. After going through these tutorials, I would recommend using the andengine library for games as it makes collisions, physics, and animations much easier to deal with. Good Luck!
codeacademy.com does NOT teach Java, only JavaScript. I searched for the Java course and there is none to be found.
try the deitel and deitel ebook for android programing it is a bit difficult if your a beginner but it sums up everything you need to know i find it great
you can even try the lynda series for android they are a straight forward approach and easy
I love android coding, and maybe I can teach u something.
I can't post links yet (this is actually my first post in the forums!), but I found the Android Bootcamp 2012 video series from NewCircle priceless. It's available for free on YouTube and it is based on the development of an entire app from scratch. It is slightly outdated, but very well made.
I also followed the Coursera's course on Android by prof Adam Porter: it's free as well and it just ended, so it's really up to date. It is based on a different approach though, covering different topics and providing several little projects, instead of a single one.
Imho though you do need some knowledge of Java. I came from a C++ background, so i was able to follow those courses while also learning bits of Java too, but starting with zero knowledge of both the Android api and Java could really be overwhelming, just warning you.
While following the Coursera's course, I saw people recommending a free course about Java taught by John Purcell on the Udemy platform (I might be wrong on the guy's first name).
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After taking that Coursera clas by Prof. Porter I was able to put an app in the app store. Aww yea.
Yea me too, it was a really cool course. Are you planning on following the next course? It seems like a tough one!
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How to program Android apps

I've never programmed an Android app before, but a few years back I did do a bit of Java programming on my PC. I'm looking for recommendations on a book that gives step-by-step instructions on how to program apps using the Eclipse IDE. I have tried the training found here:
http://developer.android.com/training/index.htmlbut I need a lot more details on the fundamentals with lots of examples.
For a start you shall use mit app inventor by google
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I love android and more importantly, would love to develop for android . But the problem is I need some help on how to develop apps for android. Developer.Android is great, but there's no one for doubts and there are things that I cannot understand directly by looking at the code and other given info. I love XDA community because of their love for development, and I trust people at XDA for providing the right help.
I could really use some help on the issue, where do I look for getting familiar with API and every thing else to finally develop an app?
I am not asking for some complete guide books or something else like a complete tutorial (maybe yes but i think the they are hard to find and are not that substantial), just a happening place where there is some substantial material that offers a little more help on what developer.android has for develop.
Just let me know what's the best way for me to continue, even if it is sticking with developer.android and trying to understand it !!
Thanks. I will try out the MIT App Inventor. Just curious, how does it compare with the Eclipse IDE for developing Android apps?
MIT App Inventor it is just for a start! You can t do very complicated things but it is the best for learning the basics...it has virtual emulators, some useful tutorials, you shall take a look
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Thanks. I tried the first tutorial. It was fun, but seems like a game! I think I really need to get back to the Eclipse IDE and learn how to use it. Anyone have other suggestions to help me understand the fundamentals of Eclipse.
I started with this. http://thenewboston.org/list.php?cat=6
you can use eclipse with android sdk of course.
if you want to make games with 3d or something like that you can use unreal or unity.
Thanks. That looks very helpful. I'm now working on the second video with 198 to go .
Those are the tutorials to use.
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Thanks for the tutorials! I'm in the same boat. I'm wanting to learn to develop, and the android and java sites leave some things a little unclear (to me anyways).

want to learn programming language(need advices)

i am thinking about learning a programming language totally from internet so i want to help me decide which to pick first and some links for any e-book or pdf or informations about the language will be appreciated!!!
is it possible to learn totally by yourself?
i really feel like search it and study a lot of things!!!!!
any advise....thanks in advance!
What do you want to develop?
Web development, Windows development, Android ROMs, Android apps etc..
That's a good question. I am interesting in roms ,apk and some windows and linux staff such as little games or apps.right now i am not interesting in web design and developement...
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It's either Java or C++. Are you doing this just for a hobby?
For ROMs and Linux you're better learning C. For Windows you're better of learning C#, but Java may be a wise choice also as that's what's used (primarily) for developing Android apps. You can use C for everything in your list, but there are better ways to develop for both Windows and Android using more modern techniques.
From what you've said I'd recommend just looking at some C tutorials and getting a book or 2 for beginners development.
This looks like a decent place to start...
Thanks for your reply, i know about some apps that are used for developing or mod but i feel like learn sth new and i dont care if it is a little difficult.
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Check out WWW.thenewboston.com. They have a ton of tutorials and resources, all free!
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Hey everyone,
I feel I have taken for a long time from the xda community and feel it is my duty to give back. I want to learn proper ROM making and developing apks and such. Not zipdevvin. Where can I start?
This is a good place to start...
Google is also your friend for 99% of the questions you will ever have, once you get going.
i just want to ask about choosing the language to study tho!
I am more like a Windows guys who usually mess with Windows Phone and Windows.
So is C++ is a good start? Or it is more like it to be started all over again at Visual Basic? I have forgotten everything about what i learned in the past about VB.
And are there many jobs for a Software Engineering with C++/ C# ? I am about to be in the university.
C# is a good place to start for Windows development, regardless of platform, and it will hold you in good stead for many programming jobs.