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I'm new to development and I've been learning thanks to thenewboston, xda and a lot of other resources. I wanted to work on the home sample that comes with the sdk and work on it. I've been trying like heck to change the density of the icons to appear high res. I've already changed the size and some other things in my time but this is really getting me. Any help would be awesome.


[Q] Making custom wallpapers

Ok, so I picked an Atrix 2 when I jumped ship from Sprint, and I have a question about making custom wallpapers for this device. If I remember correctly, having a qHD screen means the wallpaper size is 1080x960, but please correct me if I'm wrong. I'd like to create a custom static wallpaper out of smaller images so that when I change screens between the five available each picture is different. I can't seem to find the right resolution balance to make it happen, so I thought I'd see if anyone can point me in the right direction. I was under the assumption that if I used 216x960 pictures that it would work, but I'm having issues. Thanks in advance.
The resolution on the atrix2 is 540x960.
I'm aware of that, but if you pull a default wallpaper, you'll find it's 1080x960. I think I may have found the answer though. Apparently Android doesn't allow for separate wallpapers on each home screen using the default launcher. Only way I can find is using an app on the market. Kind of a clunky way to do it, but it's working so far.

[Q] Live Wallpaper Background

I am pretty new into android development and have a couple questions I'm sure you guys can answer pretty quickly but have so far not been able to figure out. How do I have a set background in a live wallpaper besides just creating something from canvas, I have it already loaded in the hdpi I just need to figure out how to call it. Also, is it possible to have something appear enlarge a little bit in the center of the screen then fall off the screen? I'm trying to create a time lapse of a tree where it goes through all the weather changes. Any sites you could link me too or answers you would have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for anything you guys are able to do.

[Motorola Droid] Resolution + GDE Theme

Hello everyone -
I purchased my Droid the day it came out. I left AT&T and my iPhone for it and so far the decision has been with no regrets. When I had my iPhone, I use to jailbreak and create themes for it. This is what I'd like to do with my Droid, create high resolution, high quality themes for the GDE home replacement.
I downloaded GDE and started playing with some of the themes. I cannot find a single theme for GDE that was created specifically for the Droid's high resolution.
1. Does anyone know any documentation for creating themes specifically for the Motorola Droid? Doesn't have to be through GDE.
2. Does anyone know the specific resolution per screen on the Droid? I have downloaded the .apks for the Hero theme for GDE and I see the menu bar is around 300px in width. How wide would it have to be to accommodate for the high resolution Droid screen. I want to create a HTC Sense UI theme for GDE on the Droid. I have downloaded eclipse, the SDK, and got these up and running for the most part. My main setback right now is knowing the correct resolutions.
Thanks for any help guys.
- Alex
Alright, I have managed to successfully install my first custom theme from eclipse onto my Droid.
The real question I simply need answered is what is the Droid's resolution per screen so I can create some high res graphics.
i would suggest you do a google search on specs. otherwise try these 2 sites; www.phonescoop.com or www.gsmarena.com
Are you talking about "per screen" as in "per homescreen" ? if so, then you should know that android uses one wallpaper on the entire "homescreen" and it just shifts left/right on a certain area of the wallpaper.
If you're talking about something else, then please explain in a little more detail please.
I'm sorry, I didn't clarify.
I know android uses 1 wallpaper to span the entire "homescreen." On my Droid the wallpaper spans across 3. The resolution I have found is 480x854. However I'm confused because I'm not sure how wide I can make the drawer graphic. I'm not sure how "wide" each "screen" is in pixels since it spans.
If it splits it up like the G1 does than each "screen's" width should be half of the total dimension I believe. So I would try 427 pixels wide.
Alright, I tried 480 and I tried 427... neither of which seem to work. 427 seems to upscale, and 480 seems to upscale as well, or something?
I am so confused.
Here is my 2 tests I did. I took screenshots with the SDK then dragged each drawer graphic onto the screenshot.
Follow this link for a good description on the wallpaper size issues.
I appreciate the help, but I am not talking about the wallpaper. I am talking about the drawer size, which should just be on one screen at a time, not spanning across 3. The wallpaper information is interesting though, I just wish I could figure out the max size I can make the drawer graphic without any upscaling or downscaling.
Thats strange that 427 didnt work. Perhaps you should contact the GDE developer as maybe GDE itself doesn't support the Droid's screen size.
GDE should take wallpapers with normal handheld screen dimensions (640X480), and re-size for Droid. When developing any theme for GDE, please consider that the theme also must reside in the same app space as GDE which has Android normal runtime limitations of 16mb. Brief spikes above that limit before and during garbage collecting are allowed before the whole app throws a fc. Here is an excerpt from a recent conversation between myself and the GDE dev regarding a theme:
This theme dev thankfully fixed it within hours. I don't know if this answers any of your questions, but it's good info to keep in mind when making a theme for any app. Also, before the theme mentioned above wallpaper's were re-sized to correct dimensions, GDE wallpaper changer would oftentimes fc when scrolling through available choices. This stopped after theme complied with guidelines.

Icons Abound

Here is a link to hundreds of icons from several sources.
I came across these by accident and figured I would share...
About half of these look like they were ripped from iPhone themes, but a good pack nonetheless. Fair variety, and they are all good quality PNGs, which makes it easy. Thanks.
If you are looking for manual instructions on modifying application icons, here is a decent post.
how to change application icons
If someone has better instructions, please link.
That works if you care about changing what you see in the App Drawer. If you only care about what you see on home screens, a much easier way for the average user is to just download Desktop Visualizer from the Market. Combined with Launcher Pro for your dock, you are limited only by the PNG images you can find or make.
It depends on how far you need to take it.
Learning something new every day
That's why we're here
Actually I am interested in changing the app drawer icons. And though much appreciated, the above post to the directions seems like a long way to go to achieve this.
Is there an easier way? I actually bought an icon theme for ADW.launcher and I love the home screen icons, but for some reason the developer made the drawer icons completely different and I hate them. I have found some icons that I like, that match the home screen icons.
Surely there must be a way to change all the icons at once instead of the above directions.
Thanks in advance for any responses.
How the HELL can I get myself closer to this?
Can anyone share ideas on how he did it?
I love that dude's set up.
Mine is minimal and simple using a black back screen with very clean and small things on the main page.
I'd like to mix it up and try something different.
For reference, here's mine:
That's Launcher Pro with Desktop Visualizer. DV just lets you make a widget that is an app button for any app with any PNG image you want for the icon. Head over to the Launcher Pro website here for a good thread of homescreens with lots of info: http://www.launcherpro.com/forum/vie...038&start=2490
I thanked you, because I appreciate the reply and posting up a link for me, but it's the images that I'm most interested in.
I'm going to search that thread to see where it takes me, but I wish there were just a theme I could bounce onto my phone with that type of layout pre-done.
I know that I'm going to get into it, not be able to make it as nice, not like the end result, and then not be able to get my current screen back to this way either.
Update: Found exactly what I was looking for and I know how to use it due to plenty of previous fooling around with Desktop Visualizer. Now I just need to find some time to go at it.
Here's the link for anyone else interested:

[Q] Everything is TINY on Galaxy S4 with Themer

Hi folks,
I'm a Themer noob, but a even with searching around I haven't found the solution. Basically, I installed Themer on my Slimkat ROMed T-Mo Samsung Galaxy S4 (M919 model), and went theme shopping. Found lots of nice ones but they all look tiny on my screen. Fonts and icons are much smaller than shown while browsing themes. For example, here's a theme I thought looked pretty. I'm attaching two pictures, one as shown in the theme browser and the other (with the tiny text and a tiny angry birds icon) the way it actually displays.
How do I change the sizes of the things, basically zooming the elements by a factor of 2-3X?
I have tried the icon size dp setting, but changing it doesn't seem to do much of anything at all.
Thanks in advance for help in adjusting the scaling!
Hi Marc,
We apologize about this, but you say you're running Slimkat. For some reason Slimkat has also been giving other users in this section similar issues. However one possible cause for this could be your display/DPI/resolution settings. Make sure that all your settings are set to your device's default setup, as Slimkat may have changed a few of them.
If this isn't the case please let us know, thanks!
- Marco
Thanks Marco. I'll poke around today and see if I can figure out how to change the DPI stuff. I've never needed to in my past Android experience and will need to figure out how to do it. I haven't yet seen an obvious setting for it, so maybe it's a build.prop mod?
I will report back after investigating!
I researched and found the actual pixel density of the S4 screen is 441. Using Device Control's build-prop settings, I found mine with SlimKat was set to 370. I adjusted it to 441 and a lot of things look more normal now in the regular launcher. The status bar at the top is now normal size and fonts are generally more legible.
However, in Themer, things still seem a bit small. I re-applied the theme, and things got a bit bigger, but still smaller than I'd like. I'll continue to poke around...
Whenever you have an issue with Themer, try this:
1. Uninstall Themer.
2. Delete the /sdcard/MyColorScreen/ folder (remove the Exported folder if you saved any themes).
3. Reinstall Themer.
Let me know how it goes!