Starting with Android app development - Online Courses, Schools, and Other External Resources

I have very little programming experience, just some in C and C++. But I'd like to start learning how to develop for Android.
Any good books/ebooks which will help me started? Or any guide or anything such?

Ill help you out if you want. Email me

i wanted to start too, i just wanted to know if it is harder to learn to program for android than for example to programm with c#. and what's the best way to get started

Just like me...

1. Start with learning Java as a programming language.
Don't waste time on learning how to create GUI in java as it is irrelevant to Android, but make sure you know the basics of how threading works, what collections you can use, learn the java event listeners model (concept only) etc.. Also make sure you're using Eclipse as it would probably be your primary IDE for Android development. For an experienced C++ programmer this step should take no longer than a week.
2. Install the Android SDK (follow
3. Read the developers guide basics.
4. Learn from examples!
The Android SDK comes with many example projects, just add a new Android project in eclipse and choose "from example" in the window that will follow.
There are also many open source Android projects you can learn from.

good advice. but consider IntelliJ as well as Eclipse. i find IntelliJ nicer and faster to use

Another useful thread on this topic is here:
[Q] How did you learn to develop?
As mentioned there, it would be good to get a general noob dev guide set up on here so that people can get started with developing.

Well i just started learning development in android as well,i have been trying hard to find sources to help me understand until i stumbled upon a gold mine....!
here it is:
this guys videos are awesome explains in detail....
Hope this helps all new learners like me,also the user in those videos has been doing this out of his busy schedule for free,if those videos teach you something or help you in anyway then please consider making him a small donation....!

I would also suggest to post your questions (or find answers) on the stackoverflow website ( It is full of smart guys

Another approach would be to build your apps in html / javascript using frameworks like JQuery, and then use a tool like PhoneGap which will bundle it into an app that will run cross platform

Found another good book:
android application devlopment for dummies.....!
great book see if u can find it,if u dont then let me know i will upload it ...!
its the best book i have seen for android
edit: ok here is a link for the book,i am doing this just because many ppl pmed me to upload it,if the mods feel the link shouldnt exist u can always delete it


[Q] First Android Project

I'm looking to start my first Android but I'm not sure where to start. I want to make a launcher app. Is that a little over the top for someone who has never written in this language before?
Have you done any programming before?
A little bit of Java not much though and some Python but that doesn't seem to matter much.
Check out this thread I just made:
It could be a valuable experience for you. If we find the right people, you could learn a lot AND still work on a Homescreen-app. I don't now about your current ideas, but I'd be excited to hear them.
Check out Resources in Android Developer website.
You can start with a simple Hello World app, and move on from there.
Hello Android!
There are more examples in the left navigation.
Have fun
Actually Python helps a lot. Try to learn C#, it's structure is very similar to Java but easier to learn.

[Q] I want to become a dev.

I'm a creeper on the forums and i look up to you people...and Recently i saw a story on how the number1 iphone app was created by a fourteen year old.
It got me thinking.. and i really want to try this but i have absolutely zero coding experience..
I know it sounds noobish to say but all the devs on this forum had to start somewhere.. they didnt just magically get their talents.
What i'm asking for are tutorials, references, guides, even books, on how to develop android applications from scratch.
Please dont overlook me.. i just want to learn.
I have the android sdk and eclipse set up and linked together.
I even have app inventer.
Any help is appreciated
I'd recommend starting with the tutorials on the Android Developers website In the left column there are 6 tutorials that are quite good. I'd reccomend doing Hello World, Hello Views, Notepad Tutorial, and save the others for later. After that, your best bet would be to get an idea in your head and go for it. If you have questions the best place to ask is on IRC in #android-dev. Outside of that, google is your best friend. Just search for what you want to do.
Hope this helps!
Tutorials are usually a good way to learn what you can start doing.
After you get some basics and know how to search for certain functions/commands, then you can start thinking about what type of app you want.
A lot of books (I just glanced over them at the bookstore) suggested thinking of what you want the app to do and then designing the general User Interface on paper. And after the UI is in your mind, you can start programming.
thanks to both of you for the help really appreciate it.. people seem to ignore the noobs but anybody can learn.
ill put my ideas on paper first.
And ChainsDD what is the IRC in #android dev?
IRC is internet relay chat. To quote Wikipedia:
There are many clients out there to connect to it, but I believe that XChat is cross-platform and quite good. Here's the website for it. The quick start guide on that page will get you online, but choose freenode as your network, as that's where #android-dev is. There's also #android for general android discussions, and #android-root for root discussions.
I would recommend you to start with the basics. With that I mean Java applications for the command window. It's easy to set up and use to learn basic stuff like data types, operators and class structures. Search for "basic java programming" or likewise and you will find a lot of good (and bad) tutorials.
For example: Java tutorial for beginners - Introduction
When you have learned to write a simple program in Java use the Android tutorials to learn how to use Google's Java libraries. The three tutorials ChainsDD mentioned are a good start.
Not all of us
Real Dev's code in Python (j/k)
But they all stated good things - pretty much pick a programming language and start from there. If it's Android development it is going to be Java (ugh).
If your serious about wanting to develop? I would recommend C++ as the language to get involved with. From there it is easy to branch off to other languages.
There is a TON of free material on the internet (that isn't pirated even) to help you get started. Compilers, code samples, documentation.. there is virtually no limit to the amount of data that is out there.
The trick is... A) to figure out what you want to do and B) remained focus on your goals and keep working at it. Coding is NOT easy (I can't code my way out of a wet paperbag - but I understand it) but can be very rewarding both personally and financially
So good luck!
Nah, I code for years and didn't get any of those rewards.. just lame jobs and no life!

Android App Developing

Recently, I felt inspired and I want to begin to try and create Android Applications, Widgets, and games. However, I have no idea what language it's written in and if there's a specific book that would help me plz link me to it.
Also, what language is it written in? lol
Thnx guys
Probably a good idea to do a search (xda or google) before posting threads like this, which there are already hundreds exactly the same.
Android apps are written in Java. There quite a few threads about android books on this forum.
Start with the sdk documentation and examples here.
Don't expect it to be super easy, there isn't a website, book or tutorial that is going to teach you to write awesome apps in 20mins. It will take time.
Download the .zip in the first post here -
University standard basic java tutorials

I want to develop for windows mobile- pelase help

Hello, My name is jay and I hae recently joined this forum. I want to start developing for windows mobile and want to use c# to develop. I really need help and any tutorials especially wideo tutorials would be really good.
I want to work on this project as it is neccessary for me, is to develop an english dictionary for the windows mobile platform. I really want to learn hwo to do that, could any of you geniuses help me on how to get started on this , I really want to learn.
Please help me
Thank you
Jay Nanavati
Also visit my deviant art as I do some cool designing and more :
Well, you better join the MSDN Forums for that! They have thousands of HOW-TO's, code samples and as well videos online ... !
I have looked on MSDN and everywhere, and all the tutorials are so advanced and I do not understand and I dont want to copy and paste I want to learn the language, I mean I want to make a dictionary program, is there any speccefic tutorial which can help me with it ???
that's true, there are a lot of people who want to enter this labor market, so the oldie are making such entrance barriers, try to target different platform
Hmmm, strange!
I am not sure if we talk about the same FORUMS.
The Forums I am talking about are not only 'advanced' but to 70 percent I see newbies asking the same questions over and over again, just like here.
Sure, it is not easier there to use the search than it is here. Simple advice: Start building your project; if you get stuck, post your question / problem in the MSDN Forums and wait ... somebody will sooner or later defenitely reply, if not, the MOD will try either to come up with a helpful advice or point you in the right direction.
But I just simply want to learn how to make a dictionary in c# for windows mobile, and there is no help, I mean there are all these people on this forum who make loads of much more advanced apps and non of them can help me
Actually, the tools are the same as for normal Windows development. I use Visual Studio 2008 and you need to install the Windows Mobile 5 or 6 SDK.
Also debugging can be done right on your phone (via ActiveSync).
A good book is this one: Mobile Development Handbook
Hope that this helps in programming for Mobile phones. Have fun in your journey.

[Q] Related to Java learning for android app development.

Hello! I have started learning java for android app development. I ve bought this book called Learn Java for android development by Jeff Friesen. I also learn from other sources. But sometimes there are codes, that i cannot understand and i think that I ll never become a good developer.
Does this happen to every newbie? Please give me some tips if you are an experienced developer?
If you have problems learning java try basic4android, and you can develope apps for android in language witch is similar to Basic, easy to learn, but powerful
Have you tried an app tutorial? It might add to your knowledge base.
It is not easy to start learning java with some specific framework (like Android Application Framework).
When something is not clear in the code, i suggest you should try switching to the basic core java stuff and do some tutorials on that.
After that you will have an understanding and more confidence in learning android development.
Good luck.
Thnqq every1 for help! I really appreciate u people and i followed ur suggestions now i can do some medium level programming! thnx
I saw screenshots of basic4android but the coding looked completely different from java. Sorry! but i am a newbie. Can you tell me which language is that and which is easier and can i make games from this? Thank You!