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I had flashed AIK in custom recovery, but I can't seem to get it to work properly..

Bro 2 more things i want to learn
1st how add multi languages in extracted rom?
And how fix gapps also in extracted rom?

What do you mean by that sir? I will be happy to help you
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For multi languages its usually built into the ROM. Fixing gapps depends on what's wrong with it.
When you extract your rom what gapps are you trying to fix?

#Mr Hassan, #The Exploiter
Moved your posts into this thread as they are off topic for the kitchen. Feel free to continue here if you would like

Thank you I'll be sure to come back

can you give me little details about add multi languages in extracted rom
and also add gapps

If you have a custom ROM build without gapps then grab a version perspective to your device too flash in recovery
To add multi languages (depending on the ROM) I would look around on XDA.. I haven't ever heard of multi language..

I'm having the worst time trying to get java6 installed.. Does anyone have a good way?

Java 6?
sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jdk openjdk-6-jre
You need Java 8 for the SuperR Kitchen tho..
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Vrtheme and updater script

I need a lilttle help on this. I have had Aroma on my rom for awhile. But on the next update (Im working on now) i want to include new things like Nexus 7 animations. But they use vrtheme.
I have tried to get the mods that have vrtheme to flash but its a no go. I know that I must have vrtheme in my rom which I do (attatched) but I dont know the right way to write my script to extract it in my updater script.
Thats where I need help. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I have enclosed my updater script, aroma config, and my folder which contains all aroma mods.
Edit....its not letting my upload my files. I will try again later
Download the Aroma VrTheme (installer is first in my signature)
you can probably figure it out from there.
Thanks bro....took a fast look before work. Saw the updater script. I will look into it tonight. Thanks again
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I ran into a problem. At the very end of aroma I got this: package_extract_ dir () expects 2 args, got 3.
My rom flashed except for any vrtheme related mod.
I have enclosed the log, updater script, and aroma config. Will someone take a peek at this and see what I missed?
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There should only be 2 parms, you have 3
the first is the source directory, the second is where to put it
you have:
package_extract_dir("alloy/Lock/Shock", "/vrtheme", "/sdcard/vrtheme");
You gota get rid of one of them, more than likely "/vrtheme"
based on your other lines that worked you probably should have coded it like this:
package_extract_dir("alloy/Lock/Shock/vrtheme", "/sdcard/vrtheme");
Ok, thanks. I overlooked that. I will see if that fixes the problem. Thanks again.
Got it working. Thanks JohnMcW
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Does anyone know of any good documentation or forms for building a aroma?
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I'm building a aroma and have it done but the problem is it will start to extract vrtheme but then stops instillation and ends. Try to find something that will help me learn. Can't find much.
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Theres an aroma q&a in the android section, covers everything including code help

[HTC ROM For Z00LD][OFFICIAL] Android 7.1.1. For Ze550kl

Hello Guy's...!
As you Know i'm Building HTC Rom. Now i have finished that Work. First thing i want to say I'm Newbie to Android Development I'm a Web Developer Since 5 Years.
Actually I wanted to make MIUI ROM but I'm not able to do that If Any Body have MIUI ROM for Ze550kl Please Send me the Link or Let's Make a MIUI ROM.?
Lemme Come to the HTC ROM Now
Android: 7.1.1
Based On: SlimRom(AOSP)
Root: Not Enabled But I Have Added SUPERSU ZIP.
Download Link: Moderator Edit: Link removed.
How to Flash:
Read Carefully
As i told i'm new to Android development. This process is bit Crazy.
Actually I tried to make a Flashable ZIP but I can't Able to do that(BootLoop)
So I Took System, Boot Backup: (Read Properly Bro)
First: Delete TWRP backups(Empty Folder too) From your Storage.
Second: Extract The Given Zip.
Third: Reboot to TWRP Recovery.
Fourth: Select Restore => Select The Given File. After Restoring Backup & Boot, Flash The SuperSu From The ZIP.
Fifth: Flash Your Favorite GApps, Clear Dalvi/Cache.
Sixth: Enjoy,
NOTE: I'm Sorry For Not Providing The Flash-able ZIP, But Anyone Can Help me To Make A Flash-able ZIP the Contact me.
WhatsApp: +919030902281.
So That's It For Now Hit The Thanks Button If You Like My First project. And I'm Looking For Team. Contact me if anyone interested From Above Contacts Details.
Comment Must. Your Experience, Problems, Bugs, Suggestion For The Next Build.. Thank You For Wasting Your Time With Me And My Rom... Hope You Will Love The Work...
I think that's wrong link
Oh Fcuk I'm Sorry I'm Correcting Now...
Done Sir. Sorry For Wrong Link. Link Updated Now.
Screenshots plz
rom is smooth ... no lags ...
awesome work dev ....
Drop Some suggestion For Next build..
You are cooool.Broooo
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Can u post screen shot of the settings and quck settings menu
rom have htc apps but the settings pannel and the quick settings panal does not look like htc nougat one ...
i thought this rom to have full htc skin ...
maybe that can be done ... (suggestions)
bruh Settings And Quick Settings Won"t Change Coz. Dialer,Contacts,Shell,SystemUI,Settings,QuickSetti ngs Will Be Default As Base Rom SO Don"t Expect That Settings , Quick Settings Will Change.

[UPDATE] Camera blobs flasheable zip / with proper kernel

I will start saying that this was only possible, because an awesome teamwork of davidevinavil, CallmeSuper and SY (Dazzworld/Chen) .
All started with SY extracting the proprietary files needed for the camera, on the z2 pro.
As he made it, open the path to davidevinavil extract the files from z2 plus, and, CallMESuper making changes on the kernels to support the new blobs.
So, all the credits for this work, is to them.
If i said something wrong, please correct me.
Credits for this work: #davidevinavil #CallMESuper
Thanks for #DD3Boh for let me update his kernel to use with this blobs
Vendor Repo:
Kernel Source:
(update zipfile and kernel - download attached to thread)
Just a simple zip flasheable on TWRP to update roms with the new blobs.
Must use a compatible kernel or will get FC's on camera app.
Compatible DarkMoon 004.1 LT added to the thread. Is just the regular DarkMoon, with new blobs support.
If you have some error on flashing or Fc´s on system, make sure you're using a TWRP v3+ and a compatible kernel too.
Made based on davidevinavil vendor repo, so you can thank him for the work
i have a doubt on your credibility as a source. You can't even spell davidevinavil correctly. Definitely not flashing this zip on my phone.
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Thanks for the typo warn.
Im not a source of nothing, just a made a zip man... LOL
Flash if you want or not, just trying to help
such lack of details makes one suspicious. it was an instinct. how can i be sure that this won't mess up my device. Setting up device from scratch is quite an hassle. i appreciate your efforts.
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Nice Job man!
It works perfectly.
You can always dirty flash the rom you were using if this new blobs zip causes some problems
You is Magic. Thanks for work.
i'll try for features are welcome.
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compatible kernel? which one?
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That's great!!!
Keep up your good work.
That F1XY one must work, there's a thread of it here on XDA.
Can you please be more specific about what changes this zip will do?
New blobs of what?
What I should expect to change or improve?

[GUIDE] Cook your own Stock-based Sense ROM with Android Kitchen from RUU.

Since I haven't seen a guide on how to do this in places, I wanted to make one so people can make their own sense ROMs =D
Now on to the guide!!
First, download Android Kitchen from here and set it up for whichever operating system you're using (I'n on linux so I won't be able to help Windows and OS X users set it up)
Once you're done and have set it up, download your RUU that you want to base your ROM off if from here -
After downloading the RUU, follow this guide on extracting from an RUU. If you're on Linux, use this tool to extract it -
Now that you have you're, you'll need to copy it to the "original_update" folder in the Android Kitchen. After copying it their, create a working folder for Android Kitchen. Android Kitchen will now unpackage the and create a working folder with the RUU's contents in it.
Now you can apply your selected tweaks for your ROM!
Once you've applied your selected tweaks in the kitchen, go into "Advanced Options" and select "Convert update-script or updater-script". Enter the number for the option to convert to "Edify" format, otherwise your ROM will not work!! After doing this, you can package edit the updater-script in the working folder so that it flashes to the One V (You can ask for help with that below, don't hesitate!)
Now, package your ROM and use mode 1. Zipalign and make sure to sign the zip.
If you've finished this and haven't encountered any errors, congratulations on making your own sense ROM! You can now edit and mod the ROM for yourself =D
If you encounter any errors, just ask about them! =D
maybe you can call this guide
[Guide] Cook your own Stock-based Sense ROM with Android Kitchen from RUU.
Do you have an idea hoe add my samsung device to make the kitchen support?
which device?
Samsung gaalaxy gio dude
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can you get me a recovery.fstab from your phone?
Ok dude im on mobile now is it ok to if i will give later?
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Dude what u need? Fstab? Or the whole boot.img?
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a recovery img
dude this my Recovery.img please help me to make kitchen support my device.., thanks in advance!

[mod] - ics init.d stapler -7/29/2012-

If you are one of the many ICS users (or devs), you may have noticed that it is very difficult to make your tweaks (v6 and car-o-dope especially) stick. Whether or not these tweaks are actually needed is up to the user/dev, i'm just here to bring you the solution to a minor ICS issue.
This is a flashable .zip file that will essentially inject (or staple as I like to say) the support of the INIT.D script into your current ICS rom. As I said above, this SHOULD (YMMV) allow the support of any tweaks that require the INIT.D script.
In order from start to finish:
-Download the .zip file from the download section.
-Place .zip file in the root of your SD card.
-Boot your ICS rom into any AMON RA based recovery.
-(OPTIONAL) Wipe dalvik/cache.
-Flash the .zip file!
-(OPTIONAL) Wipe dalvik/cache.
-Apply your favorite tweaks.
-Enjoy and report any success/failure to this thread.
-wilskywalker for creating this thread:
-karadorde for creating this thread:
-This link for help resolving some updater-script issues
-Most of all, iridaki for exposing this mod to the android community.
Please post your rom/tweak successes and failures in this thread so I may update this list and work on resolving any bugs/issues,
-RemICS-UX Port
-Car O Dope
Spread the word BROTHA'!
Im so going to find this handy with my mash up and my upcoming MIUI project
Consider it spread
Tweeted....Facebook(ed) it and Google +(ed) hahahaha
Go ahead and use it dude!
As a matter of fact, if any devs would like to include this modification in their Rom(s), shoot me a PM and I will give you a brief idea of what needs to be baked in.
Another option is to post my thread or download link in your ICS Rom thread.
Make sure to give credit!
SWEET! Thanks man! This should help the community a little. (x
Just applied. Wanted to confirm to all interested that this is indeed working. Thank you.
Applied while running RemICS-UX. Using carodope tweaks.
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Thanks for giving it a try!
I also wanted to add that this should work for Jelly bean too. I have not tested it though, so if someone is on jelly bean and would like to answer this question, post your results.
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