[UNOFFICIAL] Xposed Systemless Plugin for SuperR's Kitchen v3.x - SuperR Kitchen

Xposed Systemless python plugin work in Windows and Linux amazing Superr's Kitchen 3.x.x.x
extract and copy folder in superrs-kitchen3\tools\plugins
run in plug-in manager

Thanks for making this. I meant to get to it at some point
Since this is an unofficial plugin, I moved you to your own thread so you can support it


Viper audio

Hey guys, today I rooted my phone and installed newest Viper's audio for android. Everything is OK, apart the driver installation. App asks me to install drivers and when I let it do that (with root permissions enabled) it tells me to reboot phone to complete the installation. When I reboot, driver status is "abnormal" and the app asks me to install drivers again. There is no end. Please, couldn't you guys try to install Viper if it is functioning? Or if I made mistake somwhere and I have to flash fresh ROM? I tried almost everything.
Thank you.
If you are using Magisk. Open Magisk Manager. Install Viper4Android module from downloads, then go to root file manager. Open Root/system/vendor/etc folder. Change audio_effects.conf to audio_effects.conf.bak Restart your device and then check the status then it should work. If you are on SuperSU then just don't forget to rename audio effects file after driver installation.
I will second this method. Installing via Magisk is probably the only way I've found on Nougat to install Viper without trouble. I install through Magisk and then install the newest Viper4Android app from that thread. Drivers preinstalled.
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Could someone link to viper they are using please
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I have by guitarhero that works, flashed via TWRP. I have to use an SELinux toggling app (only available via APK mirror or similar sites) to set SELinux to Permissive for it to work. The OS will flag the app as dangerous, but it's fine.
Oh sorry for wrong section. Thank you guys. I tried the magisk version but didn't work. Then I tried to flash Viper by guitarhero and this works, because the driver is flashed into system along with app. I even had a newer version installed ( and when I started this newer version first rather than older guitarhero, it worked. So I suppose you just need to flash viper for driver and then you can run new versions.
Hi guys, why don't you install ViPER4Ariseā„¢ module (ARISEā„¢ themed version of ViPER4Android's latest DSP application with pre-installed driver. All ARISEā„¢ artwork is the work and property of #churapa) ?
You mean all the magnus opus package (130MB)? Is it working also on enforcing or should I switch to permissive?
If you read the linked first post is says:
Magnum Opusā„¢ Features:
- The most advanced and comprehensive sound system ever made available.
- Jellybean through Android O developer preview support.
- ARM, Mediatekā„¢, Qualcommā„¢, 32bit, 64bit, and x86 support.
- Full SELinux Enforcing support
- Magiskā„¢ support provided by the incredibly talented Zackptg5 and his Magiskā„¢ Resource.
- 300MB of fully customizable sonic bliss.
So at least there is a claim of enforcement support.
I know but that's a generic statement, as far as I know it takes time to make it work on new devices.. Can anyone confirm?

Kali NetHunter For Sony Z5 Compact.

Hey guys.
I spent a little bit of time porting the Kali Net Hunter Project to the Sony Z5C.
Despite not being fully functional yet I decided to upload it anyway mainly so I don't forget what I'm up to and so if others are interested now or in the future they can pick up where I have left off.
************************************************** **
A project by Offensive Security
The Kali NetHunter is an Android penetration testing platform targeted towards Nexus and OnePlus devices built on top of Kali Linux, which includes some special and unique features. Of course, you have all the usual Kali tools in NetHunter as well as the ability to get a full VNC session from your phone to a graphical Kali chroot, however the strength of NetHunter does not end there. We've incorporated some amazing features into the NetHunter OS which are both powerful and unique. From pre-programmed HID Keyboard (Teensy) attacks, to BadUSB Man In The Middle attacks, to one-click MANA Evil Access Point setups, access to the Offensive Security Exploit Database... And yes, NetHunter natively supports wireless 802.11 frame injection with a variety of supported USB NICs.
Documentation and Attack Descriptions
Attack descriptions as well as some documentation to get you started with the installation and setup of Kali NetHunter can be found at https://github.com/offensive-securit...nethunter/wiki.
Is Kali NetHunter an Android ROM?
Kali Linux NetHunter is not a ROM but is meant to be installed over an existing stock/factory image of Android. It can also be installed over some Cyanogenmod based ROMs depending on device support. It is heavily based on using custom kernels and only supports a select number of devices. We're relying on you, the community, to port your devices for the full Kali NetHunter experience.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q - Does NetHunter support Marshmallow, or Nexus 9 devices?
A - Yes, check our wiki for more information on supported devices and ROMs https://github.com/offensive-securit...vices-and-roms
**Q** - What kind of attacks does NetHunter support?
A - Our wiki has a list of included attack tools https://github.com/offensive-securit...s-and-features
**Q** - NetHunter is awesome! How do I install it?
A - Follow the instructions on the wiki https://github.com/offensive-securit...top-of-android
**Q** - What is the best wireless card for NetHunter?
A - A list of supported devices and chipsets is on the wiki https://github.com/offensive-securit...Wireless-Cards
Fri Jan 15 02:09:40 EST 2016
************************************************** ***
My end goal with this was to get the Z5C to be one of the supported devices for NH.
I have run out of time.
Porting the kernel was the easy part. Modifying the NH installer is a little more involved.
At the moment you can down load this .zip. (link below) (1GB)
it contains my kernel.img modified to run kali for Z5C
A Kali chroot/app/binary/script installer
A (kernel) module/ boot screeninstaller
an un-installer
Unzip, save all on your phone. Flash the boot.img via fastboot, boot in to your unofficial version of TWRP flash kali installer then the modules zip. Reboot.
Open terminal
I recommend
when this is done open the NetHunter App and have a look.
Note **The auto package installer doest work in this kernels current state because the NetHunter Terminal cant find root.
This has to do with type of SU binary/rooting method used.
My kernel source : https://github.com/joeisgood99/Z5C-Copyleft-Kernel/tree/NetHunter-N.3
-Copy left 33.3.A.2.33
-modified to boot and run kali including external hardware support ie wireless cards, usb keyboard.
-BB installed
-DRM fix installed
-dm-verity is disabled
-Sony RIC disabled
-alucard, zzmoove, elementalx CPU goveners.
What doest work.
-The auto package installer in the NetHunter app doest work in this kernels current state because the NetHunter Terminal cant find root. If anyone can get ChainFires SuperSU to work on android 7.0 for Z5C that might fix the problem. Or simlink a binary to where the terminal is looking for su.
Here is a non rooted NetHunter boot.img for those that wanna test superSU latest boot patch for xperia devices
-NetHunter terminal wont open (as above)
-Driverdroid attacks don't work on stock kernel because the ā€œdetect usb deviceā€ function keeps getting in the way.
These problems most likely wont exist if someone ports this to an AOSP kernel. I would but I don't use vanilla AOSP, CM, linage OS or Omni Rom atm.
For those that get in to this and clone the project from offensive-security will quickly find that any install.zip built for z5c from the installer will break parts of the phone if flashed over stock. (levels of brokenness depend on who's unofficial version of TWRP you are using)
I listed the issues here
Feel free t peruse my github repos to look at how I temporally went around the easy problems.
Feel free to submit proper fixes.
Do NOT Harass NetHunter devs with issues for NetHunter on Z5C as the device is not officially supported.
Nice work, solid effort, gave up playing with it when battery/heat issues with updates and such.
Never been close to 2 day power since 5.1.1.
Fantastic, Thank you very much for that!
can you port it to official lineage os please.
how to run external wifi (wlan1) monitor mode?
and which kernel support monitor mode (wlan1)?
how to install kernel support monitor mode?
Hi #aggunawan. What wireless card do you have plugged in to your phone?
I use driver ath9tk_htc (Tp-Link TL-WN722n versi v1),
Please help me master?
When you plug in the card in and use ifconfig what is the output? Also have you installed the zip containing the external drivers?
No wlan1 detected
And i have followed instalation steps you give
-fastboot flash boot NH-33-boot.img
-flashing nethunter test E5823 nougat kalifs.zip and NH-boot-modules-logo nougat.zip
-and i follow step by step "apt-get install kali-linux-nethunter
-apt-get update, install kali-linux-wireless, pwtools ....

[request] Prepare ubuntu lts for ROM development

hello everyone . i would like to ask for guideness on how to configure my freshly installed ubuntu lts 14.02 for building CyanogenMod ROMs
and then , maybe others too..
(Interested in AOSP roms and ubuntu touch.)
i am willing to pay
i need us,to start from the scratch ,download the requirements and build one simple rom ,just for education.
Knowledge:Java (basic to advanced APK builds with android studio)
Theme engine theming.
Knowledge on android structure.
C++ (Advanced skills-classes structs pointers)
Very basic skill on linux usage (apt-get install the requirements ,usage of terminal etc)
I am using s4 9505 with latest nightly

Which xposed to install

The xposed installer won't work for me due to me having 6.0 android so I was told that I need to flash it with twrp. I found lots of downloads https://forum.xda-developers.com/sho....php?t=3034811 but I have no idea which one it is
I'm gonna leave info that I think might be useful
ARM (just normal arm as it says on the installer apk)
Android marshmallow 6.0 (api 23 it says too)
Verified boot is deactivated
Please help
You have to download:
1. The Xposed installer APK and install it
2. The zip of your arm processor and your sdk 23 and install it.
The Xposed APK is for manage the Xposed modules. And the zip for the framework

[PORTING HELP] MIUI Magisk/Systemless Xposed

I was trying to merge the project from topjohnwu
[UNOFFICIAL][Magisk][Oct 4] Xposed v86.6 - Universal Systemless Compatibility
[UNOFFICIAL][5.0/5.1/6][v86][10 Jul] Xposed for MIUI
But, simply replacing the files in the archive from the MIUI modded xposed to the "Universal" one will not work: i cannot understand why Magisk will not mount
to the system dir (he hate the "xposed" string?)
and oviusly i'll get the error in the Xposed installer log that cannot find "/framework/XposedBridge.jar"
PS. actually the only systemless Xposed for MIUI seems is this, apparently done by simply hex-editing app_process32/64 from the SolarWarez one and including a boot image patcher
I hope someone can help you for this.
Have you read this ? http://forum.xda-developers.com/xpos...2#post69039892