config errors when flashing - SuperR Kitchen

attached is recovery log sir

The error you see in recovery is one we have seen already and I don't know how to fix it or why it's broken. I think it has something to do with Windows though. It seems the config directory in the rom is not getting extracted to /tmp. When it tries to run /tmp/ it does not exist. Then it tries to get info from /tmp/config which is also not there because was never run to create it. The problem is that the zips appear to be the same with the same contents, same updater-script contents, etc. If built on Windows it does not work. If built on Linux it works. I am not a Windows guy (for these and many other reasons lol) so I have no idea what the difference is. If you have any ideas please let me know. Has anyone built a working flashable zip on Windows using this kitchen?

U can surely remove that feature if u like hardly used ....
I am gonna make a rom on linux too and see if that flashes...u need anything to compare or check sir ?
I remember last time too i had issue for mounting when rom created on linux..let me try one now and report back
edit :\ #SuperR. dev check this screenshot
it shows mounting error still rom flashed and booted good :P

It may have already been mounted so it gave an error. We can deal with that later since it flashed and booted. Now we need to find out what the difference is between the Linux created ROM and the Windows created ROM. Were they both created using the same kitchen version, same firmware, same procedure? The ONLY difference is Windows vs. Linux, right? If so, can you send the updater-script from both so I can compare?

Using Windows for building android is kinda looking like someone taking square wheels to a skatepark and expecting fluid motion..
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These wheels are rolling faster each day. We will ride

Lmao. Right on! If anyone can get this right, it's You and these guys helping here #SuperR. Catching some air!
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yes both were created using latest kitchen , same firmware and procedure
here are the scripts sir

i still got the error 7 even i clean cloned kitchen sir

Can you send the updater-script and recovery.log?
There is still one problem I need to solve for sure... file capabilities in Windows. Currently there is a file with capabilities listed and it is checked when creating an updater-script in Windows. In the case of your ROM, it is not accurate. The only non-standard capability in your firmware is /system/bin/run-as which is correct in your updater-script. However, the rest should all be 0x0 and there are a few that are not. You could try changing them to 0x0 and zip the ROM back up.
It has also crossed my mind that there may be something strange about the zip itself in Windows. I am not sure of this at all but in my tests of kitchen v3.0.1.8 and your firmware, the updater-script comes out nearly identical in Linux and Windows with only the above mentioned capability differences. Maybe the compression level of the zip is too high or low? You could try manually zipping the ROM to find out if the zip process is causing an issue.
It seems that not a single working flashable zip has come out of this kitchen running Windows so far and I am running out of ideas about what is causing it
edit: Attached below is a modified updater-script for your firmware with the capabilities corrected

u have been a rock and we are so glad ur trying to get this to work sir i am attaching a working script and supeR script with recovery log
edit : the modified one again gave that error


How to flash d2spr Lollipop Roms on the d2lterefreshspr (SPH-L710T Tri-Band Model)

1st let me just say I'm not a developer at all just someone who enjoys custom roms as much as everyone else here! I'm not very good at explaining things so please try to bear with me and try to understand this the best you can! If any real developers read this please help us by adding support for our device and if any developers can explain this better please do so! For anyone with the d2lterefreshspr (SPH-L710T Tri-Band) wanting to flash almost any Lollipop Roms made for the d2spr you can flash them! You might 1st have to unzip the rom and go to the updater-script and delete the 1st part where it checks the recoveries build to see if your device is the d2spr or the d2lte and so on. Then repack the rom back into a zip file the flash it in recovery as you normally would. Then once the Rom boots you won't have a baseband or service or anything but I will tell you why and how to fix this. The d2spr's modem-image file are labeled different from our modem! At the bottom of this I will show you the list of each modems links so you can see which 1s are different and what you have to delete and resymlink to get the Rom to reconize your baseband and get your service working! But using a file manager with root access navigate to the files in "/system/etc/firmware/ " and delete the wrongly symlinked modem-images! Once you have done that navigate to "/firmware-mdm/images/" folder and start symlinking the correct files to "/system/etc/firmware/" folder. After this you might want to modify the buid.prop and change all parts that say d2spr to d2lterefreshspr but only if you want. Once you have done this reboot to recovery and flash the Lte apn fix zip then reboot. Now everything should work with service and everything! I have tried this on the latest SlimLP 5.1.1. Beta and A..I.C.P. Lollipop and a few other Lollipop Roms for the d2spr. If you would like to download some of the Roms I have modified the updater-scripts so they will flash on our device and the APN zip I flash with a flashable build.prop I have already modified just send me a message and I will send you a link to my drive account. I'm trying to create a zip we can flash in recovery that will delete the wrong symilinked files and symlink the correct files to help save us the trouble of this process and for people that don't know how to create a symlink file! But as I stated I'm not a developer so I might be able to but if any developers that could help us by creating 1 for us please please feel free to do so and let us know! But take a look at the 2 lists of symlinked files and delete the necessary files and create the new symlinks that our device needs! If the files show the correct symlinks on 1st boot but you still don't have service click on the symlinks and view its details and you will see it'ssymlinked to the wrong files. Just delete all symlinks and create the correct new 1s.
Example of the d2spr modem symlinked images are:
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/dsps.b00", "/system/etc/firmware/dsps.b00");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/dsps.b01", "/system/etc/firmware/dsps.b01");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/dsps.b02", "/system/etc/firmware/dsps.b02");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/dsps.b03", "/system/etc/firmware/dsps.b03");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/dsps.b04", "/system/etc/firmware/dsps.b04");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/dsps.b05", "/system/etc/firmware/dsps.b05");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/dsps.mdt", "/system/etc/firmware/dsps.mdt");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem.b00", "/system/etc/firmware/modem.b00");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem.b01", "/system/etc/firmware/modem.b01");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem.b02", "/system/etc/firmware/modem.b02");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem.b03", "/system/etc/firmware/modem.b03");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem.b04", "/system/etc/firmware/modem.b04");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem.b05", "/system/etc/firmware/modem.b05");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem.b06", "/system/etc/firmware/modem.b06");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem.b07", "/system/etc/firmware/modem.b07");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem.mdt", "/system/etc/firmware/modem.mdt");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_f2.b00", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.b00");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_f2.b01", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.b01");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_f2.b02", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.b02");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_f2.b03", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.b03");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_f2.b04", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.b04");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_f2.b05", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.b05");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_f2.b06", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.b06");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_f2.b07", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.b07");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_f2.b08", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.b08");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_f2.b09", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.b09");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_f2.b10", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.b10");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_f2.b13", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.b13");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_f2.b14", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.b14");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_f2.b21", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.b21");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_f2.b22", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.b22");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_f2.b23", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.b23");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_f2.b25", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.b25");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_f2.b26", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.b26");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_f2.b29", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.b29");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_f2.mdt", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.mdt");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/q6.b00", "/system/etc/firmware/q6.b00");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/q6.b01", "/system/etc/firmware/q6.b01");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/q6.b03", "/system/etc/firmware/q6.b03");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/q6.b04", "/system/etc/firmware/q6.b04");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/q6.b05", "/system/etc/firmware/q6.b05");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/q6.b06", "/system/etc/firmware/q6.b06");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/q6.mdt", "/system/etc/firmware/q6.mdt");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/tzapps.b00", "/system/etc/firmware/tzapps.b00");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/tzapps.b01", "/system/etc/firmware/tzapps.b01");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/tzapps.b02", "/system/etc/firmware/tzapps.b02");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/tzapps.b03", "/system/etc/firmware/tzapps.b03");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/tzapps.mdt", "/system/etc/firmware/tzapps.mdt");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/vidc.b00", "/system/etc/firmware/vidc.b00");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/vidc.b01", "/system/etc/firmware/vidc.b01");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/vidc.b02", "/system/etc/firmware/vidc.b02");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/vidc.b03", "/system/etc/firmware/vidc.b03");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/vidc.mdt", "/system/etc/firmware/vidc.mdt");
The correct modem images you need to symlink for the d2lterefreshspr are:
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/dsps.b00", "/system/etc/firmware/dsps.b00");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/dsps.b01", "/system/etc/firmware/dsps.b01");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/dsps.b02", "/system/etc/firmware/dsps.b02");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/dsps.b03", "/system/etc/firmware/dsps.b03");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/dsps.b04", "/system/etc/firmware/dsps.b04");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/dsps.b05", "/system/etc/firmware/dsps.b05");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/dsps.mdt", "/system/etc/firmware/dsps.mdt");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem.b00", "/system/etc/firmware/modem.b00");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem.b01", "/system/etc/firmware/modem.b01");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem.b02", "/system/etc/firmware/modem.b02");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem.b03", "/system/etc/firmware/modem.b03");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem.b04", "/system/etc/firmware/modem.b04");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem.b06", "/system/etc/firmware/modem.b06");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem.b07", "/system/etc/firmware/modem.b07");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem.b08", "/system/etc/firmware/modem.b08");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem.b09", "/system/etc/firmware/modem.b09");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem.b10", "/system/etc/firmware/modem.b10");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem.mdt", "/system/etc/firmware/modem.mdt");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_fw.b00", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.b00");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_fw.b01", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.b01");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_fw.b02", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.b02");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_fw.b03", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.b03");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_fw.b04", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.b04");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_fw.b05", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.b05");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_fw.b09", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.b09");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_fw.b10", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.b10");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_fw.b11", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.b11");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_fw.b12", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.b12");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_fw.b13", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.b13");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_fw.b15", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.b15");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_fw.b16", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.b16");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_fw.b17", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.b17");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_fw.b18", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.b18");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_fw.b23", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.b23");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_fw.b24", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.b24");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_fw.b25", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.b25");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_fw.b27", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.b27");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_fw.b28", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.b28");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_fw.b31", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.b31");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_fw.fli", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.fli");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/modem_fw.mdt", "/system/etc/firmware/modem_fw.mdt");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/q6.b00", "/system/etc/firmware/q6.b00");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/q6.b01", "/system/etc/firmware/q6.b01");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/q6.b03", "/system/etc/firmware/q6.b03");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/q6.b04", "/system/etc/firmware/q6.b04");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/q6.b05", "/system/etc/firmware/q6.b05");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/q6.b06", "/system/etc/firmware/q6.b06");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/q6.mdt", "/system/etc/firmware/q6.mdt");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/tima_key.b00", "/system/etc/firmware/tima_key.b00");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/tima_key.b01", "/system/etc/firmware/tima_key.b01");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/tima_key.b02", "/system/etc/firmware/tima_key.b02");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/tima_key.b03", "/system/etc/firmware/tima_key.b03");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/tima_key.mdt", "/system/etc/firmware/tima_key.mdt");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/tima_lkm.b00", "/system/etc/firmware/tima_lkm.b00");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/tima_lkm.b01", "/system/etc/firmware/tima_lkm.b01");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/tima_lkm.b02", "/system/etc/firmware/tima_lkm.b02");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/tima_lkm.b03", "/system/etc/firmware/tima_lkm.b03");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/tima_lkm.mdt", "/system/etc/firmware/tima_lkm.mdt");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/tima_pkm.b00", "/system/etc/firmware/tima_pkm.b00");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/tima_pkm.b01", "/system/etc/firmware/tima_pkm.b01");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/tima_pkm.b02", "/system/etc/firmware/tima_pkm.b02");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/tima_pkm.b03", "/system/etc/firmware/tima_pkm.b03");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/tima_pkm.mdt", "/system/etc/firmware/tima_pkm.mdt");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/tzapps.b00", "/system/etc/firmware/tzapps.b00");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/tzapps.b01", "/system/etc/firmware/tzapps.b01");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/tzapps.b02", "/system/etc/firmware/tzapps.b02");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/tzapps.b03", "/system/etc/firmware/tzapps.b03");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/tzapps.mdt", "/system/etc/firmware/tzapps.mdt");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/vidc.b00", "/system/etc/firmware/vidc.b00");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/vidc.b01", "/system/etc/firmware/vidc.b01");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/vidc.b02", "/system/etc/firmware/vidc.b02");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/vidc.b03", "/system/etc/firmware/vidc.b03");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/vidc.mdt", "/system/etc/firmware/vidc.mdt");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/wcnss.b00", "/system/etc/firmware/wcnss.b00");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/wcnss.b01", "/system/etc/firmware/wcnss.b01");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/wcnss.b02", "/system/etc/firmware/wcnss.b02");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/wcnss.b04", "/system/etc/firmware/wcnss.b04");
symlink("/firmware-mdm/image/wcnss.mdt", "/system/etc/firmware/wcnss.mdt");
For anyone unsure about creating the symlinks I have a very simple zip file to flash in recovery to delete the bad symlinks and make the right 1s! I have tested on SlimLP, A.I.C.P., Exodusand Pac-Man d2spr Roms. It will not mess up anything on your S3! It only does as stated. If you wanna check it its all in the script-updater. Just flash this after flashing a d2spr Lollipop rom and if you are also confused on modifying the script-updater for the rom so it will flash on the d2lterefreshspr then just flash the TWRP recovery from TWRP's website and you wont have to worry about changing it!
Fixing Modem Symlinks For
Hey man this is great! This opens up a whole new world of wonders for this device. You have any idea how I can fix having to manually select apn after each reboot?
now that i found it, are you going to be around for me to throw questions at. i know what to do but the problems ive had made me leery of flashing.
Yea man i work til 4-5pm but after that i can try to help ya! My S3 bricked on me and i dont have a 16gb sd to flash the unbrick image to but im always willing to try and help if i can
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well, come to find out flashing octos, made for triband,,,,who knew, not me until today, anyway, its very easy. haha probably easier than ANYTHING i've done up to this point. i dont remember how much i've told you but the triband that i was fighting with so much may have had a problem from the very beginning. getting into recovery continually got harder and harder until it just wouldn't go. i tried about 8 times and it completely died. i mean its sad for that. that drops me to one sph-l710 with a crumpled usb and so i have to charge it wirelessly which is cool but its fragile. so ive got another refurb triband which im about to flash. WHY? ill be damned if i know why. this phone is rooted and cleaned out and runs beautifully. but, i want more. i guess or im just stupid which by reading this i may be. ill let you know.
tonight if your not busy with other people ill have some questions for you. im looking forward to it. i loaded the rom, gapps and now theupdate has been in a holding cycle for half an hour. it vibrates a little every so often. so i guess ill let it go. i want in so i can finish setting it up. ive got a lot of work to do. i know you must.
Will this zip work for KK roms too? Or is it only Lollipop? I'm willing to test it out but I just want to be sure that I won't brick my S3 since I can't afford a new phone right now.
hey, supersu, help me fix this s3 triband when you get home and you feel like it. i can wait if you need. don't you come from work? let me know however, the biggest problem im having is my bluetooth doesnt work for music. works for everything else,that's a strange one. i'll wait for a reply.
Yes it should work and no flashing it wont brick ur device at all! Nothing is flashed or installed it only deletes the wrong symlinks and creates the correct ones!
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Idk how to fix the bluetooth problem! Im not a developer or programmer i just google search alot and read very thoroughly and spend alot of time using FX File Explorer to study my system files! But whats the problem ur having other then bluetooth
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[Q] Removing beats audio

I am running Lithium as my rom, which has beats audio installed. This has caused some problems for me, as it lowers audio quality when using poweramp. If you disagree, keep it to yourself and don't tell me I am wrong in this thread. Wow, that just sounded a lot meaner than it was meant to. Anyways, is there any way to remove it completely?
I was looking at that at one time... and I started writing down all of the files that get installed with the mod... but then I got to the /system/etc/ folder and gave up...
If you're feeling motivated, check out the attached zip for everything it installs, and then you could attempt to remove those files... by your method of choice.
NOTE: NO ONE SHOULD ATTEMPT TO FLASH THE ATTACHMENT - sorry for yelling, but it's not a flashable zip, just the system folder from the for reference...
You should probably cross-reference and take the proper files from a stock ROM you have lying around though, because a few of the files are replaced, like /system/etc/media_profiles.xml and /lib/ & (and possibly others?)... In fact, if you do manage to do all of that it would definitely be worth making a "remove beats audio" script/zip
Well, I removed it from the rom after setting it up with rom kitchen. This has worked before, but now it will not flash, I get an error in CWM that says something about status 0 and it aborts the zip install I think that has something to do with the update binary. anyone have any ideas?
Yea, that sounds like an updater-script or update-binary file issue... You could try borrowing the META-INF folder from a different flashable rom...
Or maybe you could remove the necessary files through adb in recovery (or make a script if you can - that's beyond me) and make a smaller with the files you need to replace. I have much better luck making small flashable zips as opposed to full roms. Either way, good luck! And keep us posted..
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Status 0 refers to an issue eighths updater-script. Make sure you have a semicolon at the end of every line, and the line endings are in Linux format if you using windows.
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...and a blank line at the bottom of the script..
Another thought... don't know how well it would work but - you could possibly make a cwm backup, get it on to your comp, open the system.ext3.tar with 7-zip, and do all of your deleting/replacing through 7-zip... then close her up, move it back to your sdcard and restore as normal (or restore system only).. obviously not touching the name or md5 sum..
again, never tried anything like that, but it sounds possible (in my head at least)...
"I claim no responsibility, etc, etc..."
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well all I need to do is replace and delete the right files, I am almost done with a flashable zip to just do that. do you know if the files that were listed as needing to be replaced instead of deleted (which is true) will work on all devices? I would like to post this for other device users to use if so.
That I do not know.
But, if you could do it for our phone first (keep it in the family ), I'm sure others would eventually port it to their device if it doesn't work right.. sounds like it'd be a very useful "anti-mod", if you will...
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EDIT: Just found an unistall zip by H3ROS here (check posts #18 & 20). But, I think it's a dud.. I opened the zip and it's only the pvplayer.cfg.
all right, I will finish it with what I have for replacements on our phone, then see if anyone else will test it on some others. is there a good way to make sure it worked other than making sure nothing is force closing and the files are gone?
That's probably the best you can do.. if it boots, no FC's, audio still works, files gone, then you're probably good to go. I would offer to test it but I got no beats mod installed right now... Did you successfully remove it on yours?
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not yet, there are a ton of files and I have to manually type out all the file names into the zip updater file, so it is taking forever, I'm getting close though. I will put it up in an hour or so, assuming it works.

Just to see what would happen.....

I took the Touch HD system response update released by HTC and tried to install it, granted it said wrong I said hmmm if the hardware is similar lemme extract this file and copy it over in the windows I did this not knowing if it was going to start up or not....but to my surprise it did and all I can say is wow....the X1 was retardly fast....shrugs...nothing beats a failure but a try...May be worth it to implement this into the actual roms being cooked.
EDIT: I was using itje's 3.01 rom when I did this.
Wild Child, could you give more details? I grabbed that update and extracted it, and I'm looking at _setup.xml, but see two Folder actions (\Windows and \Temp), and I'm not sure if all 10 files go in \Windows.
I could also try to make an installer that works on any device, but I just have to know the proper file paths.
Also, does it just 'feel' fast, or have you done some real benchmarks?
If the performance gain is that great, then sure it would be worth it to implement this into custom ROMs/X1 installable CAB files.
Thanks for putting up your device to the risk!
which hotfix was it? I tried one and it inverted the screen display. quite amusing to get it back again as the touch screen calibration was still the other way up.
All I did was extract the files attached to the post here, connected phone to computer,copied them into the windows folder,over wrote a setup file and soft rebooted. This was with itje's 3.01 rom installed. Now it may be me but it improved the response of the phone. I didnt do any benchmarks. I figured since the rom files where htc maybe it would help...who
tried this patch and wanted to warn everyone. it's rotating the screen 180° but not the touchscreen input like fards said.
use it with caution!
Hmm I didnt experienced any rotating screens on mine. Shrugs.... Using the same files in the X1a nam rom also with now issues.
i've just tried this and it works on itjes 3.01 rom a treat.
Sorry I should've posted that thats the rom I was using....doh. The one you posted isnt the same one I used fards...
i just tested this seems safe. i say test for your self
the device seems very responsive but i cant say for sure if it from this as or from the very nice rom as i only flashed itje 301 rom an hour ago and i have no point of reference
Tried the files I posted on itje's 2.1 and same result...very responsive after reboot.....
those files aren't extracted, that's a corrupted cab not a zip file (the second one) they need decompressing. They won't do a thing in the format they are in...
That hotfix isn't needed for the newer blackstone roms as the files are included.
The only ones that do anything are DDI and gxdma
this is the setup xml to give you an idea of the files proper names.
The hotfix files I used are for the slider on the caller ID screen, before the slider would struggle and sometime touching it would not answer but silence the ringtone. Fix really works well.
if you want to extract cab files then search for MSCEinf, it's a great piece of software.

First try at modding.

Ok. I am trying to convert a very nice chinese rom for the samsung captivate, to have english on the ui buttons instead of chinese. I have an idea how to go along with this, and the software, wish me luck and I will keep you updated on my progress with the rom modding. I hope to upload a compleat rom which is satisfactory, soon'er or later. Alot of .apk modding, rom testing, and apk signing will be needed on my part. I'll try to keep it nice like they made it, and the english support is all ready there just not on all the .apk applications included, that's my main goal to get the application buttons 100% ok!.
Frustrating. I just got the rom onto my captivate and the top bar was gone, so that mean's deleteing launguage settings wont take away the chinese interface words on the buttons and also destroy's the top bar. : \ I'm working on it though, I mean it seem's to be an application only issue but I don't want to rid the rom of applications just to get rid of chinese words for english words on some buttons. Any ideas? sry for my spelling. Btw I took those launguages out of SystemUI.apk & GoogleServicesFramework.apk, and i did it with Apk Manager here on windows 7.
Well that project went down the tolit, i'm too new to be trying that just yet, i'm just messing around with adb in cmd on windows for now, it's fun trying to figure things out and mess with my phone remotely! i'll let you guy's know if i find out any thing usful, thank you! : )
Keep at it. A long journey starts with but a single step..
Thank you Grant Barker. I will keep at it, my brother I use his usb cable, he get's annoyed when his hp touchpad is getting low on charge and I got the cable lol, trying to figure out and test stuff with android. I test alot of rom's I find online and a few I really like, i'm more in for flashing a new rom than using one which is strange, also more into screwing around with the files than the normal day to day end user would ever dare doing. I like the stock captivate rom, I see issues though, the old JF6 version (stock) ran smooth as silk with a few audio glitches at boot and a lil lag at first run, but otherwise an ok version even today it still run's well for day to day tasks, the kk4 version (stock) is another story, at boot it has very bad visual lagging, i mean once it get's going it's ok but still there is alot of lagging with tasks, I think the hardware was better off with the intended first rom and JF6 kernel, but then there is the outdated issue with JF6 and i'd like to see a rom made from that version to flash and test, also i want to try and make a rom my self from that JF6 stock version better suited for today's online and offline world. Clean and simple that's how I like it.
you seem young, keep at will be a recognized dev in no time
Ok! here is a modded .apk you can install in the system/app directory of you're captivate with kk4 rom, please remember to delete or backup the SystemUI.apk from you're system/app directory before! trying this if you want to test my first fairly simple attempt using android sdk and other tools. Hope you like it! might even get a laugh.
I forgot to say thank's 2 up ^ thanks. I have a question. How do I get a rom i've modified with the kernel into a zip ready to be flashed, using cwm or any other custom recovery for installing .zip ready made roms. I just don't know how to intigrate all that data wipe and install stuff into a .zip file, do I just? put the main / directory into the zip and hope cwm does the rest lol, I know adb can push the files and folders but it has issues trying to delete un-empty folders which is a pain in the rear end, it like says file system is read read only or says folder not empty when i try to delete a folder but it docent care if i delete system files. Under c:\adb shell , then $ rmdir /system/app , it babbles on about the folder not being empty, even after installing the latist superuser binaries and superuser.apk and busybox with all its jargon tool addons or whatever there called. I just want any advice where to look or how to try setting up a .zip with a rom i've modified, so it can just be installed through cwm or any others like that. Thanks! : )
I'm messing with this rom at the moment it's the erliest version I could find for captivate that's downloadable. If you can find a download link which works for I897UCJE4.tar or .rar or .zip.. my mind will be blown..
Hmm I wonder what this is oh ya! it's the KB1 stock kernel It was so easy to get I dunno why no one else had it. Oh! and what's this Could it really be the I897UCKB1 Rom in .tar format, my captivate say's yes! it is!

[HOWTO] Create your own AOSP 100% stock

EDIT: Just updated post 2 you probably want to read both this post and that post before trying to build.
you can skip the part of getting the official source and the cyanogen source by just doing
First some prereqs You must be using linux and building for an evo 4G aka htc_supersonic
Install the android SDK as instructed here:
You will need JDK most linux distros have this in the respositorys.
Then just follow step 2 and make sure that you can run adb from any directory in terminal.
Now to the good stuff.
You will now need to open a terminal window and run the following as root
now as user do the following
This can take FOREVER like 4-5 hours so you might want to let it go when you go to sleep.
Depending on how fast your computer is the following step can take a long time too
This will build the source code for a generic device it should build everything correctly if you have all of the compilers and what not. If it fails just install the app that it is complaining about.
Now for the EVO specific stuff
That will get the build files however you are going to have to edit them to get it to work.
~/android/device/htc/supersonic/ needs to be edited
should be
Some other files may have to be edited to your liking. Personaly I changed ADWLauncher to launcher2 and removed all of the cyanogen stuff.
Now to setup the build enviroment.
Now to do the building.
By the way for some reason you have to inclued the otapackage even if you just want the .img files because otherwise it crashes at least for me.
Let me know if you encounter any problems and I will try to help.
Copy your ~android folder somewhere and replace ~/android in this tutorial with the directory that you copied it to. This will allow you to update the overlay when needed.
To add google files you will need to do this
This gets the htc files and I think taht it might be required.
To make a clean rom like mine do the following:
Edit the file ~/android/vendor/cyanogen/products/ to your liking. I just changed the build name and rom version.
I added the files sysrw and sysro ad you can see in the file just put them in a directory and tell it where they are and where you want them. Also I commented out rommanager.apk as I don't like or use it. Also I use RA recovery so it wont work for me anyway.
Also edit the file ~/android/vendor/cyanogen/products/
I chaged teh build number to the latest spring and removed the boot animation as I like the stock android one better (and it is faster).
YOU NEED TO do this if you want a keyboard...
edit ~/android/vendor/cyanogen/ and remove LatinIME!
Now we delete some files.
go to ~/android/packages/apps
delete any application that you don't want. You can optionally add program source code that you do want.
I deleted CM* and Protips
I also edited some code in Settings to remove Cyanogen stuff. Actually I took the stock android stuff an edited that with one little fix but I forgot what it was. Just try to build and it will tell you in an error message.
another reserved post
Really cool
Awesome! Thanks so much for posting this.
thanks dude!!
Thanks man.
im having an issue with this step
specifically (lets ignore the type in the instructions
anyone else having this issue?
So what is the difference between this and running CM6?
Will this avoid the market issues with CM6?
Once it's built, how do you get it installed on the phone?
Here is the link to cyanogens wiki how too......
Anyway to do this on Windows 7? Another question, would this still work if I just ran Ubuntu from disk?