RJ-45 Connection for XDA - MDA, XDA, 1010 General

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Subject: RJ-45 Connection for XDA
From: Chris
Date: 26 Dec, 2002 18:08:41
Is there a way to connect my Tmobile PC Phone to a ethernet
network? Some type of serial-to-RJ45 connection possbily? Has
anyone heard of a PCMCIA expansion pack for this phone?
Chris 8)
Subject: Probably not
From: Carlos
Date: 26 Dec, 2002 19:01:54
The XDA doesn't have any expansion bus, so an external card pack
would not be possible. It doesn't have USB host capabilities,
so can't use a USB Ethernet. And I've never seen anything that
gets standard serial to Ethernet because it would be so
ridiculously slow as to be useless.
Subject: Ethernet - serial - slow?
From: XDA developers
Date: 26 Dec, 2002 19:04:36
Nah, 115.200 bps would still be a nice enough Ethernet
connection. Beats GPRS...
One could build a small embedded linux device, I guess, that
would do PPP over serial on one side, and ethernet and possibly
even wavelan on the other. But really, they should incorporate
these things.
Telco marketing: if we don't give them WaveLAN, they'll use GPR$


XDA with no signal

This message contains all postings in this thread
dated before January 19th 2003
Subject: XDA with no signal
From: Rodger Macfarlane
Date: 13 Jan, 2003 22:23:15
Bought an XDA on eBay and everything's working fine except I
can't get a signal on the phone. I'm using an O2 data sim but
have tried an O2 PAYG sim which displayed a signal briefly then
stopped, just like the data SIM.
Subject: Phone not on signal
From: Radim - CZECH
Date: 13 Jan, 2003 22:44:07
Hi Rodger,
I have similar problem, the MDA shows it's on signal but noone
can reach me. The provider says that I'm switched off but the
phone shows that everything is OK. When I find this out, I
always have to do "soft reset", when it reboots, everything
works well.
Subject: Not reachable
From: Stefan Bauer
Date: 13 Jan, 2003 23:05:25
Hello Guys.
I´ve got the same Problem, that on the phone everything looks
right, but when someone calls me he gets the message, that I´m
not reachable.
Tought that it might happen everytime I turns the XDA off. But
some tests have shown, this is not the problem.
Looks like i have to to every hour a Softreset to get the phone
worked. This isn´t a configuration to life with. Trying to
change the phone via Support.
But maybe one of you got an other solution.....
PS: Great Web-Site and finest Support at this page. ;-)
Subject: Phone not reliable ?
From: XDA developers
Date: 15 Jan, 2003 00:03:10
We have experienced some similar problems. Phone displays enough
received signal strength, but is unreachable from network. It
seems as if the update of the signal bars just doesn't always
work well.
(Did get somewhat better as we upgraded to newer versions of OS
and RS though...)
Subject: XDA with no signal
From: Rodger Macfarlane
Date: 17 Jan, 2003 19:40:01
Same SIM card in a different XDA works fine. Cound it be that
the XDA has been SIM locked?
Subject: check
From: spikomatic
Date: 18 Jan, 2003 03:44:59
i have similar problems using a d2 card i a simlocked O2 xda :-]
i have network the whole day and everybody can call me..but if i
loose network..it will stay lost...only power off and on the
phone will help...but i have a O2 card to..i ll test..
A few people have now suggested that it could be because the XDA is blacklisted as stolen (tho I bought mine from eBay...)
Can anyone comment?
Hello Big Mac.
Bought mine XDA at Ebay too and had also problems with the signal.
I called the O2-Hotline and told them to change it.
Received a new one, but have the old problem. XDA shows signal, but when someone is caling me I´m offline...
Maybe there are some differences in old and new Sim-cards....
hmm i thought i bought a simlocked xda on ebay..as i used manipulator and kabel..there stood : simlock : <none> !!
ok my d2 card work in this phone..one prob seems to be the networksignal..if i loose it it stays lost..the xda does not try to find new signal!
maybe a software version bug?!
ill ask O2 shop in 2 days about updating my xda...
Something news about reaching my XDA....
I´ve done yesterday an update to Rom Version 3.15.15 Eng and Radio VErsion 4.16.00.
Looks like the phone work better tried to reach me after being online for about 10 hours and it works. It never done before. Will test it some more time, but now i´m a little bit happier .
LumpiStefan, does the upgrade improve the actual signal on the xda, I live at the bottom of a hill, where reception is poor, and I'm lucky if I get the single dot at the bottom of the aerial icon!
Additionally I did recieve some spam today that was of interest suprisingly, and is "on topic!" what do you think about this, it sounds like a scam to me, I mean how can a wafer thin pcb "loop" that is not physically connected to the antenna improve the signal propagation to the phone!
Some news concerning to the SIM card type:
Recently I was in my mobile operator service center and we test SIM cards from two different vendors. We try a few cards from each vendors, so these results are dependable
xda don't like (or even hates!) SIMs by GemPlus.
Radio stack O2 v4.16: sometimes failed to find network after lost it
Radiostack qtek 3.23: as described by XDA developers 15 Jan, 2003 (good "signal level" but nobody can reach me and "unable to read network" message while reading network services settings);
xda feels well with Schlumberger's SIM cards.
Unfortunately, this information didn't solve my problem, because GemPlus "empty" (not bounded to phone number) cards are only available on my provider at the moment
And - IF ANYBODY CAN, please. be so kind and let me know if anywhere O2 4.20 radio stack upgrade available :? Not qtec3.23 but O2 4.20? Just to experiment if it is possible to reprogram above 3.23 and check the situation. Please... my email is ae(at)ae.inc.ru Thanks in advance.

Wi-Fi for T-Mo PPC Phone?

I know this has already been covered a zillion times, but I'm having trouble finding a solid answer to this:
Is is at all possible to use the SanDisk SD Wi-Fi card with the T-Mobile PPC Phone? I am currently using ROM 4.01.00.
I actually purchased the card and then realized that it doesn't seem to work with the device, so does anybody know of another component I can buy that will provide Wi-fi to the phone?
Thanks very much...
As I understand it the XDA PPCPE does not support SD/IO. This means that you will not be able to use the Sandisk Wi-Fi. I did hear a rumor that is was only a driver away from sd/io but not sure about that rumor.
Seems like you answered your question right there. It won't work in the device because the device does not support SDIO. With that being said, I have never heard of a way to "rig" a Wi-Fi connection to the XDA....but I could be wrong.
Understood, but I'm also wondering since the Sandisk card won't work because it's SDIO, is there anything that's not SDIO that will work?
No, understand that SDIO stands for SD card slot, INPUT AND OUTPUT. Since any wifi card you use is by default SDIO, you are stuck. I heard once that somone was working on a wifi device that connects to the activesync port but I think it is vaporware.
Wi FI for XDA - Progress Report.
This is another challenge I have decided to tackle in my spare time,I would call it more difficultware than vaporware at this stage! :roll:
First of all there is no way to make a SD card function like an SDIO. The IPAQ were built with SDIO, meaning they do have the I/O part that can be activated programatically by the patch.
Not to despair. I wanted a WI FI solution for my XDA because I work around many hotspots.
A few other XDA developers also had the same inclination and prutchi managed to connect to a LAN using a wireless device using RS232 cable, you can read about it in:
:idea: :idea: I decided to go with the Active Synch port and the USB cable ( the one you can buy from AT&T or TMobile for $20-25) for hotsync process instead of carrying the cradle or have one custom built
I am using a Linksys Wireless Network Adapter( Model WUSB11 ver 2.6) this is a USB powered device( challenge 1- how to get the PDA to power up the device!) and using the SDIO WIFI software as a template for the interface.
So far:
In PPC 2002. I have not been able to connect at all.
In WM2003 I connect, can ping IPs on WIFI, but do not have IE access.
and the netwrok card only works when the power cord is plugged into the USB synch cable from AT&T! Never when the unit is unplugged.
1-Working on a way to make it work with IE,meaning we can actually browse with it.
2- Looking for a USB based WAP card that has a battery or small power source( so it does not need to feed off the device)
Open to suggestions, ideas and collaboration on this!
Thank you
I wonder if sync/charge cables floating on eBay for $5 or so would address challenge #1. The power does not necessarily flow the other way, of course.
I used some of those as well and no luck!
The problem is not the calble and USB connection. I need now to find a powered USB access point) once I get a device with power I can do some testing on the API to it and get us Wi Fi for XDA1.

Laptop Modem using Serial or USB on Vodafone Pay As You Go

I bought a 2nd hand XDA to use as a modem for my Dell Inspiron 8000 Laptop.
I have tried setting up the modem using the USB Cradle connection but I get an error saying the "Port is missing"
1. Is this because I need to use a 9/25 pin D-type serial connector?
2. Can I use the USB Cradle connection?
I have the XDA Developers Forum ROM (someone else loaded this before I purchased the XDA) and I am using the wireless modem function included with this ROM.
I am desperate for help. I have little experience with XDAs or any other mobile phone technology. I have the PDF from the O2 source.
Oh please help!

usb modem dongle

Hello all. As anyone tried using a usb modem dongle to access to internet, the ones I am talking about you plug into your laptop etc. available from 3, o2, Vodafone etc.
Cheers jez

[Q] TP-Link Adapter WN722N doesn't list all wireless networks

recently I compiled the Android kernel of my Toshiba AC100 to provide support for the WN722N adapter. I need the adapter because some times the signal strength of some wifi nets is too low to be caught by the built-in adapter (or in other words the built-in adapter sucks at catching signal).
All went fine with compilation but the adapter fails at finding my network. It lists all the other networks in the building but not mine (the only with WEP security one), bitter irony. I have also Ubuntu 14.04 in dual boot and it can list and connect to this network smoothly.
What can I do to debug/solve the issue/connect to this network?
I have already google without any success ...
Toshiba AC100-10D
Android 4.4.2
Kernel 3.1.10+ (zombah repository)
Wireless driver ath9k_htc
Firmware is the very same file in Ubuntu and Android htc_9271.fw
Thanks for attention
I am not sure this was the best place to post such a question.
could you point out where I should post to get an answer, please?