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Subject: No sounds, but phone rings
From: Alex
Date: 31 Dec, 2002 11:58:27
Something strange has happened to my xda!
I am getting no sound thru the speaker, unless the phone is
ringing, when I hear the ringtone fine. If I play my ringtone
thru the settings menu, I get nothing.
I get no other sounds thru the speaker. If the headset is
connected, the sound (through the earphones) is fine.
Also in phone mode, pressing the green call button for
speakerphone mode results in nothing, no icon, nothing.
It's as though it's stuck in headset mode, but that doesn't
explain why I can hear the phone ringing. I've tried flicking
the jack in and out of the socket but that did nothing!
I have tried a soft reset to no avail, and am thinking now of a
hard reset after I've sync'd up. Thjis is such a hassle
reinstalling everything, so I'm not that keen on this course of
I did try O2 support but they only suggested a few basic things
(like the volume setting!) before pronouncing it a faulty
handset. I'm not convinced as they didn't even suggest a reset
and I can't face going back to the shop for a replacement.
Any help much appreciated.
rgds and Happy New Year
Alex de Salis.
Subject: Update
From: Alex
Date: 31 Dec, 2002 12:42:18
Tried the hard reset - no joy.
Looks like it's back to the shop.
Why today? Two day holiday in front of me, and probably no toy
to play with! boo hoo.
rgds and Happy New Year,
Subject: solution
From: guest
Date: 02 Jan, 2003 03:15:41
The contact of your earphone socket got a little problem.
Please try to quickly insert/remove the earphone several times,
then it should be solved.
If not, return your device to the service point.
Subject: Back to the shop
From: Alex
Date: 02 Jan, 2003 12:13:40
Back to the shop it went - I now have a brand new handset that I
dropped this morning when getting into the lift at work. There
was I thinking it's all brand new, no more scratches on the
case, I'll look after this one.
I now have a bloody great ding on the bottom of the case where
the stone floor took its toll. Never mind!
Happy New Year,


Warning - airline power

This message contains all postings in this thread
dated before January 19th 2003
Subject: Warning - airline power
From: Stephen K
Date: 31 Dec, 2002 16:23:10
I bought a nice new XDA in Hong Kong airport. Charged it up in
the lounge for 20mins and killed time waiting for my flight to
London playing with my new toy.
After boarding the juice started running out well before my
gadgetlust could achieve closure.
As withdrawal symptoms kicked in I considered my options: 1)
risk using the onboard (Britsh Airways) laptop charging kits on
my XDA; 2) go mad
Needless to say I went for option 1....
...awakening 3 weeks later in an asylum outside London - the
proud owner of a very dead XDA.
My XDA still works (could get it to boot for a few seconds on
remaining juice) however it refuses to charge. (No light from
the charging diode).
If any hardware wizards out there know which bit I am most
likely to have fried and if there is a repair/bypass solution my
therapist and I would be most grateful.
(In moments of madness I have been eyeing the little connector
at the back of the XDA {I assume its for connecting the extended
battery - could that be rigged as an alternative charging
Help me harwaregurunobi... you're my only hope.
Subject: Dead, deader, deadest
From: XDA developers
Date: 31 Dec, 2002 18:36:13
Not sure what an "onboard (Britsh Airways) laptop charging kit"
is, but if it is meant to plug into a laptop, it is usually 19
volts. Your XDA wants 5 or 6, so if that's what you did, then it
is likely you have, indeed, murdered it quite violently.
The trick, we figure, is to leave certain details out of your
story when returning it for warranty repairs. "It suddenly
stopped charging" sounds just fine to us.
Losing the toy for a little while means the neuron connections
that caused you to do this will not get any of the good
chemicals. This is good news, because they sure as hell haven't
deserved any.
Subject: Bad neurons
From: Stephen K
Date: 31 Dec, 2002 18:56:45
Did I mention something about a flight? I must have been
hallucinating, perhaps a side effect of the chemicals my
therapist has been prescribing - now that I think about it my
xda was fine one minute, then suddenly just stopped charging.
My dysfunctional neurons have suffered enough already - I don't
think they'll be making the same mistake any time soon. I'll
give them a week more suffering and then by a stop gift gadget
to see them through until the replacement arrives.
Thankyou hardwaregurunobi... you have brought balance to the

No volume (again)

It's happened again - I have no volume on my xda (I can only hear with the headset plugged in). This is the second time now, and it's off to the shop for another replacement (at least I get a new casing - I can forget about the huge scratch last time I dropped it!)
I'd be extremely interested if anyone else has had this with European O2 xda's. Maybe there is a design flaw in the headset socket that wears out (yeah, but in less than a month?). I do listen to music on the train to and from work, so it gets plugged/unplugged twice a day.
Every cloud has a silver lining - They didn't have any 32mb xda's in stock, so they gave me a 64mb one. Hurrah!
This is now my third handset!
Other good things are it has 3.14 ROM, radio stack 4.08 - the splash screen to start up looks very XP'ish, and the default today screen is the XP Bliss wallpaper.
Apart from that, it looks pretty much the same. I'll let you know if anything else behaves differently.
Looks like I'll have to work out how to break the sound so that everyone can go and get a free upgrade!

Brodit Active Car Hldr : sometimes freeze and hardrst needed

Sometimes (it already happened more than 10 times in 3 months), when I place my QTEK 9090 in the Broadit Actice Car Holder, the device freeze :
it cannot be turned on, the power light still flash green (no charge) and if I call my number with another phone I get an unreachable error from the operator and my qtek does not wake up.
Soft reset does not work.
Only hard reset :evil:
Anyony has the same problem ?
Having the same problem, looks like it only happens when it is sunny...
Don't have the answer yet. Some say you can change your device at your shop. Haven't tried it yet.
Yep. Same thing here as well!
I thought it was caused by software I have put on it (Pocket Plus or something). I never thought the Brodit active holder would be the problem. But as I remember it always happens when I put it in it's holder :roll:
I have installed rom 1.40 and till now still haven't had a hard reset with the carcradle...
Keep my fingers crossed! :roll:
I contacted (where I bought the broadit), got a repair number, and I sent the device. About 2 weeks later, I got a new broadit. It has frozen 2 times in about 2 weeks, but this time something new. It does not completely hard reset : altought I press reset while pushing ON/OFF button, the device makes a soft reset, just loosing date & time. Installed apps, contacts, calendar, etc ... remains. Strange :?:

Vibration dead

My friend got his Galaxy S2 today, but the vibration is dead, vibration settings is enabled and haptic feedback, but nothing works, tried wipe the device but still no vibration...
So it seems that it have to be sent back to repair... or do you guys know anything he can do?
Factory reset is about all .
JJEgan said:
Factory reset is about all .
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I've done it 5 times, if you mean factory data reset via the settings.
no one knows what the problem is?
Your not the only one. My work colleague also received a Galaxy S II yesterday with no vibration working - he doesn't like to mess about, he sent it straight back. I'm starting to get really disappointed with Samsung, just like their TVs, constant defective units...
I have the same problem. Tried factory reset and installed new FW, but still nothing....
braap said:
I have the same problem. Tried factory reset and installed new FW, but still nothing....
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My opinion:
Sounds like hardware . And the phone I so new ,returning it is the only option.
I have the same issue. Just noticed that i my phone did not vibrate on an incomming message and could nog get it to work through the settings panel either. It's very unexpected. I didn't do anything with it recently and I did not drop it either...
Going to try a reset, let's hope this works! :-/
Just love the phone so i would hate to return it and miss it a few days!
Edit 1: Just went into Test mode (*#0*#) and the vibration test did not work here either.
Edit 2: Factory Reset (within the phone) did not fix it either, so now I'm sending it in for repairs. Let's hope I won't have to miss it for too long... :/
Eureka, suddenly i noticed that my phone's vibration ability was back when walking to a shop with my headphones in. It seems like the headphone jack somehow influences things. Maybe a bad connection between these components?
Maybe you should try this out to confirm this.
Iam also having same my s2 a month back...have u guys got any ideas to fix dis bug....
Make sure it's a hardware problem after testing the vibration by dialing *#0*# and test the Vibration tool.
Mine's just done the same this morning. Second time now I've had to take it back. *sighs*
Got it repaired at Carphone Warehouse, said they replaced the screen, which kinda perplexes me as I thought most phones had the vibrate motor near the camera?
I've been using my Galaxy S2 lately as music player and noticed that the vibration on my phone doesn't always work (not on messages, phone calls or haptic feedback), even though I have the setting to "always".
I've browsed around online and noticed that other people have the same issue. Most wind up sending their phones back to the shop for repairs, but I fear it is just a bug and not a hardware issue.
So instead I play around with it and just before I frustrated want to send it into the shop, I think I found out how to "work around" this problem.
So the problem arises sometimes after plugging or unplugging head phones into the phone. What you need to do is:
- go to "settings"
- go to "sound"
- play around with the vibration settings (and the order is of importance, otherwise it doesn't work)
* set vibration to "only in silent mode"
* set vibration to "never"
* set vibration to "always"
On the last selection you will feel already that vibration is 'back' (if you use haptic feedback).
Sure, it works, but it is seriously annoying. I do hope Samsung quickly sends a patch/update to fix this bug!
Vibration died on my phone also. The trick above does not work for me.
It´s no bug, it´s hardware related.
If you move headphone plug gently sideways, it´s starts to work.
I think it´s bad contact or defective part.
I bought used phone and noticed it when i was testing phone.
I had to return it.. (didn´t , instead got it cheap..)
I opened up that phone that i got cheap.
I can now confirm that in my case there where flat cable broken on vibration motor.
Ordered new one on ebay.
In my case this phone has couple dents on chrome.
I think that voids warranty.
But look at the bright side.
I can fix it and phone was 170€ which is pretty cheap for me.
I can get more for my sgs1.
Sgs2 is very easy to open, if you compare to iphone 3gs.
[old thread, i know, but it's exactly as my problem]
The vibration doesn't work for a few days now, it only works when i plug the headphone jack just about when it makes the click sound, if i unplug it or plug it completely the vibration stops working (tested via *#0*#).
So, how did you guys fix this? Seems like a hardware problem but could be software too.
I have the same problem and also in my case is a problem with the headphones connector.
Now I wonder: but it is a defect in GS2 all or only some?
Had the same problem.
Just put my headphones in then while pulling out headphones jack switched silent mode on/off and it seems to fix problem. Maybe the problem is about shorting some contacts on headphones jack (in my case vibration turns off while headphones in) because of condensate which occurs while you carrying it in your pocket or maybe as Buffalee said its about broken flat cable who knows .

HTC Titan. No sound or microphone :(

Hey guys,
I wonder if you can help! I had a HTC Desire with no problems throughout its contract and upgraded to a Titan.
Current carrier is Orange and it was bought around release from Carphone warehouses online company.
I like the phone as I mainly browse, mail and text so the huge screen was the selling point for me.
All was well until yesterday when I rang the other half and couldn't hear her, and as it turns out she couldn't hear me either. So I then discovered that no sounds will work and obviously the mic doesn't either. I have tried many resets, powers off with battery pulls and restore factory settings. I have also fully updated.
I thought I was on to a winner when I plugged in the headphones, sound could be heard through them and after some plug in and outs sound was restored without them in. 20 mins later of being rested on a table all sound was gone again. I repeated the process with the exact same results and thought I must have dirty contacts within the jack slot. I imagined the phone thought a handsfree was plugged in when it wasn't!
Unfortunately I get no sound at all again through any means now, not even with headphones. And when I plug headphones in and out they are recognised both ways by the greyed out settings appearing and disappearing!
I searched but didn't find any similar problems on the web and on here. I unfortunately cancelled the insurance and sold my backup Desire! The phone has been dropped a couple of times in the past but no shocks to cause the current issue.
And ideas or where I go from here? It should have warranty right?
It couldn't come at a worse time really as the other half is due to give birth in 8 weeks
Take it to the shop they should Exchange...don't think it will have any problem... Any way did you updated the phone? If yes try a restore
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Yeah I have tried all reset/restore options and updated. It is hardware and not a software related problem I believe.
I got it from Mobiles, a sister company/online for Carphone Warehouse. Just looked on their site and you still take it to Carphone Warehouse for repair. Hopefully that won't cost me, I just need to find the invoice!
Didn't they send you a copy of the invoce by email?
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I had the same issue just seconds ago. Plugging in the headphones or headsets did not solve any issues. Luckily I've only had the phone for three days (calls worked earlier).
Power cycle solved the issue but this is not desirable from a phone. I mean everything else works fine but calling is quite essential.
If this issues reappears within my 14 return period, I'm certainly returning it.