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Subject: delete outgoing call duration
From: hatch
Date: 02 Jan, 2003 05:08:31
hi there, happy new year to all.
Id like to ask if there is any way to delete outgoing calls
(which can be accessed from start|settinggs|device
information|call duration tab)
Thak you for your much appreciated help.
Subject: Deleting call info
From: Alex
Date: 02 Jan, 2003 12:19:28
I have noticed this doesn't even reset after a hard reset, so I
thought it was SIM card related. I've just rec'd a new handset
and am using the same SIM card but the call duration has gone
back to zero. It must therefore be an internal phone setting, so
the only way I know to reset it is to get another handset (! -
that doesn't help much, does it?).
There is a difference between the PC and the Phone OS, so it
must be in the phone OS somewhere. I don't think this OS is
accessible with a registry editor, so over to anyone who has
experience in delving into the GSM side.
Subject: counnter reset
From: hatch
Date: 02 Jan, 2003 14:32:31
thanks Alex, yeah i guess your right. darn! i just hate it when
something like this happens. you see my XDA is just a few days
old, though i never experienced any problem on the phone side
but my touch screen is somehow acting weird, the lower part is
not as sensitive as to be expected. This really affects my
handheld input. Im under warranty and only eligible for free
Did you receive a brand new or a refurb unit for your
replacement? How was it so far?
Subject: Replacement
From: Alex
Date: 03 Jan, 2003 14:07:19
Mine was a month old, still under warranty of course, so
Carphone Warehouse just took a new one out of a box and gave
that to me. It was so new, I thought excellent, I'll keep this
one all shiny, etc. Have you seen my other post? The following
morning it fell out of my hand (or was it pushed?), hit the
stone floor at work and now has a huge great chip on the bottom
near the mic. ^&%*£$"
I saw a site recently for a company that manufactured stick on
templates for the xda, which basically covered the silver bits
with sticky-back plastic (I know, sounds great!). They did have
some interesting wood effects and carbon fibre, etc. However, I
can't remember where I saw it. I thought I followed a link from
Dale Coffing's PocketPC Passion site. I've been looking there
for the last couple of hours and can't find it.
Does anyone know the site I'm talking about? If so, can you post
the address?
thanks and rgds,
Subject: Can't do it
From: Carlos
Date: 05 Jan, 2003 00:47:08
You can reset the "recent calls" counters, but you cannot reset
the "all calls" counters. All GSM phones have this feature and
it is not reset by anything a user can do.


IPAQ 5450 Phone?

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dated before January 19th 2003
Subject: IPAQ 5450 Phone?
From: theJD
Date: 02 Jan, 2003 21:39:10
Hi Guys, anyone got any ideas on how to enable what looks like a
full sim/gprs hardware setup on the NewIpaq 5450.
I thought about copying a few registry settings etc anyone know
why this wont work?
Subject: New iPaq does GSM ?
From: XDA developers
Date: 03 Jan, 2003 11:59:46
Many of us don't have the iPaq in question. So please feel free
to elaborate on "what looks like a full sim/gprs hardware
Subject: GPRS bits HP.IPAQ54
From: JD
Date: 03 Jan, 2003 13:56:17
So,, a few months back, HP announce that they are to supply a
new family of IPAQs (following their aquisition of Compaq) They
say that there will be a number of options, which included,
BLUETOOTH, WLAN and GPRS... as seperate models. OK,,,,
Now when the first HP/IPAQ was released a few weeks back I
couldn't resist, not only did it have BT but WLAN aswell!
Fantastic!!! SO i bought one. When I got it home I realised some
strange things, firstly theres a (1) sim slot a the back behind
the removable battery a'La Jornada.
(2) The orientation of mic/phono is Phone correct
(3) The headphone jack is actually 4way ie Mic/Phono
(4) Theres a vibration mode under alarms (it works)!!
(5) The PPC CD comes with no less that 5 VoIP apps!!
Other points to note are that the WLAN antenna is removable... u
cound add the GPRS antenna (diff freq)
Perhaps HTC and HP decided that it was cheaper to make one
device and then sell an OS upgrade or similar... Scalable
soultion being a buzzword at the mo.
So, Im after a copy of the XDA regsitry to see what different,
and in the mean time Im working with Platform bulider
to see if I can scavange the appropriate TSPs to be controlled
by the built in TAPI/unimodem.dlls
Don't be fooled I haven't got a bloody clue what Im doing!!
But I know that windows2000 and 2000PRO are only 4 regKeys
different!! Oh and 400k
So any help would be richly appreciated.
PS. I have a friend who can unlock O2 XDAs
Subject: A friend that can do WHAT ????
From: XDA developers
Date: 03 Jan, 2003 14:48:39
> PS. I have a friend who can unlock O2 XDAs
Excuse the urgency, but we need to speak to this friend
immediately. Not su much for the SIMlock (although that's good
fun), but because (if it's true) this probably means someone
that doesn't work for HTC knows more about how the phone ROM
works than we do. We could possibly avoid doing a truckload of
work twice.
Please ask your friend to mail [email protected] at
her/his earliest convenience.
Subject: Steady on!
From: JD
Date: 03 Jan, 2003 16:09:12
Deep breaths please!
Yes, last time I spoke to the "Croat/Glasw" he'd just unlocked
the SPV, I recall that he'd also mentioned the XDA.
Why all the excitment? Theres nothing illegal in unlocking and u
can even ask the incumbant carrier to do it for u......
Anyway where's my XDA regsitry
Subject: SimLock THE LAW
From: JD
Date: 03 Jan, 2003 16:23:25
Apparantly carriers are legally obliged to unlock your phone
even in the contract period if you request it. There is also a
cap on the amount they can charge, regardless of contract period
elapsed, though O2 seems to be the exception!!!
Subject: SIMlock
From: XDA developers
Date: 03 Jan, 2003 17:16:29
Maybe things weren't clear: We're not excited because of the
SIMlock itself. We're excited because if anyone has a tool that
removes the SIMlock, this tool is likely to contain interesting
information about how the ROM of the phone part of the device
The XDA developers are currently learning a lot about the GSM
part of the device, and we would love to reverse-engineer any
tool that takes off the SIMlock.
Stay tuned...
Subject: How to unlock
From: Jack
Date: 09 Jan, 2003 19:08:56
I have two toys i want to unlock: SPV from Orange switzerland
and XDA from O2
can u guys help a swiss guy? :wink:

SMS message from +20020001.

I have just received an SMS message;
From: +20020001
No Subject
SIM Download
The size of the message is listed as 14 characters. Has anyone else received this message and/or knows what it means? :?
Could be the 02 network doing odd things. I got about 40 messages in one night from a really odd number and it turnd out to be a problem on the 02 netowrk.
I got one of these yesterday. I'm on WM2003. Are we seeing these now because we're not using o2s rom anymore?
I'll check with o2 again but I'm sure it is when they have a problem on there network. If you call them they can shut it of... thank god, I got over 40 in the space of an hour the first time it happened.
I'm still using same O2 ROM as installed when I bought my XDA from O2, so it doesn't relate to ROM upgrades.

The SPV M1000 disgrace

Hi all,
The SPV M1000 from Orange does not support line 2. I was going to buy one today, but when I spoke to Orange business customer services, she said she had just been on a course for the spv and said that it doesn't support picture messaging or line 2. I think this is a disgrace as line 2 is their baby and on Ornage's website it says it supports line 2 on the features. She said whe was going to get it removed from their site. Its price is £450, quite a bit dearer than the O2 XDA. Guess we will have t wait for ROM update from Orange for line 2 and picture messaging.
Oh well, think I will stick with my XDA and wait for the great developers on this site to sort it out for all of us.
Regards Dave
Not sure about the Line 2 issue but I do know that the M1000 does not come with an MMS client like the XDA II does.
I think that if it had the client there would be no problems with MMS.
I use the T-Mobile 1.60 NL ROM version and the Belgian Base network (former Orange).
This ROM version supports dual line, tested it tonight.
ih Jos
T-Mobile 1.60 NL is it in english? and could you give me a link to it
Regards Dave
Email from orange
Email from orange :x
-----Original Message-----
> From: FENTON, Sheila [mailto:[email protected]]
> Sent: 02 February 2004 14:35
Subject: FW: SPVM1000
Good Afternoon Mark
> I have spoke to the technical team and I can confirm that the SPVM1000
> not support line 2. There has been an error made when placed on the
> To enable us to erase this facility could you please advise which website
> that this appeared?
> Sorry for all the inconvenience caused over this equipment.
> I await your response
> Kind Regards
> Sheila
Since the SPVM1000 is the same as the MDA II, it should support 2 lines (at least incoming calls).
You can get the T-Mobile ROM @
Sorry guys, OT I know
It's cleaned up, apps removed and siminlocked (thanks guys).
Now it's been sorted I want the looks spruced up a bit and would like to get hold of the default Orange .tsk if possible.
Could anyone who has it please email to cheekymonkey at ?
Many thanks guys.
hi Jos
Can you tell me if the t mobile rom rings when you get an incoming call on line 2? I have got the original o2 ram for xda2, however when I get an incoming call on line 2 it doesn't ring or vibrate I just get caller id and the light flashes red, not much use unless you want to keep looking at your phone.
Thanks Dave

Unable to see T-mobile network with Pay As You Go SIM

Greetings all,
I'm having the following issue with a Qtek 1020 I just purchased from Microdirect, sold as SIM unlocked. The phone just doesn't find the network when I turn it on with my Pay As You Go T-mobile SIM. No error message pops up, nothing asks me for an unlock code etc, I just get the message 'No Service' under Connectivity when I select the aerial icon at the top of the screen. When I go to Phone Settings I can see listed under 'other networks' O2 and Vodafone, but no T-mobile. I've tried changing GSM bands in the bootloader and listing networks but to no avail (I switched through 900, 1900 and 900/1800). I have also tried the unlocking tools around this site with no success. I know the SIM works as it asks for my PIN when I switch on and I can also browse through contacts stored on it. I'm wondering if anyone here has any ideas as I'm all out.
Information about my Qtek:
Qtek 1020
ROM version: 4.02.04 ENG
ROM date: 8/24/05
Radio version: A.33.02
Protocol version: 1.3.3
Model No: PW10B1
Please don't let me pull any more hair out :x
Thanks and warm regards,
Same here
Just wanted to let you know you're not alone! I too bought the 1020 from Microdirect and have the same problem. I've tried my t-mobile pay as you go SIM in an i-mate pda2k and it worked straight away. That made me think the 1020 was restricted to o2/vodafone. If its an unlocked PDA why do Microdirect say it won't work with Orange? Where I work we successfully unlocked an XDA and used an Orange SIM, but that was a couple of years ago.
I've e-mailed qtek but have had no response yet.
I've tried the xda developers ROM and while it is cool I still get the problem with the t-mobile SIM, although it says No Signal as opposed to No Service. I was going to try the GSM modes on the bootloader but notice you've tried that already so I won't bother.
If I get any further I'll post back asap.
Thanks for your reply Mark and now I can rest knowing I'm not the only one having trouble! I too tried the developer's ROM with no luck, although it was nice to play with the extra applications. Funny how Microdirect stated that it was compatable with T-Mobile, when it seems that it is not. I tried my sister's T-Mobile contract SIM and it doesn't work either, but my mum's Vodafone SIM works fine as well as my dad's Pay As You Go Vodafone SIM. It seems like this device is locked out of T-Mobile.
News from Microdirect
Microdirect have backtracked on the unlocked claim.
See link below for their comments.
Oh well!
Yep I saw that. I decided to keep the PDA because it was such a good deal and I'm trying to go for a cheap contract with Vodafone. Check out - £8 per month for the first 6 months then £16 afterwards. You get 1000 off-peak minutes per month to landlines and other Vodafone users as well as 250 TXTs plus £110 cash back after 6 months!! Sounds like a bargain to me, let's hope I pass the credit check!
I was about to ask the very same question myself. I'm somewhat annoyed that Microdirect never even bothered to apologise or correct the mistake directly when I presented this problem to them last week - their response was to simply "return the item". For a Pocket PC PDA though, it's nice and cheap so like others, I'll keep mine and buy the cheapest possible Vodafone PAYG system that I can.
Well my Vodafone contract was approved and I immediately put the SIM into my Qtek 1020 whilst leaving the bundled Nokia phone unopened. All is well, I set up GPRS etc and my handy new PDA just got handier. Now I can sell this Nokia 1101 phone as it's SIM unlocked... might get 20 quid for it or something!
Okay well here's another damn issue with this thing... After a couple of weeks happy usage, the SD card slot decides to spit out anything I put into it - it just won't hold a card no matter what. I didn't force the mechanism at all or insert a card too forcefully - it just popped out one day and wouldn't go back in. I've written to Microdirect requesting an RMA, they replied thinking I was requesting an RMA for an SD card so I had to correct them and let them know it's actually the card slot in the 1020 that seems to have developed a fault of some kind. Just wondering if anyone else has ever had an issue with the card slot on their wallaby, so maybe we can say they are notoriously weak or something, or perhaps I was just unlucky.
Update: My replacement 1020 arrived today and all is well, well done to MicroDirect.

What the f... has happened to the O2 Plus download?!

I had to do a full reset because of unstability, but when I fired up O2 Connect to get O2 Plus, it wasn't there! Does anybody have a copy, or can anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong here? Last time I set up the phone it was there without any hesitation. I'm dependant on that thing!
Mastiff said:
I had to do a full reset because of unstability, but when I fired up O2 Connect to get O2 Plus, it wasn't there! Does anybody have a copy, or can anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong here? Last time I set up the phone it was there without any hesitation. I'm dependant on that thing!
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hmmm... I hear that MWG group is taking over O2 Asia and that all downloads and support has been moved to mwg website. This might explain it:
It has been announced on 1st of November 2007 with immediate effect, Mobile and Wireless Group (MWG) will be taking over O2 Asia's assets in an agreement between MWG and Telefónica O2.
MWG is a company established by the current management team of O2 Asia to take on O2's existing PDA/Smartphone business in Asia and to continue to serve this high-growth sector.
To be kept up to date on the latest software applications, ROM upgrades and user tips for your current O2 device, please click here to be a part of MWG Connect on or before 15 Jan 2008. This will also ensure you are the first to hear about MWG's products, services and special offers.
Profiles of customers who have yet to opt in to MWG Connect will continue to be stored in O2's databases and may be dealt with in accordance with O2's data policy.
MWG will be responsible for warranty and after-sales support for all O2 Xda devices in the region. For up to date information on our service, please check support page before visiting the service centers.
We thank you for your continued support.
Yours truly,
O2 Asia
Thanks, but I don't think so, I have been there. It doesn't mention O2 Plus at all, only the totally useless SMS Plus, Media Plus and a few other silly things. Also I tried to download with the O2 Connect, and it had all those other programs in there, but not the O2 plus. And I'm also missing O2 Menu, which I have also been using since I got the Atom Life. Fishy stuff...
nice title W..T...F LOL hehehe
What's even nicer is that I finally found it. It's hidden within O2 Themes in the auto installer! Silly place to put it, but at least I found it. So now I have the % battery strength on the Today screen, and I can close programs totally with the long tap.
O2 plus is unstable
I missed ik as much after re set whan i did not find on O2 connect. then MGM people sent to me and moment i install it works fine but once one sets the current date it hangs and has to be hard reset and the same spiral is repeated...i stii miss % battery and close program menu but have come to live without.