Ram Upgrade - MDA, XDA, 1010 General

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Subject: Ram Upgrade
From: Alan T
Date: 04 Jan, 2003 16:48:11
Does anybody know how feasible it is to upgrade the RAM upto 64m
or even 128m and where are the parts available and as a side
issue, is there a way of preventing a lock up when the serial
cable connected to my GPS is unplugged.
Subject: PPCTechs
From: Anthony Newman
Date: 04 Jan, 2003 22:35:53
PocketPCTechs do a RAM upgrade to 64 or 128; check
www.pocketpcpassion.com for any promotions, or go straight to
echs.com/XDAup.asp . If you're in the UK, eXpansys
currently offer the 64MB upgrade, with the 128MB coming sometime
when they're ready. AFAIK there's no DIY option, and I
personally would rather trust PPCTechs over myself anyday.
Subject: 64mb or 128mb
From: [email protected]
Date: 05 Jan, 2003 22:15:24
I've read on the newsgroups that the unit cannot use fully the
128mbytes, but it can use 64mb - the other 64mb will go as
Storage card or something like this. Is that true?
I know that iPAQ can have 256mb of RAM memory...
also does anyone knows exactly how this affects to batteries -
for example from 3 hours straight 32mb to how much hours with
64mb and 128mb?
Subject: Memory
From: Anthony Newman
Date: 06 Jan, 2003 02:57:47
I'm not sure whether the second 64 will appear as a storage card
- I know the old iPAQ upgrades used to, until they figured a way
around it, and the same may apply here. I'm not sure whether you
need to install the PPCTechs driver when it's 'natural' RAM
either - you'd have to ask them.
As to battery drain, I think the gadgeteer did something on
this. In their tests the 64MB upgrade has something like 3% less
battery life, or some other insignificant amount. If I had to
choose between double the RAM or an extra 10 minutes' battery
life, I know which I'd choose . Rest assured it won't be a
gas-guzzler! I'm sure if you google it you can find the exact
Subject: xxx
From: [email protected]
Date: 06 Jan, 2003 04:10:57
Thanx, Anthony
I've found pdaPocketHome site, and the FAQ over there (phew -
lots of stuff) - and the battery (Pocket PC Phone) charts for
memory upgrades - really nothing to worry about
just to decide whether I need 64MB or 128MB,
also I've read that they have some "T2T Disk" instead of
"Storage Card" - I was just afraid whether it'll screw and act
like "Storage Card" and the original one to be called "Storage
Card 2" (cause my stuff is already installed over there, and the
registry will mess it up more).


1000 visitors a day

This message contains all postings in this thread
dated before January 19th 2003
Subject: 1000 visitors a day
From: XDA developers
Date: 16 Jan, 2003 23:53:29
You've all noticed the forum got busier. Over the last few days,
we've been seeing more than 1000 unique visitors each day.
Holy cow... 8)
(There: it's happened. We're actually so happy we've used one of
these silly emoticons.)
Subject: SDIO on XDA
From: Colin
Date: 17 Jan, 2003 14:32:35
I've heard that a new SD (as in SD card) standard is going to be
available soon, called SDIO. It is supposed to support more
than just memory cards via the SD slot - similar to a Compact
Flash slot supporting modems and networks cards etc.
Does anyone know if the XDA supports this ?


Does anyone have information on upgrading the RAM to 64 Meg, last time I looked here there was some info on it but it seems to have gone
I would also like to know where to purchase the RAM Chips.
Try www.expansys.co.uk, they advertise two upgrades, 64Mb and 128Mb, although the 128Mb one is not available yet.
Yes I had seen the Expansys upgrade at £94.43 but I would prefer to buy the chip and do the upgrade myself, if possible.
THe problem is where to buy the right chip... and then install
Expansys are getting their upgrades from PPCTECH in the States, it might be worth contacting them for chips.
where to buy XDA memory cards from
You can buy extra memory from store like Dixons, but if you do want a RAM update then you cane go to a O2 Store and they will sell you 32 MB Ram update so that you have 64 MB for £30 or so. this is quite good :lol:
if you need any more information email at [email protected]
Post Shammy
I contacted PPCTECH in the states and got this trply from their Tech Support;
Hi Angus,
The XDA is one of the most difficult units we upgrade. It is surface mount
and not user installable.
I would suggest going through expansys.com.
Best Regards,
So it looks like we will have to wait until expansys get their act together
My phone has now been at Expansys for, um, just coming up to 3 weeks. And the parts still haven't arrived. I made the order in January, and waited several weeks before they sent me the details of what to do, and now I've done it I had expected them to have the parts in already.
Just a point to note. The maximum RAM an XDA will accept is 64Mb. If you get the 128Mb upgrade, 64MB will be allocated to RAM, the remaining 64Mb will be used as a virtual storage card - however, it will still be wiped after a hard reset / flat battery.
Best not let the battery go flat then!!!!
I am still tempted to wait for the 128Mb rather that the 64Mb. Unless the price of 512Mb SD cards comes down a bit. :lol:
Re: where to buy XDA memory cards from
Anonymous said:
You can buy extra memory from store like Dixons, but if you do want a RAM update then you cane go to a O2 Store and they will sell you 32 MB Ram update so that you have 64 MB for £30 or so. this is quite good :lol:
if you need any more information email at [email protected]
Post Shammy
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This is not the same as a RAM upgrade.

Advice Please - 32MB vs. 64MB RAM

Hello! I haven't yet bought an XDA for myself, but I have been researching my purchase for months - thank you very much to the people who run this forum, and to the people that have posted so much useful info...
I have also already downloaded heaps and heaps of software to try - I am a software-nut and already have hundreds of apps and games, over 200Mb so far - but no XDA to try them yet!
I already have a nice Panasonic 256Mb SD-Card for my new XDA, but... I have realized that I can't afford a 2nd-Hand 64Mb XDA this month from eBay, although I can afford a 32Mb from eBay. I don't want to wait another month, the waiting is driving me crazy! (I left my old PDA on a train, and my life is falling apart without one!)
So my question is - Will a 32Mb XDA be enough, combined with my 256Mb SD-Card? I know that some apps won't run properly from the card, and I'm afraid that 32Mb won't be enough... On the other hand, I've read that it's mostly system programs that need to be run from the RAM, and they're mostly quite small... But I don't want to get a 32Mb XDA and then find I need to keep shifting apps from the Card to RAM and back again just to get everything running... What's your experience, and your advice?
I have the 32MB with kitchen 4.00.05Rom packed full of the free programs.
And yes you have to watch your mem use all the time and I keep a shortcut to a soft-reset program handy.
All my apps are in the sd card and so are the avantgo files.
The only things taking up storage is the PIM data and about 1.3MB of excel files which I need to sync
leaving about 20MB free.
This works very well for me and I do multitask a lot of programs.
Hope this helps.
I have the Tmobile version with 32mb and a 256sd card and with some tweaks.
I did upgrade to wm2003
Most of the 32ram is used by my Pim
All apps and data are stored backed up on my sdcard and pc
so a restore or glitch is quickly resolved
It works like a gem
Good luck
I have a 32 MB unit (the 64 MB unit broke at some point). It works fine for me, but then I'm not software freak. I bought "Spb GPRS monitor" from SPB Software and "Agenda Fusion" from Developer One, and that's about all I use, apart from the programs installed on my theft-protected 4.00.11 ROM (I ran 4.00.05 until yesterday...).
If you're that much a software geek, why not get a 32 MB one and have it doctored to 128 MB? Gets you 64 MB main RAM, and an extra 64 MB ultra-fast virtual storage card. Links should be somewhere on this forum, and if memory serves me right it wasn't too expensive.
(And have someone lined up to buy it when the XDA II hits the stores ofcourse.)
I have a 32mb qtek, and would like to upgrade it to 64mb. Of course you can have extra storage with SD cards, but some functionalities don't work on SD card, because when the device is off, it sometimes need 2 or 3 seconds after power on for the card to be recognize. So if you place ring tones or pictures of callers (to use with Caller2picture i.e), they won't be displayed since they try to load picture/ringtone immediately at power on in case of incoming call.
Most people do well with the 32MB version, unless they're geeks. I'm one of those geeks, and really like my 64MB, but did survive with 32 for a while. Unless you plan to load a lot of stuff internally, you'll do fine with 32.

4gb minisd

Has anyone tried the 4gb minisd on the Wizard, yet? I'm thinking about gettin 1 but I'm don't know if the Wizard/tmo mda will support it or see the entire 4gb.
I found this while looking for a 4gb sd to buy, and now i will just stick with the 2gb i have in fear of this same thing happening after i buy one for my 8125
i knowits not a Wizard, but still...
It is a scam. Read the feedback. These are hacked 2GB and smaller cards that have been formatted to be 4GB, but that greatly shortens their shelf life, and in most cases they'll die within a few months, if they last that long.
How do you hack something so freakin small?
I'm not positive, but I think it says in the manual (8125) that it will only recognize up to 2GB ... Probably will change with later updates...just as the earlier PCz would only recognize so much RAM and HDD space until their CMOS was updated.
It may be a hardware limit. I'm from the DRAM side of things, so I'm not exactly certain how flash is addressed, but I do know that with DRAM, most computers are limited by the physical number of address drivers that are built into the chipset. Just looking at a Mini-SD, I'd guess that it's a serial device, so maybe it's just a matter of a firmware upgrade to change the bit size of the address data - or maybe it's something completely different and I have no idea what I'm talking about (it wouldn't be the first time!)
I've never heard of a 4GB miniSD, before this post. (I have seen 4GB SD cards advertised, could there be a confusion with that?)
If there are 4GB miniSD cards available, could someone post a link to them?
Here is a link :
much more expensive than 2 2GB cards though ... I'll need to wait a little bit to get a cheaper one for my (future) Wizard (I'm waiting for the one I've just bought on ebay )
beware!!! their are fake sd cards on ebay!!! Usually the cheap ones are the fake ones! :evil:
They are also on Amazon.com for $146. They claim that they have them in stock and others have mentioned that the picture of the card has been edited--the number 4 that is. I am somewhat tempted to try it if Amazon will back me.
here is a story of a ripp-off on ebay : http://pdaphonehome.com/forums/mall/76525-4gb-minisd-card.html
4g miniSD that works
I have purchased a 4G miniSD from http://www.emartbuy.co.uk/index.php.
It works. There is a small problem with access time, i.e. it takes longer to write to and access the card than the 2G did, but apart from that there are no issues.
All I did was use a card reader and copy everything from the 2G card to the 4G card, put it in the device and away it went, like nothing had changed. Except now there is twice the storage. YAY. The card is brandless and is probably a reflashed card, but I don't care because it works for me.
I have an Imate KJAM.
I have puchased on from Moby memory,
Seems to work OK in my Xda MiniS, and IQ

Would you pay for a memory upgrade if O2 made it available?

I'm using O2 Atom Life. It has 64mb of RAM (I can't belief O2 is so short sighted by putting in only 64mb of RAM for such a great device).
Just wondering whether anyone would pay for a memory upgrade (say... to 128mb?) if O2 made it available...
Actually I would love to have more memory on the O2 ATOM. Plus if O2 can speed up this PDA, that would be just what I need!
just that you would know. o2 is doing a balancing act with regard to ram. more ram would mean shorter battery life. but I still go for more ram 96mb is sufficient.
It is not just a balancing act. I believe that they will find it hard for people to buy a newer model if they start giving out upgrades or selling high memory ppc's. This is especially true if people fail to feel or see that the newer model do not have that much of a difference in performance than what they currently have. As of now, not everyone will not feel the difference between a 128mb, 256 mb and a 512mb RAM except maybe for the battery life. So if people are given the option to choose between a 128mb, 256mb or 512 mb RAM, they will most likely choose the first one because of the price. Only serious users will most likely choose the bigger RAM capacity.
Lol, you got it right, yetdy. Btw, I do agree with tjlabais... 96mb should be sufficient but 64mb is way too low for such a powerful device. It's like driving a F1 car in the traffic jammed city road.
I agree with yetdy too. It is a bad design that there is only 64M ram in atom life, I think they are not short sighted, just for "atom life exec".
Do you mean, they are short sighted? Not being able to see what is going to happen clearly in the future?
I think o2 is money hungry and poor support
i mailed them many time but no answer, so i will prefer jiggs rom even if i have to buy it. o2 support is very poor, just to support atom life they are not giving wm6 upgrade. my next phone will not be o2
xlover_ said:
i mailed them many time but no answer, so i will prefer jiggs rom even if i have to buy it. o2 support is very poor, just to support atom life they are not giving wm6 upgrade. my next phone will not be o2
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You can try emailing to [email protected], the CEO. Normally they tell you that they have already responded to your email, but it might be because of your email server reject them (especially hotmail). I've checked the JUNK folder but they are no where to be found.
What for? Are you representing O2 to ask this?
wfwoo88 said:
What for? Are you representing O2 to ask this?
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What do you mean by 'What for?'. I'm not representing O2. I'm representing the public trying to convince O2 that their support is suck and they should do something about it.
O2 just moved out of Asia. <_<
wfwoo88 said:
What for? Are you representing O2 to ask this?
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No - definitely no to anything O2.
Thanks Jigs and Chartuex.
Ultimate Chicken said:
O2 just moved out of Asia. <_<
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Really? Where did you get the news from?
programatix said:
Really? Where did you get the news from?
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Ultimate is right. O2 asia is now being handled by another company. Just read it early this week. I forgot if it was from pocketpc thoughts or msmobile or something through RSS(egress 3.02).
Bad marketing strategy for O2 Asia. They thought selling good PPCs will gain them the support of people. They forgot about market preference in size and market support all because they wanted to increase their volume. They were able to sell well when they launched the small PPC line like mini, atom etc. However, people literally dropped them when they started releasing variants like atom-black, exec, pure and life. They should have been more creative like changing the name and casing for the variants and marketing them for a different market niche. Unfortunately, they never wanted to incur the expenses associated in the creation of the market niches for their PPCs.
I heard the last straw was O2 Flame which was one of the biggest flops of all time. Tsk.. tsk.. tsk... They should have followed what people have been posting on forums...
It's here. http://asia.cnet.com/reviews/handhelds/0,39001709,62034059,00.htm
Anyway, Mark Billington is still the CEO of the new company. The new site is at http://www.mwg.com/
wwoow....i thinks its great if o2 hv to do that....