GPS, SD card and Blue tooth - MDA, XDA, 1010 General

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Subject: GPS, SD card and Blue tooth
From: Fab
Date: 18 Dec, 2002 23:31:30
Last time I read that you were saying that GPS sd card will not
work with xda. What will be the others solutions? I read
somewhere that tomtom have a special cable for gps and xda but I
could not find it.
It would be also very great to be able to have bluetooth and a
blue-tooth phone set. The XDA would be then perfect!
Is it better to have one card of 512mo or 2 card 256mo?
I know for the price two card is better, but would it be other
advantages (exemple; faster if you separate the video and the
programme, as is it in harddisk...)?
If anyone have some ideas ....
Subject: SD I/O
From: Muellmaen
Date: 19 Dec, 2002 10:39:02
Toshibas Bluetooth card, also sold by Palm, will never work with
the XDA because HTC does not implement a SD I/O slot. That is
not very surprising as the iPAQ do also not support SD I/O. A
Fujitsu-Siemens PM told me, that only one chip, made by Toshiba,
does have SD I/O, if that chip is not on board ... :x
Subject: GPS, TomTom
From: Muellmaen
Date: 19 Dec, 2002 10:43:29
There are XDA cables in the market. You can get them directly
from Tomtom, ask them. Or by any cable for the GNS
GPS mouse, Tomtom includes GNS stuff in there packages. A shop
(in German) who offers that stuff: Cable would
be 45 Euro, not really cheap.
Subject: GPS Cable
From: Harry
Date: 19 Dec, 2002 17:09:54
Subject: DigiTraveler doesn't work
From: Peter Lu
Date: 20 Dec, 2002 03:31:20
Hi, I am from US. Last week I bought a DigiTraveler GPS from
Radio Shack. It came with 3 cables for the PDA pack. One for
Palm, one for iPAQ and one fits my SX56. Unfortunately I could
not make it work. Finally I called Radia Shack tech support and
the engineer told me that device does not support my PDA. I
have to return it. :x
Do you know any better GPS that works?
Subject: Re: DigiTraveler doesn't work
From: XDA developers
Date: 20 Dec, 2002 08:53:37
The connector that you inserted is actually a new model iPaq
connector, which is the same connector as on the XDA. It's just
that the pins are wired differently, so they could make some
extra money on licensing for the peripherals.
If you are or know someone who can solder, you may want to take
a look at the connectors page. There's probably only two or
three wires connected in your connector, and when you put them
at the correct pins, you should be all set...
Subject: Answers
From: pdaPhoneHome
Date: 20 Dec, 2002 09:55:22
There are solutions to the GPS problem... several in fact.
Check out the FAQ for XDA at The answer to
the GPS question is at
Mike Collins
Subject: Connector same as new IPAQ?
From: Jaapski
Date: 20 Dec, 2002 10:39:09
What do you mean extactly.
Is the XDA connector same as the new IPAQ (1900) series? Or is
the connector still the same, but with a different pin setting?
Subject: BlueTooth
From: Jonnyboy
Date: 08 Jan, 2003 13:15:38
I spoke to an o2 Rep the other day in an o2 shop and he informed
me that bluetooth technology was built into the hardware of the
device - but not enabled (for some reason) - he said that there
will be a patch download available from action update soon to
enable the hardware to support bluetooth....
is this true??!?!?
Subject: Bluetooth
From: XDA developers
Date: 08 Jan, 2003 17:25:12
I suspect this person was really anxious to sell more XDAs. We
have no indication of any bluetooth hardware in the XDA, and
we'd be _very_ surprised if it's in there.
Subject: Yes but ...
From: Olivier
Date: 08 Jan, 2003 17:49:01
From the Xda FAQ
1 . Does O2 have any intentions of having Compact Flash or PC
card support in the future?
Presently the XDA is unable to support the compact flash or PC
card. We have put this in our future enhancement list.
2 . Is there a scanner available for the XDA unit?
Currently XDA phone does not support the scanner by using
cable or bluetooth. We have put this on our enhancement list.
3 . Can the XDA be used as a modem for my laptop to surf the
Currently not. This is one of the future enhancements of the

Bluetooth is here
I am gutted...Have just been playing with the NEW Bluetooth enabled xda. Got mine less than 3 months ago - am now planning a fatal accident for it...

What?? Tell us more. I have heard no plans for this yet.

Bluetooth is hear
Was minding my own business at work when a collegue approached me and started taking the p*ss. Legged it round to CarphoneWarehouse & hey presto - they just came out the other day... and to make it worse they are the same price...

Great, so now it should only be six months until we get them in the US...
So you've seen this personally? Did you take a look at what profiles it supports (headset, serial, modem)?

Just been to CPW, and O2 shop, but they don't seem to have them. Can't find anything out about this phone.

Bletooth is Here
Apologies everyone - turned out to be a typo in the CPW brochure with a very well orchestrated prank... I never realised just how little these shop workers know about their products(if it's in the brochure must be right...WRONG) still at least it means the current xda is current and the search goes on for a solution...


Software differences

This message contains all postings in this thread
dated before January 19th 2003
Subject: Software differences
From: *Bling* Sam *Bling*
Date: 14 Jan, 2003 00:33:43
Before I'd even seen this site i'd wanted an O2 XDA in the UK,
but due to me being on a different network (vodafone) I thought
I could never have one (Queue violins)... But then I went back
home to australia for a short trip and found them selling the
64mb version in a telstra shop. On a hunch I whacked my vodafone
SIM in the Demo model and it worked. I bought one and am now
very happy. Right that's the story out of the way, now the
Are there any huge differences in the software for the device in
Aus and in the UK, cos I've configured everything and all works
fine but I'd just like to know if there's anything extra that
might be worth flashing for...
Subject: Upgrade?
From: XDA developers
Date: 15 Jan, 2003 00:04:25
Depends on the version you're running. If yours is 3.14.x, keep
it, otherwise you might want to consider an upgrade.
Subject: Cool!
From: *Bling* Sam *Bling*
Date: 18 Jan, 2003 18:13:02
It is, 3.14.17 to be exact, thanks guys!

400mhz x-scale XDA II *CONFIRMED*

IT'S A SOMEWHAT strange admission but mobile operator O2 claims to have captured 80 per cent of the Irish market, 59 per cent of the UK market and 36 per cent of the Western Europe for 'voice enabled PDAs' with a mere 64,000 sales of its original XDA device.
So obviously it's a small market, with the Handspring Treo being the chief rival. Understandably O2 hopes to do better than this by introducing the xDA II before Xmas 2003.
One of the improvements not mentioned in the blurb is a detachable battery - considering battery life was its biggest weakness, hopefully this facility will enable users to carry around a working xDA all day. As anyone could easily have predicted, the XDA II will run Microsoft's Phone Edition of Windows Mobile 2003 Software for Pocket PC. Why is Microsoft using ten words when a single name would suffice?
Anyway, its processor will be faster using an Intel Xscale 400 MHz and feature 64MB of memory as standard. Usefully it will have both a digital camera and support for Bluetooth built-in but Wi-Fi connectivity will be an add-on.
Talking of add-ons, in Germany O2 has just released the XDA NaviKit which adds a GPS capability to the car kit it already markets. Another addition you can make is to download O2's xmail client which gives you access to Outlook information stored on a corporate Microsoft Exchange server. No POP3 version of xmail appears to be available. µ
You can full details on

O2 XDA for sale!!!

I’ve just bought a XDA II
Now I want to sell my XDA.
It’s three months old, in mint condition. RUU 4.01.00Eng (the latest PocketPC 2003 rom from T-Mobile), RSU 4.12 Eng. Complete of everything: box, cradle, usb cable, cd with sw, user guide, n. 2 stylus, case.
Eur 550.00 + UPS/Fedex shipment (I’m from italy)
If you are interested please contact me here: [email protected]

Everex WM2003 Phone

I just saw an Everex PPCPE with Windows Mobile 2003 at Jarir (a local bookstore chain in Saudi Arabia) although the rest of the hardware spect were similar to the Qtek 1010 (XDA) - And is priced lower than the Qtek.
Has anyone tried this set... am thinking about getting one for my wife (need to get her off my Qtek ) If so how does it perfom in comparision to the XDA.

Unlocked Wallaby Plus For Sale

I upgraded to and XDA III TMO MDA, so it is time to depart with my wallaby or XDA. It is a Seimens SX56, with an extra battery, Krussell case, cradle, extra cable, and car charger.
The phone currently has a TMO ROM cooked up in the kitchen, but I will put any ROM you want on it.
With a sim card, you can use this for any carrier.
Make me an offer.
fuzzie -- at -- vohslaw -- dot -- com