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dated before January 19th 2003
Subject: Interesting Site
From: Ian Hanschen
Date: 19 Dec, 2002 16:53:21
Hi guys,
Great site! Glad to see sites like this (dealing with
undocumented properties of devices) are not extinct. I've
learned a lot about the CE internals over the past 2 years and
would be happy to share.

agree interesting site.

Old pointless thread
thread closed


Slow response in next few days

This message contains all postings in this thread
dated before January 19th 2003
Subject: Slow response in next few days
From: XDA developers
Date: 26 Dec, 2002 19:06:41
A lot of us are at the 20th Chaos Communication Congress in
Berlin, and some others are spending this next week with their
families and such.
Expect responses to be slow. No major news expected until 2003.
Happy NewYear!

Athena Goes Underground

Hey Evreyone,
Browsing through the other forums such as the development forum, you may have ran across the thread labeled "Introducing: The Mobile Underground".Basically this site takes all the hardware,issues,news,software,and roms updates and centralizes it on one site as blogs! If you're an Athena owner you probaly did'nt hear of it till now, especially if you only check Athena forums.The author mainly aimed it "towards newer and most used devices" and cross posted to those device forums.If us Athena owners can agree on one one thing, that our phone is the most powerful and feature packed device despite it being huge and over a year old we still come to realize its still the best around.Especially with the AP Team around bringing even more potential with their awesome roms.And the inclusion of another rom chef yes ughhh irus things can get interesting.
So with this all being said I emailed the author about adding in an Athena section and by my request they have!, and appointed me the editor for this section.I will try giving this a shot to make things easier for evreyone to provide cutting edge information to the unknowing masses! I do ask because I feel this is a team effort as well, that submit feedback and share ideas and information.Also for Rom Cooks to provide up to date information on their respective projects.If anyone is interested to help pm me so this way I can list contributers and rom chefs willing to provide these updates so evreyone will be aware what to expect.
My idea is before I post an article on the TMU, post it here first so it can be subjected to any additions,fixes,and updates by the community before it's finalized as an article.Feedback is appreciated.
Update: The TMU thread has been moved to xda-devs general and all cross posting in other device forums are closed.
P.s ltxda don't worry I wont post about ur fetish's ;p
The site:
Register/bookmark and take a look as theres information about other types of devices (Blackberry,Palm) and Windo s Mobile in general.Untill I post an Article , HTC Athena wont show up yet under the Windows Mobile Category.
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Much newer source code released
I may be tardy to the party but did not see anything about this in the development threads yet. 2swizzle has this posted in the general section so in case anyone was looking for newer source code then what we had before. Snooped around it a bit and dates show 11/15/2012 as last date modified.Have at it devs in case you haven't gotten it already. Here's the link to Samsung if you don't feel like viewing the post

Project Ara Developers Conference in Singapore (January 21, 2015)

Mod Edit: Please don't promote other tech forums on XDA. You can review the site rules for more info. Thread closed by @Darth

Question Tcl20 5g

when will it finally get a security update for android 11 the tcl 20 5g. i have been staying for 10 months with android 10. will not receive an update? many phones got android 12 and tcl20 5g did not get android 11 either.
have upgraded to android 11 many tcl models from the series 10 .mine which is a newer model the tcl20 5g is still with android 10.many mobiles from other brands have even been my mobile but nothing .many have complained.
@Pantelisp gooner Good morning and welcome to XDA! I hope you'll always get the support you require.
However, this morning I already deleted 2 of your threads and notified you about this. And just less than 5 minutes ago, you created the next thread (as seen in post no. 2 above). I've merged that one into your already existing thread.
Allow me to seriously recommend to review the XDA Forum Rules (to which you by the way agreed to adhere when you registered yesterday) with special emphasis on rule no. 5, to post only ONCE and no duplicates and to post in an already existing thread instead of creating new ones. Thanks for your cooperation.
Oswald Boelcke
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Does anyone know what error this is and how to fix it on TCL 20b 6159k