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dated before January 19th 2003
Subject: Slow response in next few days
From: XDA developers
Date: 26 Dec, 2002 19:06:41
A lot of us are at the 20th Chaos Communication Congress in
Berlin, and some others are spending this next week with their
families and such.
Expect responses to be slow. No major news expected until 2003.
Happy NewYear!


Interesting Site

This message contains all postings in this thread
dated before January 19th 2003
Subject: Interesting Site
From: Ian Hanschen
Date: 19 Dec, 2002 16:53:21
Hi guys,
Great site! Glad to see sites like this (dealing with
undocumented properties of devices) are not extinct. I've
learned a lot about the CE internals over the past 2 years and
would be happy to share.
agree interesting site.
Old pointless thread
thread closed

What about this

svetius said:
XDA to Go Dark on Jan 18th at 8AM; You Can Help Bring Us Back Online
XDA is a community built on openness and sharing. It has flourished because of our ability to freely exchange information, ideas, and development. The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the Senate and Protect IP Act (PIPA) in the House give copyright holders the ability to more easily shut down sites (with mere accusations and without due process) that *might* be in violation of copyright laws.*It was because of GoDaddy’s initial support for this legislation that we moved to another registrar. If you are unfamiliar with the particulars of the bills, read up on them on Wikipedia.
We had a long debate among admins and moderators about the best way XDA can combat this legislation. Several sites (most notably, Reddit) have decided to go dark on January 18th from 8AM to 8PM. A blackout of XDA, a site with users likely already educated on the legislation, seemed a bit like preaching to the choir.
Quite frankly, we don't think a blackout is enough. We need to motivate XDA members to get involved and help us fight the fight. So-- beginning at 8AM ET on January 18th, the domain WILL go dark. When you come to the site, you will see links to information about SOPA and the damaging impact it will have on the free Internet. Visitors from the United States will also see a link to an online pledge. Users who choose to sign their name to the pledge are agreeing simply to contact their local Senator or Representative (via phone or email) and politely voice their opposition to the bills. Once 50,000 people have made the pledge, XDA will go back up. We will provide links to help you find the contact information for the appropriate member of Congress. We hope we hit 50,000 pledges quickly. If not, we'll match Reddit (and hopefully many other sites) and return online at 8PM ET.
If you want to get involved (before our "pledge" goes live on the 18th), Reddit has a fantastic list of ways that you can make an impact. We hope that XDA going dark will help spread awareness and action against SOPA / PIPA.
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I'm not a USA user, so i can't help really much.
I just want to share and discuss about this in our phone's dedicated thread and propose my personal Peaceful Protest for Freedom.
So if you're not a not USA user, and you want to say web is free knowledge and sharing, just use this image as avatar.
It will not do much, but for who is whatching us, this can be a signal of union.
Unity is strength.
So. They may take our sites but they'll never take away our freedom!

Reverend Kyle - Google+ Hangout March 26, 2012 - 10PM EST

Who's up for a Google Hangout?
Come chat with Reverend Kyle about... whatever!
Google Hangout 3/26/2012 - 10PM EST
Feel free to bring your Touchpad issues with you. I will answer whatever questions I can.
I hope you had a good turnout... I might have joined you with a little more notice.
I've done a few of these now. It's hard to determine when people are more likely to participate.
I would love to schedule one in the future with a lot more notice.

Be a Part of Team Pongnamu For Developing!

Be A Part Of Team Pongnamu!
We currently aim for 2010 Xperias but will soon aim for 2011, 2012, 2013 Xperias
We are going to develop many cool ROMs and more!
So, I made a team and the current members are: pongnamu and muhammed cambaz.
We are going to look for your passion for developing more than your skill.
In here, all of you have chances to get selected!
What are you waiting for? Please go to HERE to register and find out more information.
I will accept registration until JAN 31.
We will send you email if you got selected and advanced to Q2 (Almost every people advanced to Q2 will get selected).
We welcome you from any manufacter or phone!
We are waiting for you!
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Project Ara Developers Conference in Singapore (January 21, 2015)

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