Removing Active Synch Inbox - MDA, XDA, 1010 General

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dated before January 19th 2003
Subject: Removing Active Synch Inbox
From: Bobby Gallagher
Date: 01 Jan, 2003 16:53:45
Does anyone know how to remove the Inbox and associated folders
that are created the first time I set the Active Synch to synch
with my inbox.
I now longer want to have them synched and now I cannot remove
the folders from my XDA


Merging Pocket Outlook

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dated before January 19th 2003
Subject: Merging Pocket Outlook
From: Garry Morrison
Date: 04 Jan, 2003 08:41:18
Hi, stumbled across your site, find it extremely useful. Thanks.
Quick query - is there a way to merge e-mail accounts in Pocket
Outlook ? Like most people, I have more than one e-mail account
and would prefer to see everything in a single inbox (just like
Outlook itself). It's a pain having to disconnect then reconnect
via GPRS to collect mail from different sources.
Any suggestions appreciated.

Deleting Unwanted Active sync Mail - Help

My XDA Active sync inbox shows an email I already deleted on the PC. There is no sign of it on the PC in any folder yet I cannot delete it, open it or move it anywhere on the XDA.
The message subject remains as an unread message in the XDA's Active sync inbox!!
How can I delete it?

Sync Activesync email back to PC? Please help.

I have all my emails on my XDA in Activesync inbox but my computer died and i lost them all off my PC. Is it possible for the XDA to send the emails back to the computer? Ive tried it a couple of times and it just deletes them all from my XDA! (Thank god for backups!!).
I really don't want to lose all 526 emails :-(.
Any suggestions?
I join this call!
I work with pcc 2002.
1. Recently I tried to synchronize wiht Outlook 2000. I checked the 'inbox', so the inbox, sent items, drafts,... should be synchronized, but only the inbox synched. After that I put the mails in 'sent items' in a new folder in the pc and instructed active sync to synchronize with that new folder, but it didn't work either. I created a new folder with mails from the inbox and that did synhronize. After that I instructed active sync not to synhronize with the inbox and the new folders and deleted the mails on the xda in order to clean up. After instructing act.sync. to synchronize the inbox again to see if the 'sent box' would be synched, all the inbox-mails were deleted of course (I had the backup!), but the sent items were again not synchronized.
2. Also some attachments could not be synchronized and there is no way of knowing of which mails.
3. Isn't there a way to have the mails, contacts and appointments stored on the SD-Card to save main memory?
4. Isn't it possible to have a folder synchronising files on the sd-card with files on somewhere on the harddisk of the pc?
5. Is there a good manual somewhere about safe synchronizing and troubleshooting it?
I would be very gratefull to get some answers to these questions
:?: :?: :?: :?:

Outlook 2003 sync with ROM 1.72

I could not sync SMS message from ROM 1.72 to Outlook 2003. Does anyone come across this? Please help. Thank you in advance. :?:
Outlook works only for e-mails not SMSs
That is interesting, my Outlook 2003, had SMS function. Yours don't?
bzkat said:
That is interesting, my Outlook 2003, had SMS function. Yours don't?
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My Out2K3 hasn't this feature too. How did you get?
I bought the Office 2003 package, just install Outlook 2003 with it. It is embedded the SMS function.
bzkat said:
I bought the Office 2003 package, just install Outlook 2003 with it. It is embedded the SMS function.
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As I said, I have Outlook2003 too (from Off2K3 Pro version), but it only synchronizes e-mails to "account" ActiveSync on my XDA2.
Could you post some screenshots, please?
Would you try to Open your Active Sync then "Tools" --> "Options..." --> select Inbox --> "Settings..."
You will find there is an check box for SMS sync. I had check that box but nothing happen after sync.
With Outlook 2K3, when you select Mail, you will easily found there is a SMS folder under Personal Folders :?
Sorry for I do not know how to capture the screen for you.
Hm... My ActiveSync will open window Opening settings when I click on Settings button, after while it's closed and nothing happens... :? :x
Have you installed the Out2K3 after instalation of ActiveSync or before?
As far as I can remeber, I installed Outlook 2K3 before Activesync. :roll:
I finally capture the screen for you
I have Office 2003 (with Outlook) as well. I do not see SMS in ActiveSync Inbox Settings either. In fact, it has never been there.
I do not believe this can work with ActiveSync alone. What ActiveSync is showing you are the folders in your server mailbox. It would be possible to create a folder named SMS and sync that, but it would not contain the SMS messages from your mobile . . . the SMS account in your Pocket Outlook is just that, another account. This can not be synchronized with a folder - it's an apples vs. oranges thing.
There may be another tool that can do it, but I do not believe ActiveSync can do it.
OK - I guess your screenshot has proven me wrong.
What server software are you using for your email (connecting Outlook 2003 to)?
Is it MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, something else?
What version?
Sorry that I am not so good in software. I do not use a server for email. I just using a stand alone Outlook 2K3 in my personal computer.

[Q] Bizarre Email problem

I'm trying to set up an email account on my Android phone. I hold the account on Office365 Outlook which works fine, but I've tried to set up a pop3 account on three different email systems (Cloud Magic, Aquamail and M Mail) with the same result: 30 or 40 Emails load but they are all dated in February 2014 with the latest email being February 20th. No more recent emails will load!
I'm out of ideas--can anyone give me a steer??