Serial Connection to NT - MDA, XDA, 1010 General

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Subject: Serial Connection to NT
From: Stew
Date: 03 Jan, 2003 21:48:32
Having just bought my XDA, I am keen to synchronise it with my
Windows NT laptop. Therefore splashed out on a Serial cradle,
connected it to the COM port - ran ActiveSync, and get nowhere -
ActiveSynch just keeps telling me "Your device was not
detected", and that "COM 1" and "COM 2" are available...
Any ideas?
I have plugged the serial wire into my XP desktop, and
everything just fires up and synchronises immediately, so
presumably the problem is with my NT settings? I have check the
COM port basic settings which seem to be the same on both XP and
NT...I am stuck, and the O2 support line are stuck. HELP!!!
Subject: Serial port on XDA
From: XDA developers
Date: 04 Jan, 2003 05:46:58
We've observed some peculiar behaviour with the XDA serial port.
It seems to wake up only when it detects sufficient voltage, and
the port can be hard to wake up from the outside once it decides
the serial port is not connected. Probably a battery-saving
Does your device wake up from sleep when you stick it in the
cradle? It should wake up when it sees the computer's DTR.
Subject: Serial connection
From: Stew
Date: 04 Jan, 2003 10:41:37
Interesting point.
When I put the switched off XDA into the (seemingly identical)
USB cradle, it immediatly switches itself on. The same doesn't
happen with the Serial cradle. But I have tried switching the
XDA on manually, and it makes no difference...not sure what DTR
Subject: Serial Connection
From: Alan T
Date: 04 Jan, 2003 17:18:34
Try turning off the Infra Red Receiving option under
Start/settings/connections/beam. Until I did this, when I tried
to connect my GPS to com1 it was unavailable . I also turned of
the 'Enable synchronisation when cradled using:' in the Active
Sync options although you might want to set it to an appropriate
serial baud rate.
Subject: XDA Serial Connnection to NT
From: Ric
Date: 07 Jan, 2003 11:26:38
I am also having major NT/XDA serial connection problems on my
work laptop.
I am using a genuine sync and charge serial cable.
If I try the serial sync on my Me machine it connects.
It looks like an NT issue and I would really apppreciate any
help in resolving it
Subject: NT4 ActiveSync
From: tabbycat
Date: 08 Jan, 2003 09:35:40
I too have an NT4 SP5 laptop Tecra 8100, with Activezsync 3.5.
However my serial connection is fine.
The only time I've had occasional problems is when trying to
connect via the docking station and being on the corporate LAN.
I se default settings in ActiveSync.
Subject: serial conn problems solved
From: Ric
Date: 10 Jan, 2003 10:16:33
I posted a couple of days ago with a serial connection problem
on my work laptop AS 3.5/6 to NT 4.00 1381 sp6
I discovered the modem was on com1
I created com2 pushed the modem onto com2 rebooted and it worked
It seems that com1 must be dedicated to AS or it will not play.
Give it a go
Let me know how you get on with a post here
Subject: USB for NT by bsquare
From: Chris
Date: 11 Jan, 2003 15:54:09
You could also try USB for NT4.0 by It makes the
usb port usable for certain devices, like cradles. Works perfect
with my MDA.


NT / XDA Serial connections

This message contains all postings in this thread
dated before January 19th 2003
Subject: NT / XDA Serial connections
From: Ric
Date: 07 Jan, 2003 12:08:08
I am also having major NT/XDA serial connection problems on my
work laptop.
I am using a genuine sync and charge serial cable.
If I try the serial sync on my Me machine it connects.
The com1 port is coming back as available, but will not sync
It looks like an NT issue and I would really apppreciate any
help in resolving it.

Bluetooth Dialling from Laptop

I am using an XDA2 with a newly upgraded 1.60.00WWE ROM and was really pleased to see the update to Bluetooth to allow serial connections in this release.
I have a fax application on my laptop and want to connect the comport on the laptop to the BT comport on the XDA2
I click on the new checkbox 'Inbound Com Port' and everything seems well.
If I set up a dialup networking connection to an ISP, or try to fax, the port opens successfully but no data is passed from the XDA back to the PC, so the PC always thinks there is a hardware failure.
The same connection works well with a Nokia (but who wants to use a Nokia?
Anyone else having this problem, or can anyone offer some advice to get this running?
O2 XDA2 on Orange

internet connection through ppc

I had a query. I use GPRS to surf the internet from my qtek 2020. I want to know If I can surf on my pc using ppc (GPRS) via the USB cradle, since I don't have serial cable.
I have read lots of discussions to surf the net on ppc using pc via lan/USB etc, but none where it says how I can use a USB cradle for the reverse process.
The reason for this is, I have unlimited usage scheme for my GPRS connection. (RS. 500 per month approx. 8-9 euros only). It is much cheaper than broadband connections, therefore I'd rather connect on my pc using ppc.
if your xda2 have wireless modem installed then you can surf from your pc using the usb cable or bluetooth or seriel or what ever you like
Problem with Modem
I'm trying to connect to the web via GPRS through USB and IR, but I am having no luck...
I have followed the instructions and used the files on the XDA official website, but everytime I try I get a message like error 732 or "could not connect to your device" the PDA flashes yellow for a few second before the error message...
Anyone elese had this problem? Is there a solution or do I need to upgrade OS? I still have a 1.53... Orange
read thumper's post he looks like he can get it to work
maybe he got some idears
I can now use my PPC as a Wireless modem with Ir
Thank Rudegar!
I read the post... at the beginning seemed out of topic, but then I have found the clue!!!
I think the proble was releted to the use of the SPB GPRS software... I could coonect to the GPRS service from the phone, but not using it as a modem... maybe we should tell it to the SW producer?
I also found out, strange, that the dialing string (the one with the APN" was within an extra set of "" which I don't remember to have inserted...
Next step is to get it to work through USB... is that SW was the problem I'll have a positive answer soon!
Thanks again,

Hi, can someone help me locate software for my Wallaby?

Hi all. I'm a newcomer to this forum, as well as to the "Wallaby"-type phone, so any and all help or suggestions I receive will be very, very much appreciated.
I recently purchased a very used T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition phone from a private party. The seller's ex-husband was/is a Microsoft developer and had bought this phone when it was brand-new, intending to do software development on it, but had put it away in a drawer and had basically forgotten about it. When the seller transferred the phone to me, she was able to supply ALMOST everything that came with it. The one glaring exception was the Pocket PC Companion CD that originally came with the phone when it was new. (Apparently her ex-hubby took it with him).
I actually didn't intend to use the phone portion of this device at all, as I have a newer Windows SmartPhone for that purpose. I had bought it with the intention of downloading some software into it (Microsoft Money, etc.) that will not run on my SmartPhone. However, I soon discovered that in order to do any downloading at all, I must first establish a connection between my laptop PC and the phone, and herein lies the problem.
Because I did not receive the Pocket PC Companion CD, the software that establishes the connection between the laptop and the Pocket PC Phone does not seem to be installed. I DO have ActiveSync 3.8 installed on my laptop for the purpose of sync'ing up my laptop with my Windows SmartPhone. However, ActiveSync 3.8 does not seem to be able to establish a connection to the Pocket PC Phone. Connecting the USB cable from the USB cradle holding the Pocket PC Phone, to the USB port on my laptop, causes the following error message to display on the phone:
To synchronize this device, you must install ActiveSync 4.0 or higher on your desktop computer"
I was under the impression that ActiveSync version 3.8 was the latest and most-current version -- unless that version is only for SmartPhones, and not for PocketPC Phones??
Can anyone supply the Pocket PC Companion CD (or the software that came with that CD) that was originally provided by T-Mobile?
And can anyone suggest a source for the version of ActiveSync that is needed for this Pocket PC Phone to be able to sync up with my laptop?
Also, if I do install that ActiveSync version, do I risk accidentally overwriting the version of ActiveSync that is already (correctly) loaded on my laptop for syncing the laptop to my Windows SmartPhone?
The following info may be useful:
Model No.: PW10B1
Platform: PocketPC
IMEI: 350314010270552
ROM Version: 3.04.00 ENG
ROM date: 06/12/02
Radio version: 6.24
Protocol version: 324e4
If you have any information and/or suggestions, please e-mail me at the following address:
[email protected]
Have you tried these suggestions?
I'm using active synch 3.8.0 ok.
On my PC I've got "Allow USB connection with this desktop computer" checked in File->connection settings...
Also got in the "Options" dialogue the "Synchronize mobile device clock upon connecting" checked.
After starting active synch it sits in the system tray and grey's itself.
On my XDA I'm running active synch too, and it works a treat.
On XDA run Active Synch, select Tools->Options...
Check "Enable synchro..." and select "'USB"
Also check the "Include PC..." box too.
Select the "ok" button at the top right
Now put your XDA in the cradle...
Active synch should pop-up and spin it's tray icon green spiny thing.
All should be well.
Start Explorer and there should be a "Mobile Device" item in "My Computer"
Good luck...
Did you try soft reset you XDA (small hole down left) or more extreem (as you will go back to factory setting and loose all data in it) by ard reseting it (very small battery hole down right) ?

activesync 4.0 problems

Last night I installed wm2k5 on my Qtek 2020, works Great! Big thanks to everybody who helped to get this working .
unfortunately I stil have a problem synchronize my 2020 with my work laptop. (win XPPRO SP1, office 2003) On USB I get connection but nothing happens.
synchronize with IR there is a connection and it starts to synchronize but stops with a support code. It says: ActiveSync encountered a problem on the desktop. support code: 0x85010014
My home computer runs win XPPRO SP2, office 2003. here I can synchronize with no problem
I switch of all firewalls and security policy, and attemped various solutions whichs are posted these last days
anybody ideas?
Download SP2 :roll:
I would like to do that but it is my work laptop, They are a little slow :wink: