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Subject: processes on XDA
From: Rick
Date: 13 Jan, 2003 15:46:20
Hello guyz!
I used the remote process viewer that came with PPC SDK
and saw that there are a lot of processes that run on my XDA at
any time. These are all started at boot.
Question: can I save some memory/CPU by killing some of these?
Eg, I don't use XDA to check mail, so the mail checker process
that is always in background is of no use to me. Anyone tried to
understand what the various processes do?


xda -> voice command control

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Subject: xda -> voice command control
From: Alex
Date: 08 Jan, 2003 12:45:38
Does anybody know if there is any possibility of voice command
control like the ipaq does?
Subject: Voice control
From: Alex (another one)
Date: 08 Jan, 2003 13:26:44
There is a voice dialler program available for controlling the
Phone software. There's a review here:
As for others to control the actual operating system, I'm not
aware of any, but that doesn't mean they don't exist!
Subject: Voice Control
From: Ben Waterson
Date: 13 Jan, 2003 13:05:59
IBM Viavoice for Pocket PC 2002
Tried and satisfied
Hi there
Go to the following url:
search under pocket pc and look for a package called:
"NeuVoice Navigator"
there is a trial version available for you to check out....
works with entire xda functions....and more...

Buttons on the XDA

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Subject: Buttons on the XDA
From: Gene_uk
Date: 14 Jan, 2003 17:18:01
Dear XDA Developers,
Thank you for this website. I have another small assignment for
I have noticed that some programs that were designed for the
IPAQ do not work properly on the XDA. Mainly the controls. For
instance, the centre button on the XDA does not work with
certain emulators (like MAME or ATARI800). Loading it into an
IPAQ makes it work fine.
Will you be able to examine if there is any way to adjust the
controls for it to mimic a IPAQ?

PPC2002 software compatibility with PPC2003/ XDA Dev 1.2

Hi there again,
I've been doing a lot of reading and searching through the forum and I now understand a lot more about my XDA - luvverly...
But I have a couple of questions - I have looked I promise but I can't find anything.. If I've missed something please forgive me !
This is all based on the fact that I still haven't upgraded the ROM to 1.1 or PPC 2003 (I'm kind of waiting for 1.2! - looks exciting!).. Yes I know I should, but are these problems common to standard PPC 2002 and will get fixed or are there other answers ?
1) Is PPC 2002 software that I install compatible with PPC 2003 ? I've got a shedload of freeware that states PPC 2002 only - is it a case of it's just untested ?
2) Program stopping - this is a major pain, when I cradle the unit and ActiveSync kicks in, it errors with "unresolved" if I have programs running.. so I have to go into memory etc and stop everything before I cradle it... I'm still not sure I understand the concept of keeping the progs open when I've exited them - can anyone help me here ? Is it like having a service in NT ?
Sorry for all of the questions, I know I should upgrade, but I like to understand why I'm upgrading first, so I'd really appreciate any help you can give.
Oh and my number port still hasn't happened.............. :evil:
Well don't all rush at once :lol:
I've sorted the brightness thing - it's to do with the background picture still being selected when I added a new theme... fairly basic stuff I realise..!
For Q1)
Most PPC2003 APP compatible with PPC2002, however some of them will cause fatal error on the machine -- Such as BatteryPack 2003 5.05 (or any version earlier). The machine will never bootup after installed the 5.05 version, except a hard-reset.
Another other example that didn't work with PPC2003 is Call2Pic, but we can use PhoneExt 1.2, which is a freeware and more powerful (if only for ringtone). XDA Phone skin chooser, Double Launcher, VITO Voice Dialer PE 2.5 work too.
By the way, all games I tried are compatible with PPC2003. Almost all media player work perfectly with PPC 2003 too, except PocketMVP.
I think it is a very good percentage of compatible software for a new OS update.
Lotus EasySync Pro doesn't work.
Just a note to add to the list. EasySync Pro does NOT work under 2003. It's what forced me back to XDADev 1.1 since I have to be able to Sync with my Lotus Notes system at work.
excellent news - thanks chaps !!
I'm clearly in the presence of people that are far more knowledgable than I, and although I wouldn't claim to be a developer I do know my way round a unix box and also work with high-end music apps (unique wav files anyone?) so I'll be glad to offer any assistance I can, whilst learning the more intricate aspects of this wonderful machine...
cheers again...
Novosec Pocket Facelift works but has problems witht he skinned taskbar. sux cuz its a nice taskbar. other than that its fine.

Activesync 3.7.1 sync. problem on windows 2003

Hi All,
I use Windows 2003 Server as a desktop os :!:
After upgrade Windows Pocket PC 2003 and Activesync 3.7.1, I have a strange problem.
I can synchronize my xda only once at a time. When I take xda from cradle and put it on again, I can't get connection. Nothing happens.
I have to kill activesync process and then reopen it from start menu in order to synchronize my xda.
What I did in order to resolve this problem:
- hard reset xda -It is not because of xda because I test it on another computer there is no problem
- I uninstall activesync, delete all folders and registry entries about it and then reinstall it. Problem still continue
- Delete partnership and recreate it. no,no, no :evil:
WM 2003 4.0.11
Radio: 4.21.0
Is there any other workaround?
Thanks for all of your advice....
Have you tried completely removing all traces of activesync, rebooting the desktop, then reinstalling it? Sometimes works I believe.
Yes, but unfortunately no change. :?
Also I want to specify that I use office 2003.
another thread here...
I too use Windows 2k3EE w/ office 2k3

Jeyo Mobile Extender 2.5

can everyone help me??
i download at
Jeyo Mobile Extender 2.5 for Outlook (Build:208)
Product ID : EF21P-16314CC138
can i get an username and register code?? or where i can found it??
or everyone have a better appliacation?
Thank you.
You can get the serial here:
jeyo mobile compinion 1.1
better use this one , i think : jeyo mobile compinion 1.1 , "complete" at :
[Mod Edit removed WAREZ]
oh my, was the link to store not subtle enough?
to ask for such information is taboo, as it is warez.
to link to such information is even more so.
warez=bad. read my sig.
gohengky said:
better use this one , i think : jeyo mobile compinion 1.1 , "complete" at :
[Mod Edit removed WAREZ]
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WAREZ violate forum Rules, get caught again and you'll earn a ban.
hey hey
use it
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For getting the software visit here:]
Where can I find the product ID?
I have a legit question about this - When using Jeyo Mobile Extender 2.5, it seems to only sync SMS from within the last 12 months. Where do I find the setting for it to sync everything?
Thanks for any help offered
AndyCr15 said:
I have a legit question about this - When using Jeyo Mobile Extender 2.5, it seems to only sync SMS from within the last 12 months. Where do I find the setting for it to sync everything?
Thanks for any help offered
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I found it to do the same thing, I've got SMSs dating back to over 2 years odd now and it only sync'd exactly a years worth from the date of first sync.
This was not an issue in the previous version I had.
I'm just looking at my SMS in Outlook and I've got text from Sept 07. I think I may have downloaded a later revised version sent to me by the company.
My current build is 1221 (version 2.5)
I'm using 2.5 1258
Actually does it actually sync them or just let you manage them? It hadn't taken the most recent ones either.
I clicked download SMS and it took every single one, from todays to the ones back in 2007. I've now cleared them from my phone, will sift through deleting ones I don't want and then I'll send them back up to the phone.
It the end, I'm sure they actually sync'd. In a previous build that I had, I copied those older than a year 'manually' but on Outlook all the dates read as June 2000 or something.
With the sync'ing issue in general, there can be problems with the 'JeyoSMSReceive.ini' file located under C:\Program Files\Jeyo\JME_WM\
Open the file up to see if the dates are current. This is my one:
Inbox=2009-03-19 16:53:22.000
"Sent Items"=2009-03-19 16:52:27.000
Drafts=2009-02-13 19:09:32.687
If the dates are not recent, then change them manually on the .ini to a previous date (e.g. yesterdays date). Try connecting again and it *should* auto sync.
I don't have a JeyoSMSReceive.ini ?
That's strange, I've used about 3 versions of JME and all of them had the file. It is the file that recognises when you last sync'd so it auto downloads new messages on the next connection
I'm guessing your SMSs don't automatically get downloaded?
Backup your SMS (i.e. to your phone; use PIM as an extra backup). Make sure you remove any Jeyo folder/files from program files (it tends to leave some behind). Then re-install the Jeyo app.
Manually creating an .ini on notepad may also do the trick. Although I'm not sure what the numbers after the Time in the file refer to.
Just found this post on a search too, it's says pretty much the same thing:
Jeyo Mobile Extender 2.5 1258
I use Jeyo Mobile Extender 2.5 (1258) with Blackstone and MS Outlook 2007 and have problems connecting from time to time. It also complains about the registration name not being the same as the one on the phone from time to time. (Could be a white space perhaps, but is definitely a bug). I've not found any pattern in the instabilities. There is little (or no) work being done to improve this utility. The idea of the utility is good, and there are not that many applications around that does the same. The utility seems a bit immature (beats me how it can be a v2.5...)
If any know of a better alternative, please let me know.
Duttys XTREME 3.9
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