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Subject: Replacement screen
From: Ferry
Date: 24 Dec, 2002 14:08:25
I'm out of the waranty period and my screen is broken.
where can i order a lcd screen for the xda?
Thanks and season greetings,

also looking for a screen. thanks.

also looking for screen replacement
Please let me know If you find where to order screen replacement. I found that it is SONY ACX706AKM-7.

Physically damaged? Which part? There are several layers to the screen. See the info at about screen replacement.


:cry: X56 Broken Screen :cry:

I almost cried. The night before the cable arrived in the mail, the sx56 slid off my chest on to the floor, for I had fallen asleep on my couch infront of the T.V. with it on my chest. Horrible cracks in the screen and its oozing led blood. Give it to me str8, how totally ,utterly completely up a creek with no paddle am I . Who repairs this . I am in California. the shock will take some time to heal.
broken screen
Try this site, you 'll find some links there
Broken screen
I've searched al over the net, but I couldn't find anyone who could deliver me an o2 lcd screen. Only o2 can repair it for 285 euro. If you find someone, please let me now.
Stefan repairs SX56 screens in the US. I got mine fixed there ,and the guy who fixes it is very quick. I had my digitizer done but he also does complete LCM replacements too. Just email them and you should get the info you need. Hope this helps and good luck!
I have an XDA with all it's parts in perfect condition.Something is wrong internally which basically means that there is no sound from it,but everything else is fine with it.
The screen and all other parts are in perfect working order,with no scratches at all(in facts it looks better than the XDA I use!!Such a shame!).
Anyway,I can sell it to you for spare parts.I will of course much less for the XDA than O2 charge.I will accept half of they ask for.Let me know if you are interested.
I am the guy with the offer of an XDA for it's spare parts.Thought I might leave my mail address in case you wanted to contact me.It is [email protected]. Please put something in the subject line to suggest what the mail is for(since I get a lot of junk mail,I don't open mails that I wasn't expecting).
Screen Repair
SX56 Screen Repair $215. The screen looks better than the original, it is brighter for sure. Got it back with a screen protector also.
Siemens Authorized Service Centers
Teleplan Wireless Services
1000 Park Road
Chanhassen, MN 55317
Phone: 952 279-5750
Fax: 952 279-5727
Spare LCD screen.
Hi there,
I have a spare XDA and can help with the LCD screen.
The LCD screen is still perfect.
Interested, e-mail me at:
[email protected]
Best regards,

XDA 02 first generation screen

If anyone is looking for a LCD screen for the Xda 02 screen, please contact me, last few pieces left.
Wallaby screen
Hope it's not too late... Me I'm looking for a spare lcd for my Wallaby. Mine has a growing blue stain and will soon need to be replaced...
What do you mean with "first generation"? Are there several? How do I detect the one I need? And what's the price?
Thank you
I hope there are more out there. I have a big blue/black spot now.

Help with replacement screen + mint condition screen for sale if not fixable

I need some advice, I've tried replacing my screen and now it doesn't even light up, let alone display anything...
At the start of the summer I was messing around with a boomerang and believe it or not it smashed at great speed into my v1605 Hermes. Even though I had it in its case, the screen had some cracks and some parts not showing anything. I carried on using it like that for a while and started looking for a replacement screen. I found and bought one on Ebay.
Screen replacement, 1st attempt
The first screen that I received showed only a white screen when booted up. I tried fitting it many times with the same result and when I put my cracked screen back in it still worked, so I presumed it was a faulty screen and sent it back.
Second screen
After some dialogue with the company I bought the screen from, I was sure that the second screen would work, but when I fitted it I got nothing, it didn't even light up... just to check, I put in my old screen and got the same... it doesn't light up or display anything even though my Hermes boots as normal.
Is there anyone who can suggest what might be wrong and what I can do to fix it? Please?
Screen for sale
It may be that I've completely messed my Hermes up, in which case I now have a mint condition replacement screen, pm me any offers, although I won't be selling until I'm sure I can't fix this problem.
Hi , sorry i cannot help you in this thing but how much is your screen for sale?
The screen cost me fifty euros. I'd sell it on for the same price if I can't fix it... plus postage at cost.
Can't anyone help with this please???

New screen hangs

Hi, I'm Martin from Germany
That's the story:
I've (already ) broke the display of my HTC Mozart after 2 months of usage ordered a new one at The replacement itself took me about two hours, where the longest part was the removal of the "old" glue which is used to keep the screen in its housing.
But now the reaction of the screen is very bad It's 1. the typical "lockscreen problem" but 2. the menu often scrolls "up" when i push the screen down. And I'm unable to write messages because I can't touch some letters.
But I have to note that starting from the point when i broke my old screen, the phone "already" had the "lockscreen problem" and a few letters were not touchable.
With the new screen the "touchability" is worse than with the broken screen.
I already flashed it with RUU_Mozart_HTC_Europe_1.30.401.01_5.54.09.21_22.33b.50 but nothing changed. I just wrote an email to the seller but somehow I can't believe that's a harware-related problem. I already tried to run it with different positions of the cable in the plug... no success
Maybe anyone of you has similar experiences or any ideas how to fix it. Tomorrow I'll try to flash it with another ROM.
It really seems an issue with the new screen, a bad device or both...
I don't think you can repair it playing with the ROM...
Let's see what the supplier says...
first of all you info was not clear, when you mention screen, is' it the LCD or the digitizer, it's two different pieces, it seems like the problem is the digitizer.
You're right, the problem is the digitizer.
The support-team already answered and needs a more detailed description. (I wrote a very short email) The guy answered that I should try a touch screen calibration! I've already searched for a way to calibrate the touch screen/digitizer, but I wasn't successful. Does anyone of you knows how to?
In parallel I'm bidding on a HTC Mozart on eBay which is water damaged so I can try another digitizer. (hope the digitizer is still working...)
how much is it going to cost, i've seen oem digitizer in china go for around USD 30.
also no touch calibration will do any good, the digitizer has some dead section, from your description.
Mine was 38 USD without shipping costs
Currently the damaged WP7 is @ 30 USD....
You're right. Where have you seen the digitizer? Could you provide the link to me?
Krotti said:
Mine was 38 USD without shipping costs
Currently the damaged WP7 is @ 30 USD....
You're right. Where have you seen the digitizer? Could you provide the link to me?
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they dont do mail order, i visit china every week, so i know all the prices.
the lcd screens go for USD 31, alot cheaper than even ebay or online stores.
I just found one for USD 30 via eBay (also from china )
many thanks!

[Q] LCD problems

Good afternoon,
About a month, stripes appear on the screen of my phone. I didn't dropped it, the stripes just appeared of nowhere. The screen has no scratch or scrape.
Can anyone tell me what's the problem or what replacement parts should I buy? (In a authorized store they give me a 295 euros budget... too much for me ).
I'll leave some pictures. Thank you!