Notification dropdown not working. - About

Two different andriod browsers.
Also Quotes will not clear.

They work fine for me...
Browser: Opera Mini 7.6.35766

It crapped out over the holiday WE & persists


some site are not working in HD2

I have this web site: (protocol .dubai . ae/en/Pages/OpenVIPLounge.aspx)
when I try to fill this form (first choose Arrival in "Flight Type") then you will see the calendar icon next to "Arrival Date". In my laptop, I can click on the calendar and choose a date, but in HD2 (opera & internet explorer), I cant.
any help with htis please??????????
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please this is important !!!!!!!!!

have you tried using a newer verswion of opera?
I have tried:
internet explorer
opera mini
opera 9
opera 10
but nothing worked
no one can help me here??????
come on xda-developers!!!!!!!

[GLITCH] Forum display issue on Chrome

Hi there,
Since about two months now, I have a random glitch when viewing xda forums on Chrome, actually it's now happening 90% of the time.
I noticed it on my computer at work (win xp x86 with Chrome), AND on my personnal computer (win 7 x64 with Chrome), so it is a Chrome issue.
But I am sure you should know about it
See here the glitch on Chrome, then how it should be (on Firefox) :
(Click to enlarge)
It looks like the ad banner is not closed the way it should (according to Chrome), so the banner DIV properties are used to display the forum (white background, centered text, weird width, ...)
Again, this must be a Chrome issue, but as it has not been fixed in the two latest versions (14 and 15), I guess you could do somethin' about that
It doesn't happen to me , because I enabled the experimental smooth scrolling in about:flags
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I always use Chrome, and this never happens to me. Don't know, maybe settings?
use Chrome 15.0.874.121 m. everything is ok.
Yes, it happend to me as well. everything is fine with ie9 or firefox.
All working ok here, using Opera and Chrome
Thanks I am not alone ;oþ
There are not much settings in Chrome, especially about rendering.
Also I have to notice that I have no extension installed.
zazahan are you in France ?
I suspect maybe it has something to do with some french ads, as this won't happen everytime...

Opera 11 Final

Flash support at last. And it's really fast like the rest of the browser
Works beautifully on the least as far as I have tested it
Found it in this thread:
EDIT: And it's on the market now....
is it true you can't change the user agent
There's a setting in about:config, where you can change the user agent setting. Haven't tested it yet, though
EDIT: Check the thread in the OP again, there are better instructions in there. I can't get google to show me the classic view, but it seems to work for other sites
There is also a new release version of Firefox 4 today for mobile (and one for desktop as well btw).
There is an add-on that allows you to change user agent back and forth, seems a better idea, since I want mobile display for some pages and desktop display for others.
ill stick with dolphin hd.. it plays flash faster.
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close call between dolphin MINI and opera... i think i'll give opera a run for a little while, it does seem to load some pages faster and scrolls better
find opera on cm7 is not letting me click on any links so cant play videos or hyperlink to another site.
that's odd. seems to be working fine for me. im on latest cm7.
maybe try the usual clearing of dalvik cache, fixing permissions, a reboot?
reinstalled seems to be working
prfer dolphin mini though
I'm using Firefox, love it, but no flash
from my NookCOLOR, bitches
example of opera vs dolphin scrolling visit this website
notice dolphin cant hang but opera glides threw it
,,also changing user agent strings was easy and effective using the method posted

[Q] Best Browser for CM9?

The standard thread question...
I didn't see any prior topics about this. I use the CM9 nightlies.
I've tried the following:
Browser (I haven't really used this much)
Chrome (I get a lot of crashes when I scroll quickly on sites with heavy coding)
Dolphin (Don't like how the address bar disappears when scrolling down)
Dolphin Mini (I like how the address bar stays, but this browser has limited features)
Opera HD (Meh)
Maxthon (Everyone says to use this one. While it's nice, I've found that you can't really open a lot of tabs with this browser without it crashing and/or freezing.)
What do you guys use? What should I try?
It doesn't look like you have tried Firefox, so that might be worth a go. It is a very personal choice, but I have stuck with the ICS browser for most use (also have Chrome, Dolphin and Firefox installed).
Dolphin. It's fast and fullscreen. I would've used Chrome (i like the sync with Google account), but it's laggy and adress bar and tabs are unhideable.
For now, I'm using ICS Browser+.
I have most of the ones mentioned installed, but use ICS Browser+ most of the time.
I've just been using the standard browser. It allows a desktop user agent, supports flash, has tabs and is pretty stable which is all i need.
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I think opera mobile its more stable browser
I myself haven't found any reason to switch from the stock browser. I love the quick controls.
I like Dolphin HD for all my Andorid decices. I like having multipe tabs open.
*EDIT*scratch that, after a few days.of ok browsing with Dolphin HD, I can't even get it open without crashing. It's constantly asking me to send an error report. Gonna try uninstalling and reinstalling and see what happens.
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The new Firefox is probably the fastest browser on android.
I still use the Firefox Nightlies because I like the gestures for closing tabs.
One thing about Dolphin's address bar disappearing when browsing, you can change the setting so its always showing.
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Browser with text reflow other than opera?

Does anyone know one that works with Jelly Bean? I cant seem to find one Boat Browser worked with ICS but now on JB it just doesnt work anymore...
And i know opera does this, but i really dislike how opera scrolls through pages and how it sometimes doesnt display stuff correctly. So i'd like to avoid that browser
I have checked any other browser trying to find one that reflow like Opera to no avail.
Opera is the only one with auto reflow when you aply/change zoom and this is the reason why I use it since old good WinMo days...
I can't understand browsing without this feature and realy don't find any problem with last Opera version.
well i see i guess i have to make due with chrome (does pretty good text alignment so you dont have to zoom at all) until CM10 gets stable, in vanilla android text reflow works with pretty much with every browser...
I guess samsung is coming out with their own browser
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I love how opera reflows and scrolls.
"Smartphone is no longer a phone"
Sorry to revive this old thread, but based on the above I've been using Opera just because of the text reflow. I really don't like its method for switching between tabs/windows, though. I much prefer the tabs at the top like most other tabbed browsers. So, I've found I keep trying all the others again. Well, I just tried the updated Boat Browser today and found they have now fixed it to do text reflow in JB. It works great! I really like it MUCH better than Opera now. So, any of the rest of you wanting text reflow, might want to give BB a fresh try.
Dolphin browser, available on the Play store. Works just fine for me and it supports flash, plus a host of plug-in features. l''m on stock Jellybean rom, upgraded from stock ICS.
So when you zoom in on text in Dolphin it is reflowing (wrapping) the enlarged text for you so you dont have to scroll left-right? Just want to ensure you mean the same thing because I'm on stock JB as well and Dolphin Browser sure isn't doing that reflow for me. I like Dolphin otherwise, so if it could do this I'd be happy with it, but unfortunatly it doesn't.
why you don´t use stock browser?
it has an option to do that what you want.
I am currently using boat browser without any issues. Try it, they might have fixed it in latest update.
How? There is an "autofit" in the stick browser, but that just zooms to the full page. I don't believe it does text reflow.
Uh, yes you are correct -as I noted a couple posts back.