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I put together a theme that I want to be able to install on my phone. Issue is I am not 100% what updater-script to use nor how to have it setup so that it will put the files in the correct place...do I have to have a command to delete the .apk files that I am theming? Any help would be appreciated. I have attached my file. I am getting a status 6 error so I know that it cannot read something. Not sure what is wrong.

I use update-scripts mainly because if you do something wrong in the script it tells you what line you failed on and you can fix it. Also it's just what I learned on and what I'm comfortable with. If you're flashing a theme good rule of thumb is to make sure you wipe the dalvik cache you can do this with your script.
If you're working with windows don't use note pad it doesn't format the script properly. Try notepad++ if you're on linux just use gedit mac text wrangler.
Make sure you have the correct directory structure set up ie
META-INF/com/google/android/update-script then system/app and or framework.
Here's a simple script that will do the trick for you.....
Hope this helps.

Thanks Lou, but I am still getting the error Status 6...that means that it cannot read the file...I am using notepad ++ to edit it. I used only what you provided in the file and the path to the file is Themename\META-INF\com\google\android I also have an update-binary in that dir...do I delete that file?

Try this one.

I did not get any error this time and it said that it installed but when I boots up nothing was actually installed.

You don't need an update-binary if you're using an update-script. When you zip up your folders make sure you only have at minimum to folders on your desktop that your compressing the META-INF and it's sub directories and the system folder and it's sub directories don't put those inside anything just select and compress them. Once they're zipped make sure to sign the folder.
If the script didn't give you any errors it sounds like you may have put the META-INF and the system folders inside another folder before you zipped it which may be why nothing installed.

+1 I had the error 6 when I made one in notepad and switched to notepadd++. I think I also had to stop using windows explorer to copy it to my phone, but rather adb pushed it. Windows is kinda quirky like that, sometimes.

Ok so I took both the META-INF folder and the system folder and moved them both to the root of C and then I zipped both and then signed the zip...now it does nothing...I go into recovery....then I select the zip file and the screen just flashes and nothing happens.
If you want to see what I have done you can get the theme file here. This is for SkyRaider 3.3.3 with the Ucommon pack and all credit for the .png files goes to RUJELUS22, Riptide9, Defitism, Jascias and of course to Ihtfp69 for making the ROM
Download --->> http://bit.ly/aGP66D

I'll try flashing your theme and let you know.

Ok...i forgot to include that it is for the uncommon theme pack for SkyRaider 3.3.3 as it has a custom Rosie that is themed.

To late lol...
Worked, use this one. Just add the files to the zip.


[Q] Failing at APK install

Was wondering if anyone could tell me the process after editing drawables with apk multi tool, The tutorial hicks was kind enough to write is for apk manager and some of the options aree different. i know this is a noob question but gotta start some where.
After i extracted apk's from a zip and edited drawables I then opened multi tool
and zipped apk's, Then I copied these files over old ones in original zip placed in my sd card and tried to flash, i got cant install zip (bad) from cwm.
anyone care to explain what im doing wrong, or what the process is after editing, im not sure what signing and zip aligning are just yet.
Forgot to compile
ok got it decompiled, edited drawables, then recompiled (didn't sign because it said not to for framework-res.apk)
this created unsignedframework-res.apk in modding folder, deleted original framework in modding folder renamed unsigned to just framework-res.apk and pushed to /system/framework through adb, then reboot phone and get stuck in boot loop crash or phone boots then evrything fc's
Any ideas on what im doin wrong? feel like im so close to getting it to work just doing something stupid in the process of re installing.
You shouldn't have to sign any of the apk's, i was actually told that signing them could prevent them from working. I also had problems pushing apks to my phone using adb, i kept getting force closes, even after rebooting. I could only get it to work by creating a flashable zip and flashing files through cwm. Why that worked over pushing it to the phone, I have no idea, but oh well.
Another thing to try is wiping cache and dalvik, until I tried that, a lot of the changes I made ro the systemui.apk didn't actually change anything.
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Tried that, must be doing something wrong, i extract edit.and rezip then i have unsigned and signed in modding folder, not sure what im doing wrong from there, same thing if i decompile compile not sure what the diff is
What apk's are you Modding, and what do you have in your zip file?
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I just skimmed over this but immediately I see your adding a new file to the zip that will cause a bad zip all you need to do is create a new zip and copy all of the files in the bad zip and make the new one including your Meta inf folder and all that everything needs transferred.
Also with editing images it is not necessary to decompile extracting is fine to extract and zip after you changed what you wanted the only reason to decompile is to be able to read XML and it also let's you see boarders in the .9 images. Have you tried just pushing the apk to the phone instead of making a zip?
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Yes i pushed through adb because multi tool cant find adb no matter what directory i install them in etc, but when i pushed it worked, changed the image but then everything fc'd after reboot. Thanks for the info i will try justneed to figure out how to make a new zip
On windows right click and select the create new compressed file or something like that or maybe you made the folder then right clicked and compress it I can't remember I haven't been on windows in awhile.
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I got it but fo i need to extrct n zip a Pl ll cause i tried moving the new apk into new zip then copied all the others into it and it still wont load
first of all.. huh?

Status bar background

How to change the status-bar background?
i want to change the transparent black background with the image in attachment so that it match my theme.
So which files i have to replace with this background?
Using xPeria Mini with stock ICS ROM
So no help?
Try to post in Themes and Apps section.
What is this thread?
Actually this thread was in general but i moved it
And guys will you all please stick to the topic..any help?
maybe this ??
See here is my systemUI.apk please add the image at OP (opaque)
Why not do it yourself? There is plenty of TUT's around that help you decompile and recompile apks.
I tried but when i recompile it & push it in system\app with proper permission, after rebooting phone it stuck bootlogo..
The same happens when i tried to decompile DefaultThemes.apk & MusicWidget.apk they both were not installed...
then i searched & found that we have to compress the resources.arc blablablaaa... & signing with recompiling system apk..
Still after giving a lot of tries i dont understand how to use signing & compress resources.arc blablaballl idk..
If you know than may be you can teach
Rebooted my phone 100z of time to check every method i found but no success
Now i dont wana harm my phone, rebooting it again & again for the things that isn't working for me...
See this thread, i asked on xda but people aren't explaining properly, they just stop answering after certain question
Well, I am a bit on the busy side.... I assume you didn't try my tool then?
To do this manually, you need to first recompile your apk after you've done all your changes. You already know this bit.
Then:Make a copy of the old apk
Use 7zip to open both the copy and the recompiled apk
Drag the 'res' folder from the recompiled apk to the copy
Close the copy
Extract 'resources.arsc' from the recompiled apk
Add 'resources.arsc' to the copy, selecting 'STORE' compression
Close the recompiled apk
Open the copy and check that resources.arsc has the same size and packed size
Reboot the phone and go into recovery
Mount the /system partition
Push the apk straight to the right folder
Unmount the /system partition
Reboot the phone
Wait for it all to load
Wait a bit longer
Wait a bit longer still
And you're done.
If you've pulled the app from the phone to a Windows PC then you don't need to worry about permissions. That's only when you copy the app to your sdcard or pull the app using Linux.
Going into recovery might not be needed. Pushing system apps while the phone is running can cause some nasty bugs so I always use recovery just to play it safe. You'll need to reboot most of the time anyway to see the changes you've made.
Instead of pushing, you could make a flashable zip. As an amazing coincidence, Tickle My Android can do that too.
Thank you brother i will try it
and yes i have your tool too, it helped me to restore system fonts when i messed with it & had a bootloop
Great tool
BTW can i use winrar instead of 7zip?
Where is 'STORE' compression can be found in winrar?
How to check that resources.arsc has the same size ( same size compared to with file? ) and packed size?

[guide]easy apk modding (linux)

Most of the guides ive read on XDA say you have to decompile and recompile APKS just to make a couple of modifications to the images. Well I dont believe this to be true. I have tested my method on ubuntu 14.10 and with my nexus 5.
This guide is specifically for modifying images inside of the apks, not the code, or xml itself.
- ADB pull the APK file you want to modify (i chose SystemUI.apk)
- Double click it in File Manager on ubuntu, this should open it up in the archive manager. If not, manually open it up in archive manager
- Click on the "Add Files" button and select which files you want to replace. It will automatically overwrite the current ones.
- Make sure that you are keeping the proper directory structure and are putting the images in the proper place with proper names.
- Copy the new APK file back to your device on /sdcard/file.apk
Then, to get the APK file back on your system without causing problems, I rebooted into TWRP, mounted system and went into the file manager and copy/pasted the APK in the appropriate folder. When you get back into android, chmod 644 new-file.apk. I would not suggest trying to copy the modified APK file into your system while android is running live. Thats why I did it in TWRP. It could cause system unstability, crashing, etc... Im sure that I am not the first person to realize this could be done, but I did discover this on my own because I like to try things. PLEASE, make a backup in case something doesnt work correctly after your mod. Good luck!
Mine doesn't.
Um, not to be rude but the guide on your signature shows using apktool to decompile and recompile. Soo....? Unless its another guide. And Im not saying ALL guides are, but some, and thats ok. Could you link me to your guide please? I would love to take a look at it. Thanks
EDIT - woops im sorry i didnt really read it... i do see where it says drag and drop the images... good deal. sorry
Edit: No need for my original reply as you found it.
Yes, and your guide is very good. Thank you for that.

Battery mod links

Ok, So after copying 200 or so png's in the Drawable_xlarge_mdpi and the drawable_mdpi folder, I get my image mods after flashing.
But, they still only show the stock number of images, 9 or 10. Charging works ok.
So somewhere, there are some xml files I need to edit to reflect the filename additions?
Or am I missing something else?
A501 HC 3.2
Thanks guys and girls!
Battery_Charge.xml & Battery_Discharge.xml should be what your looking for.
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Thanks. I kind of figgured those were the xml files I was looking for. Problem is, I'm playing hell with de-compiling my framework-res to be able to edit the xml files.
Can't make much progress with the apktools available, even when including the dependancy apk's. So clearly I am a noob with decompiling framework-res
So my next question, is there any difference between a com gen 1 stat_battery_charge.xml; for the a500 and 501? If not, is it feasible to switch the modified xml to replace the current stock one?
here is how i mod those files as well as the icons and so on
i copy the system ui.apk to a folder on my desktop
i open it with winrar.. DO NOT EXTRACT IT.. pull out the folder containing the png files or xms you want to edit.. Just drag and drop them to another folder..
edit them to your hearts desire.
open the system.ui apk again in win rar.. drag the edited folder back into the system.ui.. push it to your tablet.. to say download folder..
then copy it to the original place it will ask you to replace say yes.. your tablet will CRASH .. REBOOT then if you edited the files corectly it will boot and show your changes.
i dont know if this is the correct way easiest way .. but IT DID WORK FOR ME.. USE AT YOUR OWN DESCRESSION..
I could send you the apktool I am using. Its the only one I have found that works worth honeycomb.
Sent from a phone.
Would be much appreciated Just send a link, and thanks!
Thanks Erica! That's what I've been doing Actually, wanted to do some editing to the xml files itself. It's easy for png's, at they don't get compiled.
Anytime we take the first step, and install iconiaroot, we do so at our own discretion
Here's an updated apk_manager if you prefer that method.
I normally use a CWM zip since I have to reboot anyway. You can usually start with any theme zip and just make sure their updater-script copies /system to /system and just look through the zip to see what it copies, and if it looks normal, you can make the directory structure the same but copy your own over the old ones (and delete any orginal files that you won't be overwriting). i.e. it should look like:
Just drag your files into the zip in the same place and use it.
And then as a precautionary measure, just do this once or any time you mess with more files (for inexperienced modders): Make a 2nd copy of that zip and call it blah-revert.zip then copy the orginal files over those modified files. Once you have both zips on the device, if anything goes wrong you can flash the revert to get back quick.

Re-compile framework-res.apk (Custom Rom)

I got this figured out already, sorry about that.
Who ever thanked me, I wasn't posting a guide but a question.
I am trying from a fresh firmware base to learn from scratch but no idea how to get that framework to compile correctly.
did you install framework first?
I had problems with the apk tool and recompiling. The way I ended up doing it is:
I didnt decompile the framework-res.apk.
rename the file framework-res.apk.zip
open it with 7zip.
Extract the files you are wanting to work on
Do what ever work on the files you need done
Drag and drop the files back in the directories they go into while file is open in 7zip
Close 7zip
Rename file back to framework-res.apk
push to phone with adb
No decompile or recompile.
Hope this helps
If you just want to modify one of the 'normal' XML files or an image then that approach will work fine. The problem is he wants to edit the bool.xml file and that is contained in the 'resources.asrc' file and you need to decompile it first.
I am in the same situation although someone managed to edit the file for me and recompile it so I got there in the end, just not by doing it myself.
I followed the instructions you describe and the file never recompiled properly - or at least my device never booted with the one I recompiled
Try it like this:
1. Place APK in "place-apk-here-for-modding"
2. Choose "9" to Decompile
3. Grab resource "resources.arsc" from framework-res.apk
4. Do my edit in projects\framework-res.apk\res\values\bools.xml
5. Compile - Yes (system app) - Yes (copy files)
6. Go to "keep" folder and delete "resources.arsc" and the bools.xml file
7. Press any key
8. Either push by ADB or Root Explorer or Flash
I have tried exactly like this and it didn't work for me. I downloaded lots of different APK tools and tried them all - there were comments about using older versions of apktool.jar etc. I kept getting different sizes of the output file depending on which one I used. I gave up in the end as someone edited the file for me and it was only one specific entry in bool.xmls I wanted changing. As far I could tell we were both doing exactly the same thing.
The last thing I said I was going to do was wipe the PC I was attempting to do this on. I never got round to doing it... I'd be interested to know why I could never get this working though
Give me the framework and tell me what u want to do.
I will do that for u
Btw is the framework ICS based?
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You have resigned?